Grimm Winter Premiere Recap – Monroe Taken by the Wesenrein: Season 4 Episode 9

Grimm Winter Premiere Recap - Monroe Taken by the Wesenrein: Season 4 Episode 9

Grimm returns to NBC tonight with a brand new Friday January 16, season 4 episode 9 Winter Premiere called “Wesenrein” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, the Wesenrein act on their many threats against Monroe [Silas Weir Mitchell] and Rosalee’s marriage; at the same time, Nick [David Giuntoli] and Hank [Russell Hornsby] bring Wu to a place where he’s sure to find the answers he’s seeking; and Juliette attempts to come to grips with her new reality.

On the last episode, an unsuspecting traveler brought a blood-sucking legend with him to Portland, and Nick (David Giuntoli) and Hank (Russell Hornsby) found themselves investigating the gruesome trail of “El Chupacabra.” Meanwhile, Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) and Rosalee (Bree Turner) prepared to leave for their long-overdue honeymoon as they were met with more threats regarding their marriage. Elsewhere, Viktor (guest star Alexis Denisof) and Adalind (Claire Coffee) decided to take a trip of their own, while Wu (Reggie Lee) decided to confront Nick about what he had been seeing. Bitsie Tulloch and Sasha Roiz also star. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the NBC synopsis, “the Wesenrein act on their many threats against Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) and Rosalee’s (Bree Turner) marriage. Meanwhile, Nick (David Giuntoli) and Hank (Russell Hornsby) bring Wu (Reggie Lee) to a place where he’s sure to find the answers he’s looking for. Elsewhere, Juliette (Bitsie Tulloch) tries to come to grips with her new reality.”

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Juliet screams as she woges and then her face goes back to normal. She touches it to make sure and then runs to call Nick. She looks at herself in the mirror but her face stays the same. Nick and Hank come to let Wu in the drunk tank. They tell him they’ve come to give him the answers he wants. He says there’s no excuse for what he did but takes his coat and goes with them. They take him out to the woods and Wu asks what they’re doing. They tell him he’ll see.

Nick says it’s easier to show him than tell him. Wu asks them to tell him a little first. Hank says he’s not sure it’s a good idea. He asks Wu if he wants answers or not. Nick asks if he remembers the book he found at his house. He says he has more of them but if Wu isn’t interested, they can drop it. Wu says he’d like to see what he’s got. They take him to the trailer and let him inside with them. He hesitates, then goes inside and closes the door behind him.

Nick says this is where they come to figure out what they’re dealing with. We looks around at the books, the weapons and the strange mechanisms. Nick shows him a photo of one of the creatures he saw. Nick and Hank tell him they saw it too. Then he shows him photos of more and more Wesen that he’s seen. He tells Wu they’re all real and Hank says sometimes he sees them but Nick sees them a lot more. Wu asks if he imagined them and Hank says no.

Hank says they’re called Wesen and Nick tells him he’s a Grimm. Wu asks if he’s like the German writers. He tells him Teresa is a Grimm too and that’s how she killed Stuart. He says she knew what he was but he didn’t know what she was until it’s too late. He shows him a drawing of a hundjager and Nick says the books and weapons have been in his family for generations. Hank says he was in the same position Wu is now and that’s when Nick told him the truth.

Nick asks if he wants to walk away but Wu says he’s not going anywhere and he sits down to look at the book. Rosalee is making a snack when she gets a call from her mom. She says they’re leaving first thing in the morning. She tells her she’ll call when she feels like it since it’s their honeymoon. She looks out the window and sees the police car still there and calls out to Monroe but he doesn’t answer. She opens the door and steps outside. She looks around then goes to the cop car.

She gets close and sees the broken plate and that the car is empty. She calls out for him then begins to panic. She screams and then she hears a groan. Officer Acker comes staggering out of the bushes. She goes running into the house. Monroe comes to in the back of a van. He sees a guy with the evil half mask looking at him. He tells Monroe he’s going to love watching him die. Wu leafs through the book and asks why they lied to him and how he knows they’re not lying now.

He asks shouldn’t they be out killing the Wesen and Nick says they’re not all bad. Wu says sarcastically that it’s good to know when Nick says some of his best friends are Wesen. Rosalee calls in a panic and says they took Monroe and Officer Acker is on the ground. She says she called 911 and he tells her to lock the doors and stay inside. Nick tells Wu they have to go and will explain on the way. Juliette is freaking out as the house is falling apart around her.

She looks and sees that the mirror is cracked. OMG. Is she working magic? They tell Hank and Nick that Acker was hit on the head and dragged into the bushes. Acker says it’s all his fault. He says he thought he saw something and was hit. He didn’t see who hit him or any vehicles. They go in to talk to Rosalee and she says they’re going to hurt Monroe. He asks her to calm down. She says he brought Officer Acker some food but didn’t call back.

