Dominion Recap – Alex and the Amphora Season 2 Episode 11 “Bewilderment of Heart”

Dominion Recap - Alex and the Amphora Season 2 Episode 11 "Bewilderment of Heart"

Syfy’s series Dominion continues with an all new Thursday September 17 season 2 episode 11 called, “Bewilderment of Heart.” We’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode, the Darkness overtakes Vega’s citizens as they begin to live out their greatest fears.

On last week’s episode Michael gambled with his life as he faced the repercussions of his time in Mallory; Alex and Gates spearhead a mission to save Vega from destroying itself; at the same time, Gabriel prepared to unleash an unspeakable evil on the city; and David made amends with his past. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the Syfy synopsis “The Darkness overtakes Vega’s citizens as they begin to live out their greatest fears. Meanwhile, William wrestles with the truth behind his time in the desert; David faces the harsh reality of what it is to be king; Arika becomes the victim of her own manipulations; and Alex feverishly searches for the Amphora in hopes a putting a stop to the madness.”

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#Dominion starts with the black smoke pouring out of the amphora and into an unsuspecting Vega. The lights go out and Alex and Claire wonder what’s going on. Sanders is there with his gun out and kills himself. Chaos ensues. Soldiers start going crazy. People are attacking each other. Claire hides under a table and calls for help. Alex goes to her but someone is grabbing at her leg. She grabs the gun and shoots. She runs for the door and Alex tells her to stop then runs after her. He calls for Michael.

Claire hears a baby crying and tries to unlock the door where the noise is coming from. She gets inside the room and says hello to a little crying baby. She picks it up and calls it her baby and says she thought she lost him. She rocks the baby and says Mommy’s here. David is taken for his execution. He’s to be hung. He begs them to stop but they proceed. He says everything he did, he did for Vega. The noose is placed around his neck and the bag put over his head. A video records this.

He hears that a stay of execution has been granted and that his presence was requested. He asks what’s happening as he’s hauled out. He is taken to the presence of a man the guards call Lord. It’s David but not David at the same time. Michael explains that the amphora brings out the darkness in people and says dreams and nightmares all end in death. Michael says they have to find the amphora and reseal it and says only an angel can do it. Noma says she can sense it and they take off to try and stop this.

Arika asks what she did to her. Rose comes in and says they need an eight ball. Arika says she’s not an eight ball and Rose talks about training her. Arika says she shot Rose who punches her in the face. Claire tells Rose it’s too risky and says they can’t let her loose on David. Arika says something is wrong and begs Claire to stop and listen to her. Claire walks out. William wakes and hear shouts. He finds himself chained up in a dirty warehouse.

He tries to get a gun that lays nearby. A man comes into the room – it’s Gabriel and he looks mad. He asks why he brought him there and where they are. Gabriel says he took shelter from the desert heat there. He tells him welcome back. William says he’s not afraid of him and doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Gabriel says he knows the real William that served him all those years. William insists he’s been chosen by God. He says God didn’t desert him when everyone else did. Gabriel says he’s a reject.

Gabriel says there is no God and leaves him chained and caged. Gunfire rages all across Vega. They wonder how the amphora got there and conclude that Julian found it in New Delphi. Alex is unaffected and they wonder if there’s no darkness inside him to take advantage of. Michael says they need to split up and says the amphora will have selected a victim to protect it. Noma stares at a light that keeps going off. Claire rocks her baby and sings to it.

Alex is there and kisses her and then cuddles his daughter. He says it’s hard to believe this is their life. She touches him and says he has no idea. He rocks the baby and walks away. Claire notices something red on her wrist and asks if he can see it – he can’t. Noma searches the building and is again drawn to flickering lights. She looks up at the light and then sees her wings behind her in a glass reflection. She raised and lowers them then smiles. Alex comes to her and asks what it is and she says nothing.

They move on down the hall. Noma says they should split up but he says no. She says she’ll be fine and he reluctantly agrees. She follows the next flickering light. Alex sees someone moving down the hall. David is unchained and asks if it’s a trick. He says it’s him. The other David says they need to talk about their destiny and says he can still have a bright future and can be lord of the city and David says he’s an eight ball not a lord. The other David says he’s a survivor and David is holding him back.

He tells David to renounce his humanity and bow down to the angels. David says his soul is his own. The other David mocks him. He tells him not to touch the artifacts in the trophy case. The other David says they all represent people that David destroyed and tells David he’s been a monster like him for a long time. Rose is with Arika and she shows her a photo and Arika asks where they got it. Rose says it’s Arika’s mother. This is the exact scene that Arika played out with the eight ball that they sent to David.

Rose asks Arika if she’s ready to obey. Michael sees someone run past and then a voice speaks to him. It’s Alex strapped to a table. He watches as Noma kills him in front of Michael and says whoops. Michael is heartbroken and asks Noma what she’s done. She says she’s ending the war and that Alex had to die. She says father’s markings are gone forever and says Micheel failed. Screams torment him and Noma tells him it’s the end of all of God’s creations.

Michael lowers his hands and there is blood from his ears streaming. He says Noma. Alex is not there or dead, but Michael is incensed. Noma follows the lights and creatures come at Alex. He takes them down and presses on. William eats a rat raw with his bare hands. He sees Claire come at him but she looks terrifying. She’s an eight ball and says she’s his wife. She kisses him and says she wants him. William says this is a test from God and she laughs evilly then asks if he believes that sh*t.

She calls him a false prophet and he swears he’s changed. She says the flash of light that saved him from the thieves was the thief’s gun backfiring and killed him, not God. She says he was cowering in the corner and he says it’s not true and he heard the voice of God. She bites him playfully and says he was talking to himself. She says this is what really happened and says he’s been held prisoner by eight balls and they fed him rat and did unspeakable things to him.

