Botched Recap 6/21/15: Season 2 Episode 10 “The Pec Whisperer”

Botched Recap 6/21/15: Season 2 Episode 10 "The Pec Whisperer"

Botched continues with an all new Tuesday, June 21 season 2 episode 10 called, “The Pec Whisperer.” On tonight’s episode, a bodybuilder with no pecs receives pumping up from Dr. Dubrow; and a former Miss India who wants to perfect her pig nose turns to Dr. Nassif for help.

On the last episode Dr. Dubrow tried to separate a uniboob, while Dr. Nassif battled to fix a former boxer’s nose. Also: They had some unexpected news for actress Shauna Sand. Did you watch the episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per say the E! synopsis “a bodybuilder with no pecs receives pumping up from Dr. Dubrow; and a former Miss India who wants to perfect her pig nose turns to Dr. Nassif for help. Also: The docs sit down for a heart-to-heart chat with a woman who’s obsessed with body modification.”

Tonight is going to be another crazy episode that you won’t want to miss, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of E!’s “Botched” tonight at 9PM EST! Meanwhile, while you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about this new show?


On #Botched, first up is Tania who was Miss India 2011 who says people now call her Pig Nose. She says she grew up in Baltimore where everyone else is black and white but she’s brown. She talks about how demanding her family is and says her mom pushed her into pageants starting in middle school and says her mom was a former model. She says it’s tough and says the industry judges you harshly.

She says things that didn’t bother you, really eat you up. She says she moved to California then started modeling more. She says she started dating a guy who was critical of her nose. She says her parents were already so critical but he kept pushing her and told her to go to his mom’s plastic surgeon. She says they broke up the night before her surgery but she decided to go through with the surgery.

She says she was hoping he would change his mind about her. She says she felt terrible as soon as the surgery was done and says she hated her nose the second she saw it and says she looks like a pig. She says her nostrils are giant. She says they are so large she can see up her nose. She says she’s now constantly fixated on it. She meets with her friend Sanna and says no one else understands the parents.

She and Sanna both have critical foreign parents. Tania says she wants her nose fixed so it will make her happy. Albert is another patient and he’s missing a left pec. He says it sucks as a body builder especially. In high school, he says he took weight training and fell in love with lifting. He says that’s when he notices something was wrong.

He says he has Poland Syndrome and it’s a rare illness. He says his aunt mentioned a doctor in Mexico who had done breast implants for someone they knew. Albert says it was cheaper down there and he paid three grand. He says they put drugs in him, he fell asleep and he woke up super sick. He says he was throwing up and he says he thought he was going to die.

He says his mom showed up and he told her they need to leave. He says he went to a hospital in America and the doctor said his body was rejecting it. He says he’s glad he made it out alive but says he looked and felt worse. He says he was really depressed for six months and even stopped working out. But then he met girlfriend Jessica who inspires him. She’s a competitive bodybuilder.

Albert says he wants to get his chest fixed so he can compete and says it’s his dream. He says he can’t enter a competition with his chest like this. He says it’s the one thing he’s wanted his whole life. Albert goes in for his consultation and Paul and Terry talk about their own workouts. Paul says he feels like Terry is telling him he’s fat then Terry shows off his impressive bicep. Paul asks why he has no hair leg.

Terry calls Paul a simian. Paul says real men have hair. Albert and Jessica come in and take their seats. Terry asks what he wants help with and he tells them about his chest issues. Terry says Polan Syndrome is a genetic disorder where you’re born without a main muscle in your chest. He tells them about his botched surgery in Mexico – he says they just shoved blocks of silicone into him.

Terry says it was probably a dirty implant in him. Albert says it’s horrible that a doctor would do that to someone. He says another doctor told him to get built up to where he wants to be then to come in for a pec implant. Paul says Albert has scar tissue and with a big right chest, it will be hard to get a big implant on the left. They ask about steroid use and he says he took Anavar.

Terry says oral steroids don’t count for body builder’s consideration but says they are dangerous. They look at his chest and Terry says his right pec is built up too much from the steroids and he has gynocomastia. Terry says first they have to reduce the right side then they can put a pec implant on the left side to match the reduced right side. Then he asks Albert to help Paul get into shape.

Aiyla, another patient, is into body modification. She’s 24 and says she had a normal childhood and was an all American girl next door with strict parents. She says she rebelled and started dating a piercer. She says it all blossomed from there. She started with some small piercings and tattoos and wanted to do scarification. They cut into your skin and remove it. She says it’s very painful and takes a long time.

She had the word Hollywood scarred into her leg and says she likes it. She also has silicone heart implant put it into her chest. She says she didn’t want to deface it with a tattoo. There’s a scar form the incision. She says the first implant wasn’t very visible so she got a second larger one put in. She wants to see if Paul and Terry can get rid of the scar so you only notice the implant.

Albert shows up for his first surgery and he’s nervous but excited. Terry says it’s hard for a body builder not to be able to take his shirt off. Today he’s going in to do liposuction on the right side to get it down to where it should be from where it’s built up from the steroids. He says it’s basically a mastectomy. He says all males have breast tissue but steroids can make it increase. He says now Terry has to heal.

Terry says he has a big surprise for him when they custom make his new left pec implant. Terry and Paul meet with Tania and Paul says she’s very lovely and she says her nose wasn’t an issue until she had a BF that made her critical of it and he told her to get it fixed. Terry says the last thing a patient should do is have plastic surgery for someone else. She says she cried when she saw her nose after surgery.

She says she’s angry all over again and Paul says they need to do an exam. He says her face is perfect but the asymmetric overdone nose throws it all off. He wonders why a doctor would give her a pig nose. He says the lower part is high and says they need to add skin and cartilage inside to lower her nostrils. She has her fingers crossed that this will give her what she wants.

