CSI Cyber Recap 5/13/15: Season 1 Finale “Bit by Bit/Family Secrets”

CSI Cyber Recap 5/13/15: Season 1 Finale "Bit by Bit/Family Secrets"

Tonight on CBS CSI: Cyber returns with an all new Wednesday May 13, season 1 finale called, “Bit by Bit; Family Secrets” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, the team investigate when a power outage in Detroit is used to mask a jewelry story robbery-homicide in which the jewels weren’t the target.

On the last episode, the cyber team tracked a killer who hacked into a popular online game and tricked gamers into delivering illegal weapons. Did you watch last week’s episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “the cyber team investigates when a hacker uses a power outage in Detroit to mask a jewelry store robbery-homicide in which gems weren’t the target.”

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CBS’s CSI: Cyber at 10:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the season 1 finale.

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#CSICyber begins with Krumitz running up to a house then inside. He runs up the stairs panting and goes to a computer. He types something then runs downstairs again. Avery is there and tells him to calm down and come stand by her and his brother. There’s a gunman with a rifle on them all. 36 hours earlier, in Detroit, there’s a massive power outage causing problems. Elijah and Avery show up to talk to a power specialist and tell him the power grid has been hacked – the whole downtown is out.

We see a device trying combinations on a vault. A laptop tracks the progress. Brody tells Avery how the smart grid works for the power supply and Raven tells her that someone has locked them out. Avery says they have to counter hack it. Raven says it’s strange that they only knocked out part of the city. Avery agrees the objective is strange and it’s a precision attack. She thinks there will be another phase. They think the hacker is using the dark as a camouflage.

Raven tells Brody happy two month anniversary at Cyber Crime. She says he’s officially in the family and tells him not to mess up so he can stick around. Elijah shows Avery that government and financial districts are down. There are banks and government targets. Avery says to focus on the fringe since traffic is gridlocked. She also says avoid rail lines. Brody runs over and says they’re back online. Avery asks why the lights are off and he says it will take a minute while Raven makes a patch.

Avery says to inject malicious code into the patch so they can track the guy later. She says she wants power on and the hacker in handcuffs. The combination device finally gets the right three numbers and the hacker opens the vault. He’s at a jewelry store. The owner is there to check on the store. The guy is in the vault. He unplugs his laptop and closes the vault. The power comes on and the owner sees him. The guy shoots him and runs. The alarm sounds as he runs out.

The gang is now at the crime scene. It’s Benjamin Christos, the store owner’s son. Elijah says the device is an auto safe dialer. They go into the vault to try and see what he took. Detective Dorn says they don’t think the thief took anything – nothing looks like it’s gone and he tells them most items seem to be there. There’s a laptop there with a bitcoin account with zero dollars. Avery says it was a bitcoin heist, not a jewelry heist.

The owner and his wife come down and they tell him that Ben had the idea for the bitcoin computer. He says he trusted his son when they implemented it and now his son is dead. Elijah asks how many bitcoins they had and Ellis Christos says a half million dollars. Elijah asks who else knew about the computer. His wife says no but Ellis says Steven, their older son knew, and he recently decided to give the business to Ben, not Steven. They thank the couple and leave.

Avery says they need to have a chat with Steven. The detective shows them footage from the security camera. The parents tell them that that’s not Steven. Avery says they have a face and just need a name. They find no match. Simon comes in and Krumitz says he has no ID from facial but says the bitcoins are an interesting lead. He says it’s not as anonymous as people think. He says each transaction is numbered so you can tie it to an account but not a person like in the stock market.

Krumitz says if you know the amount, you can find any transaction. He says the amount, date and time give you. He found the account that has the stolen bitcoin. He says that many bitcoin could be worth more than a million dollars very soon. Krumitz explains the passkey that protects an account and says the passkey to the account is likely held by the killer. Krumitz sees two passkeys on the killer’s account and Simon says it’s almost like a safety deposit box with two keys and says there may be co-conspirators.

Brody says they have the location of the killer’s computer and Elijah and Avery roll out to a cheap hotel with the tac team as backup. They kick in a door and go inside. They find the thief from the footage dead with his throat slashed. Elijah ends a call and says Krumitz ran the ID and it’s Brian Kramer who has been robbing bitcoin accounts. Avery says it looks like torture before death. Elijah spots superglue and says it’s like battlefield first aid.

