General Hospital Spoilers: Dillon Quartermaine Returns – Rosalie Betrays Michael, Nicholas Grabs Franco’s ELQ Shares

General Hospital Spoilers: Dillon Quartermaine Returns - Rosalie Betrays Michael, Nicholas Grabs Franco's ELQ Shares

Here are some “General Hospital” spoilers for the Monday June 1 show. There’s lots of stuff going on so this is not a week to miss! First of all CDL has heard from our exclusive source that on June 5 the surprise guest who drops in on the Quartermaine bash is Dillon Quartermaine, Lulu’s former lover.

Franco (Roger Howarth) knows Ric Lansing (Rick Hearst) is up to no good when it comes to Nina Clay (Michelle Stafford). But it’s even worse than Franco knows. Ric will be working with Nina’s mom Madeline Reeves (Donna Mills) who’s still behind bars. Seems like Ric may work some of his legal magic to get her loose and then Port Charles (and Nina) will be in real trouble, not to mention Nina’s assets!

But Franco has sort of an ally in Nina’s little brother Nathan West (Ryan Paevey) who will try to talk sense into his sister. Plus there are still some “General Hospital” rumors floating that Nina’s baby is alive and well and that Dr Obrecht (Kathleen Gati) gave the baby away. That baby may already be in Port Charles, now grown, or could be coming soon. That Nina baby could be Kiki Jerome [Hayley Erin] as CDL explained recently in an exclusive GH spoilers post.

Both Nathan and Franco want Nina to annul her hasty marriage to Ric and, even though Nina has doubts, she just won’t listen to them or her gut.

Meanwhile, we now know that Denise DeMuccio (Maura West) is not a DNA match for Ava Jerome (also Maura West) but is close enough that she’s immediate family. Ava’s mom Delia Ryan (Ilene Kristen) shows up to explain how the two are related. Denise doesn’t like the look of Delia, but is she Delia’s daughter also or is Denise the daughter of a sibling of hers?

And, if you don’t know, Delia Ryan was a major villain on now canceled ABC soap Ryan’s Hope. She was one of soap opera world’s biggest villains in the late 70s.

You know that saying that when one part of your life is going well, everything else will fall apart spectacularly? That’s how it’s going to go soon for Michael Quartermaine (Chad Duell). He’s got baby Avery back and he and brother Morgan Corinthos (Bryan Craig) will have a reconciliation soon as will Michael and his parents Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) and Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright).

But Michael’s business is about to be in trouble. Michael tasked Rosalie Martinez (Linda Elena Tovar) to get in touch with Nina and try to buy her influence to get Franco to hand over Ned Ashton’s (Wally Kurth) ELQ shares. Instead, Rosalie will call Nikolas, tell him what’s what so Nikolas can make a pre-emptive move to nab the shares right out from under Michael’s nose.

Also, Luke Spencer (Anthony Geary) has gone missing from the mental hospital and we’re preparing for his final scenes before he exits the show. Lulu Spencer (Emme Rylan) warns Tracy Quartermaine (Jane Elliot) but it’s okay, Luke isn’t out for blood this time. In fact, he’s going to get warm and cozy with some long lost family members before he says adieu for good.

Finally, now that Commish Sloane (Grayson McCouch) has told Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) all the dirt on his involvement in rigging the mayoral election and getting her booted from her job, he’s worried that Anna may spill the beans. She won’t – Anna still has blood on her hands from killing Carlos Rivera (Jeffrey Vincent Parise) so she will keep it zipped. I’ve still got fingers crossed for these two to form a romance once Anna comes back from her time to take Duke’s ashes to Scotland.

Be sure not to miss a moment of Monday’s show then come back to CDL for more “General Hospital” spoilers and gossip.