Finding Carter Recap 6/16/15: Season 2 Episode 12 “I’m Not the Only One”

Finding Carter Recap 6/16/15: Season 2 Episode 12 "I'm Not the Only One"

Tonight on MTV Finding Carter returns with an all new Tuesday June 16, season 2 episode 12 called, “I’m Not the Only One,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Carter [Kathryn Prescott] is prepared to testify in court in order to end Lori’s manipulation.

On the last episode unveiled secrets threatened the bonds of sisterhood; Crash returned from military training; and Carter made a decision about her future. Did you watch last week’s episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the MTV synopsis “Carter is prepared to testify in court in order to end Lori’s manipulation; and a revelation upends the Wilson household.”

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#FindingCarter starts with the gang together with Gabe who brought all the funeral food over. He says he was hoping his relatives would take a hint and leave. Damon asks why people bring casseroles when someone dies instead of soup or salad. Bird says it’s easier to carry. Max says it’s morbid and Taylor says Gabe can come stay with them but he says he’s looking forward to having everyone out of his house. Carter asks what he wants to do and says they can do anything. He says just hanging out.

They play video games and hang. Carter asks Max if he and Taylor are cool and he says they are. At work, Liz looks at the photo of Gabe on Kyle’s desk and finds a photo of she and Kyle as she boxes up his things. Madison asks Carter if they can talk and says she wants to make it up to her but Carter says she’s been lying to her face. Someone is at the door for Carter. Taylor says it’s some guy. The man hands her papers and says she’s been served.

She looks at the papers and says Lori’s going on trial. David looks through the papers and says Lori asked to be reevaluated and was found competent. Liz says Lori is trying to get out and is also trying to get custody of Carter. She says Lori’s attorney is trying to prove that Lori was her legal parent since she donated the eggs. David is outraged. Liz says Lori’s penalty could be reduced to time served if she’s found to be a legal parent since it would be a misdemeanor.

Max, Bird and Madison talk about the trial and Madison says she feels used. They see Bird’s door is open and spot someone inside. They creep up slowly and see it’s Bird’s parents. Carter tells the family that Lori told her she never wanted to see her again when she saw her. David says if Carter doesn’t want to live with her it shouldn’t be up for discussion. Carter says she never should have gone to see her. She says Lori got her ex-boyfriend to work her then says maybe the suicide attempt was a fake.

Carter wonders if this was all a big plan by Lori to start with. Liz says she and David are going to go talk to the DA and figure out what Lori is up to. Taylor cleans while the others play video games. Damon asks why she’s obsessively cleaning and Carter says it’s her coping mechanism. Carter plays a video game with Gabe and they yell at her for not moving her character right. She says she’s bad at it and Damon takes the control from her.

Taylor asks Gabe where the swiffer sheets are and he says he doesn’t know because his dad took care of it. He sits down sadly and Carter says none of them know what he’s going through. He says he always knew the risks of his dad being a cop and they talked about it. He says his dad told him to be strong and move on so that’s what he’s going to do. Gabe tells them to just act normal. Taylor is excited because she found them and Gabe says sweet. They go back to the video game.

Bird rants about her parents to Max and Madison. She’s mad that they told her they all can’t keep staying in the guest house and Max says he was thinking about getting his own place anyway. Bird asks Madison where she’ll go and she says no idea. Bird says she hated she let her parents walk all over her instead of standing up. Madison says she ran away instead of facing hers. Max takes Taylor apartment hunting with him. She asks why he’s looking at his old apartment and he says they had good times there.

Taylor says she can’t move in with him and he says he knows but just wants her to know it’s there in case she needs the space and him. She says it’s nice and he asks if she’ll come by and see him. Taylor says once in a while. They kiss and she says he needs some stuff – the place is bare. Carter, David and Liz talk to the DA and she says they got the final witness list and they don’t know the names. A guy, Benjamin Wallace was added at the last minute but they can’t locate him.

The DA tells Liz that they will bring up the affair and they will rake David over the coals too. Carter says this is what Lori wanted and they will talk about graphic details of David’s affair with Lori and will present Liz as an infertile shrew. But then the DA says there’s a plea deal that may stop the trial. She says juries can be unpredictable and they’d like to avoid the spectacle. Carter sees Lori and tells her to take the plea deal. Carter says she will do everything she can to get the harshest outcome for her.

Lori says once they understand she’s Carter’s mother, they’ll let her go. Carter says Liz is her mother and Lori says that’s up to the jury. Carter says she’s insane but Lori says this trial will change everything. Carter says she will never agree to custody with her and tells Lori she won’t get away with it. Lori says – we’ll see. Later, Grant chats with Carter and he asks if she’s nervous about the trial. She warns him he may hear bad stuff about their parents in court but he says he’s heard it all before.

He tells her he can offer tips as captain of his mock trial team. He tells her to say what they want her to say but in her own words. He says if it sounds rehearsed, the jury won’t listen or believe her. He says he didn’t learn it at mock trial, but on The Good Wife. David asks Liz how she’s doing and she says okay. She says the kids are amazing with how they’re handling all this and says she’s more worried about the kids than how the two of them look at the trial.

David says the kids are lucky to have her then asks how it went collecting Kyle’s things at work. He tells her she can talk to him about Kyle if she needs someone to listen. Liz asks what he thinks about Gabe staying with them for a while. She says she’s worried about him. David says it’s a really nice thought and he’s okay with hit. Liz thanks him. Damon and Gabe talk and he tells Damon that Diane Banks showed up to his place to offer him consolation.

Gabe says she had sex with him twice. Damon says he’s not nearly as exciting as Diane but says he can stay over if he wants company but Gabe says he’s good. Damon says his mom invited him to stay with them if he wants but Gabe say she’s doing okay there. He says he misses his dad and there it feels like he could come walking through the door any minute. He says he just has to keep going but Damon says at some point – then Gabe interrupts and gets angry and asks if he’s a professional grief counselor.