Raven says Steven isn’t taking calls from his family and they tell her to track his cell phone. Avery asks why torture him and Elijah says the pass key wasn’t on the computer. Avery says they tortured him for the pass key but Brody says the hard drive was tracking but the RAM chips are there. He says the information on it decays but he freeze the RAM chips to stop the process. They bring in Steven (it’s General Hospital’s Brandon Barash!) and accuse him of killing his brother for money.

Steven says the bitcoins were a bad idea and he tried to warn his family but they wouldn’t listen. Elijah says they know he contacted a bitcoin bounty hunter to get the money back. Steven says his parents just lost a son and now they’re staring at poverty because they converted all their retirement and savings to bitcoin. Steven says they worked hard for years and all he could do for them was to get their money back, not for him but then.

They show him the photo of Brian Kramer and that his bounty hunters likely killed Brian. They tell him he started something he can’t undo. Krumitz is searching for the bounty hunters online and says the bitcoin thief was clever. He shows them a botnet the thief was using – and explains that he uses a network of computers for evil but the computer owner’s don’t know because they were secretly hacked. He says hackers then rent out the botnets to criminals.

Krumitz finds something and says he thinks Brian sent out the passkeys to two computers on the botnet. Krumitz says the bounty hunters know what computers they’re on and are coming for them. We see a guy come home from work. Someone lurks in his apartment. He finds a guy on his laptop and they grapple. Then a second guy knocks out the innocent guy and they already have the passkey. They just need one more.

Simon says he got a warrant to get into a server farm that housed the botnets. Krumitz is there and says they almost have the same info the bounty hunters do. Avery says the Cristos are about to lose their savings for good. Krumitz says something is wrong then says he was disconnected. He says the drive is completely corrupted and Avery says the bounty hunters are covering their tracks. Raven says the bounty hunters sent Steven a message saying they’re upping their price.

Raven says the computer they sent the message on had parental controls so the message was tracked. Raven gets it and says she has an address. Simon says he’ll notify local authorities and tells them to go. Avery and Elijah are with the victim – Edward Gaines – he was bound and gagged, but alive. Elijah says Raven is pulling traffic cam footage. Elijah says they have the first pass key. She says they’re so far behind them. She asks about Tobin and says they’re going to work it from the inside.

Raven finds Brody looking at a tablet with photos of his family. He says the FBI gave him his devices back and she says it took her six months to get off her probation. Avery says they need to get on the botnet and Raven says they can infect one of their computers and Avery says maybe they can get one step ahead. They try it. They infect themselves and are in. She tells Krumitz to ping the entire network. He finds the one they know about and it’s in Albuquerque.

Krumitz says this is good but Brody points out the IP address and says it’s dynamic not static. He says the bounty hunters are still using the recovered IP address. Avery says they’re going to the wrong IP address. Krumitz says he’ll find the IP address they’re using since they’ll still go there and may kill who they find.

Simon says they think the bounty hunters are headed to Denver. Raven tells them she found security footage and ran facial recognition and it’s Jeremy and Henry Spitz, ex-military brothers with a violent history. Simon says they’ll be forced to drive to Denver after they put them on the no fly list. He says he’ll take Raven to Denver while they find the real passkey location. Avery and Elijah are with Brody and Krumitz and show up to the house then take the family away to safety.

Brody and Krumitz are prepping to do battle. In Albuquerque, Raven and Simon send the homeowner out of the house and into protective custody. They tell her that she’s at risk for death. In Denver, the team is outside the house in a van. Brody says Raven got the passkey and they’re good to go. Brody thanks Avery for getting him off probation and getting his stuff back to him. He says it was good to see family photos again then says he hasn’t seen them since the trial.

She says she got the judge to lift his probation. Krumitz says they planted a fake passkey that will infect the bounty hunter’s device. He says they can steal the first passkey back but Avery says they also have to prove it was there and Krumitz says they’re capturing it. They lost the connection to the people’s computer and Krumitz has to run inside to reset it. Elijah and the tac team ask what’s going on and Elijah says the bad guys are just two minutes away.

Avery tells Brody to turn on the security cameras. Krumitz rushes to reset the computer then runs back down the stairs but it’s too late. Avery says to come stand by him and his brother. She’s pretending to be the mom of both and begs the men not to hurt their family and says they’ll do what they ask. They have them at gunpoint. Avery tells them to take what they want and says they’re the only ones here. The men look around the house and Avery says the kid came for a video game for his sleepover.

