Catfish The TV Show S4 E14 Recap – Unrepentant Wacko: Season 4 Episode 14 “Thad & Sara”

Catfish The TV Show S4 E14 Recap - Unrepentant Wacko: Season 4 Episode 14 "Thad & Sara"

Tonight on MTV their series about online dating, CATFISH airs with an all new Wednesday July 29 season 4 episode 14 called “Thad & Sara.” On tonight’s season a man who sought refuge from his troubled marriage through an online relationship has doubts.

On the last episode Rapper R. Prophet hoped to learn the truth about Trinity, a model he met online. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the MTV synopsis “a man who sought refuge from his troubled marriage through an online relationship has doubts about his potential paramour due to her strange tales of seizures and kidnappings.”

Tonight’s episode of Catfish: The TV Show airs on MTV at 10 PM EST and is going to be exciting, don’t forget to come right back to this spot and watch the show with us.

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#Catfish starts with an email from Thaddius who was a correction’s officer in Texas. He met Sara Jackson online and says he bared his soul to her and they developed feelings for each other. He says they were going to meet but she had a seizure then her ex abducted her so they couldn’t meet. Nev says that’s too much. Thaddius says he found out her real name and kept searching and found out the girl in the pictures is someone else. He says he wants to get answers and make her stop doing this to people.

Nev says the guy knows what’s up but wants this destructive person stopped. They video chat with Thaddius and he says he used to be in corrections and says it can be rough. Max says this girl really affected him. He says he’s married but was planning on leaving his wife. He says they have kids and he didn’t want a broken home for them. He says he’s been unhappy for years and just wanted an outside point of view. He says he looked online and she gave him good advice.

He says he and his wife tried counseling then decided to separate. He says then Sara told him she had feelings for him. He says a day after they were going to meet she had a seizure then other excuses – one was even hypothermia. He says he did research and found Ashley who is the girl who said she was Sara. He says he also messaged the real Sara Marie who told her Ashley has been using her name and photos for seven years as a catfish. He says he wants to help Sara put a stop to this.

Thaddius says he thinks this is a punishment for doing this behind his wife’s back. He says he feels bad and his wife knows all that. He says he wants to expose Ashely and make something good for the negativity. Nev says the guy feels bad about this. Nev and Max pack then head to Texas. They head to meet him and talk about it being real true detective shit. Nev and Max comment on all the crosses on his wall and asks if they have a vampire problem.

Thaddius says he just added people from the people you may know section and says she messaged him. He says she told him to tell his wife that he was dissatisfied. He says his wife told him she wasn’t happy either but then says she was broken hearted but didn’t want him to know about it so she kept it secret. He says Sara told him she had epilepsy then they were on the phone and there’s banging on the door and he heard breaking glass and she sounded scared. He says he heard police radios come on.

He says finally the call dropped. He says she gave him her mom’s number so he texted to see if she was okay then even called the police around where she lived. He says the mom texted and told him Sara was in bed but had a swollen lip. He says he reverse researched her number and found her step-dad who had died found her name then found Ashley’s profile. He says he also did a reverse image search and found the real Sara. He says there are posts she made about Ashley using her.

Thaddius says he thinks he deserves what has happened to him. Max asks why he’s punishing himself. He says Thaddius should focus on his wife and kids and he says he and his wife are really trying. He says his wife told him to go ahead and finish the catfish thing. Thaddius shows them all his research. Most of Ashley’s profile is private. Nev says she’s making an art of this. Thaddius says she could be stealing people’s identities. They ask him to send the info to them.

Nev and Max head out to do their work. Nev says now that he met him he gets why Thaddius feels obligated to follow up on this. Nev and Max chat with the girls at the local coffee shop who recognize them. They open the email that Thaddius sent on Sara, Ashley and other victims of Ashley. They start with Sara Marie, the girl whose photos she was using. They message her first. Then they contact the other dudes that were catfished.

They find criminal records on Ashley and see she has stolen things and is more than six feet tall. They also find an address. They get a call from JT one of her victims. They ask about Sara. He says he was in a Facebook group and she started chatting with him. He says they made plans to meet up and it fell through. They ask if she had seizures and was kidnapped and he laughs and says he did. He says he found out she was lying and told him she had no life so she faked things.

They get a message from Sara Marie who Skypes them. She says she confronted Ashley and she told her she would stop but she hasn’t. She says she wants Ashley to see she’s a real person and wants her to stop. Nev says they need to get a bunch of people together that she has hurt. Nev asks her to come to Texas to meet them and take a road trip to Oklahoma to confront Ashley. Sara says she’s scared but they can do it.

Nev called Thaddius to tell him that Sara is coming because it could be weird for him. Max gets a text from Sara saying she’s close by. She shows up and greets them. They go over to talk to Thaddius. She says she’s nervous and then he comes out and they introduce her. They go inside and sit and it’s awkward. Thaddius agrees. He says it’s strange to meet her when he thought he was talking to her. Sara says she found out in 2010 when she got an email from a guy named Sam.

