Catfish The TV Show Recap 9/9/15: Season 4 Episode 24 “The Untold Stories Part 4”

Catfish The TV Show Recap 9/9/15: Season 4 Episode 24 "The Untold Stories Part 4"

Tonight on MTV their series about online dating, CATFISH airs with an all new Wednesday September 9 season 4 episode 14 called “The Untold Stories Part 4.” On tonight’s episode three previously unseen stories are shared

For those of you who don’t know, Catfish is a reality series examining the relationships of couples who met online and have never seen each other face-to-face

On tonight’s episode per the MTV synopsis “three previously unseen stories are shared by the people who experienced them.”

Tonight’s episode of Catfish: The TV Show airs on MTV at 10 PM EST and is going to be exciting, don’t forget to come right back to this spot and watch the show with us.

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Tonight on #Catfish, it’s one of their untold stories special events. These are the stories that got resolved before Nev and Max could get there but that are so shocking, they have to cover the stories. Nev says this is an incredible episode and Max says we can tweet #untoldstories and live chat with Nec and Max during the episode.

First up is the story of Alex and Jonathan. Jonathan is 24 and from Louisville. He says he was a normal guy before he was catfished and he was looking for a GF. Then we see Alex who is a 21 year old guy from California. He’s the catfisher and says he thought he was a female trapped in a male body. He found a girl with lots of online photos who was pretty and he created Sophia.

Then he was getting all kinds of friend requests and that’s how he met Ben in Michigan and they talked on the phone. Ben introduced him to Jonathan. Alex liked his voice and that he was into ballroom dancing. Max says he wants to see some ballroom dancing. They talk about meeting up in Louisville. Jonathan says her voice was intriguing.

Alex says he was saying real stuff, just wasn’t being honest by who he was. Jonathan was excited when he got her photo then Alex started sending gifts to Jonathan – Sophia called them care packages. He says Sophia made excuses about why they couldn’t meet and Jonathan asked for a naked photo and then Jonathan says he started falling in love. Nev says when I saw her boobies, I knew I was in love.

Max jokes and says he has a care package between his legs. Then Alex told Jonathan he loved him. Jonathan says he told Sophia they have to meet and got impatient. Alex says he told him he lived in California but not the guy part. Jonathan says to fly and Alex even sent photos of a plane ticket Sophia supposedly bought. Alex bought it and then refunded it and says Jonathan was clueless.

Jonathan went to the airport then Alex texted and says he was in a car wreck on the way to the airport. He then sent him a fake police report. Max says this is advanced catfishing. Then Jonathan says he got suspicious and did a reverse image search. This was after 2 1/2 years of talking to “Sophia.” He checked out the profile and saw it was a girl named Ashley.

Jonathan called Sophia/Alex and asked for the truth. He says he found the real girl online. Alex asked him not to hate him and says he wanted to be beautiful to him. But Alex was still lying about being a girl. Then Alex sent different photos of a Latina girl and Jonathan thinks she’s hotter than the other Sophia. Then Jonathan asks for proof with a name written on the sign.

Alex is a photographer and he made plans with the other girl and had her hold up a sign for a school project. Jonathan gets the photo with his name in glitter. Max says the glitter should have been the giveaway. Then Alex says that restarted everything. Jonathan thinks this is the real girl. His friend jake gets mad because he’s ignoring girls that are right there to talk on the phone with this other person.

Jonathan told Jake that Sophia was in town to surprise him. They went to a hotel in downtown Louisville. They don’t see anyone there and Jake was getting made because they went to four hotels. Jonathan did another image search and found out that’s also not Sophia. Alex is freaking and Jonathan said to show me who you are. Then Alex finds another girl who’s Asian and says she looks like him.

Then he sends the photo. Jonathan insisted on a video chat. Alex did himself up like a girl for the video chat. Max says this is the worst GF ever. Alex put on a lot of makeup then dimmed the lights. Jonathan asks for more light. Jonathan says she’s pretty and Max mocks and says she’s even prettier than the first two Sophias.

Jonathan tries to give her an ultimatum and Jake nagged him constantly about her saying she’s lying and he needs to break it off with her. Jonathan got embarrassed then called her up and said this is your last chance to tell me who you are. Alex insisted he was Sophia. Jonathan freaked then Alex said he wasn’t Sophia and told him he’s Alex and is a guy.

Jonathan is crushed and then Alex let his male voice show. Jonathan asks why he did this to him. Alex says he couldn’t be himself and understands if you hate me forever. Jonathan was mad at himself and at Alex. He says he wanted to let him have it, but that wouldn’t help Alex. Max says Jonathan was trying to be the bigger person. Jonathan says he can’t hate him. Jake says he was very understanding.

Jonathan says he was proud of himself but it was really hard and tried to think about what his parents would do. Alex says he felt very quickly and he learned he doesn’t need to catfish people and someone will love you like you are. Max says the internet is a place you can explore your sexuality but Nev says you have to be responsible. Now, Jonathan is dating real women and forgave Alex but they don’t talk and are not friends.

Next is Amanda and Andrew. She’s 19 from California and she met Andrew online and she thought he was such a gentleman. She says he was the opposite of her cheater BF and she broke up with him to be with Andrew. He’s 25 and from the same California city. He says they were friends on social media and met in real life to date. Max says the guy looks like Tyler Posey and Nev says he has a crush on Tyler Posey.

