Downton Abbey Recap – Cora Finds Edith: Season 5 Episode 7 “Episode 7”

Downton Abbey Recap - Cora Finds Edith: Season 5 Episode 7 "Episode 7"

Tonight on PBS a new episode of their popular drama Downton Abbey airs with an all new Sunday, February 15 season 5 episode 7 called “Episode 7” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode find out what happens to Edith [Laura Carmichael].

On last week’s episode we uncovered the ancient spark that flared in Violet’s heart and heard Bates tell Anna the truth. Did you watch last week’s episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per say the PBS synopsis, “learn what happens to Edith and which guest Robert throws out of the house.”

Tonight’s Downton Abbey season 5 episode 7 is going to be great, and you won’t want to miss it. So be sure to tune in for our coverage of Downton Abbey — tonight at 9 PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about this new season of Downton Abbey.

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At the train station, Violet greets Rosamund and says they need to go straight to the house to change. They wonder what to say about Edith but Violet says they have to tell Cora. She says if something happens to Edith, she’ll never forgive them and says it’s her right to know. Violet says they won’t tell Robert and says men have no rights. Carson and Hughes wonder why they have guests coming with the Edith drama in play.

Tom says Edith bought a ticket for King’s Cross. Tony and Charles wonder if they should leave but Mary says no. Robert says they must give the impression that Edith is gone on a trip and Mary says – who cares where Edith went. Violet tells Cora to take she and Rosamund on a walk. Thomas says Mrs Drew is there to see Cora and she tells Violet she needs to see her. Robert offers to take his mother on her walk but Violet brushes him off.

Mabel flirts with Tony and Charles encourages him in her direction. Tony says he can’t break it off with Mary and it wouldn’t be honorable. Charles says it’s up to Mary and Tony says Mary doesn’t seem to want to shake him off. Charles says she wants done with Tony and wishes he’d realize it. Bates says they need a new tenant for his mother’s property since the other man has gone. Anna suggests they take time off to check it out and see what’s what.

Cora confronts Rosamund and Violet about the baby that Ms Drew told her about. Rosamund says Edith planned to get rid of it but then didn’t go through with it. Violet says she thought Edith was going to leave the baby in Switzerland. Cora rants at them for not involving her. Violet says they were trying to contain it. Cora asks what tipped Edith over the edge. Violet says the confirmation of Gregson’s death and Ms Drew being difficult pushed her too far.

Rosamund said she and Violet offered to send the child abroad. Cora agrees not to tell Robert but says they need to find and talk to Edith to see what she wants. Hughes chases down Mary and asks about the train ticket from Bates’ overcoat. Baxter overhears and Hughes says that ticket would have proved Bates’ innocence. Mary says it was proof of innocence and not guilt. Mary says she burned it. Rose is pleased to see Atticus and his parents and runs to greet them.

Rose introduces Mary and they tell her she rode well. She brings them in to see her parents. Rose tells Atticus they’re in the middle of a drama she’ll tell him about later. Molesley asks Daisy if she wants to read Vanity Fair tonight. Daisy says her enthusiasm for learning has dried up a bit. She talks about how the new Labour government is not doing what they promised and that they’re all trapped. She says she wonders what the point is of her trying to better herself.

Bates sits with Anna when Baxter comes into the room. She says she thinks that she’s gotten them into trouble because she was in a difficult position. She tells them she’s truly sorry but Bates won’t stay in the room with her. Robert talks to Atticus’ parents about how they like Yorkshire and says they won’t have any problem with them since Cora’s father was Jewish. She says that Atticus seems taken with Rose and Atticus’ father asks Cora if her mother ever considered converting.

She says she’s not ashamed of her father and says they didn’t change their name as his family has. He says his grandfather wanted them to sound more English. Rosamund asks Tom if he’s set on leaving. Atticus asks Rose about Edith inheriting Gregson’s company and suggests calling the offices to see if she’s been in touch with them. Atticus says his father is the tough nut and Rose says her mother is the tough nut and he says they must crack them together.

