Brad Pitt Cheating With Sienna Miller: Angelina Jolie Convinced Husband Will Be Unfaithful On ‘The Lost City Of Z’ Set

Brad Pitt Cheating With Sienna Miller: Angelina Jolie Convinced Husband Will Be Unfaithful On 'The Lost City Of Z' Set

Is Brad Pitt cheating on Angelina Jolie with Sienna Miller? Not yet, but Angie is convinced that he is going to. It really is a miracle that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt haven’t filed for divorce yet. Even if neither of them have heated on each other (which is highly unlikely) – they seem to drive each other absolutely insane with their jealousy and insecurities. This week’s edition of In Touch Magazine reveals that Angelina is allegedly done cheating on Brad for now, but she is convinced that he is trying to cheat on her with the gorgeous Sienna Miller.

Brad Pitt began working with Sienna Miller on their new project “The Lost City Of Z” in August 2015, and ever since Angie is convinced that Brad and Sienna are “more than just friends.” Although Brad turned down a role in the film, he still wants to help out with production. Recently Brad wanted to visit the set of the movie in North Ireland, and his insecure wife absolutely forbade him from doing so.

In Touch Magazine’s source dished, “Angelina has heard Brad bring up Sienna’s name almost every day since the film went in to production in August. Brad told her to let him do his job as a producer, and Angelina yelled that she didn’t want him near Sienna. They barely spoke to each other the next day.” Is Angelina just being paranoid – or does she have reason to worry? Sienna recently broke up with Tom Sturridge, and she does have a reputation of hooking up with her co-workers while filming. Of course, the fact that Brad hooked up with Angelina while filming and cheated on his wife isn’t exactly helping Angie’s insecurities any. Once a cheater always a cheater – right?

Do you think that Brad would cheat on Angelina with Sienna if he had the chance? Or is Angie just being paranoid? Could her insecurities wind up driving Brad right in to Sienna’s arms? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


 Actors on the set of ‘The Lost City Of Z’ in Belfast, Ireland!  Image credit : FameFlynetUK/FAMEFLYNET PICTURE

14 responses to “Brad Pitt Cheating With Sienna Miller: Angelina Jolie Convinced Husband Will Be Unfaithful On ‘The Lost City Of Z’ Set”

  1. Cristina says:

    She is to beauty to be with Pitt. She look delicate and very conscious and sensitive. She would nit do what Angeline did.

  2. Reg Dunlop says:

    Good for Brad

  3. Rebecca Sand says:

    Who the hell cares, and anyway don’t they all have the morals of alley cats, pretty much?

  4. nankani says:

    That’s because that is how they got together while filming Mr mrs smith. cheated on Jennifer Aniston

  5. jacksonm says:

    I like her, but I agree with you. Considering how she got him, she can’t be surprised.

  6. Bubbly says:

    True, but cheating aside, c’mon! This Sienna is one ugly broad compared to Angelina. I mean one doesn’t even have to compare her to a beautiful woman, she is just plain, dried out ugly. Even with makeup one can’t say she is above average. What the heck!? Do we see the same photos of her or what!? I doubt Pitt would even consider hooking up with her after being with Aniston and Jollie. Eew! (not that he is all that either *rolls eyes*)

    • moose17 says:

      Are you kidding? Angie HOLINESS looks like she needs placed in a coffin, wooden dagger and all thru that so called heart.

  7. itsallgood says:

    I love it, what you did will come back. May I add, Brad won’t admit it, I believe he wished he had never crossed your path. Jolie had issues and looks it. She knows she is a NUT. #itiswhatitis

  8. lucky love says:

    Brad & Johnny seem to have the same stylist anymore. The unwashed, smelly, hair & thrift store clothes. They both look like you would smell them coming, before you see them.

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