Hart of Dixie Recap – Lemon Confronts Her Mom: Season 4 Episode 7 “The Butterstick Tab”

Hart of Dixie Recap - Lemon Confronts Her Mom: Season 4 Episode 7 "The Butterstick Tab"

Hart Of Dixie returns to the CW tonight with an all new Friday February 27, Season 4 episode 7 called “The Butterstick Tab,” and we’ve got your weekly recap below. Tonight, Zoe [Rachel Bilson] catches Wade [Wilson Bethel] flirting with some women and asks him to rein in his overly charming behavior, so he turns to Lavon [Cress Williams] for guidance.

On the last episode Zoe and Wade learned their baby’s sex and worry they’re unprepared for parenthood. Meanwhile, BlueBell had to partner with a rival town in order to host a championship football game; and Brick was rattled by a shock from his past.

On tonight’s episode as per the CW synopsis, “Zoe catches Wade flirting with some women and asks him to rein in his overly charming behavior, so he turns to Lavon for guidance. Meanwhile, Lemon is caught off guard by someone from her past; and George and Annabeth struggle to find a new experience.”

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our coverage of CW’s Hart of Dixie at 9:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you about the new season, so far!

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#HartOfDixie starts now. The postal lady shows up and Wade answers the door shirtless then flirts with Bethy. Zoe asks him about flirting with Bethany but he says they’re just old pals. She says their son will think he can shirk responsibility by flirting and batting his lashes. Wade promises to stop if it’s upsetting her. Brick compliments Lila on the bacon she made them and Lemon asks why she’s there. He tells her that he saw her mother. He says her daughter broke her arm and then Alice came back later to talk.

Lemon says she knows because she saw them. She asks how he can even talk to that woman after she abandoned them. He says he will never forgive Alice for what she did but says Shelby thought him hearing her side might help them get closure. He says Alice wants to see Lemon and Magnolia. Shelby comes in with baby Ethel and they talk about her first birthday. Lemon says they can plan in a moment but she needs some fresh air. She leaves upset.

George tells AnnaBeth that Sgt Jeffries is suing over not enough ice cream flavors at the Dixie Stop. He asks her if they can go out tomorrow night. He kisses her hand and promises to call her later. He tells Lemon it’s good to see her and then AB tells Lemon they’re going out on a date and says them dating each others exes is strange. Lemon says she was on the way to talk to Lavon’s but then saw her dad and mom talking. She says her mom wants to make amends but she doesn’t want to talk to her.

AB says she can skip her date and they can have a girl’s night. Lemon says the thought of them dating is all that has brought her joy in days and says she has to go. Lavon stares over at Lemon longingly. Zoe complains about Wade’s flirting and Rose says he takes advantage of his looks and has been running an unpaid tab at The Butter Stick for over a decade. Brick comes in and Zoe sends Rose off. She asks how it went with Lemon. He says they should forget that Alice came back.

But then Scarlett and her dad Jim show up and he thanks them for taking care of his girl. Zoe encourages her to take Scarlett to an orthopedist but Jim says Zoe was all she could talk about. She even has a list of baby names for Zoe. Brick is horrified and Zoe says she’ll make this their last appointment. George sits down with Lavon and says he needs to tell him something. He says he’s taking AB out on a date. Lavon says he doesn’t know what’s going on with him and Lemon.

Lavon says he can root for him and AB and says he’s happy for him. George thanks him. Over at Fancies, Lemon says they’re closed. It’s her mother Alice. She tells Lemon she’s beautiful and says she just wants to talk. She says seeing Brick brought back memories. Lemon tells her to get out. She asks to stay but Lemon tells her again to get out. Alice tells her where she works in case she changes her mind but then Lemon shouts – out – and her mother leaves.

Zoe takes Wade to The Butter Stick. She asks him to buy her a muffin and hands him cash. He says he can put it on his tab. She points to her bump and says this changes everything. Maybelline promises to get him the best buttermilk muffin then he hands her money. She says not to be silly but he insists on paying. She says his money is no good there but he’s sweet to offer. He compliments her lipstick and then Wade says he can’t help it but he promises he’ll keep working on it.

Brick tells Lemon he’s sorry Alice showed up at her restaurant. Lemon says she cannot be walking on eggshells wondering when she’s going to show up. Brick says he will make sure Alice doesn’t pull this again and says he’ll talk to her after baby Ethel’s party. AB finds Jaysene and Cricket canoodling and asks Cricket to help her shot for an outfit. Cricket gives Jaysene the rundown on George and Lemon’s background and then how Lavon and Zoe play into it. AB offers to draw a chart.

