Grimm Recap 11/13/15: Season 5 Episode 3 “Lost Boys”

Grimm Recap 11/13/15: Season 5 Episode 3 "Lost Boys"

Grimm returns to NBC tonight with a brand new Friday November 13, season 5 episode 3 called “Lost Boys,” and we have your weekly recap and spoilers below. On tonight’s episode, Rosalee (Bree Turner) is taken by a band of orphaned children who are desperate for a mother figure in their lives.

On the last episode, Nick dealt with big changes in his home life as he worked to keep his child and Adalind safe; at the same time, the rise of the Wesen continued; and Hank adjusts to a new partner while investigating a brutal murder at an investment group. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have you covered with a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the NBC synopsis, “Rosalee is taken by a band of orphaned children who are desperate for a mother figure in their lives. After discovering a similar missing persons case ended not so happily, Monroe, Nick and Hank race against the clock to prevent another tragedy. Meanwhile, Adalind considers returning to her career after running into an old colleague.”

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#Grimm begins with movers at Nick’s house bringing out boxes. He goes upstairs and knocks on Adalind’s door. She says she just has to put Kelly in the car seat then asks how long he lived there. He says six and a half years and he didn’t know he was a Grimm then. He says the first woge she ever saw when she came out of a coffee shop. He says she scared the hell out of him. She says he scared her too because she had never seen a Grimm. The moves come for the crib and Adalind walks out with Kelly to take him to the car. Nick goes downstairs and looks around.

Monroe does the books and tells Rosalee the shop kicked ass yesterday and they toast to it. Monroe doesn’t like the tea she made and he hacks and coughs. Rosalee notices a bullet hole on the shelf from when Juliette tried to make Nick shoot them. She flashes back to that then Monroe comes in. She says she misses the old Juliette. He hugs her. We see a barefoot women running through the woods while her children call to her. She runs from them. She trips and is falls hard and is dead. The group of kids who calls her mom wonder why she left them and talk about they loved her so much.

They hear a car and one kid, Big John, cuts off a hank of her hair and then they hide in the woods. The kids eyes glow and they talk about finding another mother. Nick drives Adalind and Kelly to their new house. They are in a warehouse area and he says they’ll be safe there. He pushes a button and the door to a paint factory opens. He drives inside and parks the car. Adalind looks around unsurely and then gets out. She says it’s so kid friendly. Nick presses a number into a security pad and opens another door. They head inside and he says it’s barren but enough to start.

He says the furniture is in storage so no one would know where they are. She says it’s good and he tells her about the points of exit and access. He also shows her a Shanghai tunnel that’s not on the city plan. He shows her the room for she and Kelly and he shows her the steel window guards. She says it’s not charming but does feel safe. He says he can’t take any chances with she or Kelly and he points to his cot. There is one bathroom in the corner. She says she needs food and he gives her a credit card, a key and the door key. He also gives her the key to Juliette’s car.

He gets a call from Hank and says he has to go. She reassures him she won’t ask what time he’ll be home. She looks around and says home sweet home. The kids are in a lean to shack in the woods and Big John says it’s his fault mother got away because he fell asleep on watch. Big John takes the hank of hair he cut and puts it in a box with other similar souvenirs. He says it’s because of what they are. Peter says real mothers wouldn’t abandon their children no matter what they were. Lily is coughing and seems sick and Peter makes her some tea. OMG – it’s the kids from Peter Pan!

They tell her to sleep but Lily says it’s hard to breathe and Peter says she needs real medicine. Peter and John agree to go into town to get her medicine. Wu shows Nick and Hank the dead woman’s body and they decide she was kept tied up based on ligature marks. Her name is Wendy Henley and she’s been missing two years. Renard finds Meisner in his office – they each comment they thought the other was dead. He tells him the king had an accident. He says he fell out of his helicopter over the ocean. Meisner says Diana is safe and with friends. He says Viktor wasn’t happy.

