Celebrity Wife Swap Recap 9/2/15: Season 4 Finale Robert Carradine & Terrell Owens Swap Lives

Celebrity Wife Swap Recap 9/2/15: Season 4 Finale Robert Carradine & Terrell Owens Swap Lives

Tonight on ABC Celebrity Wife Swap returns again with an all new Wednesday September 2 season 4 finale episode. On tonight’s episode, Robert Carradine and Terrell Owens swap places.

On the last episode, Kellie Williams left behind her life as a homemaker and stay-at-home mom in Maryland and switched places with CeCe Peniston, whose days are filled with a strict diet and intensive workouts for her bikini competitions.

On tonight’s episode per the ABC synopsis “in the fourth-season finale, Robert Carradine leaves behind his secluded, off-the-grid island life with his family and swaps places with Terrell Owens, who lives in a sprawling Los Angeles home and devotes much of time to working out.”

We will be covering tonight’s Celebrity Wife Swap, season 4 finale. You don’t want to miss this episode; you never know what craziness is going to break out! Don’t forget to come back to this spot at 8PM for our coverage of the episode.

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#CelebrityWifeSwap tonight is a nerd actor and a jock. Robert Carradine was in Revenge of the Nerds and Lizzie McGuire and is part of the Carradine Hollywood dynasty. He lives with wife Edie on an island. They’ve been married 25 years. They were in a terrible auto accident a year ago and that made them focus on family so they moved to an island off of Tahiti where they live a simple life.

They have no TV, computers, phone and they fish and whittle and make crafts. They have a goat and do chores there. They are swapping husbands instead of wives for this episode. Terrell Owens known as TO is an NFL player. He’s a huge star and says the media has hated and labeled him. He says he took a journey to get here and was raised by his grandma with no parents.

He lives in a nice house with his “friend” Melissa. They’ve been hanging out for three years and they date off and on. Her daughter lives with them and she moms his other kids that are from a variety of other women. He’s got a son Terique who’s a teen. He and Melissa work out a lot. TO packs up his bag and leaves in a limo. Robert packs up and they fly across the Pacific Ocean for the swap.

TO says it’s nice in French Polynesia. Robert is back in LA and says he hates the traffic and says it’s culture shock after Tahiti. Robert heads inside to look around. TO gets ot fo the van and sees a local with a sign. He’s taken to a canoe and does not want to get in but he does. They head to a tiny island and the guy oars away while TO begs him not to leave him there.

Robert heads inside and looks around. TO wonders who in the hell lives here and sees the bathroom with a curtain hanging and says this won’t work. Robert checks out the huge closet. TO tries to get cell reception. He doesn’t like the bugs either. Robert says the house is huge and he spots a lot of sports equipment which is not his thing. TO finds the main house and then sees Robert’s photos.

Robert sees TO’s photos and laughs. He says he knows the controversy and is nervous about jocks vs nerds. They each read the house manuals. TO is shocked to read how long Edie and Robert have been married. Robert reads about Melissa the fitness model, Terique and the athletes. Robert says his house is mathletes. TO sees the goat and freaks.

Robert reads about TO’s competitive nature. He says it sounds intense. TO reads about the lack of TV, WiFi and being off the grid. TO says that’s too much. Now they meet the family. TO meets Edie and her daughter Marika. She says he seems cool. He says he’s from Alabama originally. Edie says they have to go catch dinner and he needs to catch fish for them to eat. Melissa comes in and meets Robert.

He says he’s the dad from Lizzie McGuire and he was in Revenge of the Nerds. TO is in a swimsuit and has the fishing net. Edie says Bobby provides and she watches. Marika points out some fish. TO thinks net fishing is old school. In LA, Robert finds Mykave and Terique hanging in the kitchen on devices. He asks Melissa about the kids on their phones. He says they don’t have any of that.

TO now has to look around for food since he failed at fishing. Edie made rice and beans and some fondue. TO asks if she cooks every day and she says she makes goat cheese. He says he doesn’t do dairy and starts with rice and beans. He says he usually does take out. She tells him to do the dishes. In LA, Melissa says she’s making dinner for the kids and her and says TO orders out for himself.

She hands him some menus. Robert says he’s lonely and has pizza on the couch. TO makes crafts with Edie and Marika. They hand him Robert’s whittling stuff. TO asks if they always spend time together. Edie says they are always together and asks about his relationships. He says he grew up without his parents and didn’t know his dad lived right across the street.

He says his grandmother was very strict and raised him right. TO says his family bonds through sports. On day two, the kids are on the phone and Melissa has Robert do TO’s morning work out. She says TO is very competitive. He doesn’t like it. He says she has biceps of steel. He’s doing sit ups and farts on her. She says it’s a good work out when you cut the cheese. TO doesn’t like the toilet.

He hands his clothes on the line and says his grandma taught him how to do that. He didn’t do well milking the goat. He then gathers the eggs. He says he’s no stranger to hard work but this is not work he knows. Robert then heads to fill in for TO at an autograph signing then to football practice. They tell him he’s the older, whiter version of TO. Robert moves so much slower than them.