Tony talks to Mabel over dinner and she says she’s not ready to give up on him and says they’d be happy together. She says happiness is a matter of choice. She says too many choose a course that leads only to frustration. Isobel says she has an announcement. She says she and Merton are getting married. Rosamund says that’s lovely and Robert toasts the happy couple. All but Violet are pleased. Merton says he forced her into it and Isabel says he wooed her.

Mary asks Violet what’s on her mind and she says she’s worried about Edith. Mary says she can’t imagine why and Violet tells her that her lack of compassion is vulgar. Molesley asks Daisy about discussing the book but she says she’s tired and is going to bed. Mrs Patmore tells him that Daisy is upset about the Labour government. He says he just wants to help and Mrs Patmore says he may have been better a teacher. Thomas is looking healthier.

Cora tells Merton she’s happy and wants to give a dinner for Isobel to meet his family. Mary suggests hosting the dinner at Downton and they agree. Mabel plays cards with Tony who says he just can’t leave Mary. Atticus’ parents leave but invite them to come to their house next time. They say their goodbyes. Mary complains to Charles that Tony won’t let her go and he says it’s her fault for not sending a clear message.

She asks what that message should be and Charles says they’ll take care of it. Rose tells Cora of Atticus’ suggestion that they contact the magazine. Cora says she’ll take the train up but tells Violet that she’ll never trust her again. Rosamund says she doesn’t mean it but Violet says it’s the most honest thing Cora has ever said to her. Anna and Bates have tea at home and he asks if their life is over-complicated. He suggests selling the London house to buy a property there.

He says even a little London house would buy them a small hotel there. Anna asks if he thinks the Mr Green thing might be over. He says he thinks the police believe that he was in York all day. She discusses children and insists again the device was Mary’s. He asks if they have a chance for a child since it’s been a while and he says some people take longer. Next day, Robert asks Mary about Charles and Tony. She says it won’t be Tony and likely not Charles either.

She says she’s going to see Granny to end the discussion. Robert tells Tom it looks like Tony is out and says he would have been pleased with it. He checks on Isis then asks Tom if he might marry again. Tom says he doesn’t blame him for chasing off Sarah and says he didn’t want to spend life fighting with her. Tom says he’s contacted his cousin in Boston and Robert asks if his bad manners brought this on. Tom says he loves them all and it will be hard to go. Robert says for all of them.

The office girl tells Cora and Rosamund that Edith isn’t there but then she walks out of a back room and they corner her. Edith asks Rosamund if she told her mother but Cora says Mrs Drew came and told her all of it. Cora asks her to talk to her at dinner but Edith says no. Cora says she’ll blather her business there in front of her employees and Edith agrees to tea. Spratt serves tea to Mary and Violet and complains about Denker.

He says she’s like the Duchess and is quite untrainable. Violet kicks him out of the room. Mary asks if Denker is worth it then tells her she needs to come to the dinner on Friday with Merton and his sons. She says Larry won’t make trouble for Tom again so it should go smoothly. Mary says she knows why Violet finds this difficult but mustn’t give into it. She says she knows Violet sees Mary as her protegee and then be promoted to be a leader of the county.

Mary says Isobel will be a great lady now while Violet is a dowager and tells her granny to be bigger than that. Violet asks if she thinks she only cares about the change in rank. She says she cares about that, but it’s not the reason. Violet says she’s grown used to having her as a friend and companion. Mary says she still has them but Violet says she and Isobel had a lot in common and she will miss it. Mary says she’s looking misty.

Violet says she’s not that sentimental and says Isobel has never looked up to her. Tom takes Sibby out for a walk and they float twigs in the creek. He talks to her about Edith being in London and then wonders what if they went across the sea to live. She asks why and he says it may be better for them to have a new life. She asks why. Tom says he hopes he’s doing the right thing and says they have to get back for tea when they hear a bell.