She tells him she’s going to hunt them down and kill them all. Nick says she needs to go to his house now for safety sake and says he’ll call when they find him. He promises her they’ll find Monroe. He says he’ll call Juliette. She’s sweeping up the mess as he calls. She says they need to talk but he says the wesenrein have Monroe. She says no and he says he’s sending Rosalee to her now.

She is silent and then says yes, to bring her over. She’s in shock all around. He says he may not be home for awhile. They haul Monroe out of the van and into a warehouse. He’s still pretty out of it – must have drugged. He sees masked people all around but everything is blurry still. They start chanting “impuro.” Back at the police station, Acker says he’s sorry that he screwed up. They tell him to go home and get some rest.

J waits for Rosalee looking haunted. Officers bring her over and Rosalee immediately breaks down crying. She tells J she’s scared and she tells her everything will be okay. Nick and Hank go to tell Renard about the wesenrein. They tell him they think he kidnapped Monroe and about the threats to Rosalee. He wants to go after Shawn Steinkellner first and he asks how they’ll handle Wu. They tell him they read him in but he doesn’t know about him. They tell him that’s up to him.

They pull up to Shawn’s and demand to know where Monroe is. He runs and they give chase and knock him down. They find one of the wesenrein masks on him. Monroe wakes and calls out for water. A young guy nearby hears him and comes over. He brings a thermos over and says they really messed him up. He sits Monroe up and he asks where they are. The guy says he can’t tell him and says not to tell anyone he gave him water since he’s not supposed to be talking to him.

Monroe chokes on the liquid and he asks if he doesn’t like vodka. He calls Monroe a dumb ass and says blutbaden don’t lie with fuchsbau. Monroe falls over again and the guy stomps off and puts his headset back on. Monroe speaks to someone chained up nearby. He tells the person it’s okay but the guy looks beaten and haunted. He asks how long he’s been there and the guy says he doesn’t know. Monroe asks if he knows where they are and the guy says no. He asks his name and he says Terry.

He asks Monroe if his wife is okay and Terry says he doesn’t know if they took her but he hopes not. Terry says – you don’t know what they do to you. The young guy comes over and tells them to stop talking. Renard brings in a guy and says he wants anyone tied to the wesenrein and says he can use any persuasion he wants. The guy woges then undoes and walks out. Wu is waiting outside the door and Renard asks if Nick and Hank explained everything to him.

Renard asks if Nick told him he sees things. Wu says he does. Renard asks if he understands this is all real. Wu asks if he knows all about it and says he didn’t see that coming. Renard says it’s better than being crazy and he tells him he can’t tell anyone. He asks Wu if there’s anything else. He starts to ask Renard if he’s something different but the captain tells him not to go there. He agrees and walks out. The other wesenrein come back and ask the young guy why he’s not wearing his gleichheit (his mask).

They tell him if they see him without it again, he won’t need a mask. They go over and tell Terry it’s time. He hands Monroe something and says to give it to his wife. He screams no as they drag him away. Monroe asks where they’re taking him but they don’t answer. The young guy says snippily – heartbreaking, isn’t it. Monroe opens his hand to see what Terry gave him – it’s his wedding band.

Viktor wakes a sleeping Adalind who woges on waking. She tells him he should have knocked. He tells her it’s time to go. She asks where, he says Portland. She says they’ll kill her but he says she’s not going alone. He tells her he’s going with her since that’s where the only people are that have a connection to her child. At the PD, they have Shaw in interrogation and he says they have nothing on him and denies all knowledge of the wesenrein. Nick asks to speak to him alone and Hank leaves.

He asks Nick if he’s going to throw him around. Nick says he knows where Monroe is being held. Nick slams his face into the table. He tells Nick he’s dead and woges out. He says he thought Nick wasn’t a Grimm anymore – now he’s scared. He says he’d rather be killed by a grimm than cross the grand master. Nick says they can test it. He says to tell him and Hank comes in to stop him. He lets Shaw go and the guy falls to the ground.

Renard comes in and asks Shaw if he’s all right. He says Nick tried to kill him. Renard says there’s a more primal law at work her. He says, you’re a klausstreich, Nick’s a grimm, I wouldn’t push it. Nick tells Renard that he knows. Renard says to put Shaw back out on the street and see what he does. Nick doesn’t like it. Renard says to put someone on Shaw’s house. He tells him to tell Wu this case is Wesen and put him on it.

Rosalee tells J she doesn’t know if Monroe is still alive and J tells her not to go there. They sit down and J tells her Nick is doing everything he can. Rosalee says she can’t sit and do nothing. Rosalee says the night before their wedding, for the rest of their lives, they would be Monroe and Rosalee together not just Monroe and Rosalee separate. She says she can’t lose him now. Wu comes to see Renard and he calls him in. Nick and Hank are there already.

