Halt and Catch Fire Recap: Season 2 Episode 1 Premiere “SETI”

Halt and Catch Fire Recap: Season 2 Episode 1 Premiere "SETI"

AMC’s new series Halt and Catch Fire airs with an all new Sunday May 31, 2015 episode.  On tonight’s season 2 premiere called “SETI,” Cameron and Donna’s fledgling gaming company, Mutiny, finds itself at a crossroads. Meanwhile, Joe and Gordon are reunited in the wake of Cardiff’s sale.

If you have never watched the show as per the AMC synopsis, “It’s March 1985. More than a year has passed since Joe MacMillan (Lee Pace) set fire to a truck full of Cardiff Giant PCs, the last in a long string of destructive acts that burned the people that made the machine possible: Gordon Clark (Scoot McNairy), Donna Clark (Kerry Bishé), Cameron Howe (Mackenzie Davis) and John Bosworth (Toby Huss).”

On tonight’s episode as per the AMC synopsis, “Cameron and Donna’s gaming company, Mutiny, reaches a critical stage; Joe and Gordon are reunited.”

Tonight’s Halt and Catch Fire’s episode is going to be a great show, and you won’t want to miss it. So be sure to tune in for our coverage of Halt and Catch Fire— tonight at 10 PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about this new season of Halt and Catch Fire.

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#HaltAndCatchFire begins with Joe getting dressed listening to the news about a hurricane – it’s 1983 in Texas. He tidies his hair. He comes out and Cameron laughs at him. She says to come play with her – it’s a racing game. They play and he smooches her then messed her up. He says he has to go. She says he can’t sit and play for five minutes. He says Comdex is close and they need to work on the Giant OS. He says he can’t play all day and takes off.

In March 1985, 20 months later, Donna is at the house which is a hotbed of an activity. They’re putting cables up in the attic and walls. They tell Donna that Parallax just crashed again. She says the new phone lines should be able to handle the volume but they keep dropping. Arki says someone put a storm trooper in the microwave. She asks Lev to check the wiring. You hear the tone and whir of old school modems.

There’s a crash and Donna goes to see. Cameron take a call from a guy who says there’s a programming error on Parallax. He says it’s mirrors but she says it’s holograms. Cameron gives the guy some tips. He asks if he can walk through and she says maybe. He says whoever came up with it is brilliant and she says it was her. Donna comes to say they’re having critical server host problems. The programmers argue over programs and one is upset that the other guy has too large of a backgammon game.

The guy says Parallax crashes all the time and Donna says backgammon can’t be the only problem but tells YoYo to recode in grayscale for now. Donna goes to find Cameron sand says they need to unplug the cabinets and maybe need to rewire. Cameron says they can’t take it offline but Donna says it will only get worse. She tells Donna no. YoYo sits down in front of a video game console and turns on the TV. One of the guys says he thinks they blew the whole block when the power goes down.

We see a commercial about adding adventure to your life and discovering the GiantPro computer from Cardiff. It says it’s better than IBM and Apple and will benefit business. Chip is on Moneyline with Gordon who is the President of Cardiff now. Donna is there watching the interview. The guy says personal computing is the latest chapter in Cardiff. The guy asks about Cardiff closing shop. Gordon says they didn’t expect so much success and have been acquired.

Gordon says he’s moving on. Donna says to tell Gordon that she’s got to go to the power company. Gordon says he’s thinking of starting his own investment firm out of his garage and says that’s where good idea comes from. He seems nervous. In Austin, Joe comes home from a jog. His phone rings. He says it’s good news and thanks the caller. We see hands grab him – he’s got a lady there. He says he’s getting his share because they sale went through. He says he has to go tomorrow.

Sara tells him he earned it and deserves it and shouldn’t doubt it. He says it’s hard going back to see those people. She offers to cancel their plans but he says it’s a good distraction. Gordon watches the office get packed up. Sara tells the others how she and Joe met at college in a rhetoric course then lost touch. She says last year was rough and she went to profile Fisk Observatory and wrote about the SETI program and there she was looking for UFOs and Joe walked in the door.

They ask what Joe does. He says he worked in IBM then personal computers then got out to reevaluate his life. He says in hindsight, he wasn’t happy with himself. Sara says Joe is very modest and says he took a tiny company and made it a huge PC competitor. She says Joe is getting his share of that success tomorrow. They ask what he’s doing with all the dough and he says he’s starting his own company in Silicon Valley. Sara says they’re really excited.

The nerds are very upset about their power outage but then it comes back on. Donna asks what happened and Cameron says she ran extension cords to the sockets next door. She says the Andersons are loaded so it’s no biggie. Donna says city power is probably coming for them. Cameron says they can pay the fines and just need to deal with the lag. The power company calls. Donna sighs and goes to take it.

Gordon is at a bar watching the Oscarss. Some of Cardiff’s employees come in for drinks including Stan and they complain about being unemployed and say that Gordon should buy their drinks. Cameron asks Donna if she wants to go along with the guys. Donna says Cameron thinks that everything is just going to work out. Donna says this place has no boss so crap just falls through the cracks. Donna says she doesn’t want to be the mom here and says she doesn’t like playing wet nurse to coders.

Cameron says then don’t do those things. Gordon says he tried to stop the sale and Stan says it’s been great under him and so much better. He says the Pro and the Giant were amazing and he got those opportunities because of him. Stan has this great memory but then Gordon remembers that wasn’t him. Stan says they were all so coked out of their minds, who knows. Looks like Gordon missed out on all the fun.

