Grimm Recap – A Toad-ally Hot Chick: Season 4 Episode 16 “Heartbreaker”

Grimm Recap - A Toad-ally Hot Chick: Season 4 Episode 16 "Heartbreaker"

Grimm returns to NBC tonight with a brand new Friday April 3, season 4 episode 16 called “Heartbreaker,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, the investigation into the death of a cyclist introduces Nick [David Giuntoli] and Hank [Russell Hornsby] to a Wesen with a tragic fatal touch; another member of the Royal family shows up; at the same time, Capt. Renard [Sasha Roiz] and Adalind learn that efforts to find the missing child have intensified; and Juliette toys with the idea of embracing what she has become instead of fighting it.

On the last episode, Nick (David Giuntoli) and Hank (Russell Hornsby) were called to investigate a one night stand turned deadly when a man found himself in the middle of a very bizarre love triangle. Captain Renard (Sasha Roiz) hoped Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) and Rosalee (Bree Turner) can help him deal with recurring episodes of phantom bleeding. Meanwhile, Adalind (Claire Coffee) made a discovery that might turn the tables in her favor and Juliette (Bitsie Tulloch) made a big decision that could change the course of her relationship with Nick. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the NBC synopsis, “A cyclist’s homicide introduces Nick (David Giuntoli) and Hank (Russell Hornsby) to a Wesen with a tragic fatal touch. Captain Renard (Sasha Roiz) and Adalind (Claire Coffee) learn the Royals have stepped up their efforts to find their child, and another member of the Royal family (guest star Nico Evers-Swindell) is introduced. Meanwhile, Juliette (Bitsie Tulloch) ponders the idea of embracing what she’s become as opposed to fighting it. Silas Weir Mitchell, Reggie Lee and Bree Turner also star.”

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#Grimm starts with Juliette waking and ranting at Renard that there is nothing in the book to help either of them. She demands to know where his mother is and says she’s sick of all this Wesen crap. She says she wants her normal life back and says he better watch out if she doesn’t get her life back. Some bikers ride on a busy trail in a park. Ricky tells Bella he had a great view watching her from behind. He acts like a perv then Zack tells Ricky to knock it off. Ricky gets in Zack’s face about it and says he’s in love.

Bella rides off away from them. She tumbles off her bike when it hits a rut and Zack runs over to her. He tells her he’s sorry about Ricky and she says it’s okay. She says she has to go and he sees her cheek is bleeding. She tells him to back off and he says he likes her. She says he’s nice but she can’t. She tells him to get away. She tells him not to touch her. He says he’s in love with her and touches her. She woges and he touches her. She’s some sort of poison frog.

She hops her bike and rides off while he swells, falls off the ridge line and tumbles dead into the woods. Nick calls Juliette again and gets voice mail. He begs her to call him. Hank meets him and asks what’s going on. He says J walked out on him. Nick says it wasn’t a fight. He asks if he recalls what they went through to undo what Adalind did to him. Nick tells him that Juliette is a hexenbiest. Hank is in shock. Nick says she was scared to tell him.

Nick says neither of them know what’s going on and Hank says J is likely scared of him. Nick says what he’s been told so far is it can’t be undone. Hank offers to help but he says she’s not even talking to him now. Nick gets the call about the body. Wu meets them and says it looks like an allergic reaction. Hank says it happened up there and tumbled down. Nick pulls out his wallet to ID Zack. Nick wonders homicide, accident or neither. They grab his keys to go check out his place.

They let themselves inside to look around. Hank asks if Monroe and Rosalee know about J yet and says he should tell them. Hank finds a photo of Bella clipped to the fridge. Nick find sketches of Bella on his desk. Bella calls her mom crying that it happened and she couldn’t stop it. She tells her mom she’s sorry and her mom says she’s on the way over. Renard gets a visit from Sam who tells him Viktor has been sent back to Vienna. He says he just found out. Renard says his father must be impatient.