She shows it to them and says Sam had been talking to Ashley for a year. She says three years later, a guy named Joe contacted her who was in a relationship with “her.” She asked him for some information. She says he gave her the number and it turns out that Ashley was the Sam guy who first contacted her and got access to her social media stuff. Ashley photoshopped her face onto the kid. Thaddius says Ashley sent him hundreds of photos and says he thinks Ashley thinks she’s really her.

He says maybe she’s running from her life or something and says it’s ridiculous. Nev tells them what they found about her being arrested twice for larceny of merchandise. They found her name and address and it looks pretty current in Oklahoma City. They have her number and Nev calls her. He gets generic voice mail. He asks her to call him back soon. Thaddius asks what if she doesn’t call. He thinks they should just go there since they have her address.

They head out to Oklahoma since Ashley never called back. Thaddius says he’s not ready to give up yet. It’s a couple of hour drive and Sara says she’s so nervous. Thaddius says he has a lot of guilt and that’s why he’s doing this. Max says he’s pretty effective at taking action even though he’s feeling guilty and says a lot of people are paralyzed by guilt but he thinks Thaddius is stronger than he thinks that he is. They get off the freeway and show up at her house.

Sara says she’s nervous but Thaddius is pretty calm. Nev says this person might freak out and it might not be cool. They head to the door. They see a window boarded up with a mattress on it. They knock and a dog barks. No one answers and Nev peeks over the back fence. There’s a car there and they hear the A/C. They keep knocking. Sara says she thinks she’s hiding. They talk to the neighbors. One says they don’t know her. Max goes to another neighbor.

They ask the guy if he knows Ashley. He says sometimes he hears yelling there and says sometimes it’s a guy or a girl. He asks if Ashley is large and he says there is more than one woman. They leave to go to the hotel and think about what to do next. Late that night, Ashley texts Thaddius upset that he showed up to her house with Catfish. He calls her and she says she’s debating whether she wants to do this. He tells her to sleep on it. After midnight, she texts a friend’s address for them to meet her.

They go to meet her the next day. Nev knocks while Sara freaks out. Ashley comes to the door finally. She’s tall and extremely heavy set. Nev introduces Sara and Thaddius. Thaddius asks if she has any remorse and she says she does. She says she has a four year old daughter and she’s a stay at home. They ask about her arrests. She says last summer she was and doesn’t want to talk about it. Max asks why she started using the photos. Ashley says she was engaged and then her fiance called it off after cheating.

He said he knocked up the other woman and was marrying her. She says she got really down about it. Sara says she feels bad for her but it’s just an excuse and everyone has issues. Nev says she got burned by her fiance then asks why she would hurt those guys. Sara says she hurt a lot of people and she keeps hurting people. Sara says she told her she would stop but she didn’t. She says it’s like she’s trying to take her life. Ashley says she has no excuse.

Thaddius asks about the kidnapping stories and fake numbers as her mom. They ask about the kidnapping thing. She says it was all sound effects from YouTube. Sara asks why she keeps doing this. Ashley says she doesn’t know the point and she says it needs to stop. Nev says let’s take a break. Sara says she doesn’t believe she’ll stop and Thaddius says he doesn’t and doesn’t even sympathize with her. He says as soon as they pull away, she’ll do what she wants.

Nev goes back to talk to Ashley. She says she’s overwhelmed. He says Sara and Thaddius feel like she won’t stop despite this. Nev asks what will make her stop. Ashley says she’s very remorseful and says she might not show it but she feels bad. She says she didn’t want to admit to herself what her actual problems were. She sits down with them and says that it’s been a way of not owning up to her own problems. She says a fake profile lets her be someone else and not face who she really is.

Ashley says she’s always had a weight problem and would like to be someone different. She says she’s lonely about 90% of the time and cries. She says it’s a constant struggle feeling like no one really cares. Max asks Sara what she’s thinking. Sara is teary and steps off camera. Max follows her out and she says she doesn’t want to make this about her. She says she’s struggled with the same things and know how Ashley feels. Max says she should tell Ashley that and that it could help.

Nev tells Ashley that she almost ended Thaddius’s marriage. Thad says she knew he was in a dark place and Ashley says it was selfish not to think about these things. Max tells Sara to talk about it but she says it’s not about her. Sara tells Ashley she shouldn’t feel like she’s not enough. Max says Sara has dealt with similar things and Ashley says she never would have thought that. Sara says she’s not there to make her feel bad about herself. Nev says they want her to feel better.

Thaddius says to be herself and says people care about her. Nev says facing your fears is not so scary and things can get better. Ashley says she wishes this had happened sooner and will absolutely make it stop and prove it. She says goodbye to them and says she really appreciates it more than they might realize. Sara thanks Max for saying what she couldn’t. Nev tells Thaddius he should be feeling good right now.

Two months later, Thaddius says he has a new job back in corrections and the family is stronger. He says Ashley is still catfishing and she’s sadistic and evil. They then call Sara who says a week after filming, a guy contacted her and said they were engaged. She says now Ashley is telling people that she was impersonating her. She says she hasn’t stopped. They tried to contact Ashley but she wouldn’t contact them back.