He tells Damon to go since Diane might stop back by and tells him he doesn’t need to come over tomorrow. Liz tells Carter she put up her laundry. She asks how she’s doing and Carter says she’s nervous then gives her some ice cream. David comes in and asks what’s the occasion. Carter says they’re feeding their anxiety with sugar and fat. David tells her it will be fine tomorrow. Carter says it’s strange that she has to be the one to put Lori in jail after all this.

Taylor comes to bring Max a plant for his apartment. He thanks her and she says she was at home trying not to think about the trial tomorrow and couldn’t stop thinking about it. She says she’s been putting on a show for everyone and fight the good fight but says she’s thinking about what he said and that she could come over. He says he got in his car and came by. Taylor says she’s scared and asks if he can stay. He says of course she can.

He offers to go to the trial and says if she decides not to stay he can take her home. He says anything she needs. He kisses her and she kisses back. Liz goes to see Gabe and asks to come inside. He lets her in and she has the box of his dad’s stuff with her. He says he finally got rid of the relatives. She offers to make him some food but he refuses. She says she has some stuff of his dad’s from work. She asks if they can talk but he says he’s busy.

He tells her they don’t need to do this and says he’s okay. She asks really and says she’s worried and he can come to her for anything. She says he can stay with them or if he wants advice or a hug. Gabe interrupts her and tells her thanks a lot. He says now she’s ready to be his mom now that his dad is gone. He says she wasn’t interested in him when his dad was there. She stands and says she’s so sorry but he says he doesn’t need her apologies or advice. He says – thanks for the memories.

Liz leaves. Next day, Liz dresses for the trial nervously. She tells David that Gabe isn’t impressed with her maternal spirit but David says she’s the most devoted loving parent he knows. She says she hopes it’s enough. Gabe looks through the box of his dad’s stuff from work. Madison is packing at Bird’s place. Gabe packs a bag and goes to Damon’s place. He lets him in to stay with them. Gabe thanks his mom. At the courthouse, Max and Taylor walk up together holding hands.

Grant sits with Carter. David and Liz sit together. Max and Taylor slide in next to Carter. Then Lori is brought in. She stares at Carter. Lori’s handcuffs are removed and Grant says he’s never seen her before and he stares with interest. Judge Pryor comes in and takes her seat. Bird’s mom comes and invites her to go shopping. Bird says no and says they’re having dinner with the Gibsons and tells her to wear something appropriate. Her mom offers Madison a ride.

Bird snaps at her and says she’s been fending for herself while they’ve been gone. Her mother says they’ll discuss boundary adjustments later. Madison tells her she’s cute when she’s mad. Madison tells Bird she has to go and says seeing her parents made her miss hers. Bird asks how seeing her lousy parents made Madison miss her lousy parents. Madison says she’s done enough damage here and says Carter is done with her. She asks Bird to visit then asks for a kiss to go. They kiss.

Carter takes the stand and the DA asks her relationship with Lori. Carter says she’s her kidnapper. She says she was three the first time she took her then asks her about Lori drugging her recently. She also asks about her trying to abduct Taylor. She asks if Lori threatened her with the gun and Carter says she used it to keep her from running. She asks Carter’s relationship to Liz and she says she’s her mother and gave birth to her. Then she asks her name and she says Carter Wilson, her legal name.

Afterwards, Carter sits worn out emotionally and drops her phone. There’s a guy there and says she looks like she needs a time out. He says courtrooms are intense and says he’s been in and out of them his whole life. She makes a lawyer joke and he says it throws off opposing counsel. He says he’s been doing it for 16 years and is an expert by now. He asks why she’s there but then the bailiff calls her back into the courtroom.

Now it’s Lori’s attorney’s turn. He asks about her relationship when she lived with Lori. She says she was living in ignorance. He asks if she ever told Lori she loved her. He asks about a phrase they said to each other and Carter says there was. He asks what Lori said back when she said she loved her. He makes her repeat it out. Then the lawyer asks her to describe life with Lori and she says normal. She says she fed, clothed her and took her to school.

He asks if Lori really loved her and Carter says it’s subjective. He says he’s just trying to classify what kind of mother she was. Carter says she wasn’t her mother and she was being tricked. She says Lori took her on adventures and to the dentist and like she was the center of her universe. She said she thought she was her mother and she acted like it. Carter says nothing he has her say will change that she’s the woman who kidnapped her at age three and then again after drugging her.

The lawyer asks about Lori being her biological mother and Carter says she’s the egg donor. The lawyer pushes her on the definition of a parent. He says the point is that Lori was her parent not that she made mistakes. The lawyer asks about her conversation at the hospital and asks if it was hard seeing her that way. He asks what she said and Carter says she doesn’t remember. He asks if she said their life together wasn’t a mistake. He asks her to tell the jury what she said.

Carter says she told her there was a point that she was her mother and she loved her and always would. The lawyer asks again if Lori was Carter’s mother. Carter says maybe. He asks if she still loves Lori. Carter cries and says yes. He ends the questioning there. Carter cries harder. The judge calls for a recess. Liz tells Carter it will all be okay but Carter says she ruined everything. Taylor says they’re still a family and they all hug. Liz gives Lori the evil eye as the family hugs.

The lawyer calls Benjamin Wallace to the stand – its the young guy that Carter was talking to outside. Liz and David swap a confused look. He states his name and the lawyer asks his connection to Lori. He says she’s his biological mother and they ask who his father is and he says David Wilson. OMG! David and Lori had a kid! Where has that kid been. Lori gives Carter a calculating look when she glances at her.