Baxter approaches Bates and Anna and says that she an idea. She offers to swear that she saw that the train ticket was whole and unused. She says she just wants to help out. Bates says he knows she likes to be helpful by talking to the police about them. Molesley intervenes on her behalf and says Baxter is in a difficult position. Bates says she keeps saying that. Thomas comes in and asks Molesley to come do some work. Bates and Anna follow him up.

Thomas tells Baxter to ignore them but she says she can’t. He tells her to tell them why she had to talk to the police but she says she’s too ashamed. Charles calls Mary and says he’s being sent to Poland for a trade delegation. He asks her to come to London so they can put an end to this now and says she needs to come wearing rags. Robert says Isis is looking bad and Carson says the vet is out of town. Rose comes in and says she was out to tea with Atticus.

Robert tells her not to rush into anything but she says she wants to rush right on. She says Atticus’ father doesn’t want his son to marry outside of the faith. Robert says she should write to her parents and not pretend it will be plain sailing. Cora asks where Marigold is and asks to see her. Edith says not tonight. She says the hotel arranges child care. Edith says she might move to America and pretend she has a dead husband but doesn’t want Gregson’s business to go into ruin and wants Marigold to grow up English.

Rosamund says she could invent a dead husband here but Cora says she’d like her to bring Marigold home. Edith says she won’t be the county failure but Cora says she has a plan and asks her to listen. She says the Drews will conclude that they can’t afford to raise her and then Edith could ask to bring her to Downton. Rosamund asks how it would work and Edith says her father could never know. Cora disagrees but says she’ll keep the secret from Robert and Mary.

Rosamund asks how they can execute this insanity. Cora says she’ll call Mr Drew to ask for his help and says she and Edith will go home tomorrow while Mr Drew takes Marigold then Edith can go fetch her and bring her home that day. Anna tells Bates she’s going out with Mary for the night and she says she won’t have time to look in on the house. Molesley gets an invitation for he and Daisy to go see Mr Mason. Thomas tells Baxter she should go along.

She says she hasn’t been invited but then Daisy invites her along. Mrs Patmore says she’ll work it out with Carson. Daisy asks why Mason would write to Molesley and Mrs Patmore says she mentioned to him that Molesley has been helping her. Cora, Edith and Marigold ride back to Downton on the train happily. They see Mary at the station and wonder what to do. Edith calls to Mr Drew to help her mother with her suitcases. He comes over and asks her to ride on with Marigold to the next station.

She says she’ll cover the cost and he hops on the car with Marigold and takes her in his arms. Mary asks Cora if she found her and Edith says she didn’t know what the fuss was when she just wanted to go to London for a couple of days. Mary says she’s headed to London herself and Cora says to be back by Friday for the dinner. She walks on and Cora tells Edith that was close. Violet asks Merton about his son and he says Larry did have an outburst about Sibyll.

Isobel says they shouldn’t mention that and Merton says she’s wonderful. Spratt shows Merton out. Isobel says Spratt looks down in the mouth and Violet says it’s ongoing battles with Denker. Isobel tells Violet she appreciates her kindness to Merton even though she knows she doesn’t approve. She asks about Kuragin and Isobel asks how she’ll receive the Princess but Violet says Shrimpy hasn’t found her yet. Spratt says he has to hand in his notice.

He says he’s suffered as much as anyone can expect but can’t take it anymore. He walks out. Violet says he’s as touchy as a beauty losing his looks. Violet says that was just a demonstration and he doesn’t mean it all. Isobel asks if she’ll forgive him and Violet says anything is better than looking for a new butler. Charles meets Mary at the movie theater and he pulls her out mid-show. He tells her to kiss him now and she does. Tony walks out with Mabel and sees it.

