Chasing Life Recap 8/17/15: Season 2 Episode 7 “As Long as We Both Shall Live”

Chasing-life-season-2-episode-7Chasing Life returns to ABC Family tonight for an all new Monday August 17, season 2 episode 7 called “As Long as We Both Shall Live,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Leo (Scott Michael Foster) and April (Italia Ricci) settle into married life, but Leo’s plans for their future worry April, who’s uncertain about how far she should look ahead.

On the last episode, April and Leo’s wedding day arrives, but it was not smooth sailing as nerves emerged and secrets loom. Meanwhile, Dominic was uncertain about how to proceed as he faced losing April forever. Did you watch last week’s episode?  We did and we recapped it right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the ABC Family synopsis, “the honeymoon may be over for April and Leo as they try to settle into a normal married life. April’s “cleaning system” versus Leo’s mess is not the only issues they have to work on. Leo is in full swing at his new job and is making lots of plans for the future – not just in his job but for his life with his new wife. April is trying to live life to the fullest in the moment, as Leo taught her, so Leo’s “new” future planning is throwing her off.”

Tonight’s episode of CHASING LIFE is going to be really exciting and we’ll be recapping it for you right here. In the meantime hit up the comments and tell us your thoughts about the show!

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#ChasingLife begins with Leo and April are settling into married life and they talk about how messy their place is. April says they have to deal with the dining room table and he says he likes to stack things there. Leo suggests getting a house keeper and she fills him in on her busy medical day. She starts the dishes and she tells him to take out the trash. He says he has a headache and she says she has cancer and he says he can’t believe she played the cancer card.

Beth takes April for a transfusion and asks about wife life. April says they’re still working things out then teases Beth about hooking up with Graham. She says they’re not getting back together. Beth checks out a guy in a suit and April says it’s a pharmaceutical rep and they’re like used car salesmen. The guy comes over and hands Beth his card and says he’d like to take her out. They giggle over it. Sara asks Brenna about the film fest and she says she didn’t get in.

George shows up and Brenna chats him up and goes. George takes a call from Mae and asks if he can call her later. George asks if it’s weird him being there and Sara says she’s fine and says she’s been really busy with work and says she reconnected with William lately – her high school BF. He asks if they’re dating and she says they are and he says he’s got to wash his face then get ready. George meets Arpil and they talk with Dr Hamburg.

There’s a new trial that could cure her but it’s only for pancreatic cancer. April tells them she’s foggy, tired and can’t focus. George says to stop by the house and he’ll help her with some stuff. Brenna is at an LGBT group on campus and everyone is nitpicking. They ask about Brenna and some are sort of nasty because they see her as changing her mind. Brenna says she’s attracted to who someone is, not their gender. Mariah says that’s what her ex said then dumped her.

Brenna defends herself and says the last two people she dated were women and Mariah says maybe she’s just gay. Leo comes in and says he has dinner and offers her a sub. She says she feels useless and can’t go anywhere or do anything. She says she wants to go in another room and cry but there’s only one room. Leo comforts her and says to stop cleaning. He smooches her and says to go relax. He turns on the hockey game and she asks him to turn it down so she can write.

He turns it way down and goes back to cleaning. The dishes are noisy and she makes a face. Leo says they need a new apartment with more space. April says he’s the world’s greatest husband. Next day, April and Sara shop and she asks her about where they might move. April says she doesn’t care as long as she can have some privacy. Sara says they can come to her place for dinner and says they’re meeting Leo’s coworkers for drinks and then can come.

April says it’s surprisingly old-fashioned the way they did this and wonders how people did it in the 50s. Brenna complains about Andrew and Mariah who are hassling her about being bi. Finn says he’s sorry he wasn’t there to back her up. Andrew and Mariah get catty with them and Finn asks why the straight guy is the only one defending the bi girl. Finn says that Brenna is definitely bi and she says she’s not into Finn like that at all even if she was going to date a guy.

George and April play street fighter and he says he has info about the clinical trial and says it will available for AML in the next few weeks. He says Pharkas makes the drug and maybe he can pull some strings – that’s the company the guy works for that asked Beth out. George asks if he can read her dad’s last book and she asks what was going on before he died. George says he was having issues with Olivia and she wanted more from him and still had feelings for him.

April and Leo have friends around and they hang out. They ask April if they’re thinking about kids. Leo says maybe then offers more dip and goes to get it. April looks thoughtful and a little stressed. April and Leo cuddle in bed later and she asks what’s up with all the baby talk. He says that’s just Elaine and says her hubby has been dealing with it a long time. April says she didn’t know he wanted kids. He says he didn’t think about it until he got healthy. She asks if he means way down the road.

