Devious Maids Recap 8/3/15: Season 3 Episode 10 “Whiplash”

Devious Maids Recap 8/3/15: Season 3 Episode 10 "Whiplash"

Tonight on Lifetime DEVIOUS MAIDS continues with an all new Monday August 3 season 3 episode 10 called, “Whiplash.” We’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode Marisol [Ana Ortiz] questions the return of a familiar face to the neighborhood; Carmen’s [Roselyn Sanchez]  lies begin to catch up to her.

On the last episode, Evelyn surprised Adrian upon his return from the hospital; Sebastien encouraged Carmen to forge a relationship with Jacklyn; Zoila was shocked to discover a secret that Genevieve had been keeping from her; Marisol learned some surprising information about Jesse’s past acquaintances; Rosie turned to Spence for help parenting Miguel. Did you watch last week’s episode?  We did and we recapped it right here for you.

On tonight’s episodes per  the Lifetime “Marisol questions the return of a familiar face to the neighborhood; Carmen’s lies begin to catch up to her; Zoila tries to prove she is a better maid than Joy; Rosie’s suspicions about Taylor lead her to a shocking discovery; Evelyn goes to extremes to keep Deion.”

Tonight’s episode is going to be another fun one, which you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Lifetime’s Devious Maids Season 3 episode 10— tonight at 10PM EST! While you wait for the episode, share your comments about season 3 of Devious Maids below.

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Tonight’s episode of Devious Maids kicks off with Carmen getting dressed for a talk show to promote her new album, Sebastian shows up and wants to know why she didn’t seduce Jacklyn and has been ignoring his calls. She explains that she lost her phone, she starts panicking and realizes that she left her phone at Jacklyn’s office – Carmen thinks she may have found it and knows about them. Meanwhile, at her office Jacklyn vows to her assistant Thomas that the bitch who has been screwing her husband is “going to pay.”

Taylor arrives at home and Rosie tells her that Michael came to pick up Katie. Taylor is upset that she didn’t get a chance to say goodbye, Taylor lies and says that she was at the gym and the exercise helps her clear her head. Rosie asks for her gym clothes so that she can wash them. Taylor lies and says she left her clothes at the gym – Rosie can tell that something is off.

Carmen shows up at Jacklyn’s office in a panic to get her phone. She lies and tells Jacklyn that Sebastian is her realtor – Jacklyn apologizes and begs for her forgiveness for thinking that she was sleeping with her husband. She and Jaclyn hug it out and they head to coffee to chat about Carmen’s big TV debut.

Marisol shows up at Jesse’s house, she got him a plant and apologizes for accusing him of murder. Jesse doesn’t want to hear it – Marisol rambles that she is so used to bad guys, she had a tough time believing that he was a good one. Jesse says that he still really needs a job, he asks Marisol for a reference. She agrees to give him a “killer recommendation.”

Genevieve is out of town, she calls Zoila to check in on ZOila, Dr. Neff, and his maid. Zoila is making a sandwich for Dr. Neff and his maid tells her that mustard is his favorite. Dr. Neff comes downstairs and Zoila tries to give him his sandwich, he turns her down when he sees the whole turkey that his maid has been cooking in the oven.

Evelyn tells Adrian that tomorrow he has to spend the day with their son Deion. Adrian complains that Carmen can watch him. Evelyn snarks that he needs to get to know their son and he is spending the day with him whether he likes it or not. After Evelyn leaves Deion laughs at Adrian and taunts him and tells him that he is Evelyn’s bitch.

The maids all go out to lunch, Rosie says that she thinks Taylor is having an affair with her trainer at the gym. Rosie thinks that Blanca might have known about the affair and that is why she disappeared. Carmen remembers that right before Blanca went missing she told her that there was something weird going on at the Stafford house. Rosie is convinced that Taylor’s lover is Blanca’s killer.

Evelyn heads to social services to talk to her case worker Natalie, she explains that she needs to conduct a home visit and make sure that Deion’s new home is satisfactory. The case worker says that she is stopping by their house tomorrow to conduct an interview with Adrian because they don’t have one on file. Meanwhile, Adrian is out at lunch at the club with Deion. Adrian gets upset when Deion keeps calling Evelyn his mother. But, Adrian has a change of heart when he realizes that he can get special privileges at the club because he has a black foster child.

