Elementary Recap – Kitty and Karma: Season 3 Episode 12 “The One That Got Away”

Elementary Recap - Kitty and Karma: Season 3 Episode 12 "The One That Got Away"

Elementary, one of our favorite detective drama/comedies returns to CBS tonight with an all new Thursday January 29, season 3 episode 12 called, “The One That Got Away,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, as Kitty begins to unravel due to the imminent threat to her safety, Sherlock [Jonny Lee Miller] and Joan [Lucy Liu] intensify their efforts to help her.

On the last episode, in the first episode of a two-part event, Watson began her new job as an in-house investigator for an insurance firm. However, her attention shifted to a case that was personal for both her and Holmes when they joined forces to eliminate an imminent threat to Kitty. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed the episode we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “as Kitty begins to unravel due to the imminent threat to her safety, Sherlock and Joan intensify their efforts to help her. Also, the origin of Sherlock and Kitty’s relationship is revealed.”

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#Elementary starts now. At New Scotland Yard, eight months ago, Kitty comes to ask the police what they’ve found out from her report. He says Latif, a missing child, was taken and never returned. She asks what he thought about what she found about his backpack. She shows him a photo she found in the alley where he walks home from school and says he was taken and the bag was planted. She says it’s not the real crime scene. She says he needs to talk to John Hodge, a registered sex offender. The cop tells her she’s a pretty girl, but not police. He tells her to mind her business.

She leaves and on the way out drops her tablet. She finds Sherlock staring at her. He says she’s in his way. She leaves her broken tablet there and walks off. Clearly they didn’t know each other then. Now, Joan comes downstairs and tells Sherlock she finally got Kitty asleep. She doesn’t think that Kitty is right about Del but Sherlock says he thinks she was targeted and courted. He says they would have found Simon sooner if the insurance records were up to date and Del may have left him out on purpose so they couldn’t get to him while he was still alive.

Sherlock says imagine you were him and took a girl who escaped. He says lucky for you, you’re wealthy and you can keep tabs on her and find out she’s taken up with a renowned detective who is shaping her and now they might turn their collective attention on him. He says giving them a culprit could end the search. He says de Merville’s killing would have tied up loose ends. Someone is listening to their conversation from elsewhere. He asks if someone had access to her phone.

She says no but they gave her a company phone. That phone rings now and Del fires her. He says that too much has gone on this week and he just has to let her go. She’s stunned. Del leaves his house and finds Gregson and Marcus waiting for him. They tell him they have some questions. They go to the PD and show him a photo of Ervin Bogdani, an Albanian mafia sex trafficker and tell him he tried to kill the suspect of another crime.

Del says that he heard that guy killed a woman but they tell him that’s not likely the case. His lawyer says he fired Joan and now he’s being accused of murder. They point out that he was in London when another woman was taken and tortured under similar conditions and when she escape, she broke his fingers and they note his had been too. Joan tells Gregson and Marcus that he did it. They agree and him firing her makes it look retaliatory.

Joan says she’s taking a leave of absence so they can’t sue the department when she goes after him. Gregson says screw that, they’re all going after him. Back in London, Sherlock knocks on Kitty’s door and tells her that he brought her tablet back. She asks how he got her address and he says he got it from the boss of the cop she was harassing. She says she wasn’t harassing him and he says the man isn’t bright and needs harassing. He says he read her report and agrees with her assessment.

He says he’d like to talk to her but not through the door and says she can keep her knife pointed at him. She asks how he knew then unlocks the door and lets him in. Now, Sherlock makes scrambled eggs when Kitty comes down. He asks how she’s feeling and he says he ate already and says the eggs are for her. She asks where Joan is and he says she’s with Marcus and Gregson investigating Del. She says Sherlock should be with her but he says his place is with her.

He says he should have been with her at Joan’s yesterday when she realized who the man was. Kitty is crying and says she’s leaving like he said she should do a few days ago. She says her mum has a ticket waiting for her at JFK on a noon flight back to London. She says she’s sorry for going after de Merville and says Gregson was right to sack her. She says she’s not helping him, she’s distracting him. He says he’ll arrange her a safe ride to the airport.