Meisner admits he threw the king out of the helo and this means Viktor is on the throne. Meisner says he doesn’t know where Diana is and says he’ll contact Sean later. He says he was never there and leaves. John and Peter go to a pharmacy. A cop is there. They look at medicine and they see a mom yelling at a boy. John’s eyes glow and Peter tells him to chill or they’ll be sent to foster care. They see the guard and leave in favor of another store. Hank and Nick talk to Renard about the dead woman who went missing. They watch video of the woman walking off with a girl in a parking lot.

Renard says talk to the husband about the wife’s body and see how he reacts. John and Peter come into the spice shop asking for stuff for a cough. Rosalee offers them goldenseal and then John breaks something and apologizes. She tells him not to touch the broken glass then she sees Peter stealing. They argue and she says she’s calling the police. Peter woges and shocks her. Rosalee fights off Peter and tackles him. He calms down and he says it’s for his little sister. She lets him up but threatens him first. She asks where his parents are and he says he has none. She asks where he lives and he says nowhere.

Peter begs her and says his sister is sick. She hands him the medicine and says don’t try that again. He asks why she wasn’t scared of him and she says she’s seen worse. He runs out when Monroe comes in. She says she let him keep the medicine and Monroe says why. She says he had no money and it was for his little sister. She says he has no parents but Monroe scoffs. He says kids should be cherished and are lying little bastards. She asks if he’ll feel that way about their kids and he says no. He says he has to go work on a watch and tells her not to be such a softie. She calls him one too and he leaves.

Nick and Hank bring the husband to see Wendy’s body. He IDs her then rants about the cops investigating him and searching his house and his parents’ too. He’s frustrated and says he thought she was dead two years ago then asks where she’s been and who would do this to her. John tells Peter the lady who gave them the medicine had pretty hair. Peter says she wasn’t scared of him and he says maybe she’s seen others like them. John almost steps into a hole and Peter tells him to pay attention and stop forgetting.

Adalind tells Kelly the car they’re driving belongs to a woman who tried to kill him. A guy named Lane approaches her that she knew from work. He makes small talk and asks who the dad is. She says it’s no one he knows and he asks a bunch of questions then says if she wants to work, Berman would hire her back in a second. He says if she comes back, ask for more money. He says he’ll see her around and he goes. Adalind considers this. Rosalee talks to Monroe on the phone and lays down the phone when Lily comes into the shop. She coughs then says her brother told her she was nice for giving the medicine to them.

Lily asks if she cares about them and Rosalee says sure. Monroe hears all of this. John and Peter sneak up on her and put a cloth over her face while Lily distracts them. Monroe hears this and panics. Monroe race back to the shop and calls for Rosalee but she’s gone. He runs all through the shop. Hank and Nick report back to Sean on the ME report on Wendy. Then Nick gets a call from Monroe and says Rosalee is gone. He says he heard it on the phone. Nick and Hank head there. John drives them all back to the woods and they wonder if Rosalee will like them. They have her tied up in back.

Peter tells her no one will hurt her and says they need her. She asks where they’re taking her. He says home. She looks at him like he’s nuts. He says don’t be afraid. Monroe tells Hank and Nick about the kids that came back and took Rosalee. He says he has no names and says Rosalee felt sorry for the kids. He says he’s a kid – like a young teenager and says he woged and is an Apgadniks. Rosalee rants at the kids but they tell her John will hurt her if she doesn’t calm down. She tells him people will look for them and they won’t like what happens.

Nick and Hank check surveillance footage from the bank nearby. Nick spots something on the footage. Nick says it looks like the truck from the Wendy Henley case. They confirm it’s the same and Monroe says there was a girl. They decide the guys are using the girl as bait. Monroe asks what happened to her and Nick says they found her body at the side of the road. Monroe says he can track if he has the dead woman’s scent. They go to the morgue and he woges then sniffs up and down her. He says he’s got it – let’s go.

