Hawaii Five-0 Recap – Feel the Burn: Season 6 Episode 2 “Lehu a Lehu”

Hawaii Five-0 Recap - Feel the Burn:  Season 6 Episode 2 "Lehu a Lehu"

Tonight on CBS Hawaii Five-0 continues with an all new Friday October 2, season 6 episode 2 called, “Lehu a Lehu.” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, A bomb squad is attacked and the culprit threatens to detonate additional explosives unless arsonist Jason Sinclair is released from prison.

On the last episode, season 6 began with Five-0 investigating a centuries-old Oahu palaced raid involving pirates, buried treasure and a killer who was using a stolen painting as a map. Meanwhile, Kono and Adam were threatened and tortured by Gabriel; and Danny showed concern for Steve regarding Catherine’s return to the island. Did you watch last episode? If you missed it we have you covered, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “a bomb squad is attacked and the culprit threatens to detonate additional explosives unless arsonist Jason Sinclair is released from prison. Meanwhile, Adam returns from the hospital and Kono realizes they are being watched; and McGarrett prepares to take his relationship with Catherine to the next level.”

This is definitely one series that you don’t want to miss. Don’t forget to stay tuned to Celeb Dirty Laundry where we will be live blogging every episode of Hawaii Five-0 new season. While you wait for the recap, check out a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!



#H50 starts with a bomb robot going into a lobby to investigate a briefcase that was left behind. The robot crunches it and picks it up. It moves it to the center of the carpet then fires a shot into it. The briefcase explodes and they see there was no device in it. Suddenly a bomb goes off outside and takes out most of the bomb squad assembled at the incident. Kono is with Adam at physical therapy. He struggles to walk and wants to keep on going even though he’s pushing himself hard.

He says he wants to get out of this place and Kono says the doctor said he could be discharged today. He snaps at Kono in frustration. She tells him there’s nothing else he could have done – he had to give Gabriel the money or they’d both be dead. She says they’ll find Gabriel and the money and get the cartel off of their backs. Lou says an anonymous call alerted them to the briefcase which was just a decoy and the real bomb was outside in the trunk of a car.

Lou says the guy knew their protocol and they wonder if the guy was nearby watching when he detonated it. Lou says the bomb squad swept with dogs and missed the bomb. Catherine is with them and Steve wonders if there’s more to come from this bomber. The news anchor gets ready to read off the bomb story on the news. He gets last minute make up and the producer sees someone leave a briefcase and they clear out the station.

The robot is brought in to deal with this one too. Steve is with the bomb squad this time. Again, there’s nothing in the briefcase. They look inside the shattered briefcase and spot a plastic case with a flash drive in it. They load it up back at the news office and see it’s Jason Duclair, an arsonist they locked up already. A creepy poem tells them to release him from prison or else. Danny and Steve go to see the guy at the prison. They play him the poem from the radio. Jason says he has no clue who it is.

Danny asks who the poet is and then he asks to see the crime scene photos and says he might recognize the signature. They show him the decoy briefcase and then he says the guy was targeting first responders then says it’s beautiful work. Jason asks if they have photos of the victims and Steve snaps at him. Jason says he has no friends. Chin says the poem is old and has many versions. He says it’s about smoking techniques from a garden. It talks about little bug children burning up.

They says this sounds like Duclair. Steve says they need to check the case files to dig for the poet. Jerry brings Kono and Adam home. Jerry helps Adam into his wheelchair and Jerry says he’d appreciate a good word with 5-0 since he wants to work there. Kono encourages him. They are no longer in the mansion. Kono has hung out a welcome home banner for him and had a ramp installed. She sits on his lap and says he has to carry her over the threshold. He rolls them up the ramp and into the house.

Kono sees a dark car pull up outside and she runs outside. The car squeals away. She calls Duke to run the plate. The guys go through the visitation logs at the prison and find Tim Richards who wrote letters to Duclair and says the letters are just small talk that seems meaningless. Chin says it’s about the envelopes and says the lab processed them and noticed the stamp was off from the postmark. Behind the stamp is writing – called Wila writing. Lou says it’s an art form and hard to do.

The notes in Wila writing are like love letters for the arsonist from Tim Richards. Steve says they don’t have Duclair’s letters and get a warrant for Richards’ place. Danny tells Steve to be careful with Jerry and says he’s creating expectations for a badge. Danny also asks why he didn’t propose yet and Steve says he’s planning the op and Danny says that sounds so romantic. He says it sounds like he and Catherine will be on a shooting range and he’ll ask her to use her unit.

They spot Richards’ car delivering BBQ and pull up on the guy. He backs up to flee. They give chase. They close in on the guy and pull their guns. They ask why he ran and he says they cut him off. Dann checks the trunk and says the car is clean but they call CSO to take it. They tell Richards they found the letters and he refuses to talk without a lawyer. The other team is at his house with a search warrant and they are blown back by a hidden bomb. Richards denies knowledge of the bomb planted in his house.

