Kris Jenner Confirms Bruce Jenner’s Sex Change As a Transgender Woman – In Touch Report (PHOTO)

Kris Jenner Confirms Bruce Jenner's Sex Change As a Transgender Woman - In Touch Report (PHOTO)

Bruce Jenner’s sex change to a woman and transgender lifestyle has been the focal point of discussion whenever someone mentions his name, especially in the tabloids. Now, In Touch Weekly’s latest cover spotlights Bruce Jenner and his sex change, using a hideously photoshopped photo of Bruce Jenner while they’re at it. Seriously, are they trying to give all their readers nightmares?

I get that they’re trying to convey what transgender Bruce Jenner would look like post-sex change, but I think current pictures of him do the trick; there was no need for additional photoshop. Anyway, the cover shows a picture timeline, conveying how Bruce’s looks have changed from 1988 to now. It was 2012 when the early rumors began, especially with Bruce dabbling in plastic surgery and his features becoming more feminine. However, it wasn’t until after his divorce from Kris Jenner that Bruce just stopped giving a damn, and started doing whatever he pleased – including dressing like a woman, growing our his hair, wearing makeup, and generally being much more open about his sex change. He still hasn’t publicly discussed it, but several extended family members have commented on it and mentioned that he’s much happier now than he’s been in ages.

Of course, Kris Jenner, and to some extent, the rest of his immediate family, is nervous about Bruce’s big announcement. Even though Bruce hasn’t uttered the words ‘sex change’ or ‘woman’ or even ‘transgender’ in any interviews, it’s only a matter of time before he’s forced to address the issue in public. And when that day comes, rumor has it that Kris and the Kardashians are extremely nervous about what the public’s response is going to be to Bruce Jenner coming out as transgender. Will they shun Bruce, and by extension, the rest of his family? Or will it only add to the media attention surrounding the Kardashians, for which Kris will be eternally grateful?

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UPDATE: Kris Jenner has more or less confirmed the sex change via TMZ, telling friends that she was upset over the magazine’s cover photo regardless of whether or not the story was accurate. And whenever someone like Kris Jenner doesn’t deny a story, we know it’s true, don’t we?