Joan comes to Sherlock’s later and says she and Marcus confirmed that the Albanian mob didn’t order the hit on de Merville. Sherlock says Ervin was likely the man who took Melanie – he was seen at the bar. Sherlock says he can’t imagine that Del has limited himself to just two women and that he disposed of the other bodies where they wouldn’t be found. Sherlock says Melanie’s body was found because he wanted them to find her. He has all the female missing persons for when Del was in NYC and says they need to comb through it.

Joan asks if Kitty got to the airport all right and he says she did. Joan tells him she’s sorry and says it’s her fault that Kitty had to leave and that Del lied to her about everything. Sherlock says Del is a brilliant psychopath. Kitty texts Sherlock to tell him she arrived safe in London. She didn’t. She’s in NYC lurking across the street from Del’s brownstone. Joan wakes on Sherlock’s couch and finds him staring at photos of women.

He says these are the women who match the right age and appearance and whose remains weren’t found or whose bodies wouldn’t show the marks. He says he took out ones where Del was out of the country and that weren’t taken in the manner he likes to take women – drugging in bars. He says he has three likely candidates. She points out one and asks why isn’t she there and he says she was held for a year while the others were held for less time.

He says these three are the most likely and they have to start somewhere. Marcus says Tabitha Laird is alive but someone Del may have wanted to kill. He says he’s on the way to see her now. They meet him at her house. She says she never filed a police complaint against Del. Marcus says he heard she made a comment about Del to Bonnie Kemp and she says it was just a mistake. She says there were a couple of incidences. She says he asked her a couple of times to his beach house and she was uncomfortable.

She says Del is a good guy and that he also funds a scholarship to a private school that her kid gets. They agree she wasn’t a target. Back in London, Sherlock meets Kitty and tells her that he found Latif and reunited him with his family. He says she was right about the nature of the crime but had the wrong kidnapper. It was a woman in his building who lost her son to leukemia. He says she wished it was Hodge because she was also attacked as a sexual predator.

He tells her that she could hone her skills and says he has an offer for her to consider. Now, Kitty is in a warehouse doing what looks to be a rudimentary science project. She’s dissolving a piece of meat. Looks like she’s trying out the body cleaner’s formula from their bust a few weeks ago. Del is introduced at a benefit for the Hearth and Home Charity. Joan is at the benefit. He comes over after his speech and says if she’s going to throw a scene, she’ll be thrown out.

She says to enjoy it all while it lasts and then she says a few names and says they’ll catch him on something. Tabitha comes over and Del is surprised to see her and that she and Joan know each other. Joan says she and Marcus had an interesting conversation with Tabitha who then nervously makes it clear to Del that she didn’t tell them anything except how great he is. Joan tells him not to bid on any vacations and walks away. He catches her by the arm on the way out.

He says if he is who she thinks he is, how smart was that stunt. She tells him she’s not in a basement covered in duct tape and if he doesn’t let go, he’s going to find out how it goes with a woman who can fight back.

Joan goes to Sherlock’s and tells him she poked the bear. He’s upset that she gave him the names of the victims they suspect him of. She says they have no bodies or crime scenes. She says she wanted to see his face when she said the names. She says he showed nothing. She says she didn’t come to scrap the list. She says one name got a rise from him – Tabitha Laird. She says he lost it when he saw they were there.

He asks what she means by losing it and she pulls off her glove and shows him the bruises Del left on her arm. She says he showed her the real him. Sherlock wonders if he’s genuinely interested in Tabitha romantically. He goes pulling photos down and Joan tells him they’ll take care of this and get Kitty back so he can finish what he started with her. He tells her to arrange a protective detail for Tabitha in case she’s in play for Del.

Sherlock rattles off new criteria they may need to consider but then something hits him. He says maybe Del’s interested not in Tabitha but is interested in her son. Back in London, Sherlock tries to teach Kitty to slide a chain off a door. She comes in and he goes out. She chains the door and he quickly demonstrates how it’s done. He says this is the only way to get around a chain on a door like this. He says it’s important that she learn this.

