Hart of Dixie Recap – Bluebell Loses a Lover: Season 4 Episode 9 “End of Days”

Hart of Dixie Recap - Bluebell Loses a Lover: Season 4 Episode 9 "End of Days"

Hart Of Dixie returns to the CW tonight with an all new Friday March 20, season 4 episode 9 called “End of Days,” and we have your weekly recap below. Tonight, Annabeth [Kaitlyn Black] has a dream about Bluebell’s founder prophesizing the end of BlueBell, and Crickett [Brandi Burkhardt] spreads the details about it all over town. Meanwhile, Zoe [Rachel Bilson] and Wade [Wilson Bethel] discover they have contrasting views on marriage; and George [Scott Porter] receives a life-altering offer.

On the last episode, Zoe and Wade sought an heirloom for their child. Meanwhile, Brick’s birthday got forgotten, so Lavon and Wade tried to make it up to him by inviting him on a fishing trip; and George’s parents were surprised by the big changes in his life. Did you watch last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CW synopsis, “AnnaBeth (Kaitlyn Black) is visited in a dream by BlueBell’s founder, who prophesies five omens about the end of BlueBell. Not taking it seriously, AnnaBeth shares her dream with Crickett (guest star Brandi Burkhardt) who tells everyone and creates a town-wide panic. Zoe (Rachel Bilson) and Wade (Wilson Bethel) are surprised when it comes out that they have very different opinions about marriage. Meanwhile, George (Scott Porter) is at a crossroads when he gets an offer that could change his life forever. Tim Matheson, Jaime King and Cress Williams also star.”

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our coverage of CW’s Hart of Dixie at 9:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you about the new season, so far!

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#HartOfDixie starts with AnnaBeth waking to a loud noise and her closet doors rattling. It’s Cyrus Jones, the founder of Bluebell. He tells her that life as she knows it will end tomorrow. He says there will be five omens. A flood wil smite a foe, a former couple will say no, a chicken will be put to bed, a city street will run blood red, and a darkness will replace light. She’s terrified. He tells her life will end tomorrow at midnight. She tells Cricket who isn’t so sure it’s not a real warnings

Lavon, Lemon, George, AB, Wade and Zoe all have brunch and talk about how funny it is they are all happily coupled now. They toast to the future. Wade and Zoe show off their nursery to Brando and Sylvie. She asks how New York is and Joel. Sylvie asks when they’re tying the knot and Zoe says she don’t believe in it but Wade is affronted. Later, Zoe says marriage is stupid as they come to Lavon’s for snacks. Lavon says it’s one of Zoe’s go-to rants and he always knew she was anti-marriage.

Wade asks what else she’s hiding from him and she reminds him he married Tansy after knowing her three weeks and while drunk. She asks why he cares and he says he cares about her. Lemon and Lavon say aw. Meatball is sad because he’s going to perform without George. He and AB send him off and he says those people are going to get Meatballed hard in the face. AB kisses George. Tansy walks with Jaycene and tells her about AB’s prophecy dream.

Then Jaycene gets a text about a water main break in Filmore and says the fire department has been called in so she leaves. Cricket asks Dash if foe means enemy and says Filmore has been smited by a flood then freaks out. Lemon and Lavon chat about marriage. Lavon tells her he would love to marry her someday and has no marriage qualms like Zoe does. He says they have all the time in the world but then Cricket says she would be so sure about that.

Lavon and Lemon tell Cricket it was just a dream but she says their foe was flooded today. She’s freaking. Lavon says if it’s their last day on earth they should grill their salmon. Tansy’s brothers come to see Brick for an idiot accident injury. He asks if they’re doing a bucket list thing because of AB’s prophecy. They tell him to fix Chicken so they can get on their bucket list. They had no clue – they were just being stupid but now want to go confront that bear that has been giving them looks.

Cricket tells others about AB’s prophetic dream. Panic is spreading around Bluebell. AB and Lemon come in and tell them not to panic. They sit with Cricket and tell her to stop this. She says not to drive the Pritchett women crazy. Cricket says it’s a wake up call and they should all make amends even if it’s not the end of the world. She says she keeps thinking about Smelly Marjorie, the one they kicked off the cheerleading squad for being stinky.