In Tahiti, TO is hungry and foraging for food. He finds a coconut to eat then has to chop wood for the fire. He says he hasn’t relaxed since he’s been there. He asks Marika if she really likes this life and she says she loves it. He asks doesn’t she want to go to a hotel and order room service. He says this is no way to live. He asks if she likes to party. She says sometimes.

TO says when he was her age, he loved to party. He thinks she needs to venture out. Mikayva and Melissa play catch while Robert and Terique play basketball. Terique says his dad taught him to have no mercy. He asks if he and his dad talk when they hang out and he says they just talk smack. Robert says it seems like they just have a competitive relationship but nothing deeper.

Next day is the rules change. TO wants to introduce some down time and luxury into the island and Robert wants some family bonding. TO tells the women to pack their bags because they’re leaving. Robert greets TO’s crew and says the new rule is less phones. Terique doesn’t like that. TO says no chores, no fishing and says food will be served to them.

Robert says they source their own good and milk their goat. Melissa is stunned and Robert says he lined up a goat. TO says he needs some alone time. He says he needs some me time. Robert says athletic ability is fleeting and they’re going to exercise their minds with a science project. TO, Edie and Marika head to the luxurious Tahiti and a fancy place.

They get an over the water bungalow. Edie says it’s too much and she’d rather be connected to nature. She says it’s too many distractions and she misses her goat. He calls for room service. Robert banned cell phones and shows the kids how to whittle. Terique says it’s the most boring thing ever and Robert says it’s about bonding time.

TO and the ladies settle in and the resort. TO says they have their own bungalow and he has his own. Edie says the family should be together but Marika likes it. TO jumps in the ocean and swims away. In LA, Robert takes them out of the city to a farm and has them pick veggies and pet a goat. There’s a farm where you can get fresh stuff an hour out of LA. He takes them to milk a cow.

Terique doesn’t want to milk the cow. He thinks the milk will be warm and dirty. He freaks and says he feels violated. Melissa tells Terique that Robert played by their rules and he has to try it. Terique does it and Robert praises him. Melissa offers him hand sanitizer. Terique says the goats were kind of cool. TO hangs out for a few hours alone then takes the ladies on a luxury boat.

Edie says she gets seasick. Marika likes it. He takes them out to sea and he says you’ve got to enjoy life – work hard, play hard. TO is worried about Edie and wants her to relax. Robert takes Terique to try and bond. He asks what it’s like being TO’s son. He says a lot of people try to be his friend because of his dad. Robert says his dad was famous too and deal with it. He asks what else he and his dad do. He says video games and Robert says more competition.

Robert says families can do things together without competing. Terique says Robert is cool. TO is ready to take the ladies snorkeling. Edie doesn’t want to put her head underwater. He wonders why they wants to live on an island and not get in the water. He says go big or go home and dives in. He bugs Edie about getting her in the water. Edie finally agrees and gets in the water. She says it’s nice.

Edie says she’s trying to relax and live it up. She says she doesn’t want the day to end. Robert sits down with them to do a science project. He makes a model rocket with them and they launch it. Terique says he dislikes science but blowing things up is cool. It’s the last night. Edie tells TO it was a fantabulous day – one of his words. He treats Edie to a five star dinner and says they need to find balance.

She says they will make some changes and says TO showed her they need to ease up. He has fire jugglers to entertain them. Robert is packing up and so is TO. Terique says he had a little bit of fun. TO hugs Marika and he and Edie head out. Melissa and Robert also head out. They meet up for a sit down. They greet each other warmly. Edie says it’s the longest they’ve been apart.

The ladies also greet each other. TO says the trip was sweet. TO says Tahiti is not what Melissa envisions. He says they had huts, chickens, mosquitoes, outdoor bathroom, no privacy. He says it was really bad, no WiFi, no phones. Robert says there is life without phones. TO says he felt prehistoric. Robert says living close to the earth is a good thing.

Robert says the family was off away from him. He says the kids were off on their phones. TO says that’s how kids are and Melissa says the kids follow TO. Robert says technology rolls downhill. TO says they work really hard and have no fun. TO says whittling is not fun and he was bored. He says he took Edie and Marika into Tahiti to stay at a hotel.

Robert says they spend time together as a family on the island. Robert says he doesn’t like all the me time and says they don’t even eat together. He says with the new rules, he spent a lot of time with Terique and says the kid wants to spend a lot more time with him. TO says he’ll try harder to do that. Robert says he built a rocket with the kids. Melissa says the kids loved it.

Melissa says they have to go to the hobby store. TO says they have too many chores and Edie says TO spoiled her at the hotel. Robert says they can try and incorporate some rest and relaxation some more. TO says he wants to spend more time with all his kids and he and Robert tell each other well done and they all four toast. Then they hug it out. Edie tells TO he’s the best.

They head home. Melissa tells TO he has to learn to build rockets. He asks if she kept notes. TO says this trip was good for him. The kids run and give him a big hug. TO says he wants to be a better dad. In Tahiti, They meet Marika who’s hanging with the goat and Robert says he’d never swap families again. Edie says she’s happy to be back with her goat.

Six weeks later, TO is spending more time with Terique but they are still all about the phones. Robert is adding luxury to their life and trying to work out more but is still a nerd.