Wu asks if this is important. They tell him that Monroe is a good wesen who was taken by a wesen hate group. They ask for his help and tell him it will push outside police procedure. He says he’ll do anything to find Monroe but then will need a more in depth talk after this. They agree and Renard says to release Shaw. Acker comes up and tells Wu he wants to make up for this. Wu tells him to go home and get some sleep. Acker says he can’t. He orders him to.

They let Shaw go and he heads home. He turns on the TV and flops on his sofa. He gets a call on his cell phone and he’s told there is a cop watching his house and he needs to walk out the back door now. He does. He goes out his back gate and gets into a waiting van with a guy he knows. He asks what the hell is going on. He says he didn’t tell the cops anything. The grand master is there and says he knows Shaw will. The guy woges and kills Shaw. They kick him out of the car and drive away.

Juliette is napping on the sofa when Rosalee wakes her and says she’s worried Nick tried to call and asks her to check her phone. She apologizes for falling asleep and checks her phone. Rosalee asks why they haven’t found him. She says Nick is playing cop when he needs to be a grimm and hunting them down. She tells Rosalee to calm down. Rosalee screams and tells her to call him now. J turns around and she tells her to stop turning her back on her. J woges and scares her.

Rosalee woges and J tells her she warned her and then she attacks and pulls out her throat. She’s stunned. She killed Rosalee. She asks what she’s done. It was a dream. Rosalee wakes her and tells her she was having a nightmare and screaming. She asks if Nick came home but Rosalee says no. J asks if she got any sleep and she says know. J says she’s going to make them something to eat. It’s early morning, Wu hears a scream and gets out of the car outside Shaw’s to go investigate.

Renard, Nick and Hank are researching all the wesenrein members to see if any of them have connections on a good place to hide Monroe. Wu calls in and tells Nick. He says they’re on the way and Nick says someone got to Shaw. Wu says they must have got to him through the back of the house. They figure out that someone tipped him off they were being watches and a wesen killed him. Wu asks if he can tell what kind by the wounds but they say no. They go to check his house.

Nick finds something and shows off a ceremonial robe with a wolfsangel on it. They ask if that’s Officer Acker in a photo in Shaw’s house. They wonder if Acker warned Shaw he was being watched. They go to pull Acker’s phone records. Monroe tries to get the young guy to wake up – he bangs his chains and says he has to go pee. The guy tells him to shut up but Monroe persists. He tells Monroe if his brother was around, he’d be dead by now. He says his brother is the grand master.

He tells Monroe that crap doesn’t matter here because he’s the master there. He tells Monroe if he makes one wrong move, he’ll cut him into little pieces and mail them to his fuchsbau bitch. Monroe plays injured, then woges and kicks the guy across the room. He gets the keys, unchains himself and takes off at a run. He goes to the doors and finds them locked. He heads back down and tries another exit. He kicks planks out of a wall and ducks outside.

He runs up the stairs and then outside but sees a truck pulling in. He takes off the other way to get away. He gets to a fence and climbs out through a tear in the chain link. He’s running through woods now. They stop and get out to come after him. He finds a body impaled on a huge spike. He sees the flannel shirt and realizes it’s likely Terry. His shock stops his progress and the wesenrein goons catch up and grab him by the arms.

Hank finds a call from Acker to Shaw. Wu says he called Oregon State Penitentiary several times. Nick says to call the warden and see who he’s been talking to. They drag Monroe back in and the young captor woges. His brother asks Jonah what he’s going to do about it. The grand master tells him the tribunal decides his fate, not him. Monroe calls the grand master filth but the guy says Terry brought this on himself for having no respect for his heritage.

He tells the others to get things ready and tells Monroe it’s time to pay for his sins. Hank says Walker Williams was the inmate Acker called and he also visited him. He was in for armed robbery. They wonder if Williams is part of the wesenrein and Renard tells them to get to Williams ASAP. J wakes Rosalee and tells her that Nick hasn’t called yet. Rosalee says she has to go home but J says it’s not safe. J tells her she thought of something. She shows her the list Trubel was working on.

She says someone on the list betrayed them. They go see Williams who denies knowledge of the wesenrein. He says he doesn’t know how he met Acker. They tell him Acker’s a cop and that he rolled on them. He says he knows nothing about the wesenrein. They threaten him. He woges. He freaks. He calls out for help and he says he was just taking calls for Charlie because he made him. He says Charlie Riken was his cell mate, the grand master. He says he’s crazy and would have killed him.

He says Riken didn’t want anything passed back to him. He says Charlie was released a month ago and the guy begs them not to tell Charlie it was him. They head to Charlie’s house and kick in the door. He’s not there but Hank found a phone. In the woods, they haul Monroe out to the killing spike in the woods. There’s a stage with quasi-Nazi banners hanging. There’s a tribunal on the stage in red robes with wolfsangel symbols on them. They start chanting – wesenrein – over and over.