Catfish The TV Show Recap 7/22/15: Season 4 Episode 13 “Prophet & Trinity”

Catfish The TV Show Recap 7/22/15: Season 4 Episode 13 "Prophet & Trinity"

Tonight on MTV their series about online dating, CATFISH airs with an all new Wednesday July 22 season 4 episode 13 called “Prophet & Trinity.” On tonight’s season Rapper R. Prophet hopes to learn the truth.

On the last episode after her name and pictures were stolen, nearly ruining her life, a young woman was haunted by her past. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the MTV synopsis “Rapper R. Prophet hopes to learn the truth about Trinity, a model he met online.”

Tonight’s episode of Catfish: The TV Show airs on MTV at 10 PM EST and is going to be exciting, don’t forget to come right back to this spot and watch the show with us.

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On #Catfish, Ryan Anthony sends an email to Nev – he’s known as R Prophet formerly from Nappy Roots. He says he’s been getting into social media and met a beautiful girl named Trinity. He says he sent her a message and now they talk almost daily. He says it can be easier to talk to strangers since he’s a known recording artist. He says she’s not selfish and he feels comfortable talking to her. He says he thinks that this could be the real thing for him.

Prophet says his friends and family have warned him she might be a Catfish because she’s too good looking. He wants them to check her out. Max says that he likes that celebrities are coming to them. They call Prophet who doesn’t even have a Skype account and just has a phone number. He says everyone has told him he has to do social media so he’s just getting into it. He says he’s single with no kids. They ask about Trinity.

He says she’s one of the baddest on social media. He says a lot of people come at him from different angles and says she’s special and they really hit it off. Nev asks if he’s ready to settle down with her and start a family. Prophet says that’s what he wants. He says he asks her to send him photos. He says he’s talked to her and she doesn’t live far from him.

Prophet says he’s invited her to meet up with him but it hasn’t happened. Nev says they’re on the way to Louisville. Nev says this is just a guy trying to meet a girl online looking for love. Max says he loves Kentucky and then wonders why Prophet’s friends tell him the girl can’t be real. They head to meet him at a really nice studio. Prophet greets them and says the studio is an old church they renovated into a studio. He introduced Sean 1, a producer he works with.

#NevRaps badly. He freestyles and it’s hilarious. They go sit down to talk. Nev says a lot of women dream about a guy like him and that’s the guys they’re looking for online. Prophet says he started doing social networking like the Roots asked him to do then says he saw this really pretty girl. He says she’s beautiful and she’s a genuine person that he can talk to. He says she doesn’t seem like a moneygrubber and hasn’t asked him for anything.

He says it’s hard for people to understand your feelings when you have money and fame. He says she helped him out with some things and says he has an ongoing case with police brutality and he’s suing the Kentucky State Police for abusing him. He says she helped him promote the cause. He says his parents have been married for 44 years and that’s what he wants. His friend Sean 1 says the girl has had an effect on him. Max asks what his fears are and Sean 1 says she’s too good to be true.

Prophet shows some photos of her and Nev says she is pretty. He says they text daily. They see that she’s talking to him about all the stuff going on in his life. Nev says they’ll go do their thing and tell him what they’ll find. Nev says the girl might think that he’s the Catfish. Max says if he was the guy they were looking into, they would assume he was a Catfish. Nev says his gut is that it’s a Catfish. The guys head to a restaurant to get to work.

They have her Facebook page, number and email from him. They see it’s all guys posting on her profile and they don’t see a lot of stuff that indicates it’s a real account. They look for the image and find Jasmine Sanders, a supermodel. She’s Chris Brown’s ex-GF. Nev says this is #BasicCatfish stuff but Prophet didn’t know this. Nev says they can send Jasmine a message – the real girl from their photos. They want to know if she knows.

They search the phone number and find a woman named Crystal who lives in Kentucky. They have an address and everything. They search her up on Facebook and find it’s a common name and there are a lot of profiles. Max says whoever this is has been supportive and awesome but doesn’t look like that girl. Nev says they have to break this to Prophet gently since he doesn’t seem to know anything about how people act online.

Nev gets a DM from Jasmine with her Skype info. They call her up. Jasmine has no clue about Trinity. They tell her it’s a famous rapper that was being Catfished with her. She says her photos are taken all the time. They go meet Prophet at the Muhammed Ali Center. They sit down with him and says there are no photos of her with anyone else. They show him how a reverse image search works and about the model who it really is.