Terry sees Albert who is now healed and he checks the right pec which looks smaller and better. He says he has a consultant who knows a ton about body implants. He brings in Justin, the human doll. Terry says he’s a foremost expert on all kinds of body implants. Terry says Justin creates safe and realistic looking implants. Terry tells Justin he wants to know what kind of implant to use.

Justin has made 17 implants for his own body. Terry says he’s only consulting with Justin and he’s the only one who will be doing the surgery. He asks Justine to show off his. He shows him the pec, triceps and biceps. He also just had his back done. Albert says it all looks real and he looks shredded even though it’s not muscles. Terry and Justin make a mold to fill in what’s missing.

Terry says Justin is a great consultant for symmetry. He says he’s the implant whisperer. Tania’s mother is with her before her surgery. Her mom says she’s opposed to surgeries and doesn’t know why she’s doing it again. Tania says she’s just fixing the other surgery and says she hasn’t loved herself in years. Tania is called back for surgery. She says she’s doing this for herself this time.

Paul is going in to see how much cartilage she has then will use cartilage from her ears and tissue from her scalp. He opens her nose and sees concave cartilage at the tip of her nose. He says that’s what’s distorting her nostrils. He also sees the graft was crooked. He says they have to straighten it and he says you want to line up the tip of your nose to the line between your teeth.

He says then he noticed her teeth are crooked but the nose is straight so his work is done. Albert is back for his pec implant surgery. He shows him what the implant will look like then they wheel him into surgery. Terry has to set up a pocket to hold it in place perfectly. He says this is rare because Poland Syndrome is so rare. He says there are lots of curves and sections that must be perfect.

He says it’s a riskier implant because of the potential for tissue erosion. They put in a sizer – a double of the implant to test the pocket. They find they need more room. He’s worried that he won’t be able to stretch the skin on the left side to match the size of his right pec and says it’s a big damned implant. Terry is ready to move on to the actual implant and they get it into his chest.

They sit him up to look at the symmetry. Terry says Justin did a good job and he didn’t have to carve the implant at all. He says he thinks Justin would be proud. Aiyla comes in for her consultation. She’s hoping they can get rid of her scar and Terry tells Paul this is a case they’ve never seen before. Terry says body modification is dangerous because non-medical personnel do serious procedures.

He shows Paul the scarification she’s had done then Aiyla comes in. She says she’s been doing modifications since she was 18. Paul asks about her earlobe and Terry says he’d love to fix that big hole after she pops her spacer out. She says she took the stitches out too soon and it caused a scar. She says she’s thinking of getting another implant and shows it to them.

She says she wants it in her hand or forearm. Terry says he’s worried Aiyla will go get this done in an unsterile environment. They go to check her out in a consultation room. She shows them the scarification on her leg. Then they look at her implant and Terry says it’s a tough spot and is at high risk for infection. He says it’s the highest risk area for a keloid scar because of the constant motion.

Terry says there’s nothing they can do for her. Then he looks at her arm and says she’s got thin skin and low body fat and says the other implant is not a good idea. He says she has ruburous and rubs her fingers and says it’s called Reynaud’s. He says her blood supply to the extremities is slow and says surgery is a bad idea. Paul says she could actually lose her hand if she does this.

Aiyla says that’s scary and if they think it’s a bad idea, she won’t do it. She says she’s glad they talked her out of it. Terry says if she does something dumb and has a lapse in judgment, to call her but he hopes she stops and doesn’t do anything else. Tania is back for her nose unveiling. It’s a week after her surgery and she’s excited. Naina, her mom, is with her. Tania says she hasn’t been sleeping.

They bring Tania back to see the results. Paul comes in and she says she had a rough week. He asks if she’s been cleaning it and she says she did everything he asked. He pulls the padding out of her nose but warns she’ll still be swollen. She says when they pulled it out it felt like she delivered a baby out her nostril. She says she can really breathe. Then he goes to pull off the cast.

Tania is nervous and Paul says it’s beautiful. He hands her the mirror and says her mom can’t call her pig nose anymore. Tania is thrilled and he says that’s after just one week. She says it looks like he made her nose into something else. She’s crying and says she doesn’t even know. Six weeks later, she’s out for the first time. She’s going out with her mom and some friends. Sanna says she’s probably nervous.

Naina agrees that she probably is worried about what she’ll think. Tania hopes her mom will be positive. Sanna says she hopes Tania is happy. She comes out and her nose looks wonderful. Her mom says she can’t believe it. Sanna says she looks stunning. Naina says she can’t believe that’s her daughter. She says she’s a lot happier since her surgery and is still getting used to it. She says it’s like art.

Tania says she got so used to the nose she hated before and she thought she’d be stuck with it forever. She says she looks like herself again and is a walking billboard for what Dr Nassif is capable of doing. Tania says she didn’t think her mom knew how powerful her words were and says she always wanted her mom’s approval but says now she knows she didn’t need it. Tania says she’s happy with herself now.

Next up is Albert’s big reveal. Albert says this is the first day of training for competition. He says he’s very happy with what they did for him. He invited Justin to meet him at the gym. Justin says he’s allergic to it. He tells Albert he looks amazing and says all the time they put in really came to fruition. He asks to touch it and says it’s so cool. Albert says it’s a bit bigger than his right side.

Albert says he’s so happy with how it looks. Albert says he’s used to being in the gym seven days a week. He tells Justin they should have him do some pull ups and he says he doesn’t think he can do anything. He says his implant may slide out of his arms. He tires to do one and says he can’t even get up to it. Albert says it’s funny that Justin looks healthy but isn’t and isn’t really ripped for real.

Justin says he’s happy that Albert can move on and complete. Albert says he can’t thank Justin and Dr Dubrow enough for what they did for him.