Amanda got pregnant three months into the relationship and they got married. They moved in with her parents and she started arguing with him over not working. 20 year old Laura is also from Fresno. She was on a dating app and met a guy named Aaron and she thought he looked familiar and is married to her friend.

Laura was close friends with Amanda but then they moved to different towns. Laura reached out to Amanda and told her about the dating profile and sent screenshots of him on the site talking to her and asking her out. The texts between Laura and Andrew show her confronting Andrew and saying she knows he’s married. Amanda says she felt unwanted and betrayed.

Laura texted and told her that she should dump him. Andrew talks about how mad Amanda was and she asks who Aaron is and shows him the dating profile. She calls him a cheater. He says it’s not him and she kicks him out of the house and says he couldn’t see his baby. Andrew says it wasn’t his house so he had to leave. He wondered if her friend Laura was behind this.

He says he thought Laura had a crush on his wife and wanted to experiment with her in high school. Andrew got Amanda to talk to him and says she needs to listen to his side of it. Amanda let him come back home and wonders why he would put up his real photo since they live in a small town and he’s not that dumb. She says Laura kept sending her more screen shots. She confronted Andrew.

He says he didn’t do this. Nev and Max say that Laura was trying to break them up. Max says it’s horrible to be woken up in the middle of a fight you don’t know about. He says to call Laura and they’re getting to the bottom of it. He comes up with a plan and says they’re going to prove that he wasn’t texting her. He leaves his phone in the car and says they’re going to have her send a message to Aaron.

He leaves his phone in the car and says they’ll confront her. They confront Laura and she says he’s cheating. Laura tells Amanda she would never lie to her. They tell her to send Aaron a message. She sends it and they wait. Nev says if Andrew doesn’t respond, that doesn’t mean anything. Max says that proved nothing. Amanda walked off mad and told him to take her home.

She told Andrew he needed to leave. He goes to his grandmother’s and made a fake profile to try and catch Aaron. He puts up a photo of a girl named Kim. He says he contacted Aaron and it was a message from his wife’s ex Ron. He then looked at the similarity in the profiles. Andrew says Ron used to stalk them after he took her from him.

Andrew then shows Amanda the fake profile and flirting with Aaron. She realizes it wasn’t him. She felt horrible for accusing him of cheating. Andrew was mad at Ron but then happy that his wife knew he was telling the truth. Max says now she has to make it up to him. Andrew texts Ron and confronts him. Then Ron starts messaging Amanda to defend himself but she knows him texting means he knew.

Max says that’s a cold blooded catfish. Andrew pressed charges against Ron with the police. Andrew and Laura made peace since neither was to blame. Amanda says she and Andrew are even better now and Andrew says he catfished his catfish. Ron is now out of their lives and Andrew and Amanda’s marriage is doing well.

Mario and the Escort is the next story. Mario lives in LA and is 27. Michael is 34 and his Mario’s BF. They are partners who like to stay at home and hang out. Nev says they’re like them and tries to kiss Max. Michael says he was at work and got a text from a friend with a link to an escort site with a profile for a guy named Mario.

He sent the link to his BF who is shocked to see his name and photo on an escort site. Michael says it’s a prostitution site and they need to get it down. Mario says a guy at work mentioned now he knows how he paid for his car. He’s also on a dating site. Michael checks and they find Mario on 10 different websites. They find out it’s been going on in months and in other states.

Michael says he comes from a Christian family so this is much worse. They contact their friend Big Mike who agrees to text the guy and pose as a client. Michael wants to call the cops but Mike says he can help. He’s been friends for about seven years. They contact the escort to see if it’s someone Mario knows or a stranger. Mike texts the guy who says he gets $160/hour.

Michael says Mario should be worth more than that. Nev and Max debate what’s a reasonable rate for a male prostitute. They agree to meet at a hotel near LAX. Mario and Michael drive him there and then Big Mike goes inside and the guy texts with the room number. Mike heads upstairs to room 804. He’s worried the guy might have a weapon.

Michael is worried about his safety and they sent him up there alone. Big Mike knocks on the door. Michael and Mario worry that Mike or they could get in trouble. Max and Nev discuss that the guy is soliciting prostitution and Max says maybe it’s the cops using his photo to catch men. The escort answers the door and Mike goes inside. He saw luggage and old food containers.

Max jokes that it’s Chris Brown. Mike says he’s not the guy in the photo and he pulled out his phone to say he’s pulling up the app but snaps photos of the guy. Michael and Mario wait 15 minutes. Mike says he’s not the person he ordered and the escort says the agency just made a mistake. Mike says he’s leaving and the guy says he’s got to pay a cancellation fee.

Then the escort calls someone else and says there’s a guy there who won’t pay him. Mike texts Michael and Mario to come now and they rush upstairs. They grapple over the door and Mike says they need to go. Mario says he just wants him to take the photos down. Michael says the guy would never come to the door. Hotel security showed up and told them they have to leave. Mario just wants the photos down.

Mike starts searching the photo online and they blast him all over the internet. The guy takes down all the links and profiles. Mario says this person just came along and just called his integrity into question. Nev says that’s crazy to have your photos used for a prostitute file. Michael and Mario are now vigilant against this kind of thing and Mario has removed many social media photos and made others private.