They tell him who the phone number belongs to and the address just East of Louisville. He doesn’t recognize the name. He says they talked to the real Jasmine. He’s upset and says he shared a lot of personal things with this person and let her in thinking she was someone that was special. He says he wasted a lot of time. Nev says they can call her and try and get her to meet up and go from there. Prophet says he’d like to know who he’s been talking to.

Nev calls and gets voice mail. He leaves a message telling her they’re doing Catfish and have some questions for her. Next day, Nev gets a message saying he’s willing to talk. He calls her up and Nev asks if she’s the show and she says she’s not familiar with it. He says Prophet emailed them and says his friends were concerned she wasn’t who she said. Nev says they know the photos belong to a girl named Jasmine and says Prophet knows it now too.

She says she’s embarrassed and they ask her first name and she says it’s personal. Nev asks for her first name. Nev says they can get them together to meet each other. Max says she didn’t want to tell them anything so who knows why she’s doing this and what she wants out of it. Nev then calls Prophet and says they just talked to Trinity whose real name is Crystal. Nev says she’s nervous but willing to meet. Nev gets a text and says she will meet them at a park.

Prophet says it’s awkward and says it’s a lot of weight to carry to be someone else for so long. They pull into the park and wonder if she’ll show up. They get out of the car and go to a pavilion. Prophet says he has no idea what to expect. They spot someone walking over after deciding the two girls holding hands likely aren’t who he’s expecting. They see a very heavy set woman walking towards them. She’s white and looks older. Prophet is stunned and says you can be anyone on the internet.

She says everything he told her is still confidential. She says she’s the person who listened to his problems and has been helping him with everything. She says there’s #NoMoreTrinity. Nev says she seems angry and Prophet asks how she sent so many photos to him. He says she’s a damn magician. Nev asks why she set up the page. She says she started the fake Facebook page to check up on her boyfriend.

She says she wanted to tell him but says she thought she was motivating him. Max asks isn’t the truth the most supportive thing. She says she wanted to be there for him. Max asks if she has feelings for him – Crystal says she did. Prophet says this is the most embarrassed he’s been in his life and says she violated his trust. He says he doesn’t know what to tell her and she says everything she told him was coming from the real her, Crystal.

Prophet says she seems to be someone who has a lot to offer someone, but it’s not him and he says it was nice to meet her. He walks off and says that was f-d up. Nev tells her that Prophet needs to figure this out and asks her to meet again once he’s figured things out. She says that’s good. Nev tells Max they need to get Prophet some sort of resolution. Nev says he can get Crystal to admit her real feelings. He calls to ask her if he can come over and they can talk. He heads to her place.

He thanks her for coming yesterday and says he knows it couldn’t be easy. She says she always thought he wouldn’t be pleased to meet her in real life. She says it was upsetting to come out like this. She says she just friended some of her BF’s friends to see what she needed to see. Nev asks why she didn’t close the page then. She says that was about the time Prophet popped up in her inbox. Nev says he thinks her intentions were good but now Prophet has been hurt.

Crystal says maybe they can get together and talk and put this behind them. Nev says they’ll call Max and Prophet to come over so they can figure out next steps. Max tells Prophet he got Catfished but she was obviously giving him something he needed. Prophet shows up and Nev walks him in. Crystal says she didn’t mean to be angry yesterday just thought there was a better way to do this and not on TV. She tells Prophet she’s sorry and Max says sorry isn’t enough and there’s work to do.

She says he took the place of the daily conversations after a recent break up from a long term relationship. Prophet admits she helped him and Crystal says she will still be there for him. Prophet says he doesn’t think they will talk daily but says they can communicate on some level and see what happens. Crystal says she expected worse and Prophet says he forgives her but is glad it’s over and gives her a hug.

They tell her no more Catfishing. Prophet says she shouldn’t do that to people but seemed like a good person. He says he’s just going to focus on work. One month later, Prophet now has Skype and is learning more about the internet. He’s about to drop a new album. He’s not dating or doing anything with his love life. He says he and Crystal still talk and she’s helping him with the non-profit he has. They call Crystal and she says she’s been well and is going on vacation. She says she talks to Prophet a couple of times a week and says they’re planning on watching the Catfish episode together.