Graceland Recap: 6/25/15 Season 3 Episode 1 Premiere “B-Positive”

Graceland Recap: 6/25/15 Season 3 Episode 1 Premiere "B-Positive"

Tonight on the USA Network Graceland returns with an all new Thursday June 25 season 3 premiere episode called, “B-Positive,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode the season 3 premiere finds the agents working to close out their ongoing cases and repair broken relationships. Briggs, [Daniel Sunjata] meanwhile, is coerced into taking a high-risk undercover operation within the Armenian Mafia.

On the last episode, in the season 2 finale, the agents set their final trap for the Solano Cartel; Sid had a few tricks up his sleeve. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the USA synopsis “as the agents of GRACELAND strive to close out their ongoing cases and mend broken relationships, Briggs (Daniel Sunjata) finds himself coerced into a high-risk undercover operation within the Armenian Mafia.”

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be a great premiere and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of USA Network’s “Graceland” at 10:00 PM EDT! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are for this episode of Graceland tonight. In the meantime, check out the sneak peek below of tonight’s episode.



#GracelandReturns 10 days after the season finale. Briggs is at Mike’s funeral and Sid is there with Johnny watching him through a scope. Sid asks why he’s there and Briggs says paying respects. Sid tells him to go back where he came from and Briggs says no. Sid cocks his gun and lays it down and says it’s to help him fight the good fight then says – I’ll see you around Paul West.

Jakes comes into the house with his bag and calls out a greeting. He asks when they stopped cleaning and Charlie says they’ve been busy. She says she’s tired and to skip the lecture. Johnny and Briggs come back and says they got nowhere with Sid. They discuss just putting a bullet in Sid and Charlie says they’re supposed to be the good guys. Jakes gets the chore wheel and assigns work.

He says he’s not their mom and Johnny says Sid is trying to kill them and they don’t need the chore wheel. Jakes says that’s why they need to keep it clean. He says Mike was on laundry so he’ll pick that up. Paige thinks about telling Sid where Mike was at the hospital. She notices a motorcycle on her tail and turns. She sees the guy pull a gun and he pulls up beside her and fires.

She takes a hard turn and knocks the guy off his bike. She crashes then staggers out of the truck. We see Briggs staring as someone comes out of an MRI machine. He asks how Mike is doing and smiles. Mike says it could be worse. Briggs says until they nail Sid, he’s dead and Mike asks how Paige is doing. Briggs says she’s banged up but will mend. He says the attack was one of Archer’s CIs so they know it was Sid then wonder why he went after her.

Mike asks Briggs not to report that Paige gave him up to Sid. Mike thanks him for saving his ass that day. He says he was just a bystander while he flatlined and says doctors saved him. Mike thanks him anyway. A nurse checks on him then Briggs says the Tibetans call the state between this life and the next rebirth bardo and says it can be peaceful or disturbing.

He asks if Mike had any enlightenment. He says there was a bright light, harp music and his grandfather with an ice cream cone. Briggs laughs and then Mike has a horrible pain and reaches for the morphine button. Briggs tells him to fight the pain but he can’t. He gets the drugs and his eyes go loose. He tells Briggs it’s just to get through the worst. Briggs says to get some rest then takes off. Outside, a couple of suits tell him to come with them.

He heads to the federal building with them and sits waiting in an office. Agent Sean Logan introduces himself then asks about Juan Badillo. He says Mike was their top suspect for the Tecate massacre. Logan says he listened to the tape and hears an honest mistake until they tried to cover it up. Logan asks how they proceed. Briggs says – you’re asking for my opinion. Logan says they don’t want an indictment and Briggs asks what it will cost him.

Logan hands him a file about Ari Adamian of the Sarkissian family. He says the bureau has been trying to get into the Armenian mob. They think Ari is the way in and they want Briggs on it. He asks why him and Logan says he can take them down and come out rosy or they can slog through the river of shit that tape will cause. Charlie chats up a wounded Paige and she says it’s not as bad as it looks. Charlie asks again how she is and sits to talk.

Paige says she’s tired, pissed off and feels helpless waiting for Sid to take another shot at them. Charlie then asks when she’ll go visit Mike and says he keeps asking for her. She says she doesn’t know what happened between them. Paige cuts her off and Charlie says she need to unload what she’s carrying around before it crushes her. Charlie walks out. Sid comes home and his wife Maggie and son greet him. Maggie says Paige came by to see him.