Lemon says she doesn’t believe the prophecy but they can apologize to Smelly Marjorie – they agree they need to stop calling her that. Wade rants to Lavon about the irony that some woman doesn’t want to worry him and says maybe he has pregnancy hormones. Lavon says maybe he has them too because he got weepy over a dog food commercial and wonders if he should get a dog They hear the Pritchetts spreading the apocalypse word around the Rammer Jammer just as Brick comes to warn them.

Lavon says he heard about it and says it’s like Henny Penny. Wade asks who Chicken Little is. Lavon says people are too sensible for this to take hold. Dash, Tom and the others poo poo it but Brick says the Truitts have gone crazy. Lavon says to have faith in Bluebell. Wade offers Brick a final beer. George’s truck breaks down and Zoe pulls up and offers him a ride. He asks if she’s an ax murderer and she says she had to pick up supplies in Buloxi.

She offers him a ride to New Orleans and says Wade is mad at her and he needs to help her find a way to make Wade not want to marry her. Zoe calls Wade and she says she’s going to drive George to Meatball’s show and says she’ll be back tonight. Wade says they’ll be there and says to text on the way back. He says he loves her. That’s the former couple that says “NO” as in New Orleans. Brick fusses about her going to NO and Tom and Dash and the others start to freak about the prophecy.

That’s the second omen. Panic starts to break out in Bluebell. Brick and Lavon are in the town square when Tom says the end is nigh. The Truitts are there and Chicken is trying something when Brick says Chicken needs to go home and rest. Tom screams that it’s the third omen – a Chicken sent to bed. Everyone goes nuts and Wanda tells Tom she wants to do it in the gazebo. The cop tells Lavon he needs to set a curfew before it turns into the alien panic of 1995.

Lavon says it’s not the end of the world and says they should all get together at the RJ. They boo and he says they can watch Dash’s one man opera. They boo more and he says all food and drinks are on him and they cheer. Cricket, AB and Lemon head to see Marjorie who isn’t happy to see them. She tries to act like she doesn’t know them. Cricket says they’re there to make amends. She says to get out and then screams at them when Cricket tries to remind her and sings the Smelly Marjorie song.

Zoe tells George there’s a lot of people there and she orders them hurricanes – a virgin for her. George says the last time they were in New Orleans, it changed both their lives. George says they both ended up right where they were supposed to. He says Wade will get over being mad and asks her to dance. She says he has to help her off the bar stool. He does and she waddles out to the dance floor. Everyone is eating without regard to calories since they think the world is ending.

Wally is eating too and says he doesn’t think the world is ending but it’s a good reason to eat dessert first. Bardo and Sylvie are at the Rammer Jammer and tell Wade they’re researching ways to get Zoe to marry him and tell him they read an article about how Kim got Kanye to lock it down. Wade says he can’t take advice from the Kardashians and they tell him they’ll keep at it. They say they’re staying until she changes her mind. Zoe tells George he’s found this second calling as a music manager.

Meatball comes out in a panic and says Carl told him he’s cutting his set. George says – not on my watch and goes to handle it. Carl says a bigger group showed up and George says they came all this way for a guaranteed set. Carl says he decides and George pulls out his lawyer chops and asks if he’s ready to go to court. Carl caves and says meatball gets three songs then George gets tough and he says five. Meatball tells him that he can have a kidney. Cousin Pammy is there and hugs Meatball.

She says Meatball has been gushing about George and says George should come work for her. She says he can be her manager and says her gut is never wrong. He asks if she’s joking but she says she has no sense of humor and says they leave for Nashville in the morning. Wow. Zoe was just saying this could be a whole new career for him and he told her that was getting ahead of things but then this happened.
[2015-03-20, 9:42:40 PM] Rachel Rowan: Meatball takes the stage and Pammy tells George it’s a miracle what he’s done for her. George calls her Ms Bailey but she says Ms Bailey is her father and says it’s a long story and to call her Pamela. He says he doesn’t have a lot of experience. She says her others did and they were no good. Zoe says George can’t move to Nashville. Pammy says she’s a mega country star and she’s offering him a whole new career. She says Bluebell is lovely but there’s a whole big world out there and says to say yes.

George says he wishes he could. AB, Lemon and Cricket are at Marjorie’s house with gifts and flowers at Cricket’s insistence. Marjorie says they were evil queen bees and of course she remembers them. Lemon says they were terrible and Cricket says they’ve changed. Marjorie says they ruined her life and now showed up and ruined Top Chef. She calls them monsters and snatches their gifts then slams the door. Lavon, Wade and Dash wonder where everyone is.

