Downton Abbey Recap and Review: Season 5 Episode 8 – Robert Does Right by Mrs. Patmore

Downton Abbey Recap and Review: Season 5 Episode 8 - Robert Does Right by Mrs. Patmore

Tonight on PBS a new episode of their popular drama Downton Abbey airs with an all new Sunday, February 22 season 5 finale called “Episode 8” and we have your weekly recap and review below. On tonight’s episode, observe Mrs. Patmore’s [Lesley Nicol] surprise.

On last week’s episode, we learned what happened to Edith and which guest Robert threw out of the house. Did you watch last week’s episode? If you missed it, we have a full and recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the PBS synopsis “observe Mrs. Patmore’s surprise, Anna’s predicament and Robert’s revelation.”

Tonight’s Downton Abbey season 5 finale is going to be great, and you won’t want to miss it. So be sure to tune in for our coverage of Downton Abbey — tonight at 9 PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the new season of the Downton Abbey.

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Thomas is overseeing some of the additional help they’ve brought in and hands Carson the inventory then one to Hughes. Daisy frets to Mrs Patmore about getting to London. Mrs Patmore frets what she will be able to buy in London. She says Grantham House will have no permanent housekeeper. Rose is trying on clothes for her honeymoon for Cora, Violet, Isobel and Mary. Then Mary complains about Rose’s parents not being there on time and Mary asks if they’re supposed to pretend that Susan and Shrimpy are happily married.

Isobel marvels that Rose is taking the whole interfaith thing in stride and Rose says she loves Atticus. She mentions they have to get a blessing at a synagogue and you can’t find one of those near Downton. Carson and Hughes talks about borrowing a footman so they don’t look thin for guests then they wonder about the financial status of the Sinderbys. She suggests he hire a lad if they can’t borrow. Robert sits on the floor playing a game with Sibby. Mary complains that he should let her win but he says that won’t teach her anything about life. Robert watches Edith playing with Marigold.

Tom has a letter from a cousin who has invited him to join his expanding businesses in Boston. Rose tells Mary that Lord Sinderby is hoping she’ll change her mind about the wedding. She says Lady Sinderby is at least her ally in the marriage matter. Carson says Sgt Willis called and asked to see both Bates and Anna. They are concerned but there’s nothing to be done about it. Edith heads up for dinner and says she’ll check on the children.

Mary asks why Edith is carrying on as if she invented motherhood. Tom presses Robert on the issue of building in the village but Robert says they have to find the money. Baxter asks Bates and Anna if the London inspector is coming back and says she’s happy to swear she saw the ticket whole. Anna says he hopes Baxter is not all they have between them in trouble. Molesley says he wants to do something while they’re in London this time – a museum or such – Baxter agrees to join him.

Carson announces the war memorial opening date and says he wants all to be there but Mrs Patmore says she won’t come because it will be too painful. Hughes calls her poor woman but Carson brushes it off. Denker tells Violet that Prince Kuragin is there to see her. Violet says she would like to rethink her choice of outfit and Denker says she thought so and changed to another dress for her that suits her coloring. Robert and Carson talk about the memorial opening.

Robert says he’d like William Mason’s father to have a good seat and Carson says all the servants save Mrs Patmore will be there. Kuragin tells Violet that this is their last chance but she says their last chance is long gone. She asks about the Princess and he says they haven’t found her and he wants to spend his final years with Violet as a friend and lover. He says he sees no scandal, only love. He says he doesn’t want his remaining years to be ugly.

Kuragin asks what Violet thinks and she says she can’t decide on the spot. He says he won’t change his mind. The Scotland Yard investigator tells them they have found out that Mr Green was a frequent attacked of women and he specialized in small slight woman that gave him no signs of interest. They tell them that the person arguing with Green was shorter than Bates so he’s in the clear. Anna stares dully forward.

They ask to talk to Anna at Scotland Yard and Carson says they whole house will be in London next week so it’s no trouble. Bates says he will accompany his wife. They all leave and Hughes tells Carson they’re trying to bully it out of Anna. She doesn’t say more. Robert greets Mr Evans and asks him about carving a headstone for Isis. He shows Robert a sample of his work for animals and humans and Robert notices one that was for a small private memorial garden.