Rosalee stares at clippings on the wall of mothers and children. Peter says they can’t untie her yet because other mothers have abandoned them that they loved. Peter says she’ll get used to being loved and Peter calls her mother then warns her if she runs out on her kids, he’ll find and kill her himself. He woges and says she’s in their world now. Hank, Nick and Monroe head out to where Wendy’s body was found and Monroe starts sniffing. He woges and picks up the scent. He takes off into the woods and they follow. He sniffs and walks.

All the kids bring food to Rosalee. The kids argue over whose food they brought her is better. Peter says no fighting at dinner and they sit. They all call her mother and ask her nicely to eat. She tries a berry. Then she smiles. Monroe says he smells more and says she’s not alone and all from the same direction. They press on. Peter says time for bed. Lily takes Rosalee’s rope and says she’ll sleep next to her. They ask her for a bedtime story. She asks what kind and they tell her a good long one with fighting. Rosalee tells them the tale of the Grimm and the Wolf and they ask what a Grimm is.

She says they see Wesen and hunt them. They ask what Wesen are. Rosalie says the story starts with a boy who can change into a wolf when he gets mad and says his parents told him never to show anger in front of strangers because that stranger might be a Grimm. She says he was Blutbaden but the kids don’t know that word. They ask if the boy listened to the mother and she says no and that’s always a mistake. She says the boy woged in front of a Grimm and says the Grimm’s eyes turned black as a moonless night and it was too late – the Grimm had cut off his head.

Peter says he doesn’t like the story. Then Rosalee says the parents wanted revenge and set a trap for the Grimm. Monroe triggers the trap – a giant log that almost smashed him to bits but they warn Monroe and he evades it. The kids fall asleep and Rosalee woges and starts gnawing at her ropes. Monroe and the guys get closer. She has her ropes of and steps away just as Lily coughs. Rosalee goes outside and looks around. She starts running and then Lily coughs awake and calls for mother then sees she’s gone. The other kids wake and they all freak and run out after her.

Rosalee falls into a trap the kids dug and she’s down in a hole. Then the kids are all there around her. Lily asks why she did this and Peter says she’s a bad mother then tells the others to get her out. They drag her out and Peter says they warned her. The kids all woge and they are all different types. She says this has gone far enough then Rosalee woges too. She tells them – don’t make me hurt you and the kids go back. Lily says she’s the same as her and woges again then runs to Rosalee and calls her a real mother. They hear someone coming and she says it’s her husband. The kids woge and tell Monroe he can’t have her. John freaks and says Nick is a Grimm and is going to cut off her head.

Rosalee won’t let them hurt the kids. Rosalee hugs Lily and says they didn’t hurt her. The kids tell them they don’t want to go back. They have the kids at the police department and Rosalee signs the statement and Nick says child services will take over. Rosalee doesn’t like the idea of them being in the system. She goes over and talks to them. She says she’s sorry she couldn’t be their mother then says this world isn’t fair sometimes. She say she wishes she could make it better then she thinks. She tells Lily she can write to her but Lily says she never wants to see her again. She tells Rosalee she hates her.

Lily’s eyes glow in her anger and Rosalee walks away. Adalind lies in bed and hears Nick come in. She tells him she can’t sleep and says the baby is supposed to keep the parents awake. Nick says the baby has less to worry about. Adalind says she doesn’t want to be alone then asks for tonight if he can sleep in their room. Then she apologizes and says it’s weird and he says it’s all beyond weird at this point. He comes and lies down in the bed next to her and she thanks him. He looks at her. At home, Rosalee frets about the kids and tells Monroe she told them a Wesen story about a Grimm.

She says the kids have no idea what they are. She says they knew they were different but they have no idea about their reality. Monroe says there is no normal and Rosalee says she hopes they get the help they need. We see the boys led into an office and the guy says he’s Warden Hooke and he says their friend Lily is fine. He says he knows what they are and says show me. He woges and says – show me – they woge too. He says good and he lets his woge go. He tells them they have a chance to join others like them and says Occultatum Libera. They repeat it and he says they have a new family. Meisner has Trubel and he tells her – it’s time. She looks like her face has been beaten.