He asks Maggie to take his son to bed then tells Paige she can’t be there. She says she doesn’t want to be there but he tried to have her killed. He slams her against the wall and says if he wants her dead, he’ll kill her without fanfare. She says there’s an inquest. He lets her throat go. She says she’s been avoiding investigators for six days and says they need to have their stories straight. He chokes her until she gags then tells her to get out.

Paige says it’s her ass on the line too. He says he’ll tell her when and where and tells her to get out. She goes. At the house, Briggs tells Paige it’s not right. He says she’ll be implicated in Mike’s attempted murder if Sid confesses. She doesn’t care but Paige says some of them need to start paying for what they’ve done but he says penance doesn’t mean death. She says sometimes it does. Back at the bureau, Briggs meets with Logan and crew to talk about the Armenians.

Martun Sarkissian is the head of the snake and Logan says he arms everyone in a conflict. Martun stays isolated and his right hand man Tevan Adamian is the only person he meets and Ari is his nephew and heir apparent. He says Tevan is living on dialysis after a kidney failure. Logan says they fed him a kidney transport of the right blood type to encourage him to rob the transport. FBI agents are in the van and tells Briggs to come with him.

He says Colby Moore has been building an ID with Ari but he has cancer stage four. He hands him a dollar bill and says it’s his credibility. Johnny gets a call from Jakes who asks where he is and says tactical told him he’s headed to Tecate to make a drop. Jakes asks why and Johnny asks if they have Carlito and Johnny says he’s trying to finish it. He hangs up on Jakes. The Armenians are at a hookah place when Briggs comes in.

He heads into the back and knocks on the door of the counting room. He says he’s Colby’s guy and Ari asks to see it. Briggs hands over the dollar half which Ari matches to his half. He says he doesn’t look like a Paul and Briggs asks what a Paul looks like. Ari says blonder and Briggs offers to get highlights. Ari says he’s not looking for a wise ass and Briggs says Colby didn’t tell him what he was looking for and he has pplent of muscle evidently.

Ari says guys like he and Colby answer to him then asks for his cell. Briggs hands it over and Ari says his cousin has to wear a GPS ankle bracelet and says it’s appalling. He says the rest of them pay $100 a month for the privilege and smashes his phone. He says to get a prepaid or use smoke signals like a Cherokee. He asks if he’s ready and Briggs says he heard they’re knocking over a medical transport van. Ari says no van then says – let’s go get a kidney.

Ari takes Briggs to an apartment complex. They walk around with guns out talking. They get to a loud door and Ari kicks in the door and confronts Sammy and he asks if he’s B positive. Briggs says someone might see them. The guy says he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Briggs says they should grab him and go. Sammy screams for help but Ari grabs him then smashes him into the back of the car to shut him up. Briggs says someone might see them.

Ari pushes the guy into his trunk then tells Briggs to help get him in. He hits him to knock him out then they shove him in. He asks Briggs if he likes kebabs and says he knows a place. Jakes finds Charlie brushing her teeth then asks her about the tape. He says she knows about Briggs, Odin and Juan. He asks if any of it will land on him but she says the tape is Briggs’ problem. She says they’re done as a couple but the world is a better place when Paul is a good guy. He agrees.

Ari and Briggs drive and eat kebabs and Briggs asks where they’re going. He says he has doubts about the size of Briggs’ dick and he asks where they’re going to cut him open. He says they’re going to pick up ice at a Circle K. A motorcycle cop pulls up behind them and Ari says the car is stolen. Briggs says they can’t outrun him and Ari says he has another way. He gets a gun and cocks it and Briggs says they can talk their way out of it – he says cop killing is bad business.

Briggs says to let him handle it and gets out. The motorcycle cop pulls down on Briggs and tells him to get on his knees. He asks who else is in the car and then hears the guy in the trunk. Briggs tells the guy to call it in but he doesn’t listen. Briggs takes his gun and tells him he needs his help because his cover team isn’t coming. The guy doesn’t listen, tases Briggs then the cop is hit by a passing car. Ari says – oh shit and gets out to deal with Briggs and the cop.

In Tecate, Johnny drives up to the gates and is allowed inside. He pops the trunk and is greeted by Carlito. He’s shocked to see Lucia there and he asks what this is. Carlito says he thought the two lovebirds would like to catch up then says Johnny is underdressed. He tells him to sit and he does then asks if Carlito hurt her. Lucia says he has to kill him and Carlito hands him a gun. Lucia tells him to pick up the gun but Johnny doesn’t. Carlito tells him to eat.