Spratt complains to Denker about her summoning him. She asks him to load the dowager’s things into the car. He kicks one case under the bed when she walks out. Anna asks Bates if she should just tell the police everything but he says to keep her own counsel. Carson asks Daisy if she would write Mr Mason about the memorial and asks her to come along. Violet asks if those are all her cases and Denker says since Spratt was tasked with bringing them he must have put one somewhere special for safe-keeping.

She sends an annoyed Spratt to retrieve the bag. Edith frets about leaving Marigold alone but her dad says she’ll be with loads of nannies and the other children. Robert tells Cora that Edith is obsessed with the little girl and says there’s something there – some sense of deja vu he can’t quite put his finger on. Cora looks concerned but says nothing. At Grantham House in London, Hughes introduces the temporary footman they’ll use in London – Andy.

Thomas asks how Carson found him and he says he wants to be a footman so he left his old job to try this. Thomas asks if he knows London and he says he grew up in Bayswater. Denker asks about him and says he enjoys a bit of fun. Denker she says she feels home in St James Square. Thomas takes the young man to show him the ropes. Robert and Cora greet Susan and Shrimpy and they introduce Carson. Hughes says Anna will help Susan who is surprised she’s in a room with Shrimpy.

Susan says she won’t share with him and will go to a hotel if she has to. Hughes suggests Rose and Edith share so Susan can have her own room. Susan goes to see Rose and says this is quite a choice you’ve made. Rose says she hopes she’ll like Atticus and says she’s quite sure he’s the man for her. Anna tells Hughes she had a letter reminding her to come to Scotland Yard in the morning and Hughes says she and Bates should go see their house afterward.

Thomas tucks Andy’s tie and tells him where the drinks are served. Violet shows up and then everyone is there save for the Sinderbys. Susan takes affront that the Sinderbys are showing concern about Rose’s religion. The Sinderbys arrive and Rose introdcues her parents to Atticus. Susan says his name is peculiar. Carson tells Hughes about Susan’s antics and he asks why Anna has been summoned to the Yard. Hughes says all he needs to know is neither Anna or Bates have done anything.

Susan tells Lord Sinderby that she thinks of Jews as nomads. Then he tells Rose she can’t have a synagogue placing and that’s not how their religion works. Lady Sinderby says they’re so full of guests that Atticus is in a hotel and he’s having his stag party there. Violet asks Sinderby what his list of dislikes are and he focuses on divorce. He says it’s a sign of failure. Susan says she can’t wait until she gets her home back and can close the door and be alone. Lord Sinderby asks won’t Shrimpy be there.

Shrimpy says of course he will and everyone tries to cover since Sinderby singled out divorce as his one big pet peeve. Susan asks the Sinderbys if they have trouble getting staff. The Lady says they don’t and since they’re Jewish, they pay well. Violet and Isobel head upstairs and she asks Isobel if Merton is coming to the wedding. Violet says she’s realized recently that we get few chances in life and you shouldn’t miss out so she’s changed her outlook on Merton.

Edith asks Tom and Mary if they miss the children while they’re away. Mary mocks her and asks Edith what she’ll be like when she has one of her own. Rose says she’ll leave hers to the nannies but Tom says that’s not true and he doesn’t like it. Mary says they can all go for lunch and says “even you Edith.” Robert tells Cora that Susan is being terrible and that Rose will struggle with Lord Sinderby as a father in law. Then he mentions that Bates and Anna are going to Scotland Yard.

Cora asks if they should give character testimony. Robert tells Carson the stone mason sent his bill and asks for Mrs Patmore. Susan gives Carson a letter to post for her. Daisy says Baxter asked her to go to an exhibit and Mrs Patmore frets that it’s a tight schedule. Robert comes downstairs and startles them all. He asked Mrs Patmore to come to the memorial and says it’s important to him that she come. He asks it as a favor and she agrees but is quite upset about it.

Bates and Anna are at the Yard waiting and he insists on staying with Anna. There is a line of women there and she’s asked to stand among them. They give her a number to hold and then a man comes in and looks closely at the women one by one. They take the witness out. Bates demands to know what this is about and says his wife has nothing to do with it. The inspector says this is all routine and Anna tells Bates they need to be about their business and they leave.