The men clear the house then they tell Krumitz to take them to their computer. She says to do it and the man says to listen to his mother. Krumitz heads upstairs with one while they are downstairs with the others. Elijah tells them to hold back and Brody says the kid just showed up. Brody says the trap is set. Krumitz points out the computer and asks him to lower his gun. He plays dumb and has the guy give him instructions because he says he’s not good with computers.

Brody panics and says they have Krumitz looking in the wrong place. Elijah tells him to fix it. Krumitz intentionally clicks the wrong folder to buy time while Brody moves the file. Avery tries to calm the kid down and the other guy says no talking then he looks at family photos and she sees him looking then says her son has to pee. He’s distracted and it works. The one guy loads the flash drive onto their laptop and then Brody works to get the first passkey.

The guy sees a denial of internet then says there’s an intrusion. The kid is sobbing and Elijah says they’re almost out of time. The one guy says Avery and Krumitz aren’t family. They tell them talk or die. Krumitz punches one of the guys and then the tac team kicks in the door and they take them down. Krumitz says it’s encrypted and he hopes Brody got the file. Avery radios and Brody says he got it and those fools are going down.

Avery gets the couple back their bitcoin and says to change their passkey but the dad Ellis says they’re done with that and are selling the store. He thanks Avery. Steven comes in and greets his dad. He tells him he’s sorry but they hug and Ellis makes him promise to stay close to home. He does. Krumitz sits at his desk when Brody comes in. Krumitz says there’s too much paperwork when you fire a gun. Brody says he has kills but Krumitz says it’s standard FBI training. Brody says he’s the man.

Krumitz talks tough about it being him or me and it wasn’t going to be him. Brody encourages him in his success then looks through his box of stuff again. He opens his tablet and looks at a video of his family singing. He sings along and then Avery is there and she sings along with him. He says it’s his mom’s favorite song and they sang it to her on her birthday. She tells him to call his parents but he says he embarrassed them when he went to jail. She says to call anyway.

He asks if this is part of one of her master plans that Elijah is always talking about. She says she doesn’t know and walks out singing. He picks up the phone to call home. He gets his father who is thrilled to hear from him. Avery smiles as she sees him with the phone.

Brody runs across a rooftop carrying a case. He quickly assembles a weapon looking device and then props it on a tripod. He takes aim through the scope at Avery in her office. He shoots a bluetooth data steam at Avery’s computer across the way then calls Raven and says he’s sending her a file and to not open it or call him back but then someone takes him out. Another person takes over the scope and stares at Avery.

Krumitz is out with his big sister Francine and they are laughing it up. She tells him not to say anything mushy and ruin it but he says he loves her. She tells him she has to go when her phone pings and she notices her wallet is gone. He looks at a guy on the security screen and they recognize Taylor Pettis. Krumitz goes to talk to him and he says he killed their parents and he’s going to talk to him. He goes to sit down and says he was hoping he’d get the death penalty and can’t believe they let him out.

Taylor asks what he wants and Krumitz says he’s in the FBI now and he’s a scumbag criminal and is his worst nightmare. He says he will send him back to prison at the first chance. He walks off and Taylor sighs. Avery says they have a new case – a tabloid gossip leak from hacked accounts. There’s a congressman, a clerk, an accountant and other random, unrelated people. It’s a strange attack. Raven says Brody called and is late because he fell asleep on the subway.

She lied! Raven texted him. They listen to the hacked audio files. All the people did something wrong – stealing, cheating, adult sex with a teen. Elijah asks to hear room tone. He hears water and Krumitz says the water is all they have in common and Avery says these are therapy sessions. She says they all saw the same therapist. Elijah tells Raven to find Brody right away. She agrees then calls him but gets voice mail again. She says she’s worried.

Raven then goes to ping his cell and traces it to the rooftop. Avery is told Dr Richard Chan is the therapist targeted. Elijah and Avery head there and find the doctor on the floor dead and the office a mess with signs of struggle. They go to work looking for evidence. Raven finds Brody tied up on the roof and he asks if she got the file he sent. He says everything is gone and she asks what he means. She says they have to follow FBI protocol. She says they could go to jail if it’s not for a case.