He asks who is replacing Viktor. Sam says no one knows. He says they want Kelly and the child and he needs something to show them. Renard hands him some info and says that will make it look like he’s making progress. He asks if any of it is true and Renard says enough. Bella cries to her mom about what happened with Zack and her mom says it’s nt her fault and she has to go on with her life like nothing happened.

Her mom turns and you see her face is half scarred and burned looking. Her mom asks Bella if she wants her life ruined the way hers was. Wu says he checked Zack’s laptop and found out he played a lot of online games then photos of the woman. Wu says it looks like they’re both in the River City Riders and there’s a ride schedule for today in Mt Tabor Park. They head over to look around for her. They tell the group that Zack is dead and want to talk to who saw him last.

Ricky says Zack rode off after Bella but she hasn’t shown up today. They tell them that Bella and Zack had no relationship but he was in love with her. They tell them she works at City Bikes and that’s all they know because she’s very private. Wu calls and says Zack’s heart broke from a poison close to that of a poisonous frog or bird. Wu says one ounce will kill 20 humans. Wu says he thinks it’s Wesen. They tell him to check on Bella Turner.

Adalind asks why Viktor hasn’t called and asks why no one is working on finding her child. Her guard tells her Prince Kenneth will be there soon and tells her to get dressed. Hank wonders if Bella is a witness or involved. Nick says he’ll try to get her to woge. They ask Bella if she knows Zack and she asks what happened. Nick says he hopes she could tell them since the cycling club says he followed her. She says he caught up to her on the trail.

She says Zack wanted to go out with her but she said no and rode off. Hank asks if he was upset and she says a little. Nick asks if Zack took his helmet off. She says yes and Nick pushes her then asks about poison and shows her a photo of Zack. She asks what this has to do with her. She says they can check her gear and points out her bike. Nick says to call if she thinks of anything. Nick says if she’s Wesen she’s good at hiding it.

Adalind is changing when the guard shows up and says Kenneth is there. He walks into her room and he says she’s the hexenbiest mother of the child everyone wants. He says he’s there to get the child back. He asks about her contact with Juliette and she says Nick is a Grimm again and J is now a hexenbiest. She says she wants that bitch dead. Kenneth opens her robe and sees her swollen stomach and says she’s full of surprises. She lies and says the child is Victor’s.

Nick and Hank go see Rosalee and Monroe and she says touching it will be deadly. Rosalee says her guess is Folterseele – she says they’re beautiful and deadly. She says they’re rare and don’t woge like other Wesen. She says it’s a physical response when someone is sexually aroused by them. Monroe says if one of them is totally into her, they can force the woge. Rosalee says she’s likely not trying to do this and says men can’t control themselves around them.

Rosalee asks what if they can neutralize her like they did with the worm dude. Rosalee says she’ll research. Kenneth asks if Adalind has told Viktor and she says not yet. Sam shows up and Kenneth says Viktor was recalled. He asks if he found Kelly or the child. Sam says he’s made progress. He offers a file and says she sold the truck in Spokane and they think Kelly is still in the area. Kenneth says the trouble with double agents is you don’t know where their loyalties lie.

Kenneth beats Sam near to death and says he doesn’t work for the family anymore. Then he tells Adalind that Viktor is sterile so she needs to rethink who the father of that child is. Ricky shows up to the bike shop and Bella tells him to leave her alone. He acts all creepy like then calls her a stuck up bitch. He woges and she throws something at him and runs. He corners her and she says he doesn’t know what’s going to happen. He rips her shirt and tries to force a kiss on her and she woges.

He’s poisoned and goes careening around the shop. Bella calls 911 but Ricky is looking bad. At home, Nick tries to call Juliette again and tells her to answer her damned phone. He hears a chirp and sees an email from Trubel asking how they are. J comes in then as he emails and tells Trubel all is good. Juliette says she came to get some of her things and was hoping he wouldn’t be home. He asks to talk about it. He says it’s his fault and he’d change it if he could.

