General Hospital Spoilers: Ric Proposes Marriage to Liz – Jake’s Fake Marriage Exposed, Who Get’s New Boyfriend?

General Hospital Spoilers: Ric Proposes Marriage to Liz - Jake's Fake Marriage Exposed, Who Get's New Boyfriend?

“General Hospital” spoilers indicate that Ric Lansing’s (Rick Hearst) plot to keep lady love Liz Webber (Rebecca Herbst) away from Jake Barnes (Billy Miller) is falling apart faster than he hoped. But will Ric make a strategic move to lock in Liz for good with a well-timed wedding proposal? If Ric can get Liz to the altar before the ugly truth comes out that Hayden Barnes (Rebecca Budig) is a phony and not amnesiac Jake’s wife, maybe he can keep Liz and, importantly, keep her out of Jake’s muscular arms.

Actor Rick Hearst recently talked about Ric’s hopes for his relationship with Liz in Soap Opera Digest. He said, “Ric understands it’s all a process with her. It’s sort of like ‘Dungeons and Dragons’. You’ve reached the first level of trust! You will now go on to the next!” Then Hearst through out the “M” word. He said, “To marry Elizabeth once again is his ultimate goal… so Ric throws marriage out there as a possibility…”

It seemed like Ric was getting ready to offer an off-hand proposal at his recent dinner with Liz before Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) busted into their meal at the Metro Court (why would Ric even bring her there?) and started hurling accusations at Ric. This put Ric on the defensive and killed the moment before he could work up his courage to let Liz know he’s in this for the long haul and wants his ring on her finger and her on his arm for good.

Once Ric does work up the nerve to mention marriage (or re-marriage in this case), “General Hospital” spoilers reveal that Liz will not throw up her hands and say I do. Liz will waffle and put off answering because she’s still hankering for Jake and she knows that Ric can be a tricky trickster and will want assurances that he’s not up to his old shenanigans before she agrees to settle down with him again.

And since Carly pushed Hayden on the subject of whether Jake has been shagging Hayden, Liz will have even more second thoughts. If he’s not bedding his supposed wife as Hayden indicated, this will give Liz hope for the future and a reason to put the brakes on with Ric. Rebecca Herbst said that Liz is “feeling so much that she doesn’t know how to put it into words”.

And speaking of Jake, Rick Hearst also said, “There’s some insecurity there, but it’s also that male level of competition. He doesn’t entertain the thought that she may have feelings for him [Jake]… he puts it more on ‘Jake’ as the one that is hung up on her [Liz]… I think Ric definitely wants to keep one eye on her [Liz] and one eye on him [Jake].”

What’s really interesting in all of this is that Ric is really jealous of Jake as an unknown entity, as a generic male threat to his relationship with Liz. But if Ric knew that Jake was really Jason Morgan, he’d really be imploding right now. Recall that Ric has long been jealous of brother Sonny Corinthos’ (Maurice Benard) brotherly relationship with Jason, so if he knew that’s who Jake was, he would be frustrated on two fronts.

If Ric can get Liz to the church on time, there’s a good chance he’ll have a runaway bride, but he better make a move soon. “General Hospital” gossip indicates that the time line for Ric’s scheming to fall apart is the Nurses Ball. He’ll squire Liz to the Ball and may even be planning on making a big gesture to propose on that magical evening, but it will all blow up in his face.

Pete, the guy that posed for the Jake pre-plastic surgery wedding photos has landed a job working at the Nurses Ball and Carly will recognize Pete from the pics she’s been shown. Pile that onto the research Damien Spinelli (Bradford Anderson) and Sam Morgan (Kelly Monaco) are conducting and Ric is headed for disaster in less than two weeks.

The big news that will come out is that Jake is not married, but not who Jake really is – not yet anyway. Although more “General Hospital” rumors abound that Liz will realize who Jake is and will keep the knowledge to herself because she’ll want to hang onto Jake and knows that Sam would snatch him away if she knew Jake was really her thought-to-be-dead hubby Jason.

Interestingly, Patrick Drake (Jason Thompson) may also figure out that Jake is Jason and will also keep this to himself so he doesn’t lose Sam to her real hubby. That will make three people in Port Charles keeping Jake’s identity to themselves to pursue their selfish ends – Liz, Patrick and Nikolas Cassadine (Tyler Christopher) who wants to keep Jake’s ID under wraps until he steals ELQ away.

Poor Jake. Poor Liz. But mostly, poor Ric. Sure Ric is a cad, but all he really wants is love in his life so you can kind of see where he’s coming from. But Ric never, ever, ever gets what he wants and will, instead, get what he deserves when he loses Liz to Jake very soon. Come back to CDL for more ‘General Hospital’ spoilers, updates and news!