CSI Cyber Recap – Medication and Murder: Season 1 Episode 10 “Click Your Poison”

CSI Cyber Recap - Medication and Murder: Season 1 Episode 10 "Click Your Poison"

Tonight on CBS CSI: Crime Scene Investigation returns with an all new Wednesday May 6, season 1 episode 10 called, “Click Your Poison” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, The team investigates when a man dies after taking medication he purchased from a hacked ad on a medical Web site.

On the last episode, the cyber crime team investigated when nine planes that departed from the same airport faced a coordinated Wi-Fi attack while in flight. Did you watch last week’s episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “Special Agent Avery Ryan and her team investigate when a man dies after taking medication he purchased from a hacked ad on a medical website.”

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CBS’s CSI: Crime Scene Investigation at 10:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the new season.

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On #CSICyber, it starts in Cleveland, Ohio. A guy is at a coffee shop and he’s looking dizzy and sick. He gets a call then picks up his coffee. He staggers outside and then runs into a guy. He stumbles out into the street and is almost hit by a car. He’s struck by a truck and a pill bottle falls out of his pocket. Avery is told about the death of Mr Bruno and they tell her they were purchased online from a Canadian pharmacy.

She’s told there have been other complaints and it turns out they’re being lured to a fake site to buy counterfeit drugs. The guy bought a heart med and they tell her it’s not just a placebo but a pain reliever mixed with a mood enhancer. She says his death was homicide. Elijah asks Krumitz about the ads and he shows them some hidden code and how they know it’s a click bait scheme. They tell him the site didn’t know it was there.

Krumitz does a search for heart disease and shows him the results and then shows him how you get to the page and then you go down a wormhole and Brody says it told him that his rash was cancer. It makes people think they have illnesses and encourages them to self medicate. Simon tells Avery what he researched and what drugs he found that are all part of this Rx fraud deal. Avery says the drugs chosen are the most expensive in their category. Simon says he’s a modern day snake oil salesman.

They wonder if the perp has a link to organized crime. Avery says what’s scary is this guy isn’t even operating on the deep web – he’s on the surface taking advantage. She says he’s dangerous. Simon gets a call and is told that the victim’s wife is there. She has his laptop and says the FDA told her they were handling the case. Simon says they have no answers yet. She says it’s her fault her husband is dead. She tells them she bought the drugs. She says their insurance didn’t cover the medication.

She says it was buy the meds or groceries and says she went online and found it. She says she found it on Scroll MD and thought it was legit. She says the pills looked just like the real ones. She has printed them every email and receipt. She says they were on a monthly plan and a new package was delivered yesterday. Krumitz is researching the post mark with Brody while Avery heads to San Antonio. They make a bet over who will crack this and agree to a late shift work wager.

They start narrowing the results by package size. Then Brody eliminates machine without the exact charge. They knock it down to 48. Then Krumitz knocks it down to four and Brody says to look at the exact weight. They land on an ISP in San Antonio. Krumitz calls Avery with the address. She and Elijah raid the address the ISP showed. They kick in the door and storm inside the house. They find a number of packages ready to mail.

There’s someone in a chair watching TV. The guy looks really sick and is watching TV. His name is Paul. Avery says she thinks he’s the middleman and took the job to get the drugs he needs. She asks if he has cancer. Paul tells her gold star. Elijah says the drugs are making him sicker and are not the drugs he needs. Avery says the drugs are laced with oxycodone but Paul insists that he’s getting better. He says he met a guy in a cancer support chat who says he could get the drugs if he helped.

Paul says he never met him in person but at a dead drop. He tells them he has lung cancer and has kicked it twice but it came back. He says his doctor turned him down for the drug because it’s not approved for third time cancer. He says his doctor said he’s a lost cause. Elijah says the drugs he sent killed a man in Ohio. Paul says the packages come to him sealed and he just stamps them. He says he just wanted to help people. He starts crying when he hears he killed someone.

He asks how old the guy was and Elijah says about his age. He starts coughing violently but says he’s okay. He says he just needs a minute. He stands and Avery gets him some water but then he gets a blade and cuts his wrist. They call 911 and try to help him. They get him into an ambulance and he’s still alive. Avery tells Elijah she’s okay and he says their target is a twisted SOB for using sick people to do his dirty work. She says Paul wasn’t doing it for the money, he just wanted to live.

Avery says their target is a sociopath who saw the cancer victim as a pawn. She says she no longer thinks this is linked to organized crime and is part of a leaner operation. Avery says maybe Paul’s phone will give them some leads. He looks for info on a dead drop using the phone GPS. They narrow it down to one 9 am stop once a week. They pull the address and Elijah says the next pickup is in three days. They decide to pull traffic cam footage to try and spot who’s dropping it off.