Tony tells Mary she needn’t put on this tableaux, she could have just told him. Mary says she did tell him but he wouldn’t listen. Tony wishes her luck and he and Mabel leave. Mary says Tony said she needn’t do it but she obviously did. She asks Charles what now and asks him to dinner. He says they can toast the fun they had and the future. He says he’s scrambling to pack for Poland and says she’ll likely be married before he comes back.

Daisy apologizes to Mr Mason for not coming more often. Daisy says she can visit more often but for her studies but then says she’s going to stop it. Mason tells her to give herself a year or two and says she could do so much with an education. Molesley says he could have made much of himself with an education. Daisy says the men in charge will always be the men in charge and nothing will change. Mason says she needs to get back at her books and things will change.

Baxter tells Molesley that he’s made a daughter of his widowed daughter in law and it’s nice. Molesley encourages her to tell Bates why she had to talk to the police but she says no. Then they talk about what happened the last time Larry was at Downton and all the drama. Mason drives them to the station in the cart. Mary asks if the Drews are just using Downton until they want her back. Robert comes in with Isis and says it’s cancer and she doesn’t have long left.

He says the vet wanted to put her down but he couldn’t bear it yet. They lie her down and make the dog comfortable. Robert says he wishes they could delay the dinner and they offer to say Robert is ill so he can be with Isis. The kids come down from the nursery and Edith asks how should she answer. Robert and Mary agree it’s idiotic. Edith says she dotes on her and can’t see her sent to a horrid orphanage. Mary says they should just give them money.

Edith asks if she should take her and asks her father. He says he leaves it to Cora who says they should offer Marigold a home there. Robert says that settles it. Sibby comes to sit by ailing Isis. Anna tells Hughes the guests are all there. She says she and Carson are thinking about buying a guest house to rent out and Anna says she and Bates were thinking the same. Anna says Mr Drew was at the station and helped Cora and Edith out of the car then stayed on.

She says she thinks she saw him with a child when it was moving on. Hughes says the child is safe and Anna shouldn’t concern herself further. Isobel says she thinks Edith taking in the orphan is wonderful but Robert says it’s not. Larry says he wouldn’t take on a woman who had taken in a child. Larry then starts in on Atticus’ religion and says most failed marriages founder for bug reasons like this. Larry then says it could bode ill for his father’s marriage to Isobel.

He says they have a wide disparity in class and background and it could be their undoing. Robert takes great offense. Larry says he doesn’t see how she could fill his mother’s shoes. Merton gets mad and says he’s tired of having to apologize for Larry’s behavior. Larry doesn’t stop and says that Robert already counts a chauffeur among his in-laws and now is considering a Jew. Tom snaps and stands and calls him a bastard and tells him to leave.

Robert says he doesn’t like Tom’s language but says that’s how they all feel. Larry thanks them for a delightful evening. Timothy asks Isobel if she imagine they would welcome her with open arms. Downstairs they talk about Larry’s outburst and Carson says the evening is breaking up early. He chases Molesley back upstairs. Rose says it’s a terrible evening and Atticus says they should have a real reason to defend themselves and she says he must ask properly.

He kneels and asks her to marry him. She pulls him up and says they haven’t known each other long and there will be problems. He says they both know they’re right together. She says she agrees and pulls him in for a kiss calling him darling. They break apart as Carson walks by and she giggles. Violet tells Isobel she’ll wait in the car. Merton says they’ll laugh about this one day. He asks Isobel if this has changed her mind. She says she has to think about it.

Timothy comes in to fuss about his father leaving Larry to wait in the car so long. Isobel says not to blame Larry because the boys were obviously close to their mother. Merton says they both take after their mother in every possible way. He leaves. Isobel looks sad. Robert tells Cora he’s going to sleep in the dressing room with Isis but Cora says for him to stay. She asks him to lay Isis between them when he says he doesn’t think she’ll last the night. He puts her down between them and she says she hopes she’s surrounded by love when her time comes.