Brody says he can’t tell her and has to talk to Avery. She hands over the flash drive and walks off mad. Elijah tells Avery that they got a match from the office and Avery asks if it matches her case. They tell her they did. She says that hourglass in his office was from her office and says it was the same one or someone planted it there. Avery tells Simon she doesn’t know and he says more audio files are being leaked. He says to tell him what she thinks she knows.

Brody bursts in and says he has to talk to Avery alone. He asks for her cell phone and says it’s important. He says someone is spying on her. He says he knows because he was spying on her. He says he’s been working on her hacking case. He says he saw it as a challenge and went digging on the deep web. She says that broke his parole. He says he found her files but the hacker has new information including current photos and phone recordings. She says the FBI scanned her devices last month.

He says he found the rat on her personal laptop attached to a video file. He says he downloaded the malicious code and has it. Krumitz tells them he found the Trojan on the doctor’s files but Avery and Brody are looking at the code. He asks where Brody has been, why he’s bleeding and how he has the code that Krumitz just found. Avery says the code is on her laptop and says the blackhat who hacked her also hacked Chan. She says – he’s back.

It’s called a RAT – a remote access Trojan. Avery broods about her case when Elijah comes to her. She says the target is trying to get her attention. She says it’s a remind her NY when he stole her patient files. She says Brody disturbed the monster and she says it thrilled him. She says Nelson found out she’s being watched and has been since the day her practice was hacked. She says she was always the intended victim. Elijah says the hourglass was a message to her.

She says the target has been lying in wait for this day. Avery hands over all her devices to Krumitz at her place. He says her place is nice and she asks what he expected – he says velvet Elvis, pet alligator and drum set. He has a new FBI laptop for her and a burner cell with her contacts uploaded. She thanks him and he offers to stay then asks if that was weird. He says her security detail is outside and he’ll see her in the morning. She thanks him and he goes.

Raven tells Brody that Avery would transfer the video file when she changed computers so it also transferred the RAT. Raven says they need the legacy device that he first put the RAT on. She says Chan’s laptop was infected directly and says they’ll start there. Simon gets a call about Krumitz. He says Taylor Pettis filed a complaint saying he threatened him. Simon says his badge doesn’t give him authority to break the law. He says he didn’t, he just talked to the guy.

Simon says a traumatic event at a certain age traps them at that age. Krumitz sasses him and Simon says he’s acting like a frustrated, scared 10 year old. Simon says he watched his best friend burn to death when they were in college. He says Brian whispered his last words into his ear and Simon says still, anytime someone whispers to him, it freaks him out. He says Brian said “don’t let me die.” Simon says he has to work through this.

Avery logs on to her computer and has the flash drive in her hand. She has the video file! She uploads it and her new laptop is infected as are all the devices at the FBI. Elijah comes running and Krumitz says he doesn’t know what it is. He says it’s the same RAT. Avery thinks – let’s play games. She watches the video of herself blowing bubbles and starts crying so the hacker can see her on the webcam. Krumitz says Avery hacked herself. Brody freaks and says the flash drive is gone.

She wipes her tears and then says – I know you hacked my computer and are watching me. She asks what he wants. He says he wants to meet her in person and gives an address and says to come alone with no devices. She writes down the info and goes. Elijah tries to call her but she left the phone behind. Avery goes to a bus station and looks around. She goes to the lockers and finds the correct one then enters the code. The locker pops open with a beep. She goes over to it.

Inside is a webcam and a phone. The phone is glued down. It sends a text telling her to leave her weapon. She puts it in the locker. The hacker send another text telling her another address. She closes the locker and goes. Elijah tells Simon that Krumitz cleared the virus off the FBI servers but says Avery has gone dark. Brody and Raven tell them they know where the hacker is – he’s in Connecticut. They go and bust into the house and the guy puts his hands up. He has hands up and asks what it’s about.

They ask where Avery is and he knows her name but says he hasn’t seen his ex-wife in years. He says he hasn’t seen her in four years since NY. Avery goes to the address and goes inside. It’s a warehouse. She sees a little tableau of lights and furniture has been set up. It looks like her therapy office. She says – not bad – and says – you worked hard to set all this up. She says she’s almost impressed. She notices the camera above her and talks to it.

She says – you were one of my patients and then spots her desk name tag that went missing and says he ruined her practice. She asks why he went to all this trouble. She asks – where are you. The man says she failed all her patients. She sits and looks at the computer as he does a data dump. Simon admits to Elijah that he knew she was married but says it wasn’t her place to share. They tell her ex that they’re looking for Avery and he says he would never hurt Avery.

