Dominion Recap 7/9/15 Season 2 Episode 1 Premiere “Heirs of Salvation”

Dominion Recap 7/9/15 Season 2 Episode 1 Premiere "Heirs of Salvation"

Syfy’s series Dominion continues with an all new Thursday July 9 season 2 premiere episode called, “Heirs of Salvation.” We’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode, in the Season 2 premiere, an unexpected attack on Gabriel’s [Carl Beukes] Aerie puts a newly freed Alex [Christopher Egan] and Noma on the road to New Delphi, a dangerous and mysterious city. Meanwhile, Claire [Roxanne McKee] begins to understand the breadth of her responsibility.

On last week’s episode the revelation of a higher angel’s identity put Alex and Michael at odds and Alex went before the Senate to plead his case. Meanwhile, the marriage of Claire and William was followed by General Riesen’s departure from Vega; Arika meets a delegation from Helena who brought with them shocking cargo; and Gabriel raised some suspicions with his so-called surrender. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the Syfy synopsis “in the Season 2 premiere, an unexpected attack on Gabriel’s Aerie puts a newly freed Alex and Noma on the road to New Delphi, a dangerous and mysterious city. Meanwhile, Claire begins to understand the breadth of her responsibility; and Michael stumbles upon a quaint southern town whose residents have inexplicably managed to insulate themselves from the fallout of the Extermination War.”

Dominion airs at 9 PM on SYFY and we will be live blogging it with all the up-to-the-minute details. So make sure to come back to this spot and spend the evening with us! Make sure to refresh often to get the most current details and updates!



#Dominion begins with Michael battling a huge contingency of people. A woman and her child watch from a prison. Alex tries to explain to Gabriel that the markings aren’t working since he left Vega. He says they all know Michael is a tempest and Uriel is clearly crazy. He says Alex is testing his patience and has for months because he knows he’s lying. He says the markings are a message from his father for him to bring him back.

Alex says he’s there and honoring the deal but Gabriel says maybe he was wrong to spare Vega, Claire and his unborn baby. Alex says if he threatens them again, he can find someone else to help with his daddy issues. Markings appear and move on his arm and he holds it out. Noma begs him not to tell him. Gabriel sends for Uriel. Alex sketches out a smiley face then smiles at Gabriel and says maybe it means his dad is happy where he is.

He says he can’t read them and says if he looks at Vega, he’ll never look at the markings again. Gabriel tells them to pin Noma’s wings. They hold her down and drive spikes into her shoulders. Gabriel tells Alex he’s done waiting. There’s a rumbling sound and then we see a plan above the aerie and a bomb drops. They nuked the aerie. Claire watches from the operations center and everyone there breaks into applause. Arika tells her – you did it Claire.

In Vega, David comes in upset that she bombed the aerie. He says she should have been notified as consul. She says she got good intel that Gabriel was there and took the shot. David says if Gabriel wasn’t killed she kicked a hornet’s nest. She tells David to focus on commerce while she runs the city. She says they’re taking care of all the V’s not just his cronies. He says she needs him like her father did but she doesn’t know it yet. He says he had men watching the aerie.

He says Alex was in there when she bombed it and she killed Alex. He shows her a photo to prove it. Claire says she knew and says she’s the daughter of General Riesen and the army is loyal to her, not him. She pulls a letter out of a book that Alex left for their child and touches her stomach. She sighs. In the ravaged aerie, Alex, struggles out from under wings – Noma shielded him. He tells her to lie still and he pulls the spike out of her shoulder. He looks around.

Gabriel is pinned and he goes to kill him but then a soldier knocks him back and then Noma kills that one when he comes at Alex. Noma tells him they have to go when more angels work out from under the rubble. In the sea, Michael washes blood from his body. He sees someone watching him. A woman. She runs off when she sees he spotted her. Alex and Noma get away from the aerie and he says they’re going to New Delphi. She says Michael told her to stay away from there.

Alex says there’s an army there and he says he doesn’t give a damn about Michael. She says she can use her wings to call him. He says don’t. Alex says he doesn’t know what these markings mean and he can’t wait for them to reveal a master plan. He says Gabriel made him realize people want something from him and he can use the fact that he’s the chosen one to get an army. He says he’s going to get the help Claire needs. He says he can’t ask her to come along since Michael warned her about the place.

She says there’s not a chance in hell he’s going without her. He gets it to start and he tells her to give him a high five. She ignores him. Michael hears Becca calling to him in his sleep. He wakes in the sand alone. He grabs his sword and hears a choir singing. He flies towards the sound and tucks his wings. He spots a farm and then sees some eight balls lurking nearby saying death to humans as the creep along. Alex says the radiator died and he need some tape. They go into a school to look for tape.

The place is a wreck and there are visions of an eight ball teacher tormenting children. On the board is written three times – don’t let it in. Kids are playing on the farm and the kids run to alert the adults to a stranger. The adults come out heavily armed with guns out. Michael asks what this place is and the woman says they’ll talk but he has to hand over his weapons. He allows himself to be disarmed. There are creepy noises at the school that have Alex and Noma on edge.

She tells him she had no idea Claire was pregnant. She says it must have been hard to leave them. He finds some tape that will work. They hear noises in the ceiling. Helena control confirms that the aerie was destroyed. David says he’s impressed. But then they see movement on the ground. They are under attack and the cameras go out. They hear screams. The ceiling cracks and creatures drop to the hallways attacking Alex and Noma. They open fire.

