Dominion Recap 7/23/15 Season 2 Episode 3 “The Narrow Gate”

Dominion Recap 7/23/15 Season 2 Episode 3 "The Narrow Gate"

Syfy’s series Dominion continues with an all new Thursday July 23 season 2 episode 3 called, “The Narrow Gate.” We’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode, Alex [Christopher Egan] embarks on a dangerous quest to prove himself to his new ally, during which a startling face from his past appears.

On last week’s episode Alex and Noma were desperate to find an ally in New Delphi with Gabriel hot on their trail; Claire befriended her would-be assassin Zoe, only to discover a seething truth regarding the V1s she had long forsaken; and Michael struggled to maintain his secret as the town he stumbled upon prepared for a sacred ritual to demonstrate their unwavering faith. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the Syfy synopsis “Alex embarks on a dangerous quest to prove himself to his new ally, during which a startling face from his past appears; at the same time, Claire enlists the help of an old friend to halt what she believes is a brewing revolt from the V1s; and Michael makes a sacrifice that will prevent him from ever being with his love.”

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#Dominion begins with Alex at the pit of insane eight balls. Julian says some angels can’t bear with the possessed state. He says it’s like an asylum and a prison. He says an angel took a key from him and it went inside. He says he needs it back. Alex asks how he can take them on with a flashlight and machete. Noma asks what they key is for but he doesn’t want to tell them. Noma wants to go with Elx but he says no. He says Julian needs to get a message to Vega to warn them about Gabriel. Julian says the angel will have the key on a chain around their neck.

Claire is showed dead guards and they tell her V-1 rebels killed them and Zoe escaped. Laurel is digging a grave when Michael comes to confront her about Wes murdering Harper. She says they had to do it because she wouldn’t confess. She says she tried to make her confess. She says her secrets died with her and now they’re safe. Michael asks why the secrets are so important and why they have to tell them to her. Michael says it’s not a celebration, it’s a sacrifice. He says she’ll be gone, right? Laurel says they have to do it every five years – she says the prophet told them.

She says she volunteered. He looks around at the grave and says it’s not for Harper. She says no, it’s for me. Alex heads into the darkness of crazy eight balls. The first part has bars so they can’t get at him. He spots one person dead. He hears their growls and spots another dead. He presses on. Gabriel tells his people that once they take out Claire, Vega will be easier to conquer. Briathos flies in and Gabriel asks if he could get into Vega. He nods. Gabriel says to go and bring Claire’s head to him.

He flies away. Gabriel says the army will be there by sundown and they will take Alex from New Delphi. His people tell him they can’t take on two cities without Michael. He says they will and Father will be impressed with them. We see back in time, Gabriel with long flowing hair in a cloak that looks like a Centurion. In the tent, Michael gives instructions on the battle. Gabriel tries to talk to him about mercy but Michael refuses.

They have vessels to bring madness to them and Gabriel says these elements bring God’s swift justice. Michael says he needs to kill with his hands and learn the beauty of it. He says when blood strikes snow it steams. Michael tries to talk sense to Laurel and she tells him about a year they didn’t do it. She says the fire went out and the madness came in. She says people died until the leader did as he was meant to. She says the hear Father’s voice but Michael thinks it’s not the Father.

Laurel says she has a responsibility and asks if it means something to him. He thinks back to being in the war tent with Gabriel. Michael says he is the face of the wrath of God. Lyrae says he will make them suffer to their limits. Gabriel says he won’t let them torture the humans but Michael won’t listen. Micahel and Lyrae leave to go take down Sodom and Gommorah. Alex presses on and hears screams. He looks around and proceeds with caution. One comes at him and knocks his light away.

She asks if he’s scared of the dark and tells him to turn out the light. He finds a body with a gun and shoots it. Someone calls to him in plain language – over here. He follows the sound of the voice and is in a room with two other people. They ask how he is and he says he’s from Vega. It’s Reisen! He’s alive. Claire comes to see Gates who’s in his lab. He asks what she wants and she says she has a favor. He says he’s busy. She holds out a bottle of good hooch and he asks where she found it. He says she’s a quick study. He takes the bottle.

She asks him to find Zoe Holloway, a V-1 who tried to kill her and wants to overthrow her government. He says he’s an engineer not a detective. She says he built the city with her dad and could find her. He says he could but won’t. She says it’s an order. He says this will power three levels of corn and if he doesn’t fix it, they will all starve. He says it’s the curse of the Bambino. He tells her about Babe Ruth and says Michael was their Babe Ruth. She says maybe they never really knew him. He says to give him an hour and she thanks him.

Alex asks Reisen why he’s there. Eli is the other prisoner who thinks Reisen is Sam. Alex asks why he’s in prison and he says he killed an eight ball. He asks about Claire and Alex says he left to protect her and the baby. He says he didn’t run away like he and Michael. He says there’s a key he needs to get and thinks maybe it’s BS. Reisen says he’s seen it but refuses to tell Alex where it is. Gabriel and Janeck watch the sky and he wonders what’s taking so long. Gabriel says he has a perfect plan. He thinks back to Michael raging war on humans and how angry he was at him.

Arif comes in calling for help. He says the angels will come and will take them all. Arif says they angered god and they will come. The man realizes Gabriel is one of them and comes at Gabriel with a knife. He tries to talk sense to him but he keeps on and Gabriel has to kill him in self-defense. He stares in shock at the human blood on his hands. Michael talks to Laurel and asks if she’s afraid. She says she’s not and he looks at the blade she’s sharpening.

She asks why he’s there and he says he’s leaving tonight and says he can’t watch her die. He says he can’t save her but can save Alex who needs him. He takes her hand and says some promises can’t be broken and she taught him that. Laurel says he was lost when he came and running. She asks him to be careful. He nods and Laurel says she hopes he finds something he can believe in. He turns and says he has and says now he knows that Father is out there he has faith. He says the world ended but all that was good and beautiful didn’t die with it.

