FKA Twigs Refusing To Sign Robert Pattinson Wedding Prenup Before Marriage?

FKA Twigs Refusing To Sign Robert Pattinson Wedding Prenup Before Marriage?

Robert Pattinson wants to marry FKA Twigs but reports are that she refuses to sign the prenup Rob’s advisors insist upon. Sources report that FKA Twigs claims that being forced to sign a prenup means that Rob doesn’t really love her. But some are saying that based on FKA Twig’s complete famewhore turnaround since the couple hooked up that only a fool would trust her motives.

The last we heard, Robert Pattinson and FKA Twigs were in a relationship and happier than ever. Scratch that, they’re giving each other promise rings and generally being the epitome of the nausea-inducing couples we see in US Weekly and People Magazine. When Rob was dating Kristen Stewart, we never would have expected him to ‘sell out’ this way, but I guess that’s when happens when you’re in loooove, a.k.a. have succumbed to Hollywood’s media-obsessed pressure.

To be fair, Rob probably knows that FKA Twigs is just using him – at least to some degree – for her career. However, all the sources close to the couple do say that they are both head over heels for each other, so it’s probably a quid pro quo thing. Rob gets street cred from dating FKA, and FKA gets all the career and industry connections that Rob has. Win win, right?

Well, if they get married, maybe not so much. According to our sources, FKA Twigs is refusing to sign a prenup when she and Rob get married. In that scenario, she’s entitled to whatever oodles of money he makes during their marriage, which will probably last a few years, at most.

However, will Robert Pattinson be amenable to the idea of FKA Twigs not signing a prenup? The two seem like they’re already engaged, or at least, unofficially ‘engaged’. Promise rings, remember? But if FKA Twigs is by some odd chance after Rob’s money, then refusing to sign a prenup is the perfect way to go about it. She can make it seem as though it’s an innocent request, but at the end of the day, FKA Twig’s did manage to manipulate Robert into making her famous, so why would we trust her motives now?

What do you guys think? Should FKA Twigs and Robert Pattinson get married without a prenup? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

  • wearetheweirdos

    I see y’all didn’t post my other comments about each and every article being trash. It’s okay. Peep me calling yall out on every social media account I have and can gain access to.

  • wearetheweirdos

    But relating to this, where do you get your sources? First there was a “fight” about the Oscars and vanity fair that you claimed they had but this is March. Oscars were in February. You guys are so late and if it did happen (WHICH IT DIDN’T) they are together and probably kissing as I type this. Keep hating because at the end of the day, they are getting more love from fans, falling more for each other and being bigger than you EVER will amount up to. Your pitiful life is posting trash online about celebrities you know NOTHING about.

    • Pharmtechgirl

      Preach!! I could not have said it better! It amazes me at how much hate people can have for someone they don’t even know. I mean I’m happy that we live in a country where we are free to express ourselves but I’m very sad that we never stop to think before we post our opinions. We aren’t in a relationship with Robert and Twigs, we have no idea how they feel about each other. I wish them all the best, I think they make a lovely couple!

  • Elizabeth

    jajajajjajajajjajaja she is a famewhore, poor Rob!

  • Constance Cappadonia somstuip

  • Hilary

    At the rate piglet is spending his cash he wont need a prenup!

    • Windows2thesoul

      Um, excuse me, but “piglet” has her own money. She doesn’t need his. Obviously you’re jealous you aren’t the one making him go broke. You know you all are the queens for that.

      • Kris

        If she has her own money…Then why does she object to signing a pre-nup?

    • Guest

      Some people race to the top and others race to the bottom

  • I hope he sees it

    Hell no way. I know that they say love is blind. But I sure hope that he’s not that stupid. See if she really does love him like she says. Then it really shouldn’t matter. But I only see that there love for each other is just one sided. It’s just him that’s in love.

    • Windows2thesoul

      Really? And you know this how…..

  • momsandpops

    Love or no love She would have to sign a prenup. before marriage. I hope Rob will be smart about this and insist that she sign on the dotted line. I think they will have a happier life if this is done it will protect both of them. Signing a prenup does not stop a person from loving someone it protect what you have earned in case of a divorce, Why should she be entitled to Rob’s assets before he met her. What they accumulate doing the marriage is considered community property. I wish both of them good luck and hope they continue to be happy with each other.

  • katy

    Rob has very bad judgement in women or he cant keep them happy.First one cheated now this one is using him for fame and money

  • imrandhukka

    Robert please forget your past.and focus your future.

  • Tell taller Tales

    This is total rubbish. Yeh and what about Robert Pattinson is going to have a sex change cos Twigs is really a lesbian. And Kristen Stewart is going to be the celebrant at their wedding. Oh and don’t forget that that Elvis promises to come out of hiding to sing at the wedding reception which will be held on Mt Everest

  • Kris

    She’s been dating him for a few months? He’s out promoting movies and she performs, so how much time were they really together. He’s never taken her to any of his events. That’s his personal career. I think he’s helped her as much as he’s going to. He has to work on his own career. Why is this always about her and what she wants? She’s gotten used to being ostentatious, having money, and his celebrity to help her career. It’s time she take the ball and run with it herself. All this old regurgitated garbage they’re running 24/7 probably just angers him because it’s lies. He hasn’t smiled since before the Britt Awards. He didn’t make the Red Carpet, her performance, and got there only for after party. He avoided any real pictures with her except the one with her band. Not one smile, and he’s generally a happy guy, but he looked miserable touting her stuff around like a roadie when he’s the celebrity I think it’s over. It looks like she’s cancelled her first LA event for next month.

  • What a load of horse hooey! Twilight has been far more of a curse for its actors than anyone realizes – FIVE major smear campaigns against one or the other of them SINCE the ‘cheating’ scandal in July 2012. Here’s a link to Robert’s career-hindering Rover Smear based on the WHOLE WIDE WORLD’S Twilight HATE:

  • Windows2thesoul

    There’s NO WIN here dear. Only confused, rude, ignorant people who think they know what’s really going on with these two and don’t know sh*t.

  • guest

    Why do you post this crap when no one knows what T and Rob think unless you were in their family or circle of friends, so quit writing this trash.