Brando says they can tell Zoe that he’s dying and it’s his last wish that she marry him. Wade says he has to accept Zoe and her quirks. Brando says a truck broke down and a barrel of paint spilled and Lavon says the street has run blood red. Brando says it’s more a dark pink but yes. Wade and Lavon head out to quell the panic. AB, Cricket and Lemon try to make each other feel better about being mean girls in school and better now. Cricket says Lemon is much less scary than she used to be.

Cricket says if the world is ending she wants to be with Jaycene. The town square is crazy. Frank got a tattoo and says he passed out three times getting it. Everyone else is doing insane YOLO stuff. Brick has a four wheeler and says the Truitts got him to go mud dogging when they came in for their seventh injury treatment. Brick says it’s not the last day on earth but it’s a chance for an adventure. Lavon says he’s going to get killed but Wade says he’ll come along and keep him safe.

He tells Lavon to go find Lemon and carpe this diem. Wade heads off mud dogging. George and Xoe drive back and he says he can’t leave AB even though it’s a tempting offer. He tells Zoe that Wade is a reknowned ladies man and wants to tell the world he’ll love and be faithful to her forever. He says it’s the last stage of Wade’s metamorphosis and it’s a pretty damned big deal. She asks why Wade didn’t say that and he says it’s Wade. George says they’d all like to see them get hitched.

She says Wade won’t bring it up again and George says the ball is in her court. Zoe says the world is ending in a couple of hours and tells him to step on it so she can propose to Wade tonight. He says – yes ma’am. Lemon and AB are headed back in town and AB talks about the spectre in her dream looks like Lavon. Lemon says maybe it was a sign that she needs to let go of Lavon and love George. AB says whoa. They pull up to the insanity in town.

Sgt Jeffries calls them all hooligans but then he gets a smooch and is thrilled. The lights all go out and Tom says it’s the sixth omen – light to darkness. Lemon and AB split up to find their men. Lemon calls Lavon and they agree to meet at his house. George helps Zoe lights candles that say Marry Me. He says AB texted and she says he needs to do the Wade candles but he says Wade will know it’s him. She gets a call from Wade who says Brick hurt his ankle mud dogging.

He tells her the candles will last for two hours. They go their separate ways. Meatball runs into AB who says he can’t believe that George turned Pammy down. She asks for what and he says sex. Then she glares at him. Lavon and Lemon walk and he says she is his whole bucket list. He tells her he loves her. He says he wants to spend the rest of his life with her even if it’s only 45 minutes. They kiss and she sees the candles. She thinks it was from Lavon. She tells him yes and hugs him. He’s stunned.

But then he looks happy. Wade helps Brick into his house and Zoe says she called Shelby and tells Wade they need to go. He asks what’s the rush then says tonight was a blast and he loves her and wants to marry her even if she frustrates the hell out of her but says he’ll do what she wants. She says she has a surprise and drags him out. George finds AB on a bench and says he had to help Zoe with a favor. He asks if she’s okay and she says she had a talk with Meatball and the job offer.

She asks if he turned it down for her. She says it’s an amazing offer and she can’t let him give it up. AB says her future isn’t all laid out for her and she loves that. She says he loves music managing and he says he’s right. He asks what about them. She says Nashville isn’t that far away and he’s worth the trip. She says if it’s really their last night on earth she wants them to chase their dreams. Zoe pulls Wade through the town square. Lemon says they’re engaged and talks about Lavon’s candles.

Zoe tells Lavon that he stole her proposal. He says Lemon assumed and he got caught up so he let it play out. He says he’ll tell her but them Lemon says it’s the most exciting thing ever. Wade asks what was the big surprise and Zoe says nothing. They all count down to midnight and the world does not end. They all cheer when Tom says Bluebell is still here. AB tells George now is the time since everyone is there. George tells them Bluebell is his family and home but he’s leaving tomorrow.

He says he’s moving to Nashville to take a job and says he’ll miss them all. Tom says Cyrus was right – it is the end of Bluebell as they know it. AB tries to control her tears. Next day, everyone sees George off for Nashville. He hugs Wade, Zoe, Lemon and Lavon. He high fives others. The Truitts are even there in neck braces and casts. AB gives George a big kiss goodbye. George and Meatball drive away.