Jaysene says small town life and says she can hardly go anywhere without running into someone she’s dated. Cricket wants to know how many people she’s dated. Jaysene recommends to AB she find a fresh place for her date so they don’t have flashbacks. Cricket asks how many ex girlfriends she has. Wade bribes Lavon with a huge pile of catfish at the Rammer Jammer. He asks him to make him stop flirting. He says he’s trying to reform for Zoe’s sake.

George finds AB at The Butter Stick studying for college. George tells her where he made a reservation. But she says says it should be someplace they will both remember. She reminds him he took Lemon there for one of their anniversaries. He mentions a place that she and Lavon went to. He says he’ll come up with something and she agrees to brainstorm. Wade flirts with the beer delivery girl and Lavon slaps his head. He flirts with a bartender and Lavon slaps him in the head again.

Two hot twins come in and Wade flirts. Lavon slaps him twice upside the head. Zoe tells Wanda she knows how she feels and Wanda yells at her. Zoe sees Scarlett with Rose and she asks what’s up. Scarlett says she’s an only child whose parents are always working. Zoe says Brick has a thing about minors working in the office. Rose says she’s a minor. Zoe says for her to take her out for burgers on her. Brick and Lemon run into Scarlett and Lemon is stunned. Zoe sends them out.

Zoe tells Brick she had no idea. Lemon says she knows who that is. She says she has a party to plan and storms out. Ethel’s first birthday party is an enormous affair. Lemon rants at a waiter and Magnolia says she’s terrorizing people and asks what’s going on. Lemon walks off and Magnolia asks Shelby what’s up. She tries to distract her and says maybe they can sing a song later. Magnolia calls her hilarious and walks off.

Meatball sings a really cool song for George. He says he should open up with that ballad to make the women fall in love with him then close with the rockabilly number. Tom shows up with a list of restaurants. George tells him about all his life events there. Cricket does the same with AB. Tom says George really gets around. Cricket tells her about a Norwegian place in Tuscaloosa. Tom says the same thing but the reviews are horrible. It got a D but they don’t see that they have any other option.

George calls AB and suggest Norwegian. She says it’s her favorite cuisine. Shelby gives a speech about getting knocked up while drunk and says her big mistake turned into a miracle and says she’s the first thing in her life she loves more than herself. Brick says no offense and says he loves Ethel too. Zoe joins Lemon who says the speech was kind of TMI. Lemon says that’s how a mother is supposed to be about a daughter. She tells Zoe that seeing her mom brought back all that pain.

Zoe tells her it’s not the same but says confronting her father and getting it all out there helped her move on. Lemon says she’s losing her mind listening to her. She walks off. Wade has assembled all the local ladies and says the special treatment has to stop. He says no free muffins and he’ll mail his other packages. He says he doesn’t want to lead them on and says he’s settled with Zoe. Lavon asks if they have any questions. One calls him an idiot.

Maybelline says she’s married and professional. Bethany yells at him. They all ask if he’s a brain dead God’s gift. They tell him poor doctor Hart stuck with a bozo like him. Rose shows up to the party with Scarlett and she introduces her to Magnolia. They decide to go get their faces painted and Scarlett says she’s stuck til her mom can come since her dad is stuck at work. Zoe says she’ll drive her to her moms. Brick glares and she pulls her away. Rose asks Magnolia how things are.

She says she’s spending her spring break with a one year old. It’s awkward. Alice as at work when Lemon shows up. She says she didn’t expect her to come. Lemon walks up as Alice babbles. Alice says she’s so sorry for hurting her. Lemon asks if she knows what it’s like to grow up without a mother. She says she pretended she was dead so she didn’t have to think about it. Alice says she was young and scared. Lemon says she doesn’t care and says she has two daughters whose lives will never be the same because she made the most selfish choice someone could make.

Alice begs her to stop because Zoe and Scarlett have walked into the restaurant. Scarlett asks her mom what Lemon is talking about. Lemon walks out near tears. Alice tells her she’s sorry she hears that and Zoe runs out after Lemon. George and AB are at the awful Norwegian place. They agree it will be an adventure. AB says reviews are never right. He says he was terrified of sushi when he first moved to New York. AB says she always wanted to travel more but her hubby didn’t like to leave his TV.