Denker offers to show Andy the sights after Violet is abed. Andy is sent off with coffee and Mrs Patmore asks Denker if she’s planning on sending Andy into bad ways but she reminds Patmore that he’s not a country lad. Daisy tells Mrs Patmore that London is full of possibilities. After dinner, Shrimpy asks after Atticus and Rose says he’s at his swag party. Robert says he has an errand on Bond Street but won’t tell anyone what he’s about.

Atticus is having a bachelor night with his friends and says he’s had enough and is going to bed but agrees to foot the bill for the lads. A woman follows him out and tries to squeeze on the lift with her but he says no thanks. He undresses and then there’s a knock and it’s Anna at his door. He asks if this is a joke. She pulls down the shoulders of her gown and then says she’s leaving and walks out pulling up the shoulders of her dress while he standing with his shirt off and loose robe on. What a plot!

Thomas asks Andy if he went out with Denker. Andy says he did and he’s a fool for having gone. Thomas seems pleased. Rose tells Tom this place is where she had her first date with Gregson. Edith give Rose an envelope that came for her. It’s photos of Atticus and the tart. Rose is horrified. The waiter comes and Mary asks for a few moments. Rose starts to cry and says she’s not sure what to do. Tom tells her to go call Atticus and ask to see him this afternoon. He sends Mary with her.

Tom says this is classic stag party stuff – that men play pranks on each other all the time. He also suggest that Lord Sinderby may have set this up. Mary comes back and says Rose is talking to Atticus and agrees to meet. Carson asks Hughes why they even bothered to hire a footman and says it’s odd that the Sinderbys are entertaining so close to the wedding. He suggests it’s because their Jewish and Hughes pokes at him for being closed minded.

Denker asks Carson if Andy could have time off so she can show him the town. Carson says they must be back by 10 pm. Thomas asks Denker what she’s going to show him that she didn’t show him last night. He tells her Andy didn’t seem to like what she showed him last night. Molesley, Daisy and Baxter head to a museum for an outing. Daisy says she feels like she’s been shown the light but it makes her life seem like a prison she has to go back to.

They spot Lady Rose arguing with Atticus in the park. Molesley directs the ladies away. Baxter says you’re never safe til the ring is on your finger and Molesley asks if she wants to be safe. Atticus confronts his father about the photographs and says he thinks he’s done this since he’s opposed to the wedding. Lord Sinderby says he’s very opposed to the marriage and calls her a little shiksa. He says he’s throwing away his heritage on her.

Lord Sinderby says he doesn’t want the future Lords Sinderby to be English not Jewish. He says if their mother is not Jewish, the offspring won’t be Jewish. His wife comes and says they’re here. His father says of course the photos were not his plot and says his son should know better. Rose tells Tom, Edith and Mary that either he did it or someone else is trying to stop the wedding. Tom tells Mary they need to act fast before it all hits the rocks.

Mary says all her allies will be gone once Rose marries and Tom moves off. She says she’ll murder Edith will go on trial and it will be his fault for going. Rose tells Atticus she believes him but wonders who it set to ruin their wedding. Isobel asks Shrimpy about India but Lord Sinderby takes the opposite side. Robert lands firmly on Shrimpy’s side and says he knows India far better than Sinderby.

Denker presses Andy to accompany her again and orders him to go get changed. Thomas asks why she’s bullying Andy and calls her a bad influence. She says she thinks Thomas is as well and they have that in common. Daisy complains to Mrs Patmore and says all the new information she’s learned has showed her how empty her life has been. Baxter says Daisy is an artist with the wedding cake and says she has skills. Daisy says she’s giving her notice to look for a job in London.

Mrs Patmore is sad but Daisy says it’s what right for her. Mary asks Shrimpy about the photo prank and wonders who could do it. Carson shows up asking for Denker and Andy who aren’t back yet. Thomas says god knows where they are and Mrs Patmore says Denker is using Andy for her own benefit for some reason. Mrs Patmore fusses about Daisy going and says she must learn to get along without her. Shrimpy is in Susan’s room and she asks why he’s there.

