George Clooney Divorce: Amal Alamuddin Tired of Being Hollywood Showpiece Wife – Bored by George’s Lowbrow Friends?

George Clooney Divorce: Amal Alamuddin Tired of Being Hollywood Showpiece Wife - Bored by George's Lowbrow Friends?

Amal Alamuddin and George Clooney could be heading for divorce as Amal is treated like a showpiece wife and made to vacation with George’s lowbrow friends. have been married four months, but for all intents and purposes, Amal has become Mrs. George Clooney in the eyes of Hollywood. A large part of that has to do with the fact that nobody ever expected George Clooney to get married, and as such, they are now associating George and Amal as one person. However, there’s also the fact that George is constantly parading Amal around as though she’s some prize showpiece wife, as opposed to a hotshot UN lawyer that’s probably smarter than most of his friends combined.

I mean, Amal has spent the last month being George’s plus 1 at every major awards function and every major red carpet, and now, she reportedly joined George on vacation in Cabo San Lucas with Rande Gerber and Cindy Crawford. Imagine – one of the brightest young international lawyers mingling with a supermodel and her trust fund husband, and having to discuss international politics with them. Can you blame Amal for looking excruciatingly bored at every one of these events, when everyone she talks to is probably at half her IQ level?

She might have thought that being married to George Clooney would provide more exposure and more opportunities – and while it might have done that – it doesn’t seem like she’s fully accepted the other aspect of the marriage. George Clooney is king of Hollywood, and so long as she’s his wife, she is the center showpiece and the prize that he won. She won’t be treated as a highly skilled lawyer, but rather as Mrs. George Clooney with a kickass fashion sense.

Considering all that, I’m honestly not surprised to hear the increase in divorce rumors. I think that George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin have only been married a little while and a possible divorce is still ages away, but it’s fairly obvious from even still photos that Amal is not all that happy.

What do you guys think? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  • Elia

    If she’s so intelligent, why did she marry George ?! Something is so off about them both. She couldn’t guess what his Hollywood life might be like ? LOL. AMAL looks like she wants to slap someone. Charming woman.

    • Karen Tellier

      Maybe she should!!
      George needs to grow up.
      He married a stunningly bright woman.
      You can’t top that.
      Maybe he should embrace her background more!
      Then he would get it.
      Amel is going to be demanding.She is a attorney.
      Nothing to be disrespected about.
      She has done it all in her young age.
      But that will be Georges down fall..
      She is bright behond her years and will require more then dress up it’s show time.
      George would get the boot.
      Dreaming is his problem..
      He needs to get real.

      • Benjamins

        nah she’s a FILTHY UGLY ARAB she male. Ugliest horse Clooney ever got involved with. Slimy & stinks like dead fish on a dock that have been out for days like typical sand crawlers cos of all the shit felafels & kebobs they chow.
        You too look like a camel. Uneducated too. This ugly Anal scrubber is a loser of a lawyer too.

    • gommer strike

      Maybe she knows something about him that we don’t? Let’s not assume the article is 100% correct. There are a ton of assumptions at play here.

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  • Getalife

    I think that everybody who has called Amal ugly or even speculated on this needs to get a life. You come across like a nasty loser and there’s no way in hell you’d say that to their faces. Not that your going to run into them at the county fair. Good luck to you in dealing with anybody. But from the way you talk, you must be perfect, beautiful, intelligent individuals and I bet as a bonus, you have reproduced at least a couple of times. Yikes. God protect us from people like you that are filled with hate and jealousy.

  • Tin

    I dont understand why she needs the panic room now. She didnt need that before so why now?! This woman needs a slap!!

  • Karim

    If the divorce rumours are true, she might regret changing her name so quickly now. It is common generally, but professional women are well known for retaining their professional (usually maiden) surname. Still, if my name rhymed with Mujahideen, I would probably change it too. Interesting surname Alamuddin. Allah plus Medine (as in the place name Medina). Mecca and Medina being sacred to Muslims.

  • Tamsin

    Why did she wear a white wedding dress if she is a Muslim of Arab stock? Makes no sense except for a photo opportunity. It is only the Christian Lebanese who wear a white wedding dress when they get married. As for the colour, they cannot all be virgins. Muslim girls in the UK top the list for the number of operations they have to get the unmentionables stitched back up before the “Virgin” wedding night.

  • C

    She is getting as much as she can. George is an actor so it’s hard to see if he is true. Stacey killer left him because she wanted a family which he now marries Amal abd wants a family ? It’s his ego and he can’t be without someone all the time. That’s corrupted Hollywood .

