Chicago Fire Recap 2/3/15: Season 3 Episode 13 “Three Bells”


Tonight on NBC Chicago Fire continues with an all new Tuesday, February 3, season 3 episode 13 called, “Three Bells” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, additional clues about Shay’s [Lauren German] death emerge. Meanwhile, Severide [Taylor Kinney] faces an old foe; Shay’s sister arrives, inspiring the firehouse members to reflect on her life; Otis’ grandmother relocates; and Boden sets out to help his dying father (Richard Roundtree).

On the last episode, Severide (Taylor Kinney) and Dawson (Monica Raymund) discovered startling evidence found at a storage unit fire that appeared connected to the fire that took Shay’s life. Meanwhile, the firehouse banded together when Chaplain Orlovsky (guest star Gordon Clapp) was the victim of a bad car accident. Elsewhere, Chief Boden’s (Eamonn Walker) father (guest star Richard Roundtree) visited, but quickly wore out his welcome with his unsolicited parenting advice. Jesse Spencer, Kara Killmer, Charlie Barnett, David Eigenberg, Yuri Sardarov, Joe Minoso and Christian Stolte starred. LaRoyce Hawkins, Randy Flagler and Melissa Ponzio guest starred. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the NBC synopsis, “more clues surface surrounding the fire that killed Shay, leading Severide (Taylor Kinney) to a most unexpected source who may be able to provide pertinent information. Meanwhile, Shay’s sister Megan (guest star Ellen Woglom) comes to town, prompting members of the firehouse to remember Shay’s life. Elsewhere, Cruz (Joe Minoso) is in for a surprise when Otis’s (Yuri Sardarov) grandmother moves into their apartment, while Boden finds a way to help his dying father (guest star Richard Roundtree) make the most of his last few weeks. Jesse Spencer, Eamonn Walker, Monica Raymund, Kara Killmer, Charlie Barnett, David Eigenberg and Christian Stolte star. Jon Seda, Marina Squerciati, Brian Geraghty, William Smillie, Edwin Hodge and Randy Flagler guest star.”

Tonight’s season 3 episode 13 looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of NBC’s Chicago Fire.

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Tonight’s episode of Chicago Fire kicks off with Dawson and Kelly – they pay the arson investigator a visit with the knife they found at the latest fire. They prove that the fire was arson, which means that Shay was actually murdered – and her killer is still out there. At Cruz and Otis’s apartment, Otis’s grandma shows up and Cruz is shocked to hear that she will be staying with them, he obviously isn’t happy.

Back at the fire house, Shay’s sister Meghan arrives, Dawson called her. She wants to see Shay’s killer put to justice. While everyone is greeting Meghan, Boden calls Kelly in to his office – he has a collect phone call from Hadley in prison. Hadley reveals to him that he knows the fire that killed Shay was arson – and tells him to come to the prison and visit him alone so that they can talk.

Kelly heads to the prison and sits down with Hadley – who is covered in burn scars. Hadley says that he got something in the mail, and Kelly is going to want to see it. He promises that he will hand it over once Kelly gets him a special mattress to help him cope with the pain. Kelly refuses, and says that he didn’t come to make a deal with him. Hadley pulls a newspaper clipping out of his pocket, someone mailed him the article about the fire that killed Shay and wrote on it, “They shouldn’t have called it an accident – from an admirer.” Hadley says that it came out of the blue, and there was no name on the envelope – but there is a return address. He tells Kelly that if he gets him the mattress, he will give him the envelope with the address on it.

Sylvie arrives at the fire house, and Dawson introduces her to Shay’s sister Meghan. Meghan’s hotel reservations fall through, Shay and Dawson invite her to stay with them. Kelly heads back to the fire house and fills Casey in on his meeting with Hadley – the warden is tossing his cell and looking for the envelope.

A call comes in and the tea rushes to the fire at an office building. Inside there is a security booth with bulletproof windows and the door is locked, they see a man passed out inside and the room is full of smoke. They get to work trying to drill holes in the bulletproof glass so they can get the man out. They get enough of the glass out so that Casey can get inside. He finds the victim and drags him to the door, the ceiling caves in and Kelly has to set the man down and try to make a hole in the rubble. He finally gets through, and the man is dragged outside and put on a stretcher. Sylvie tends to Casey, and checks his breathing. Dawson walks past him and says, “Damn baby don’t scare me like that.” Casey is obviously confused, seeing as how they are broken up.

At work Cruz corner Otis and wants to know when his grandma is leaving because he wants to have Sylvie come over. Otis breaks the news to him that his grandma is not leaving – she is actually moving in with them. A delivery man drops off an envelope at the fire house for Kelly – says it is from the warden. Kelly looks up the address, and it is just a vacant lot. He tells Boden he thinks that Hadley is messing with them and shows him the envelope. Boden freaks out when he sees the address, he reveals that the address is the fire where they lost Henry Mills, and Boden got burnt himself. Kelly is shocked – that means that Mills and Shay’s death were connected.

While Kelly meets with the arson investigator, Boden calls Mills in to his office. He sits him down and explains to him that the return address on the envelope from the arsonist is the same address where his father Henry died. Mills is visibly shaken up by the revelation, Boden tells Mills to keep his distance and keep a clear head, and swears to him that he will see justice served even if he has to do it himself.

At work the next day a phone call comes in for the ambulance. Mills and Sylvie head out on the call, and Meghan tags along. They arrive and there is a man in distress pacing back and forth screaming for someone to call the police. Sylvie walks up to him and asks him what he needs help with, he screams that he needs the police so he doesn’t hurt anyone. Then pulls a knife on Sylvie and slams her up against the fence. He tells Sylvie that he has to hurt her and tries to stab her, but Mills tackles him and drags him to the ground. The police arrive – and the man stops acting crazy. He thanks Mills as he is being handcuffed, and says that he just needed a parole violation because he isn’t “cut out to make it in the outside world.” They prepare to leave and see that Sylvie’s sister Meghan is crying, she can’t believe that her sister’s job was so hard and she went through things like that every day. Mills comforts her and tells her to come back to the fire house and get some hot chocolate.

Kelly heads to the storage lockers with the arson inspector – they have photographs of some of the arsonists in Chicago. He flips through the mugshots – and identifies Adrian Gish. They do a background check on him, he was accused of two different fires but he was never prosecuted because they have no proof. Kelly and the investigator are discussing bringing Adrian in for questioning out on the street, and Adrian finds them. He jokes that he wants to be a firefighter, and offers his condolences for Shay’s death. Adrian refuses to come in for questioning, he says Shay “was really pretty,” and walks away.

At the fire house, they surprise Meghan with a ceremony outside honoring Sylvie. Boden speaks about Leslie Shay, and says there are no words that could fill the hole that she left in their hearts. Dawson joins Boden and says a few words about Shay. Afterwards the crew heads out for drinks, and Dawson and Casey sit down to discuss their relationship. Dawson explains that she wanted to be a candidate so badly, and apologizes for the way things turned out. Casey says that he is happy she is on his tea, so that he can look out for each other. Dawson says he wants them to put things on hold for a while, and down the road they can see where they stand – Casey agrees. Sylvie heads over to Cruz’s apartment for their date night, and she brought along a bottle of tequila. Sylvie and Cruz start making out on the couch, and then they realize that Otis’s grandmother is sitting in the chair knitting and watching them.

The arson inspector arrives at the bar – and she has bad news. The department has decided not to press charges against Adrian Gish because they don’t have enough evidence. But, the case is still open and Gish is on their radar – Boden and his team are disgusted that Adrian is just going to walk.