CSI Cyber Recap – Deep Web Arms Dealer: Season 1 Episode 11 “Ghost in the Machine”

CSI Cyber Recap - Deep Web Arms Dealer: Season 1 Episode 11 "Ghost in the Machine"

Tonight on CBS CSI: Cyber  returns with an all new Tuesday May 12, season 1 episode 11 called, “Ghost in the Machine” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, the team hunt a killer who hacks into popular online games and tricks players into delivering illegal weapons he purchases on the deep Web.

On the last episode, Special Agent Avery Ryan and her team investigated when a man died after taking medication he purchased from a hacked ad on a medical website. Did you watch last week’s episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “the cyber team tracks a killer who hacks into a popular online game and tricks gamers into delivering illegal weapons.”

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CBS’s CSI: Cyber at 10:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the new season.

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On #CSICyber, a kid is playing an FPS violent video game online with some other guys then gets a message in the game saying “check your porch – it’s go time.” He logs off and goes to the porch where there’s a package. He cuts it open, pulls out a black box, puts it in his backpack, throws the box in the trash can and then looks at his phone. He sees a GPS location (he’s in Chiacgo) and heads off on his bike. He pulls up in front of a house in a neighborhood.

He gets off the bike, looks around and counts steps then turns and counts more. He takes the backpack off and steps to a concealed area near a hedge. He pulls out the black box and opens it. There’s a drill inside. The guy who owns the house sees him and asks why he’s there. The kid is shot and collapses to the ground. The guy says – oh no. Elijah makes out with his ex passionately and offers a plan for their day with their daughter. She says they had a good night.

He says they could have a good day too then says they can do whatever she wants. She says she doesn’t want to rush things or bring Michelle into it. He says he was ready to talk about going back in. He gets a work text about a lead on Trigger. She says they can talk later as he rushes out. Avery says 15 year old Spencer Chapman was shot with a gun hidden in a drill. She shows them crime scene photos. When the kid dropped the drill in shock, the gun went off.

Elijah asks if it was a 22. Elijah tells Brody it’s Trigger, a deep web arms dealer they’ve been chasing a long time. Raven says he’s number seven on their most wanted list. Avery says they have Spencer’s fingerprints on the package and drill but they don’t know how he was involved. Elijah and Avery head to Chicago to talk to Spencer’s mom. Avery explains to her about the deep web and his dad asks who would sell a gun to his kid. She says arms dealers don’t care.

His mom insists her son didn’t buy a gun and isn’t a criminal. Avery says she has to ask these questions then asks if they check his social media accounts. The dad says they had strict rules and they monitored him. He says his son is not who they think he is. Krumitz shows Brody all the stuff that Spencer was hiding from his parents. His tablet has no games or apps then he puts in a code and shows his real tablet. The code his parents had only let them see a small part of what was on his tablet.

Elijah comes in and Krumitz says the kid has secrets then Elijah hands over the kid’s phone. Ramsey Scott is the guy that found him. Krumitz checks the phone and says his GPS match Ramsey’s home. Elijah says they need to talk to him. He and Avery head over and find Ramsey dead and another drill gun nearby. Elijah says Spencer’s dead was an accident but this is premeditated murder. They call Simon and fill him in and says Trigger was providing weapons to kill him.

Avery says they can’t rule out that Spencer went to kill Ramsey. They have to find the link. Krumitz can’t find it and neither can Brody. He says he couldn’t just go kill a man and says he’s a full grown man. Krumitz teases him about his size and Brody says good things, small packages. They tell Raven they found nothing. Raven says there is one device left off the list that can be used to access the deep web. She told the FBI to grab the game system. Krumitz says he loves her.

Brody is surprised she plays Game Vex. She tells Simon that Spencer spent most of his time playing FPS games – Black Light Retribution was his favorite. Elijah explains the game and shows that Spencer was a top 50 people. Avery asks why his ranking dropped a while back and she says it usually means that parents cut your game time. Brody accesses the messages with Viper75 and shows them the mission instructions he was given. He was told to leave the package there.

Avery pulls up the coordinates and it’s Ramsey’s house. They look at the house and Raven highlights his footsteps. They match the directions. Elijah says Viper75 purchased the gun and Spencer was only there to deliver it. Avery says Viper75 is who they need to focus on now and Elijah says taking down Trigger is the icing. We see a description of game transfer phenomena where players think they can what their game avatars can do.

Krumitz calls for Avery and Elijah and says that most players trash talk each other during game play on headsets and says he found a place that stored it on the console – called the swap space and it has video and audio. He thinks he may be able to find Viper’s voice. He plays it for them. There is a chat between Viper and Spencer in game. The guy was asking about his parent’s name and dog’s name. Elijah says he was trying to assess the kid to see where he was vulnerable.

Avery says perverts and predators and takes advantage of kids online. Elijah says he can’t let Michelle play online. He says parents are happy when their kids are at home playing but says kids aren’t safe there. Avery gets a call from Brody and Raven shows her that Spencer’s avatar was hacked and he lost all his cool stuff from his inventory that reset him to zero. Raven says it’s devastating as a gamer. Avery says psychology of loss is the same online. Brody says Viper hacked him because he found the stuff in his inventory.

Then Raven says Viper sent the kid a suit of armor. Avery says it was a trade for a task. She tells them to look for other gamers that rocketed up. Simon tells Avery that Game Vex won’t give them the access. He says all they told him is that he’s playing from a VPN and using a pre-paid credit card. Simon says he’s going to try and get a warrant to get more about the account but needs more evidence. Elijah comes in and looks upset. He tells her it’s a thing with Devon. He says they are at different stages of their relationship and she tells him it’s okay to be scared.