Simon goes to see the boss at Scroll MD to tell him about the malicious ads that killed Bruno. He says he’ll look into this with his tech guy. Simon tells Marcus their site security has gaping holes and says he’s there as a friend. He says he doesn’t want him embarrassed and says to take the ads down ASAP and scrub their servers for malicious code and says he should also issue a public warning on his home page so people who have the drugs at home won’t take them.

Marcus says that would create a PR nightmare and says he could lose millions. Marcus says there were a victim too. He refuses to issue the warning. Simon isn’t pleased. Avery and Elijah spot a camera near the dead drop then check out footage. They spot Paul at 9 am then wind it back. They spot a car at the spot. He says the car is using an IR LED array so their license plate can’t be read by the camera. They also can’t get a good look at the guy’s face.

Then Elijah spots something on an electrical pole nearby. He points out a box that tracks blue tooth and they may be able to get the VIN number. He says DOT only keeps the data for 20 minutes and she laughs. Brody and Krumitz go to work on it while Simon watches the news on the big screen. Mrs Bruno is on the news talking about what happened to her husband and says Scroll MD refused to talk to her and kicked her out. She says all they care about is the bottom line.

Krumitz ran the VIN number and Simon says to call Avery. Simon tells Brody to come see him for a special project. He says just him. Simon talks to Avery and says it’s Randall Fung they’re looking for. They roll out to that location and throw a flash bang inside then kick in the door. Elijah spots a barn and they head there next after the house produces no results. They find several people working in the barn. They have Fung and others. Avery looks at mold on the chemistry equipment.

She says that’s what’s making the victims sick. She asks why Fung is looking at the pills not the computer. She says that means he has a partner. Elijah says if he talks he may get a deal on the murder rap. Avery says they still need to find the head of the snake and says to take the computers back to DC.

Back in DC, Marcus confronts Simon and asks what he did. He says his entire website is down. Simon says it sounds like a denial of service and offers to have his team look into it. Marcus says he thinks Simon engineered the media attack from Mrs Bruno. Simon says maybe he should have spoken to the woman instead of throwing him out. He says this can be a disaster for him. He says he can save lives and needs to do the right thing.

Krumitz and Brody work on the laptops from the barn. Brody spots something and they see an online poker site bookmarked on both Paul and Fung’s computers. They logged on every Saturday but weren’t playing each other. He says they played one hand, won and logged off. Elijah says that’s how they got paid for their services. Elijah says he may also launder his funds there. They agree to follow the money trail to try and track him.

Avery comes to see Simon and he says his wife hates shots and talks about pills she was given. He’s worried her pills might be faked and has them tested. He saw a doctor who used an online pharmacy when supplies ran short. He says they should be able to trust doctors and medicine. Avery gives Simon her profile and says he’s early 20s to mid 40s, average looking, has poor social skills and may be a recluse who likes to stay home behind a computer screen.

She tells him she needs $250k for a game of online poker to draw him out. Avery tells them all to get their game faces on and says they need to watch this guy launder and says he’ll be evasive and fast. Simon says the guy will want to cash out because of the problems. She’s hoping he’ll make a mistake in his greed. She says he’s cocky and they’ll get him. They send the $250k purchase of drugs and she tells Krumitz to get to work.

They see the money move and Brody says he opens a new account for every transaction. Then they go to the poker site and head to the no limits table. They wait to see him buy in and they sweat. Then he pops up and they all start the trace. They find the table he’s at and he goes all in with all the money. He folds on a full house. He wins the money from himself to further launder it. They see that player move to another table then another. They watch it bounce and then notice he’s only bidding half.

They now have to track two tables then four. Then it split to eight then 16 tables and Brody says he’s using an algorithm. Krumitz says he’s moving too fast. Now he starts recombining as he gets ready to cash out. Brody says they were locked out of a layer of access they were supposed to have. Krumitz rushes to get the access they need. The guy cashes out as they watch. Avery asks if they got it. Krumitz says they couldn’t. Elijah asks if that’s it and he’s gone. Simon is stunned. They lost $250k!

Brody says no and then says there may be a trace in the system. He says the yellow and red zones need to communicate and they can infect it to follow the trail. They infect the firewall with a virus. Krumitz says they got it – it’s a bank in Lexington, KY. Avery says he can’t cash out since it’s after banking hours and they head there to scoop him up when the bank opens. In Lexington, a guy heads into the bank to close his account. He hands over a slip of paper and the clerk says it’s a lot of money.

He asks for a cashier’s check. She looks around and he starts to notice people looking at him. He walks away fro the counter then grabs a woman shoves her down and runs. Elijah takes him down outside after Avery puts an elbow in his face. They arrest Sean Morris, their fake drug mastermind. The team heads to the tavern after work to celebrate their win. Elijah says they made the same toast when they caught Brody who says he’s a revolutionary and never killed anyone. He says he just made bankers mad.

Elijah heads out for daddy duty and they watch the news. Marcus announces that Scroll MD is putting a notice on their website about fake drugs and will initiate an act in Congress to protect consumers. Simon tells Avery that he applied a little pressure there. He and Avery toast to their health.