Castle Recap SNL Parody Murder! Season 7 Episode 22 “Dead From New York”

Castle Recap SNL Parody Murder! Season 7 Episode 22 "Dead From New York"

Tonight on ABC Castle starring Nathan Fillion continues with an all new Monday May 4, season 7 episode 22 called “Dead From New York” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, the creator of a sketch-comedy show is murdered, and the investigation yields a surprising secret. Carly Rae Jepsen guest stars as herself.

On the last episode, as Castle and Alexis traveled to London, their routine flight turned deadly when the plane’s Air Marshal was found murdered. With the help of Beckett on the ground, Castle and Alexis raced against time to find the killer before he carried out his fateful plan. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per ABC’s synopsis, “when Sid Ross, the powerful creator of a long-running sketch comedy show is killed, Castle and Beckett are called to investigate. But as they delve into the victim’s life and the colorful world of “Saturday Night Tonight,” they uncover a shocking secret that may explain Sid’s murder. Carly Rae Jepson is featured as a musical guest. Also, Jaleel White plays Mickey Franks, a larger-than-life sketch comedy star with a tendency toward outrageous — and possibly homicidal — behavior.”

Tonight’s episode is going to be great so be sure to tune in to CASTLE on ABC at 10PM EST. We’ll be blogging all the action, be sure to hit up the comments and tell us what you think of this new season. While you wait for the recap, check out a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

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#Castle begins with an intro that looks like Saturday Night Live. Two people at an SNL type show talk about the boss Sid Ross then notice blood dripping in an elevator. A body falls through the top shaft. Martha is running lines saying “is he dead” over and over when Kate comes in. She says something is wrong with Martha and Castle asks if she just noticed. He says she’s doing 48 hour first line. He says it’s her ritual before opening night to get into character.

He says for two days prior to opening night, she says nothing but the character’s first line. She says the play opens next month and agrees now that it is odd. Kate says there’s a homicide. Martha says “is he dead” then waves Kate off. Castle says she didn’t know what she was getting into as Martha sings the line. Castle offers for them to stay at a hotel. He says one time her opening line was “come on baby, I’ll make it worth your while.” He says – worst parent teacher conference ever.

They head to see Lanie who’s got Sid Ross on the gurney – creator of Saturday Night Tonight. Lanie says he was strangled with his tie then thrown down the elevator shaft. Lanie says it was between 11 p and 2 am when he died. Castle says maybe an employee killed him. Kate says Ryan is bringing in Sid’s wife. She tells them that Sid had 35 years of making and breaking careers and says he pissed some people off. She says Sid called her last night to say he was working late.

She says he was a workaholic but he sounded anxious and said someone was out to get him. She says she thought it was a business deal. She says to talk to Gene Vogel, head of his production company. Chad takes them to see Gene at the studios and Castle looks at the cast photos. They agree that much of the best comedy of the last few decades came out of the show. Chad points out Vogel who is speaking to the staff and crew and says the network wants them to do the show as a tribute.

They see Dan Valentine is the guest host. He says they should honor Sid by honoring his creation and put on the show. The head writer Liz Bell rushes over and says she’s huge fans of both of them. She asks Kate how she fights crime and keeps her hair like that. Vogel comes over and asks about the private VIP entrance. Castle asks if there are security cameras but Liz says no because the actors get up to stuff there.

Vogel says most of the cast and crew were there last night and they ask who had trouble with him. Liz shows them a sketch with Mickey Franks. He says screw Sid and then he rants and says Sid is dead to him and he’ll kill him. Vogel says Mickey has become more unstable recently, talking to himself and people that aren’t there. Vogel says Sid told him he was planning to fire Mickey. Castle says he’s the star but Vogel says he’s more of a liability. Kate asks if Sid told Mickey last night.

Liz tells them to check the props room for him where he likes to hang out. Castle says he hopes Mickey didn’t do it since he’s so funny. They hear clattering and see the suit of armor walking off. Castle asks if it’s Mickey but Kate flashes his badge. Mickey says she’ll never take him alive and pulls a sword. She kicks his butt and he says – my pancreas. Castle laughs and says he’s a comedic genius and tells Mickey he’s a huge fan.

They take Mickey down to the police department and he has a puppet that he says is his attorney. It whispers to him and Kate asks about the threats but the puppet tells her to address her questions to him. Kate caves and does it and asks the puppet where his client was between 11 and 2 last night. The puppet says his client is a pillar of the community. Kate asks if Sid told him he was fired. Mickey is shocked and had no idea that Sid was dead. He snaps out of the crazy act.