Johnny picks up the fork and takes a bite. Carlito tells him to try the tamales and Johnny says he proved his point. Lucia grabs the gun and fires at Carlito but it’s not loaded. Carlito has her taken away as she screams for Johnny. Carlito tells Johnny she stays and the money keeps coming and says it’s his fate. He gets back to Graceland tied and Charlie asks where he’s been and he says Mexico. She says she got a lead on Germaine. Paige says Briggs isn’t answering.

She says she’s meeting Sid in an hour and needs him on tactical. Charlie asks what the hell is going on. Charlie finds Mike sketching – she brought booze and he says he’s sick and she’s pregnant. She says it’s apple juice and just symbolic. She says tonight they’re nailing Sid and says Paige is working him and is convinced she has him backed into a corner. Mike says they have to go and he tries to get out of bed. He says you don’t back Sid into a corner and expect him to talk.

He says he will kill Paige. Paige waits and Johnny says no eyes on him yet. Johnny says he hopes he gets to shot Sid tonight. She says no one can shoot him until he talks and then a car pulls up. She asks if he’s in position. Johnny has him in his sights. Paige says not to fire until she says so. She holds up her hands to show she’s unarmed. Johnny sees Sid walking then another car pulls up. Sid goes to pull and then Sid stops as the car pulls up. Mike gets out and asks if he wants to finish the job.

Sid gets back in the car and drives off. Paige is furious. Charlie drove Mike there and she gets out too. Charlie tries to stop Paige and says they have to take him in. Sid peels out and tactical goes after him after Johnny hops out. Paige is furious. Mike goes over and says he gets it but he can’t let her do this. She shoves him backwards hard and says he has to stop trying to save her. He goes down hard and is hurt from his injuries. He says he’s sorry and he forgives her. Paige sobs and walks away.

Briggs wakes to blood dropping and see Sammy is hung upside down and dead. Ari calls him sleepy head then says Colby was right about him. He says he took both the guys kidneys for backup. He says he worked with an Albanian once on an organ harvest and says it’s not that easy. He asks Briggs to help out. He says he doesn’t pay him to lie around. They wrap the guy in plastic then throw him back in the trunk. Briggs douses the car in gas and Ari lights a cigarette then throws it on the car.

It goes up in a ball of fire. Briggs heads back to the federal building bloody and furious. He calls out for Logan loudly. Logan says they lost him today and he says he never had him and there was no cover team and he hung him out to dry. Then Briggs says a cop saw him. He says he knew what kind of maniac Ari is so he sent him in alone. Logan says the details will be in his report. Briggs says they abducted a man, stole his organs then burned him in a car.

Logan says to put it in a report. Briggs tells him to look at him then says Sammy is dead and the operation is over. Logan says thousands die every day from the arms the Sarkissians provide. He says this is larger than both of them and says Briggs can get a therapist or Kleenex, but it’s not over until he says it is. He shouts at Briggs to get the hell out of his office. Briggs goes. Sid checks his go bag and pulls out cash and passports.

Jakes says they’ve got train and airports watched plus border patrol. Mike says the guy was never going to talk and Paige was on a border mission. Charlie ends a call then says the wife and kid are on a flight for Andorra where there’s no extradition. Mike says he got his things back and something is missing. Charlie asks what. Johnny asks if Mike is with them and says he’s not cleared for duty yet. Mike asks why the house is such a mess and Jakes says thank you.

Paige tells them she’s moving out. She says she put in for a transfer and says the DA will approve it once Sid is behind bars. Mike says she doesn’t have to do it. Charlie looks at the letter saying Paige will get an award for the Lina letter. Briggs says Paige doesn’t owe them an explanation. They ask where Briggs was today and Johnny is annoyed. Briggs says he’ll tell them about his day. They go sit at the beach and he tells them about his horrible day.

He says he’s a case agent, the truth will come out and someone will be held accountable for Ari’s crimes. He says he’ll be their sin eater and he can’t walk away. He says he’s done more bad than others and it’s the penance he has to pay. They ask what Logan’s play is and he says the Sarkissians are the top echelon of arms dealers and Logan thinks he’s the ticket in. Johnny asks why he’s telling them and Briggs says that’s what they’re there for.

He says the house is dope but it’s just walls – he says the value is the people inside. He says they hold hands with the devil every day. He says he knows it’s going to get worse before it gets better and he hopes they’ll be there to pull him home. Johnny sits in a car waiting. Sid gets in the car with him. They drive away.