George says she still has time to travel and says nursing school is a new adventure. He says he’s completely impressed with her. The waiter comes over and says they have to eat fish cooked in lye and the menu has no substitutions. George asks for Norwegian wine but the guy says it tastes like urine and they will have French wine and won’t complain. Lavon says the trouble will blow over. Wanda tells Wade that Lucy called and said no liquor delivery and they’re almost out.

Bethany throws a fishing rod at him she was going to mail and Maybelline slaps him with a $4,300 tab. Lavon gets a call from Lemon and walks off. George and AB are suffering with their dinner. They agree it’s terrible. AB says she has seen things in a new light. Shelby bounces Ethel and thanks Magnolia for helping out today. Magnolia is snotty to her. Shelby says she loves Brick and part of making him happy is loving Magnolia despite how difficult she makes it. She says Ethel will too.

Zoe asks Wade what he said to those women. He says he told them to fall out of love with him and she says she did not say that. Rose shows up with a crying Scarlett who has run away from home. Scarlett asks if she knew and Zoe says it wasn’t her place to tell her. Scarlett says her mom is a complete liar and she’s freaking out. Rose asks if they can stay their awhile and says Zoe knows about family truth bombs. Zoe tells Scarlett to text her mom then says she can stay for ice cream.

They head inside and she introduces Wade. Scarlett says she gets that now. She asks Zoe about her family truth bomb. She says the man she thought was her dad wasn’t and it rocked her world. She says it wasn’t really bad news because it brought her to Bluebell where she met people and fell in love. Scarlett says she has two sisters she’s never met. Zoe says she has met them and says she’ll tell her about them.

Lemon tells Lavon that she ruined that poor little girl’s life. Lavon says she’s not the terrible person in this and says he’s glad she called him. Lemon says she also wants him to know that AB gave her blessing to be with him and she was on the way to tell him when she saw Alice with her dad. Lavon says he gets that and says he’s all in and she doesn’t need to worry about it. He says he’s hers and promises to wait. He pulls her close to comfort her. She smiles.

Lemon walks down the street when Zoe offers her a ride. Zoe says she wishes she wasn’t in the middle of this and Lemon says Zoe is in the middle of all her life crises. Zoe says she was with Scarlett who is confused and amazing. She says her world was turned inside out and it’s not Lemon’s fault and says maybe they could work through it together. Zoe says she has to sell her unborn child to pay for Wade’s muffin habit. She drives on.

George says he can’t wait to write his own review of that horrible place. He says he’s going to write that it’s the best place for a first date if you have no interest in eating. He asks if he can kiss her goodnight. He goes to but then he’s queasy. She asks if he wants to come in and then she starts to feel sick too. They part ways in a hurry. Lemon and Brick tell Magnolia they saw Alice. Lemon says she wanted to protect her. She tells her that Scarlett is their sister.

Magnolia says – another fricking sister, seriously? Lemon says they have to decide what to do about her. Shelby says she’ll go but Magnolia wants her to stay and asks what she thinks. Shelby is thrilled and says family is a blessing so the more the merrier. Brick says if they want to get to know Scarlett, he’ll support it. Magnolia says she doesn’t remember Alice. She says Lemon is the only mother she’s ever known so she’s going to leave this one up to Lemon.

Lemon goes to Alice’s house and tells her she’s not there for her, but for Scarlett. She says she knows Scarlett is going through a tough time and thought she could help her. Alice calls Scarlett and says she has a visitor. Lemon smiles at her and Scarlett says she knows who she is. Alice leaves them alone. Lemon says she’s sorry about yesterday and knows her head must be spinning. Lemon says she’d like to get to know her and offers a warm smile.

AB comes to see George and says she’s feeling much better. He made her breakfast as a do-over. He says he’d like her to close her eyes so he can kiss her good night. He says they should get it out of the way in case it’s bad. He tells her he’s going to kiss her now. He tells her it was good enough to earn her toast but she says breakfast can wait and kisses him some more. Wade has the ladies reassembled. He thanks them and says he’s sorry and didn’t mean to offend them.

He says what he should have said was thank you. He thanks Suzy for always making sure he got a haircut after his mom died. He says each of them have taken care of him for years and has been there for them. He says he appreciates it but he’s a grown ass man who has to start taking care of himself. He offers them meals on the house and calls them his gals. Zoe says she knew he could do it. He flirts with someone else.

Lemon and Magnolia bring in Scarlett to the RJ and introduce him to Wade again. He takes them to seat them. Magnolia asks her about 1D and they chatter happily. Lemon says she thinks Harry Styles is hot but has a gigantic butterfly tattoo on his chest. She offers to take the girls to see them when they’re in town.