He says Brody got him up to speed. She says Viper bonded with Spencer and invited him to join his team. He flattered him about his skills then friended him. She says then he hacked him and ruined him in-game. She says then Viper restocked his weapons and armor. Elijah wonders how Viper selected Spencer and she says the game did it – he was selecting top 50 players. Raven tells them that she and Brody are narrowing down the search.

Elijah says to check the last 24 hours. They spot one Ace who plays five a day. Brody says most games are monogamous with their handles and finds him in another service. Avery says it’s time for Ave to hit pause. They bring Ace in and he says Viper is his hero and he helped him after he was hacked and saved him. His dad is horrified. He says the first rule is you don’t talk about the missions. Avery tells Micah the package he delivered had a gun in it. Micah says he never looked inside.

Elijah asks what he sent after he delivered and he said a katana sword. Elijah says he’s looking at the stuff he gave him. Avery says he was grooming him. Elijah wonders where Viper got the gear and Avery says another gamer has been hacked and he’s stealing from one gamer to reward another. Raven tells Brody she found something – GoldenBeast shot up with a katana sword. They wonder if he’s Viper’s next errand boy.

Elijah and Avery show up looking for Corey. He sees them and runs. He goes out a window and Elijah follows and the kids runs to the edge of the roof. Elijah says to calm down. The kid jumps to another roof but it’s metal and he breaks through it and falls onto a car and then onto the ground. Avery calls for an ambulance. He says he thought he could make it because he makes those jumps all the time. He tells them that Jessica, his friend, is GoldenBeast, not him. Elijah runs back up but she’s gone.

Elijah says the kid ran because he had drugs on him. Avery says it’s GTP under the influence. She says the video gamer has involuntary impulses to do game antics in real life. She says Corey thought he could do it because he had jumped in game. Avery found the box and Elijah found the message with the coordinates. He looks it up and sees it’s Grant Park. Avery says GoldenBeast already completed the mission and Viper may be in the park.

Simon tells Krumitz, Brody and Raven to focus on Trigger. They have the three boxes he shipped in and they find too large of a search area. Brody proposes a super cookie and they need to trigger him. Krumitz says to post a link about Spencer and the deep web gun tie-in. Simon says a lot of people would click an article link but Krumitz says few would then go to the deep web. Simon asks why he’d click the link and Raven says narcissism. He tells them to write the article with the link.

He says he’ll get it on Tampa news sites near the search area. Elijah says Chicago PD got GoldenBeast but she’s not talking. They follow the mission directions. Elijah finds the box in a trash can. The drill case is empty. She says Viper has the gun and Avery says he should still be in the park since he likes to kill close to the drop off. They look around and try to spot victim or perpetrator. They hear a gunshot and go running. They spot the gun but see no body. Elijah wonders if he made them and Avery says Viper is done there.

Raven gets a call from Elijah and he asks for a tower dump near the park. She pulls it up. Brody gets a deep web alert from their super cookie. Simon watches them work. Krumitz explains what they’re doing but this one is a false alarm. Simon asks what they do on the deep web and they tell him stolen stuff and porn mostly. They show him the process. They find a guy who went to The Arsenal and they find the site and the IP address at the Tampa Public Library. The guys high five and Brody hugs Simon awkwardly.

They send in local FBI and they spot Trigger on the Arsenal site. Krumitz is there too and says they have to get him away from the keyboard before he can shut down. They slam him to the floor and Brody and Krumitz take over the computer. Krumitz calls him Trigger and says they have him. Brody says he sold three guns to Viper. Brody finds another order that was just delivered so the hit is still on. Brody video chats the delivery info to Elijah and Avery.

They see the two targets are moving in opposite directions. They split up since they don’t know who has the gun. Raven tells Elijah they found out the target is Kim Hawthorne. A guy takes the gun out of the case and then Avery is there. She calls him Viper and he says she has the wrong guy. Avery says she knows he’s there to kill Kim and says he made it tough for them to figure out the target. She says they looked up every cell number in the park and they found one phone in common.

She says they know about Ramsey and Kim and were both witnesses in his father’s bank robbery trial. He says they’re both liars and his father was murdered in jail. Avery says his father is a criminal and so is he. He pulls the gun and fires at her. Elijah got there first and unloaded the gun. She says now he also tried to kill a federal agent. Viper says he’ll find another way to get his revenge and says she can’t stop him. He runs and is surrounded by cops. Elijah tells him – game over.

Elijah tells Avery it’s time lay off the gaming and leave it to the kids. She says to do it in moderation and turn off chat. Avery addresses the team and says what they do there is hard work and says they need to recognize their victories. She has Krumitz pull up the list of the top wanted and he takes Trigger off the list. Everyone cheers. More pop up to replace him and Brody says he should have been on the list.

Devon shows up and Elijah steps out to chat with her. He says he’s glad to see her. He says he shouldn’t have given her an ultimatum but she says he’s right and it needs to be all or nothing. She says she wants it all. She says if they were better about saying what they wanted or how they felt it would be better. She says she stayed so they could be together as a family and hands him a key. He hugs her. She says she and Michelle will see him at home.

He goes back inside smiling and tells Avery he’s better than good. Raven and Brody face off on a video game but Elijah says he’s going home. Krumitz refuses to play but Simon is ready. He says he wants to learn how to own his son on the game. Avery joins in too.