    Also, if you take notice … Amal is always with her boss abd both are representing . Even with wiki leaks!!! Show me one case she represented SOLO??? George ‘s manager is making all this publicity to suit George . Amal is NOT from money but is directed to say so per George along with servicing her wardrobe. Kudos to Amal fir playing it right to a do called Hollywood star. Really, George is only known fir jus looks , Aunt and charm that’s it.

    Panic room? If this is true then it’s due to Her being a Druze which is a liberal Muslim along with the media that has acknowledged this sbd brouht Her to the door light . Remember when George fought about protecting his fiancé and her family as well as his for being with Amal. Amal has everything she could dream of but George has not unless it’s politics. She must of given him only six months to decide to marry her or she walks . Probably waited until she got the ring which is kudos to her . I don’t think she really ever had a boyfriend!!!!

    • Sans NDA

      She’s had MANY boyfriends. She’s one of those Asian Islamic Arabs who wants to be a westerner. She had boyfriends at university & stayed with one regularly. Ugly gaunt guy like her. He dumped her for a white woman. There were many short flings.. Xavier, Sebastian, Jared, a judge she kept pressuring him to leave his wife. Another married man. In NY she was dating men.
      They all ran. She’s very unattractive & worst in real life.
      Yes, what happened was Geoffery Robertson introduced ugly Amal Alamuddin to George Clooney at Berner’s Tavern in London on Oct 24, 2013. It was set up at the request of a PR rep based in London. Some amphetamine addicted old woman ex-GCHQ. Works with another ex-MI6 operative whose real name is Sylvia Cheevers. Anyway,
      She contacted Baria Alamuddin via Her PR front called Globelle Communications. Baria is Ugly Amal’s mother. The PR also contacted Geoffery Robertson, supposedly to state that George wanted to talk about the Satellite Sentinel Project (which is run by the CIA).
      So the VERY FIRST DATE George Cloone met Amal Alamuddin was Oct 24, 2013, in London while he stayed at Baglioni hotel in Kensington & filmed the soundtrack to Monumental Men flop.
      By February 2014, he was seeing her privatly. He was 50:50 about her. Lukewarm. Protested to his team that she sounded good “ON PAPER” but was too ugly like a man. They made jokes about her nose calling her Ricky Ricardo, from what I recall. George is passive aggressive so would complain that she was uglier than Amy Winehouse…..
      I’ll continue below….

    • Sans NDA

      So, his PR team in collaboration with her insatiable mother Baria kept it concealed. They would fly her to Vancouver, Cabo, LA, Valencia…palming her on to him.
      At the same time, they advised Stacey Keibler & Elisabetta Canalis that they would get hige monetary incentives in media coverage if they married. Hoooker that they are, they found the next John. They’re ex Canne Yacht party girls, as you can imagine, so a trick is a trick…
      Then PR pressured George that as the “ex’s” were settling down, he’d look like a reject if he was still single…deciding on making a move…SO, HALF-HEARTEDLY GEORGE CLOONEY agreed to spend time with Amal Alamuddin who physically repulses him.
      In February 2014, PR reps working for Clooney’s handlers advised Amal Alamuddin & Baria the Walrus Alamuddin to start pressuring him. They were told to argue to him that if he wanted a public relationship & image restructure, then the TERMS WERE ONLY WITH “A WEDDING”. GC agreed under pressure half-heartedly.
      Then followed the White House scrrening of Monument Men on Feb 18 ….& then the Safari/ Dubai trip with Ben Weiss his wife & AA’s cousin Tarek Gimpass (Baria’s nephew) & his Bulgarian mafia moll….
      By March, AFTER George was publicly seen with ugly Amal Alamuddin, they coerced him further & the wheels were in motion.
      Baria Analmudhole argued that Amal had a “reputation” (Bullcrap amal Alamuddin WAS SCREWING MARRIED MEN who used her & throwing herself on Eric Schmidt of Google)… So, dumb George reluctantly agreed to something he did not want…
      Eventually, after April 28, when he was besotted with the media coverage he was getting, he committed to it. Wedding venues were booked in late February…

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  • Jane

    Amal is smart and beautiful and such a better catch than Hollywood bachelor George Clooney. I hope she divorces this arrogant, self centered, washed up Hollywood nair do well who thinks he is on a class by himself! What an egotist! He married her to gain a political career – hopefully she sees his “goal” and prepared a great “pre-nup”.

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  • Derek Worthington

    Amal is a MAN!!! Really, It’s just gross and not very funny. What’s with this, it’s like Michelle Obama. Is this the new style they want everyone to follow? Not me…..