Nick says he hasn’t given up and loves her. She laughs and says that’s great. His phone rings and she says to answer it. She says there are a lot of big scary Wesen on the loose – she slaps his arm and says – go get em Grimm. It’s Hank dead at the cycling shop. Wu says a woman called from the shop phone. Wu says her background is clean – not even a ticket. The alarm wasn’t set. They talk to the owner who says Bella was supposed to close up and says her keys are there on the floor.

He’s in shock over dead Ricky. He asks if Bella is okay. He says she’s not answering her phone and he’s worried. They ask for her address then head to her place. Hank knocks and asks her to open up. They pick the lock and go in but she’s not there. They spot a photo of her and her mom and see her burned face. Renard gets a call from Sam who says he gave them the information. He says Prince Kenneth is now in charge. Kenneth has Sam tied up and is holding the phone to his ear.

Renard says he doesn’t know much about Kenneth’s branch of the family. Sam says he has to deliver something soon and they can’t keep stalling. He says he’s dead if they find out he’s working for Renard. Sam says they need to meet but says to meet at the paper mill at 9. He says he has to find something to give them and says his life is on the line and not to screw with him. Kenneth tells him well done and he leaves. They put a bullet in Sam’s head.

Bella is on her bike and rides to an old storage facility type place. Hank says Cindy Turner, Bella’s mom, was raped and they see that her face wasn’t scarred before that. Her rapist died of the poison. Nick says the mom must be the same. Rosalee calls and says they may have something. She says they need to depolarize her membranes to counteract her ability to produce the toxins. Monroe says the side effects may be nasty. Nick asks them to get it ready.

Wu comes with the address for her mom. Cindy comes home and finds Bella waiting in the barn. She tells her to rest and not worry about the police. She says she’ll take care of everything. Cindy sees a fire burning in the fireplace and freaks. Her mother is there and says it has to be done. Grandma whacks Cindy with a fireplace poker then grabs the brand out of the fire she was heating and says she’ll take care of it.

Nick, Hank and Wu pull up at Cindy’s place. Grandma heads into the barn and sees that Bella has dozed off. She heads for her with the brand out. Hank sees Cindy on the floor through the window and they head inside. They hear a scream and Cindy wakes and says her mother is with her. Nick goes running. Grandma Sheila yells at her and asks if she wants to be raped like she and her mother. Nick knocks her mom down and gets the brand away. Sheila says she hasn’t saved her from anything.

Nick says she needs to come with them. Cindy says they can’t arrest her and Nick says they know but she has no choice. They take Bella to meet with Rosalee and they tell her that the treatment may help her be non-toxic but is could have side effects. Nick tells her to think about carefully. Bella says she can never experience love, never feel the touch of another person or touch them. She says she doesn’t care about the side effects. She says nothing could be worse than this. She swigs the potion.

Renard goes to the mill to meet Sam. He sees an empty car and heads inside but pulls his gun and proceeds with caution. He calls Sam’s name. He heads further in and pulls aside some plastic sheeting and sees a very dead Sam hanging by a chain. Kenneth approaches and introduces himself. Renard asks if he killed him and he says he did for trying to trick the family. Renard says he should arrest him but Kenneth says the king is annoyed and wants his granddaughter.

He says he’s been tasked to make that happen. He tells Renard to put up the gun and says he’d already been dead if he wanted him that way. Kenneth punches Renard in the face and they begin to brawl. Kenneth throws him down and Renard woges then throws Kenneth like a toy. When he unwoges, Kenneth gets the best of him. He tells Renard to join forces with him or be dead like Sam. He says then the king can mourn the loss of another son. Renard’s gunshot wounds have reappeared and he’s bleeding. Kenneth walks out. Bella is out on a date – she’s kind of green and funky looking but the guy has face tattoos and says he digs it.