She says there were no miracles, just disgusting things that happened to him that he tried to justify. She straddles him and says she can tell he missed her. She tells him he’s weak, delusional and not the chosen one. She says who could ever love you and throws him away from her. Noma finds the amphora. She lifts it from the ground and looks at it. She says “you’re safe now” – so she’s the one protecting it. She sees her wings reflected in a nearby puddle of water and she cradles the amphora dearly.

We’re back in Arika’s nightmare and they talk about her mother being a bipolar lunatic. Claire and Rose tell her that she thought she was a monster and was afraid of her and of becoming her. Rose tells her to recite her lines and Arika strikes her and runs. She makes it outside the door but is back in the same room. Arika recites the lines she taught the eight ball and Rose says she’s ready and tells Arika to strip. Eight ball David tells David he’s offering everything he wanted. David says not like this.

David says he’s not human and eight ball David says he’s no more human than he and says he tried to kill Claire and left his son to die. David insists he loved his family and says he’s not inhuman. Eight ball David says he changed when he lost his family. David hears noises in his head then sees Charles, Peggy and Eleanor standing on the stairs. Eight ball David says he pushed William away. David says William’s crying caused them to die and led them to him. He stabs his eight ball self.

The eight ball pulls out the knife and throws it down. He tells David the war was the best thing for him because it made him the man he was meant to be then says “me.” Claire and Alex are now with an older version of their daughter and Claire tests the bottle on her arm and blood spills out. Alex asks if it’s too hot – he doesn’t see it. She says it’s nothing. She calls to Alex and asks where the crib went and he asks what crib. She says they have to get out of there now and is in a panic.

The baby cries and she goes to pick up her daughter. Then she looks and Alex is gone. Willow cries on then it stops and she’s gone too. Claire is all alone and sobbing. She collapses crying. Noma tells Alex they need to go and he points a gun at her and says something is off. Michael rushes in and says to get away from him. She says she won’t hurt him. Michael and Alex argue and Alex says all he cares about is his markings and doesn’t mean anything to him. Michael denies it.

Michael says it was like that only at first and says then he grew and he saw that Alex was good, kind and brave. He says he was so proud of Alex. Alex says it’s not enough and shoots himself in the head. Michael is horrified. He sobs and screams. Eight ball David tells him that his humanity is hanging by a thread he needs to cut. He tells him to bow down to him. David cries and his other self tells him that’s good. Then eight ball David puts a bag over his head to suffocate him.

William cries and Alex is there and tells him to get up. He tells William he knows he’s been spreading lies. He asks William who he is and he says Alex. Then Alex strikes him and shows him his markings then asks again who am I? William doesn’t want to say it but he finally says he’s the chosen one and Alex says that’s right and says William is not and his scars are just deformities. Alex tells him that he means nothing. He says his marriage to Claire means nothing and takes his ring.

William cries and says his markings are gone. Alex tosses him a gun and says he knows what to do. William cries and is there all alone now. Arika is naked and says she doesn’t want to fight anymore. She goes to David but it’s Rose that’s there. Rose says seducing David wasn’t the mention, killing Arika was. Arika begs her not to and Rose says she’s crazy like her mother. Arika says she’s not her but remembers her mother screaming strapped to a bed. She begs Rose for mercy.

Rose reminds her that she never showed her mercy. She tells Arika to get on her knees. Arika says she knows killing Rose was wrong and begs for forgiveness. Rose puts the gun barrel to Arika’s head. She grabs the gun when Rose walks away and aims it at her. Rose asks if she’s going to kill her again. Arika thinks of her mom screaming for help tied to a bed. Alex heads to the roof and finds Noma there with the amphora. She tells him not to come any closer.

He says she needs to close it and says whatever it’s telling her it’s not real. She says they’re real – her wings are real and she won’t let him take them. He tells her she’ll fall but she says she can fly. Alex says it’s tricking her and her wings aren’t back. She’s on the ledge and says to get back or she’ll fly away with the amphora. She says she gave up her wings for him once and won’t do it again. She says without them she can’t fly to heaven. She says they’re a part of her but Alex says she’s a part of him and he needs her.

He says she’s his forever and he needs her. He tells her to come to him. He holds out his hand. She snaps out of it and starts to fall when the ledge crumbles. He grabs her and says to close it. He says Micheel is too far gone. Then Michael is there and attacks and chokes her while Alex tells him to stop. Noma tells Michael to stop then kicks him away and tries to go close the amphora but Michael knocks her down. Alex tells him to stop and says it’s the darkness.

Alex grabs up the amphora and tries to close it. Michael grabs a dagger to stab Noma with but then the light breaks through as Alex gets it closed. It dissolves to ash in Alex’s hands. Michael asks how he did that. Alex runs to Noma to comfort her and says he’s so sorry about her wings. He holds her while she cries. Michael stares in shock at the destroyed amphora. Arika puts the gun to her head. Then the light comes and she sees the photo is gone. She asks what has she done.

Eight ball David is gone when the light comes and David is choking still on the hanging stand. The men around him are all dead. He grabs a knife from one of them and cuts himself loose. Claire cries and then sees blood on her arm. She looks around and sees that she cut herself getting into the room. She wakes on the floor with an arm dripping blood. Two dead guards are nearby. William is ready to shoot himself when he comes to. He finds himself in the bar with a sliver of bloody glass in his hands.

He opens his shirt and sees his markings are there and vows to kill all the angels. Noma stops crying and Michael tells Alex the amphora of darkness served the angels for eternity but should have been destroyed long ago. Michael tells Alex to be careful because whoever unleashed this is likely still nearby. Michael looks at the smoldering mess of Vega. Gabriel stands on a ledge and watches the smoke from Vega. He says that was rather quick then says – no matter- it’s time.