He touches her and says she is afraid. She says yes. He kisses her. She returns the kiss and the embrace grows passionate. Gates comes to Claire and says he found her rebels in a warehouse. He says he tracked power usage to find them. He says it lit up like Times Square and they’re using something heavy – could be computers or other places. He thinks it’s command central. The fire in Mallory burns as it should. Michael stares at it. Laurel looks at him as she comes out of the church. He walks away thinking about back in the day.

Michael goes off on Lyrae who had been torturing people horrible. He finds Gabriel with bloody hands and Gabriel calls him brother. Laurel talks to the people in the church and says they were told never to leave Mallory and to rid themselves of sin and secrets. She raises the knife and says as she dies so do the secrets. She goes to plunge the knife into her but Michael comes in and says he’s there to take her place. She’s stunned.

Gabriel stares up at the stars and thinks back. Michael tells Lyrae they shed blood in their Father’s name but he should take no joy in it. Lyrae says he learned it all from Michael and says his brutality has been an inspiration. Michael comes at him and says he broke the will of God and must be punished. He tells Lyrae he casts him down and will no longer be a higher angel and will lose his body. He banishes his spirit as Gabriel begs him to stop. He stabs a dagger into him and we see the golden spirit of Lyrae come out of him and dissipate. Gabriel is horrified.

Michael tells them this won’t work and says Laurel hasn’t taken his sins and secrets into her yet. He says if she doesn’t take his, it won’t work. Wes disagrees but Laurel agrees. She asks him to confess. Michael says he has destroyed cities, has killed those he loved and says he must take her place as sacrifice. She says she won’t and Michael says he’s not the man she thinks but can be if she lets him. Wes says it won’t work. Laurel steps to the altar. The flames outside burble up and she says it will because Father just told her it would.

Alex asks Reisen why the eight balls take the eyes of the humans and he says they’re jealous of them. Reisen says this was a big military defense bunker and he came there once long ago. Reisen says his heart is failing. Alex asks if he knew the eight balls lives peacefully among the humans. Reisen asks Alex why he thinks that. They find the eight ball with the key. He comes at Alex then says they key will protect me. Alex says he needs it and the eight ball swallows it. Alex shoots him then digs it out. Eli and Reisen are grossed out. More eight balls come at them.

They fight the eight balls off. Alex grabs one off of Reisen and does the sanctify spell. Reisen asks what he’s doing as the eight ball goes limp – it comes back to human and Reisen asks how he did it. Alex tells the guy to get up. Claire is in the ops center with Gates. She tells her men to take Zoe alive unless she resists. She watches on the screens. The guards head into the warehouse and find nothing. Then Zoe scurries off and Claire curses. Laurel holds the candle to Michael’s hands and asks if he will take the secrets and sins of their town. This gold light moves from her hand to his.

She tells him it should be me but he says her grace and light will lead Father home. They watch the fire grow lower outside. The eight balls approach. Laurel tells him it’s happening. He says, I Michael, take the secrets and sins of these people into his heart. He plunges the knife into his chest. Gabriel feels it as he does so. Michael thanks Laurel. The eight balls creep closer still. Laurel says it has to work. The fire relights and the nearby eight balls are doused in flame.

The townfolk are relieved. Gabriel clutches his heart and says – Michael. Laurel holds Michael on her lap. Back in the past, Michael hands Gabriel his sword and says he must also be punished and has to do this. Gabriel throws the sword aside and says he would sooner take his own life. Michael asks him to forgive him for shaming him for his mercy and says his own light went out long ago. Gabriel says it will rekindle but Michael says he’s done and Gabriel says perhaps we never truly are. Michael’s body is taken in its coffin to the grave Laurel dug. Laurel cries and says – thank you.

Claire brings in Mills and thanks him for his efforts in the mission. She asks why he didn’t capture Zoe but she says he has flawless rifle skills. He asks if missing the shot is a crime and she says missing on purpose would be. Mills says he didn’t want to kill one of his men. He gets angry and asks what she knows about guns. She asks for another guard’s gun and demonstrates her knowledge then asks how many other traitors there are in her military.

He calls her bitch and says go to hell. She shoots him in the leg. Alex and the others run for the door. He makes it back and bangs on the door. Noma opens it and then kisses him. Pete asks who this guy is and Noma is stunned to see Reisen. Eli and the new guy didn’t make it out. Gates comes to see Claire later and says he didn’t recognize her before. She says the Red Sox didn’t give up and neither will she. Gates says he bets on her and she smiles. He has an envelope and he says surveillance photos of the rebels. She sees them with a crate and they wonder what’s in it. He says not corn.

Alex comes in with the key and Julian says no one has made it out of there alive and asks how he did it. Alex says it’s like he said, he’s a powerful weapon. Julian sees Reisen and wants him thrown back in but Alex tells him who he is and says he’s part of the deal. Julian says they have the alliance and tells them to find them quarters. They go and Julian tells Alex they should talk about Vega. Michael’s wings burst up out of the grave. He climbs out and looks at his perfect chest – no wound is there. He pops his wings. Michael comes to Wes’s place and wakes him

Wes asks him not to hurt him but Michael says he will and do much worse than he did to Harper. He tells Wes that killing was once a specialty of his. He says it’s all behind him but he would make an exception. He tells Wes to speak of this to no one and says he’ll be watching him. Wes watches as he pops his wings and flies away. Julian opens the safe. He has one of the ancient urns that contains some sort of wrath of god magic in it. He sets the disc key into it and picks up a double sided ax. He tosses it casually in his hand in a particular way. OMG – Julian is Lyrae! His eyes go demon dark for a moment.