Noma tells Alex to go while she handles it. She dispatches them while he goes to fix the radiator. She calls out to him to hurry. He tapes the hose and the engine starts. He drives for her and he plows two then knocks down some more with the truck. He throws it in reverse and runs over another then goes for Noma. They pull out as several more chase them. Looks like one is hanging onto the bumper. David chews Claire out and calls her a silly little girl.

He says she has unleashed hell on them. Claire says to pull the wall on alert and watch the desert for signs of attack. Michael goes to talk with the female leader of the compound. She says he’s making the men with guns nervous and asks him to sit. He asks how the town exists with such a meager security force. She says their Father protects them. She says as long as the fire burns, they are protected. He says he hasn’t seen a church like that in a very long time. He goes to look at it.

He steps up and goes inside. The leader wants to talk to him more but another says he’s a bad omen. Michael goes into the church and sees figures of Jesus, menoras, lit candles all over. Signs of many faiths. Alex stops to check on the engine and the eight ball attacks him. Alex holds the creature tight and says an eviction. The symbols run across his arm and he says the marking made it stronger. He says he learned it from the Book of Apocrypha. He says it usually doesn’t work.

She says he just became the most dangerous man alive in a world of eight balls. He drove the angel out of the human’s body. The human sits up gasping. He’s alive. They always die when the angel leaves. This is an anomaly.

Michael sits in a pew when the woman approaches. She asks if he hears the Father’s voice. She says the town was founded by people of all religious beliefs and they decided they needed to start a new faith to communicate with him. She says they sing and do service. He asks about one statue and she says it’s the chosen one. She says the Father planted a single seed of hope in a world where angels would exterminate man. She says that man would be tested and would become a healer or destroyer.

She says as he is judged so shall all others be. Michael says he’s never heard it quite that way. He asks where she heard it and she says our Father. In Vega, Claire asks Arika how far are they willing to go to survive and says she just killed Alex to save a city of strangers. Arika says none of them will be safe until all the angels are dead. She tells Claire not to underestimate David. Claire says David won’t risk his own comfort. David meets with power players and tells them Claire is out of control.

He says she’s giving away everything they all worked for. He says they will end up under Gabriel’s heel or with nothing. He says she must be removed. David asks isn’t information their most important resource. He has one of the men at the table killed on the spot. He says Colonol Drewson shared intelligence with Claire before he shared it with him. They ask him if Gabriel’s aerie was bombed but David says it’s just rumor.

He says to make the floors of the Wynn that Claire is giving to the V-1s uninhabitable. William is there and says Drewson was loyal to him. David says Claire is stronger that he thought and if Gabriel died in the blast, she’ll be even stronger. He says he wants to be her clear successor and just has to discredit her. Noma and Alex are stunned by the back to life human. They check his eyes and he says of course he’s alive. He doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

Alex asks him about the war and eight balls and tells the guy he was an eight ball. The guy says his name is Pete and he’s from Missouri. He says he was having a burger after work. He doesn’t know anything about the possession. He says it’s Alex’s fault and says if they leave him unarmed he won’t make it. Alex says it’s a game changer and says they have to learn more. Pete asks if he’s an experiment but Alex says he’s lucky and important. They take him along. Noma pops her wings to call Michael.

Michael hears her call. He stands at the altar considering what to do next. In the aerie, Gabriel gets the news that 30% of them died and they can’t find Uriel’s body. They tell him Alex and Noma escaped. He sends them to Vega to assess it for weaknesses. They ask about Alex but he says he’s useless since he can’t translate the markings. He says all he needs is his skin. Gabriel pops his wings and takes flight. A guy comes in and asks where Michael got the weapons.

He says there’s blood on them and asks what he killed. Michael says – everything. The guy says something is off about him and says his eyes are cold and his manner is off. He asks why he’s wandering around with just swords. He says he’s either stupid or psychotic. He tells Michael he wants him to leave now. Michael says to be careful. He knocks the guy down and takes the swords. He puts them to his neck but doesn’t take his head.

The bell rings and there are shouts of warning. Michael goes to see what’s up. People are running for the shelter. The rain starts to fall. They panic because the fire is going out. They run for the shelter. There’s an onslaught of eight balls as the fire dies in the downpour of rain. Claire looks out the window at a fire at the Wynn. She says the floors she gave to the V-1s were burned. She says David did this. She says he undermines whatever she tries to do.

Claire asks Arika how to take care of him. She says it’s a risk and they need one of the possessed. The men try to keep the fire going. The eight balls hop the fences. The woman tells Michael to stand with them or get out of the way. She begins shooting. Michael walks right into the fray and begins taking them out rapidly. He’s a killing machine. She can’t believe what she’s seeing. The rain abruptly stops and the fire lights again. The creatures within their compound burst into flame and run away.

Michael goes back into the church and looks around. He says – Father, are you here? Alex and Noma are creeping closer to Delphi with Pete. They spot a higher angel dead and pinned to a tree. Noma says higher angels are hard to kill. Then eight balls surround them and Noma shouts – run. They do. William tells his father that burning people alive is another bad decision but David says it’s acceptable losses. William reminds him when he left him in the desert to die.

David says to shut up and toast with him. William says a toast to cowards show we all know die many times before their actual death. David tells William it was a good day in Vega whether he likes it or not. William isn’t really there. He fades and we see that David is alone and talking to a hallucination of the son he abandoned in the desert. Noma, Pete and Alex are taken down by electrified nets. They’re captured!