Leo says they have to get her healthy and do some traveling before they think about kids. She gets out of bed. April talks to Beth about the clinical trial and Beth says eww to Josh. April gives her a look and says she could have just one drink with him to help her get the meds then says she’s sorry. Beth agrees to one date to save her life. April says she doesn’t have to sleep with him. George finds Sara lacing up to go meet William for a run.

William shows up and she hugs him warmly – he says she’s cuddly today. Sara then tells him he smells good. Sara drags him out and says it’s going to rain. George invites William to dinner and he says Alan is coming to pick out tiles for his home spa and shower. Sara hustles out the obviously gay dude. George looks thoughtful. Brenna complains about chores and George asks for an update on their moving plans. Leo says they should look for a third bedroom for a baby later.

April says cancer first then bone marrow transplant then maybe. He stressed her out. She sits outside later and Leo says he notices she’s the chore supervisor. She asks why he mentioned babies in front of her family and asks about him planning their nursery. He asks didn’t she get her eggs frozen. April says she doesn’t want to have kids anymore and Leo asks even when the cancer is done. April says he taught her to live in the now but he wants her to think five years down the road.

April says she can’t plan for a future just because he has one now and says he forgot what it’s like to be on this side of the struggle. Brenna calls her to come dry dishes and she goes inside.

Later April tells George that she and Leo argued. She says she slept on the couch and she says they switched places. She says he’s talking about the future and she has to shut it down and feels like she’s holding him back. George says a simple apology will do and she says she wants to do something bigger. April says she feels bad about ruining their Italian honeymoon and she says maybe she can put a little Italy into their place and make him dinner.

April hands over the book and says it’s her only copy so be careful. George digs into his brother’s manuscript. Beth meets Josh at a coffee shop and he says he went to a concert last night and she asks if it was Maroon 5 and he’s offended. He asks her to order breakfast and she says no and he asks if a friend made her see him. He says she’s going to want to see him again. Brenna talks to Finn who kind of gives her the cold shoulder. She asks what’s up.

He says she told him in his face that she wouldn’t date a guy like him – he says he didn’t think anyone would be attracted to him but it sucked to hear it officially. She says Andrew and Mariah were making assumptions and he says he’s glad she cleared those up. He’s upset and walks off. Brenna, Beth and April meet later to talk about her Italian plans. They’re helping her and she thanks her for seeing Josh. Beth says she’s seeing him again and April asks if she likes him. Beth says maybe.

Brenna says she hurt Finn’s feelings. April says as a sick person, she likes when people treat her normally. Sara and William chat over wine and he asks about George. William asks why they’re pretending to date and she says she doesn’t want George feeling sorry for her and says they can break up after he leaves. He asks if he can dump her and says she can tell him she was just using him for sex. He says she can just go get a BF if she wants one.

Beth makes out with Josh later at her place. She slows him up and says she has to tell him something. Josh says he knew something was wrong with her and asks if she’s married or a devil worshiper. She says she asked him out for her friend with cancer. She mentions the leukemia drug then says she actually likes him now. She says he can leave if he wants but she hopes he doesn’t. He says he would have tried to help her friend anyway. He kisses her again.

George sits reading the book and then starts putting it through a shredder page by page. Leo comes home and finds the romantic lights and décor. She says she’s been all over the place lately and says it’s scary being in treatment. She pours them wine. He’s impressed and she says it took everything out of her. She says she’s upset when he brings up the future because she doesn’t think she’ll be there for it. He says she doesn’t know that and April says it’s possible.

Leo says they need to look beyond a worst-case scenario. April says she doesn’t want to promise things she can’t give. She says what if they had a child then something happened to her? Leo says people make promises every day not knowing what the future holds. He says in the end, they’ll have it all. They kiss. He throws her up on the table and they get intimate. Sara comes down in the morning and George asks if they’re running.

Sara says William is gay and a dear friend. George says someone should write a romantic comedy about it. She says she didn’t want him feeling sorry for her. Sara says she could be dating if she wanted to but chooses to be single right now and shouldn’t be ashamed of that. George agrees. Brenna comes to the LGBT group and she asks Mariah what made her with a lesbian. She asks if she’s the girl or boy in her relationship. Brenna says they’re all different and shouldn’t generalize.

Brenna says she’s making Andrew and Mariah uncomfortable because she doesn’t fit into their little boxes. Then Brenna sees Finn and walks out to talk to him. He says it’s fine and she doesn’t have to apologize. Brenna says the truth is that she could see him like that but doesn’t let herself because it’s dangerous if the wrong person breathes on him. She asks if this is how Edward and Bella felt. Someone coughs and he puts on his mask self-consciously.

April wakes and slips out of bed. She gets the canoli and goes to wake up Leo. He’s dead. She cries and calls 911 crying. She checks his pulse and confirms what she suspects. He’s dead.