He says most detectives fail because they refuse to expand their knowledge base. She asks when they can take on a real case and he says not until she masters the basics. She says he’s been mopey since he was fired by MI6. He tells her that Joan was much further along by now and she seems to enjoy being broken. She walks out telling him to never call him again. Now, they go back to Tabitha and she says her son is adopted.

Sherlock says they think that Del is her son’s father and the missing woman that he took is his mother. She asks them to leave and Marcus says she should let them do it because if they’re right, she doesn’t want Del walking free. Gregson and the others go to Del’s house, but he’s gone. Sherlock says he left abruptly a couple of hours ago. They got a warrant but it doesn’t let them check his cards. They found a hairbrush they sent to the lab to see if Del’s the father.

Sherlock sees a rubber band on the floor near the door. That’s what he used to teach Kitty how to slide the chain off a door. Kitty is heating up a brand and asks Del how she knows when it’s ready. She has him tied to a chair. She tells him she’s going to kill him and says she hated hearing him say her name over and over when he torturing and planning to kill her. She says he’s going to die horribly tonight and then she’s going to dissolve him in a sink.

He tells her that he never stopped seeing her – the bitch who broke his hand. He says the others suffered more because of him. There’s a noise and Del calls out for help. She tapes his mouth and goes to see what the noise is. It’s Sherlock and he tells her it’s just him and to open the door. She does. He tells her that he was where she is now – with the man who killed Irene. He sniffs and asks if she has a nutmeg concoction. She asks how he found her and he says he has a tracking app on her phone.

He says he knew she never left NYC. He says she was right when she said he couldn’t know what she’s feeling. He says he thought this was perhaps what she needed so he decided to focus on bringing Del to justice before she did. He says he thought if they couldn’t undo him, she could. She asks why he’s there. He says when he went back to London last year, meeting her changed things for him. He says she saved him. He says he’d like to return the favor. She asks how interfering is a favor.

Sherlock says if he she truly thinks killing him will make her feel whole again, he won’t stop her but he wants her to know they found a way to expose him. She asks what that has to do with her and he says nothing and everything. He says no matter what she decides, she will always be special to him and will always be his friend. He walks out and leaves the matter to her. She closes the door and goes back to Del. She tells him tonight is his lucky night. She says she won’t kill him after all.

She says it’s a mask and isn’t really her. She says he knows all about masks since he’s worn one his entire life. She says she took hers off and it’s his turn now. Sherlock comes back to the house and finds Joan waiting. She asks if he wants to tell her where he’s been for hours. He says no. She asks if Kitty is okay. He gets a call from Gregson who says they got Del. He says there were trying to ping his cell and it came on.

Gregson says when they found Del he was tied to a chair and had a corrosive dumped on his face. Del’s face is swathed in bandages. Joan says there’s a book found at Del’s place with photos he can never explain and DNA evidence that he’s Jessie’s father. Gregson says when Del wakes up and tells them who did this to him, he has to go after them whether it’s someone he knows or not. Sherlock says he understands. They leave and Sherlock gets a call from Kitty.

She says this is the last time she’ll be using this phone. She says really has gone to the airport this time. She asks if she did the right thing and he says she doesn’t have the stain of murder on her. Kitty says she sees it that he gave her everything, not that he saved her. He asks if she knows where she’ll go and she says somewhere where she can use what he taught her to help people. She asks if she can call to consult and he says he’s at her disposal.

She tells him she’s going to say something she hasn’t said to anyone in a long time. She tells him she loves him and says it’s the saddest thing. She hangs up the phone. Six months ago in London, Sherlock sits in his chair crying when there’s a knock at his door. He opens it and sees Kitty there. He asks if she forgot something and she says it was a mistake her leaving last week. She says he started something with her last week and she’d like to finish it. He tells her to come back at noon tomorrow with goggles and a ladder. He closes the door and sits down. He calms down. He looks at the packet of heroin and tosses it into the fire.