Marisol is shocked when she heads home and finds Michael’s ex-wife and former stalker Olivia standing in her livingroom. Olivia says that she heard about Taylor and Michael’s break-up, but she came for a reference on Jesse. Marisol is not thrilled about the idea of Jesse working for Olivia, and she basically convinces her not to hire him – Jesse is not going to be too happy with her. Meanwhile at Genevieve’s house Zoila is fighting with

Dr. Neff’s maid, she accuses her of trying to one-up her and make her look bad for Genevieve’s boyfriend. She accuses her of violating “maid code” and they basically declare “maid war” on each other. While they are rushing around trying to out-clean each other, Dr. Neff’s maid accidentally falls and dumps his dead mother’s urn and spills her ashes all over. Zoila feels bad and helps her clean up the ashes, they dump some dirt form the vacuum cleaner in to the urn and promises not to tell Dr. Neff what happened.

Evelyn heads out to lunch with Olivia to catch up, Evelyn shares her woes with Adrian. She is scared tht he is going to botch the interview with the case worker. Olivia convinces Evelyn to give Adrian one of her happy pills right before the interview. At Marisol’s house, Jesse shows up at her house and is freaking out because she screwed up his recommendation. He tells Marisol that they are never, ever getting back together.

Taylor lies and says that she is going to the gym – Rosie hops in her car and follows Taylor to the parak. She hides behind a bush and is shocked to see that Taylor is meeting up with Spence. They get in to an argument and Taylor smacks him before she runs off. Rosie can’t believe that Spence is the man that Taylor has been cheating on Michael with.

The case worker arrives at Evelyn’s house – and she pours a drink with a happy pill in it for Adrian. She turns her back to warn Adrian not to make a mockery of their meeting and the case worker drinks the drink with the pill in it.

Rosie rushes to Spence’s house and she accuses him off having an affair with Taylor. Rosie realizes that he was probably sleeping with Taylor when she was in the hospital – and he lied to her when he said that he wanted to be with her. Spence tries to remind Rosie that she actually walked out on him for Ernesto. Rosie smacks Spencer, and then she storms out.

Marisol heads over to Olivias house and convinces her to hire Jesse. Olivia reassures her that she won’t hit on Jesse, and then reveals that she is getting back together with Michael and they have been seeing each other for months. She laughs about how “Taylor the slut” is finally getting what she deserved.

At Evelyn’s Adrian realizes that the case worker has obviously been drugged. Evelyn confesses that she did it because she thought that Adrian was going to have her take Deion away. Adrian says that he loves Deion now and he wants to keep him – but they are going to have to do something about the case worker that is high as a kite.

Carmen heads on live television to make her debut – they air a clip of her music video, but apparently Jacklyn swapped it out for a video of Carmen and Sebastian having sex. Carmen freaks out and screams at them to cut to commercial, she realizes that Jacklyn played her and she knew all along that she was sleeping with her husband. Sebastian rushes over to Carmen’s house after the show to try and comfort her, she is sobbing in her bed about how her life is ruined. Sebastian says that Jacklyn is divorcing him, and now they can finally be together. Carmen says that she doesn’t want to be with him now and she hates who she is when they are together. She informs Sebastian that it “is over” and kicks him out.

Rosie heads over to Taylor’s house and Taylor swears that she and Spence are not having an affair. She explains that they met at an AA group and Spence was her sponsor. When they met at the park, Spenc told Taylor he couldn’t sponsor her anymore because of Rosie and Taylor was so upset that she slapped him. Rosie seems to believe Taylor, its hard to tell whether she is telling the truth. Rosie heads over to Spence’s house and tells him that he should keep being Taylor’s sponsor, she apologizes for accusing him of cheating on her with Taylor.

Carmen rushes in to Jacklyn’s office past her secretary – she apologizes to Jacklyn profusely and says that she had no idea how amazing Jacklyn was when she began the affair. Jacklyn scoffs that she doesn’t care Sebastian, she is mad because she thought that she and Carmen were friends. Jacklyn informs Carmen that the label is not dropping her and she owns her – she is under contract and she can never make music any where else ever again. Jacklyn sneers that she is going to let Carmen’s album sit on a shelf and rot.

Marisol meets up with Rosie and tells her that Olivia and Michael are back together – and she thinks that Olivia is the killer. Meanwhile, Olivia is at home on her phone, she calls someone and tells them that she just mailed the rest of their payment and thanks them for everything that they did to her. Then she takes out an electric razor and shaves her head bald.