He asks if she enjoyed the evening and says she shouldn’t have to play act in front of “those” people but he says it won’t be for much longer. She calls Shrimpy pseudo-tolerant and tells her no more tricks. He says he will tell Rose what she did setting up Atticus if she doesn’t stop what she’s doing. He says Rose won’t forgive him. He says he read the checkbook stub and telephoned the firm. She says they have lost their money, position and everything their children expect and now he wants Rose to be an outcast.

Shrimpy says life won’t be easy for them and says no one has an easy life. He tells her not to mention the divorce. He says if she tries to stop the marriage, Rose will know the part she played. Susan sits defeated. Robert tells the family that he’s selling a painting to finance the village build. Tom says he’s pleased. Cora asks Robert if she spoiled that painting with Bricker and that’s why he’s selling. He says yes but says it reminds him that he didn’t trust her and it makes him angry with himself.

Violet tells Rose that whoever thought that trick up has a nasty mind and Rose asks who would want her that unhappy. Isobel mentions that Merton’s sons hate her but Violet says that should not keep her from her marriage and the chance at love. Carson tells Violet that Denker is ill and someone else will see to her. Tom tells Mary he’ll leave after Christmas and Mary says she will miss him. He asks if she ever thought that when he used to drive her around to errands.

Denker is drunk and Baxter tries to get her to calm down. The bell rings and Denker wants to see to Violet but Baxter says she’ll go. Hughes asks Andy where they’ve been and he tells her she doesn’t want to know. Mrs Patmore is crying when Daisy comes to make coffee. She asks what’s wrong and Mrs Patmore says she doesn’t want her to leave and will miss her. She tells Daisy not to concern herself and says she’ll get over it.

Hughes says Denker has thankfully gone to bed and they should too. Hughes asks Daisy why Mrs Patmore is upset but she doesn’t say. Andy apologizes to Carson who rants about Denker. Thomas defends Andy and then asks what happened. He says she took him to a horrible basement club and got him to lose his winnings. He says the club gave her what she wanted to drink while he gambled. Thomas says he’ll come and they’ll go one last time and Andy will be sure to enjoy it.

Everyone is at the registry office and Mary asks if she’s ever been there and Violet recounts one marriage she attended there. Isobel asks after Susan but Violet tells Susan to quiet down but she won’t be stopped. She says she and Shrimpy are getting a divorce and it will be in the papers. Lady Sinderby thanks her and says forewarned is forearmed. Lord Sinderby wants to shut it all down but his wife threatens to leave him and cause a scandal for him.

Shrimpy walks Rose in for the wedding. She says Atticus was blameless and Shrimpy says he knows. She asks how he knows and she asks who her enemy is. He says to never mind and she agrees and says she doesn’t want to hate anyone today. Shrimpy wishes her every happiness and walks her in. Susan asks Violet if she’s expected to be a good loser and Violet tells her it’s far too late for that. Rose and Shrimpy enter the room and he hands her off to Atticus with a smile.

They stand before the officer of the court and the marriage takes place. Carson goes over the day’s schedule with the staff. Denker says it’s not right to put on a wedding dress for just a blessing. Thomas asks Denker to go out with them this evening. He asks if she feels the worse for wear. He insists Andy should come along again as well. Hughes tells Andy he’s taking his life in his hands by throwing in with Denker and Thomas.

Tony and Mabel arrive and Rose tells Atticus’ parents she’ll do whatever she can to make their son happy. Lord Sinderby says since it’s done, they should move forward with hope. Mary greets Tony and Mabel and Mabel says she and Tony are getting married in December. Mary says she’s truly pleased. Atticus tells Rose the photo prank was not his father and she says she knew that and says it’s not his father’s style.

Lord and Lady Sinderby talk and his wife tells him that Rose already knows him better than he thought. Edith tells her dad that Rose likely didn’t want the registry office but it worked out. She says she’s going home to see Marigold tomorrow then tells Robert to give up on the idea of Mary and Tony. Mary tells Tony he was what she needed at the time. She says it’s all right now and Tony says it is for him and wishes her luck. He walks off. Carson stares at this.