Steve says two cops are in dead and three more are critical. He says no lawyer is coming for Richards and tells him to talk. He says he wrote the letters for someone else. He says Duclair approached him in jail to write Wila for him once he got out. He met a guy at a coffee shop and he left letters at the PO box and the guy left cash. He says the guy wore sunglasses and a baseball cap. We see a guy leaving a scene in orange emergency gear. He pulls off his gloves and does something in his trunk.

Steve says they’re sending him back to prison for acting as an accessory. Lou comes to get Steve and plays him a recording of Duclair saying the barking dog needs to be put down. The call was made after they left the prison. Turns out Duclair wanted Richards dead since he was the middle man. They play the recording for Richards and tell him Duclair put a hit on him and Lou says to give them the name if he wants to stay alive. Steve goes back to see Duclair and rough him up.

Steve gets a call and Duclair tells him to take it. It’s the Poet. He tells Steve to look out the window. They do then run outside. There’s a small projector on a car showing first responders at work. There’s a cell phone and Steve answers the call. The Poet tells Steve that he will bring Duclair out of prison at 7 am or he’ll have more innocent blood on his hands. Duclair glares at them from a window.

Sure enough, they check out the arsonist in the morning and walk out the gates with him in his orange jumpsuit and still shackled hand and foot. Danny gets a call from Lou who says as long as Duclair’s shoes stay on, the GPS is good. Lou says they’re right outside 5-0 and run outside. There’s a white van there and they run to check it out. They tracked the burner phone to there. They see a huge bomb inside it and they tell them to evacuate now.

Steve gets a call and The Poet says he knows his options are limited. He says to take Duclair and drive North or he will blow the bomb up and says if they try to defuse it, he’ll blow it. Kono stares out the window and Adam asks her to come sit at him. She says they should have taken up Chin’s offer of protections. Adam says those men were there to intimidate, not hurt them. He says they want them to get the money back from Gabriel. Kono worries.

Chin shows Catherine and Lou surveillance footage of the guy who dropped the bomb. It’s Andre Trout who was a juvenile bomber and arsonist. They wonder the connection between Trout and Duclair. Duclair direct Danny and Steve to drive him into the mountains. He tells them to uncuff him and they laugh but he orders them to do it. He tells them goodbye and Steve says – for now. They leave him there and drive off. Chin and Lou head to Trout’s house with SWAT.

They find a wall devoted to Duclair and a note that says who killed Duclair? Lou calls Danny and Steve and reads them the poem that says Duclair will be shot with an arrow then burned. It’s about Trout killing Duclair to gain his own fish. They turn the car back around and head back to where they left him. Trout is there already and shoots Duclair in the leg. Trout sprays him with accelerant and Duclair asks why he’s doing this. Trout pulls off his shirt and we see flaming tattoos.

Trout talks about the Phoenix rising from the ashes and he pulls out a lighter. The guys pull up and he opens fire at them. They return fire and he runs off. Duclair ran off in the confusion. They split up, one after each arsonist. Danny calls it in and Catherine says Duclair has stopped moving. There’s blood in the grass and Danny finds the boots – Duclair took them off but he’s gunshot and bleeding. Danny calls it in and says to call in roads and set up a manhunt.

Steve says the bomb squad defused the bomb and the palace is safe. Danny wonders why Trout would break the guy out to kill him. Steve says maybe it’s about jealousy over his fame. Danny says putting their photos on the news is giving Trout what he wants. Catherine finds Steve in his office and asks for an update. She tells him to come home and get some rest. He’s upset he can’t find the arsonists or Gabriel. She goes to get them some coffee.

Steve gets a call from Duclair and he tells Steve he’s not running and is having a steak dinner and invites him to join him but come alone. Duclair says Trout was pretending to be his protégé and he thought he had promise but was unstable. He says the guy knew everything about his fires. He’s bleeding and holding napkins on the wound. He says Trout didn’t know about him and says burning and killing people is not what he does but who he is. He says Trout is a fame-seeker.

Steve asks why he’s there and Duclair says he’s tortured and can’t escape his thoughts unless he’s locked away with no opportunity to act on his thoughts. He asks where Trout is and Duclair hands him a key and says it’s a PO Box Trout uses. Steve asks what’s there and Duclair says that would take the fun out of it. Steve walks out and Danny and Lou evacuate the restaurant. They take Duclair into custody. Steve and some cops are at the Post Office checking out the PO Box.

Inside is a jar with ashes in it. Kono wakes up and gets out of bed. She sees the cartel car outside. She gets her gun and tells Adam to stay there. She says they’re back. She goes outside and pulls a gun on them but both cartel men watching their house are dead already.