Elijah says divorce is tough. He says what ruined their marriage was… then he stops and asks if he needs a lawyer. Avery asks how she failed them and he says they had a special relationship – she says something happened between them. She says hacking her files proved how powerful he was – he says he still is. She says he has delusional fantasies. He says the thought of him keeps her up at night and says she’s the one with delusional obsessions.

Elijah tells Krumitz that someone worked hard to put her ex in their crosshairs. He says Avery gave him some old office stuff to hang onto and says books, photos and an old computer. Avery asks if they can talk in person. He says no. She says there are 77 patient files on her screen and says his is missing and that makes it conspicuous. She says she knows he brought her to an old steel factory because his steel worked father abused him. She says it’s Logan Reeves. He comes into the room.

Logan walks up to her and she gives him a small smile. She says if he’ll have a seat they can get started. He says he’ll stand and she says let’s talk about how you’re feeling. She says clearly he’s still angry with his father since he chose this place for their session. He says she promised she would always be there but she says she could no longer help him. He says she pushed him to a doctor that made him take medications.

She says he needed further treatment that she couldn’t give. He says he read her notes and it said he was improving. She says that was before she noted his attachment to her. He says she’s the only person that could help him. She says she’s here now and says – let’s talk. He sits. Brody, Raven and Krumitz look through her old computer. They find a thumb drive and wonder how he got access to her computer. They find it’s during business hours and then find the associated patient.

They have Logan Reeves and then the patient notes about the guy. Raven says he’s in the FBI database and has been arrested for a multitude of violent charges. Avery asks when he started hacking and says he didn’t like computers. He says he liked her and became a hacker to learn about her. He says she knew all about him and it was one-sided. She says that’s what therapy is and says she was his doctor not his friend. He says she clearly doesn’t understand this and she asks him to complain.

He says she had the chance to fix him but then gave up on him. He bashes the laptop violently then storms out and leaves her locked in the room. Elijah says the last known address was a mental hospital that closed then the patients were set free. Logan comes back into the room then asks if she remembers Danielle. He says she didn’t give up on her and chose to help her. He says that’s why she had to die. He says she even testified against her violent ex-husband. He says strangling a person is hard.

He says people find strength when they’re facing death. He says Dr Chan really put up a fight. He says she acts emotionless but he knows the truth. He says he always knew she would transfer that video and says her emotions are the reason he’s been able to watch her all these years. She asks if he understands what he’s done and he says he did this for her and for us. He says this is where they began and where they will end. He sniffs in and says it’s carbon monoxide poisoning.

He says you don’t have to be in a small enclosed space to die from it. Avery says he thinks she’ll die first because he’s bigger then asks what if she doesn’t. She bashes him in the head twice with her crystal nameplate then grabs his phone and makes a call. She covers her mouth. Elijah takes the call and she gives the address but sounds groggy. She says carbon monoxide then passes out. The team races to the place and Krumitz hacks the keypad entry with Brody and Raven’s help.

Simon is there too. The SWAT team storms in and find them. Elijah gets her out and she comes to on the gurney. She says her head is splitting and asks how long she was out. He says just a few minutes. Simon says she got Logan and it’s over. She sees they haul him out to the police car but he gives her a demented grin as they load him up.

Simon is called to a crime scene – Taylor Pettis is dead. His wallet is still on him. Avery goes to see her ex Andrew. She says she’s sorry that her team roughed him up. She says she never talks about her past so they didn’t know who he was. He says he’s glad she’s safe then asks if she really is. He says his girl is still so tough. He asks if it’s finally over. She says it is and tells him the guy’s name. She says he knew she would always keep the videos of them and Hannah and infected one.

She says it was the one from the park, the last time all of them were together. He asks to see the video. She shows it to him. He smiles as he watches. He cries and smiles. She smiles too. She cries too. Andrew tells her he remembers that whole day and Hannah chasing the bubbles and the ducks. He says he remembers her eyes watching the sunset. He says it was a perfect day. She says she thinks about Hannah and misses her every hour of every day.

He says he’s sorry it tore them apart then hugs her. She hugs him back hard. Krumitz goes to meet Francine. She’s crying. She has a gun and tells him she killed him. She cries and says she did it – she killed Taylor Pettis.