Lady Sinderby invites Robert and the family to a castle they’ve taken for the summer and wants them all. She tells her husband it wasn’t hard and he says it wasn’t for him since he got no say. His wife agrees. Rose comes to confront her mother and Susan says whatever she said or did was done for love. Rose says they have different definitions of love and cuts her mother by walking off. When another woman comes to say something anti-Semitic about the wedding, Cora reminds her that her father was Jewish.

The woman makes an excuse to go talk to someone else. Robert smirks with laughter. Mary lurks in the hall and Carson asks if she’s all right. She says she wanted to sneak off and didn’t think she’s be missed. Mary says she feels the household is breaking up and says people go up and move away and things change. He asks if Tony upset her and she says she’s happy for he and Mabel. Carson says Tony wasn’t good enough for her by half. She says no one else will agree but Carson says the two of them know he wasn’t up to the mark.

Mary jokes and asks if that’s reassuring or alarming and he tells her she will triumph in the end. She says that means a lot to her to hear. Denker says it was an improper service. She brings Thomas and Andy to the club. Thomas tells Andy they’ll go in separately and not to talk to him at the table. Denker tells a man she brought a new one. Thomas asks who that is and Andy says Basil Chute. He tells Andy not to game.

Mary gets changed then Hughes shows up and says Anna is wanted downstairs now. She says it’s Mr Viner, the inspector who has come to arrest Anna. They’re all stunned. Thomas gambles successfully then says to pay his debt while he goes to see Mr Chute. He confronts the man and says there’s a woman at the bar who’s boasting of a trick of bringing in new punters. He points out Denker then walks away. He explains the ruse to Andy and says next time to ask Uncle Thomas.

Denker goes to leave and Chute says she needs to pay a bill for three nights of drinking. Anna says she wants to wait for Bates and Mary says this is absurd. Robert and Bates come down and Robert says he will stand surety for her. Viner says he’s taking her and he doesn’t care. Mary goes to call their lawyer. Viner says Anna was spotted arguing with Green before he fell into traffic. The household is in shock. At the memorial ceremony, Carson reads a special prayer of remembrance.

The memorial is unveiled and a bugler plays. Violet, Isobel and the whole household is there including Bates who looks miserable. Mrs Patmore looks very sad. Merton is there as well. The ceremony ends and Robert says he has one more thing to say. He says there was another chap who is not local to Downton and so is not on the memorial. He calls Mrs Patmore up and she stands. She comes over and he takes her to a special area and unveils a stone he had made and installed for her nephew.

She sees a stone for Archie and Robert says it’s right that he’s remembered. Mr Mason pulls Daisy aside to chat. Robert stares at Edith with Marigold and is truck by a notion. He leaves Mrs Patmore to look at the stone. She says her sister will find it a real comfort and Mr Mason walks with them and Mrs Patmore says Daisy is going away to London for a new adventure. She says Mrs Patmore is teasing but she decided not to go until she’s passed her exams.

Mason says he’s glad and hates it when people who love each other are far apart. Mary tells Bates she knows what he’s thinking and she says Anna won’t be convicted and doesn’t even think it will go to trial. She says they have nothing to go on but Bates says she won’t be convicted for sure. Isobel asks Violet if she should put up a fight for Merton. Violet encourages her and says it’s time for action. She asks Violet if she’ll put a fight for Kuragin.

Violet says Isobel holds the winning card since her man’s wife is dead. Edith tells Tom she enjoys London and he says she should go often and stay involved with the business. She says Mary talks like she’s the only one that will miss Tom but she will too. Hughes tells Carson that Bates was locked up when he was innocent and now Anna. She says sorrow seems to shadow them both. Carson tells her to take courage and says they must travel in hope.

Robert tells Cora he knows what it is about Marigold that caught his eye and says she reminds him of Michael Gregson. He asks Cora if he’s wrong and she says he’s not but not to tell Edith that he guessed. She says Tom and Mary don’t know and asks to keep it secret. Robert says it’s a nice change to have a secret at Downton he knows. Cora asks if he’ll love his new granddaughter and he says he rather thinks he will. They all head back to Downton from the village in a long line.