He says he’s not crazy and says he spent a year of his life convincing people he was. He says he was trying to get fired because Sid controls his career and he’s missing out on major movie roles. Kate says hours after he made the threats, Sid ended up dead. He says he was in the upstairs bar then stumbled to the props room around 3 am. He says he didn’t even know Sid was dead but says he may have an idea.

He says at around 9 pm he went to beg Sid to let him out of his contract and heard him yelling at someone on the phone about a deal going down at midnight and told them to keep the deal or else. Mickey asks to call his real attorney and then they find out his alibi is solid. They have to figure out who he was talking to. Javi says the call was from a burner phone then he spoke to Valentine.

They head back to set to talk to the actor. They’re doing a Kate and Castle skit and Valentine puts on a vest that says “righter.” The fake Kate tries to kick in a door and her heel gets stuck and she calls herself a model cop. Castle is thrilled that Danny Valentine is playing him. Danny comes over to talk to them and Danny flirts with her and Kate says they need to talk. He invites her to his dressing room.

He asks Kate if she’s seen his work on Starfleet and car rental commercials – he’s a William Shatner kind of guy. Kate says they saw that he talked to Sid at 9 and he says he was supposed to have drinks with his ex Evelyn but he called to cancel. He says he and Evelyn and Sid were all friends. Castle asks about a deal at midnight. He says he bumped into Sid leaving the building after that. Kate asks who he might be meeting with. He flirts and says Sid didn’t tell him where he was going.

He says Sid went into the subway around the corner when he had a driver. He says maybe it was a secret rendezvous. Kate says Sid didn’t want anyone to know. Castle glares and Kate and accuses her of flirting with Valentine. Javi says he talked to Vogel and says the only deal in the works was for Sid to sell shares of his production company. Ryan tells them to come look and says he found Sid at Grand Army Plaza station in Brooklyn.

Ryan says the cops there got a 911 call and caught the end of it. He shows them some footage of an alley and they see gunshots judging by flashes of light then they see Sid running out of the alley just after midnight. Castle says it looks like he’s in danger. A masked guy with a gun comes out of the alley soon after. Castle wonders what Sid was mixed up in. Kate says none of this makes sense and wonders why a guy that rich would be making shady deals in an alley.

Castle wonders if the masked man followed Sid back to the office and killed him. The guys head to the alley while Kate and Castle look at traffic cam footage. In the alley, the guys find no shell casings or blood and Ryan says it reminds him of a SNT skit and Javi says he doesn’t watch the show because it sucks. Ryan says he should try saying yes more often and says he learned it in an SNT sponsored improv class.

A homeless guy with a cart rolls by and they wonder if he saw something. Javi heads off to talk to the guy. Kate finds Martha sitting on the sofa the next day and Kate tells Castle something is wrong with Martha because she’s not repeating the line. She asks Castle to talk to her and says she’ll meet him at work. Castle talks to his mom and she says she doesn’t know what she’s thinking. She says this is too much.

She says it’s all viral and there are bloggers and tweeters and people record shows, put it online and make comments. Castle asks if she’s nervous and she says she’s still honing it then admits she doesn’t want to be humiliated. She says she thought the part was great – her second act then says she won’t have a second act and says she needs to drop out and Castle says no way. He says she’s a fighter.

Castle says she always told him that no one will give him anything in this life – you have to earn it. He tells her she’s earned this and Martha agrees that she has. Castle says not to let an idiot with a cell phone take this from her and offers to come tonight to the previews. She says opening night. Castle asks to hear the opening line again and they take a bow together.

Ryan tells Kate the homeless guy saw a black Explorer that was rented by Kurt Van Sant who just got out of jail for drug dealing. Ryan says he filed a lawsuit saying he financed the pilot of SNT and is suing for years of profits. Ryan says the lawsuit was thrown out and they wonder if Van Sant killed him. Javi says he sent Van Sant’s photo to security at SNT but he’s at the show now on a guest shot.

Vogel tells them that Sid told him about Van Sant and how dangerous he is. He says he can find out who called in the pass. Kate is being stalked by the actress playing her and she asks Castle to please say she doesn’t move like that. He asks what answer won’t put him on the couch for the night then gives the actress a thumbs up. Chad says Danny Valentine told him to issue the pass to Van Sant.

They head to Danny’s dressing room and find Van Sant holding Valentine out the window. Castle says to let him go and Danny screams no and then Castle realizes that what he said could result in Valentine being tossed out the window and he covers his mouth.