At their house, Donna and Gordon are chatting. He says this is the best way this chapter could end and now he has time. She’s rushing out and he says he’s going to spend time with the kids. She asks where the girls are and he says they’re dressed and in the car. She says the closing is today then says she’s so proud of him. Donna looks at these people talking in the chatbox for $5 an hour. Cameron is off to meet her XT guy. She asks if Donna’s okay. She says she is.

Gordon sits in the lobby waiting. He’s not happy to see Joe show up and says it’s unbelievable. The guy says he’ll start with shareholders from largest to smallest. Frank and Cardiff are first. Joe asks Gordon if he got his letter and Joe says Texas is healthy. He says Nathan is making a mistake selling off too soon at this valuation. Gordon says burning a truck of computers and running off in the woods was also a mistake. Gordon says he’s just glad it’s over.

He says last year was a grind and nothing like it was before but that wasn’t much fun either. He says the second machine was lateral and less inspired. He says people just wanted the patents to build something better but Joe says the Pro wasn’t that bad. Gordon says they should have put that on the box. They both chuckle at that notion. Then Gordon is called in. He signs his papers. He greets Nathan who glares. He gets his check and it’s for more than $838k. He asks if he can just take it to the bank.

Nathan says thanks for the memories. Gordon leaves. Joe is last. He signs and Nathan really glares at him. He signs. Nathan knocks on the table and then has Joe’s envelope in his hand. He stands and comes over to Joe. He pulls out the check and says this is his cut minus the shipment he burned. He tears the check up and says Joe doesn’t get one red cent and says to sue him if he wants and would love to tell a jury what he did. He says Joe destroys lives and cost people their jobs and sent John to prison.

He says he did that all for a doorstop of a computer and no legacy. Nathan says people call this is a success, but he sees it as corporate castration. Joe says it’s good he’s getting out now and says something is coming that’s big and won’t include Cardiff or him. Nathan calls him an entitled bastard. He says he’s always going to be the same selfish rustler trying to get his. He tells Nathan to stay healthy and goes. He finds Gordon waiting to leave.

Gordon asks what he’s going to do with his share. Joe says he doesn’t know. They get on the elevator. He asks Gordon what he’ll do and he says he’s going to head back into the garage and get his hands dirty. Joe says he’s a builder and that’s what he should do. He thanks Joe for the letter and leaves. Cameron waits in a parking lot when Donna shows up. She says Lev told her she was there. Cameron says the guy is always late.

Donna says she was supposed to go to Gordon to celebrate his last day at Cardiff. She says she wouldn’t mind seeing a wrecking ball go through there. Cameron says the guy plays Parallax and sells second hand equipment. The fence shows up and Donna checks out the XTs and asks to plug them in and test them. He asks for $3k but Cameron counters with $500. He drives off just as they figure out the systems are counterfeit Chinese.

Donna calls to tell Gordon she has to work late and he tells the girls they can still go out. He offers ice cream for dinner and they head out. One of the kids asks him if they’re rich and if they’re millionaires. Then they ask if they can buy an elephant and he says theoretically. He says you can’t buy just one elephant because it will get lonely. He says doesn’t think they have the room. They ask why their mom has to work late if their rich. They tell him that his nose is bleeding.

He wipes it and says he’ll be right back. Cameron and Donna have a beer and talk. Cameron says Donna had big judging eyes when they met. Donna says Cameron is just as intimidating. Donna says a bunch of them thought Parallax would never give up but Cameron never gave up. Cameron asks if Donna thinks she should be boss and Donna says someone needs to be. She says if they don’t grow now, they won’t make it. Donna says they need another game and more subscribers.

She says they need to expand the network and can’t buy stuff out of the parking lot. Cameron says she doesn’t want to be in charge. She says she can’t do product management. Donna says a lot of people chat on the network and she says there’s a real opportunity to develop that on the side. They talk about what would work then they see the fence come in. They demand their money back. He says sorry but Cameron says to hand it over. He slams Cameron against the wall and they shut it down.

Cameron and Donna head out and Cameron shows her she lifted his van keys when he slammed her. They spot two new XTs in boxes in the back and take them. He comes out yelling at them and calls them scavengers. They peel away with what they actually paid for and he’s furious. Donna makes it home and Gordon asks if she’s okay. She asks about his nose and he says it’s allergies then says they missed her at dinner. He says they can go out next time he sells a company.

He asks if she’s drunk and she says work went insane. Gordon asks if this is good, selling Cardiff and moving on. Donna says it’s very good. She says it wasn’t up to him anyway. Sara sits over a glass of wine when Joe comes home. She says she was worried. He asks if she believed those things she said about him. She says she knows he lied and hurt people, but says he made Cardiff what it is today. He says he didn’t get the money. He says they shut him out.

Sara says they don’t need the money. He asks her to marry him. She’s stunned. She asks why and he says he loves her. She asks if it’s because she was the first person to forgive him. He drops to one knee and asks again. She says yes. Cameron is online playing a game. Joe is also online playing the same game. They face off. She kills him and then types good game. He says he just signed up. He knows it’s her handle.

Cameron drives and follows a map. She’s headed to a prison. She sits outside waiting. John is released from his jail stint. She waits outside for him. She smiles and walks over to him. She hugs him. He laughs and squeezes her tight.