Kate pulls her gun and tells Van Sant to pull him back in. He does. Police and fire are on the way and Danny thanks them. He says he doesn’t know Van Sant but he left him a note saying he knew about Sid’s murder. Danny says it was a shakedown and he wanted Danny’s shares. He says he got 5% of the show to be the first guest host.

At the PD, Van Sant says he didn’t kill Sid. Kate says they saw him fleeing the alley where there were gunshots. He says Sid apologized after they had it out. He says Sid agreed to give him some money when he sold some shares in an equity deal. He says Sid told him to meet him and bring an unregistered gun. She asks why Sid would want that. He says he met him at 11:30 and gave him a 38 special and he said Van Sant could pick up the papers in the morning.

Van Sant says he stuck around to see what was up. He says Sid hid in a doorway and then a masked guy opened a dumpster and took out a duffel bag. He says Sid jumped out and said – you got what you wanted, now where is she. He says they wrestled for the gun, it went off, Sid ran off and then he did too because he was on parole. Javi says security footage shows that Van Sant was across town.

They also didn’t find the duffel bag. Ryan says he found out Sid made a huge bank withdrawal of $4 million. Kate says it was a ransom gone wrong. They wonder who it was. Kate and Castle can’t find anyone who’s missing but Ryan says Evelyn Ross, the first wife, may be missing. Ryan says the doorman at Evelyn’s building says she went for a run two days ago and never came home. Her phone was dumped the same day.

Castle wonders why Sid didn’t go to the cops. Ryan says they got Evelyn’s phone and they check out her fitness app which tracks jogger’s routes. They see her leaving her building and then she started moving too fast to be on foot and had to be in a vehicle. They see she was taken to the Bronx and see the building. Ryan is at Sid’s office and says it’s just paperwork and spreadsheets. Javi says the place is an abandoned warehouse. They bust inside and see feet. It’s Evelyn. She tied up and gagged.

She tells them she stopped to stretch then someone put a rag over her mouth and she came to in the warehouse. She says the man wore a shiny looking ski mask and a gold headband. Castle takes that in and looks at his phone. Evelyn says he had a red and silver signet ring on his right hand. Catle shows her a mask and she says it is. It’s from a sketch two years ago called Lucha Libre. Castle says it was an inside job. They head back to the studio. Castle is thrilled to see Carly Rae Jepsen and fanboys on her.

Kate and Castle head to the props room and ask who checked out the Lucha Libre mask. The props guy says to give him five minutes since they’re in the middle of a show. Danny introduces Jepsen and she takes the stage and dedicates her song to Sid. Castle and Kate dance around then notice Chad and his signet ring. They take him in. He says he’s been a page there five years and Castle asks why he didn’t quit since he didn’t get promoted.

Kate says she thinks he wanted a $4 million payback. She accuses him of kidnapping Sid’s ex-wife. Castle says Sid recognized the ring so he knew he had to kill him. Chad says plenty of people have that ring. Kate says they found the mask and a 38 under his bed. Chad says it wasn’t him then laughs nervously. He says he didn’t do this. Castle asks where he was when Sid was killed. He says at home but he was alone.

Chad is taken to holding and Castle says Chad can’t be the killer and says it’s too easy and perfect. Castle says he thinks there’s more. Ryan comes over and says Sid was going over the corporate accounts and shows them some items that Sid highlighted. Those expenses are bogus and it was almost $4 million – the amount of the ransom. They figure out the killer was trying to replace what they stole. Kate and Castle show up and walk through the studio – the show is on the final sketch.

They approach Vogel and Liz and tell Vogel they have good news. They tell him they know he killed Sid because he was about to find the $4 million he embezzled. Castle says he kidnapped and ransomed Evelyn to get the cash to replace what he stole. Vogel gets angry and Kate says they found out he took money to invest in a start up that went bad. Liz asks Vogel how he could do this. Kate says they found millions of deposits in his bank account and Castle says they know he framed Chad.

Vogel was spotted outside Chad’s apartment before he planted the evidence. Vogel runs and Kate chases him ontstage and takes him down. She arrests him in the middle of the fake Castle sketch and she and Castle take a bow to the cheers of the crowd. Javi and Ryan tell Kate it was a sexy take down. Castle asks how he looked and they tell him to stick to writing. Martha shows up pleased with the tweets about her. One says she’s “amaze-balls.” She asks if that’s good and Castle says it is.

Martha has champagne and they pop it and pass out paper cups of the bubbly. Castle says it’s the best second act on Broadway and they all toast Martha.