Hawaii Five-0 Recap – Death Above and Below: Season 6 Episode 3 “Ua ‘O’Oloku Ke Anu I Na Mauna”

Hawaii Five-0 Recap - Death Above and Below: Season 6 Episode 3 "Ua 'O'Oloku Ke Anu I Na

Tonight on CBS Hawaii Five-0 continues with an all new Friday October 9, season 6 episode 3 called, “Ua ‘O’Oloku Ke Anu I Na Mauna.” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Five-0 investigates the death of a scuba diver who was killed with a gun found on the ocean floor.

On the last episode, a bomb squad was attacked and the culprit threatens to detonate additional explosives unless arsonist Jason Sinclair was released from prison. Meanwhile, Adam returned from the hospital and Kono realized they are being watched; and McGarrett prepared to take his relationship with Catherine to the next level. Did you watch last episode? If you missed it we have you covered, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “Five-0 investigates the death of a scuba diver who was killed with a gun found on the ocean floor. The probe reveals that the weapon was used recently in another murder. Meanwhile, McGarrett prepares to propose to Catherine.”

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Recap Here!

#H50 starts with Chin on his motorcycle. He rides to the crime scene at Kono’s place. She says the guys are Yakuza but no hits on their prints. She says Gabriel took the money and now their lives are at risk. Chin says he’s putting more guards on her place. A diver is in the ocean and finds a dive watch near a reef. Then he finds a set of keys and then a GoPro. He next spots a gun but the dive bag tears open and the gun falls out. It hits coral and fires, shooting the diver.

Catherine and Steve wake and she goes to fix him some breakfast. He texts Nahele for an ETA on the engagement ring. Then he hears Catherine talking quietly. He goes to see and finds her on the phone speaking another language. Danny wakes calling for Eric and snatches his pillow. He tells him to wake up and says it’s time for him to get his own clock. He tells his Uncle Danny he has a clock and says he doesn’t want to be late his first day of work at the crime lab.

Danny gets a call and heads to the ME’s office. Max tells them the body is Ben Lahinea who’s an art history guy. Max says he’s killed by the same gun as a John Doe and says Ben was shot in the water. He says if they find the gun they can likely solve two murders. At 50 HQ, Jerry gets help from Ani moving boxes. Chin says child labor is illegal but Jerry says the kid is an intern. Chin asks how his new office is coming and if he needs anything.

Jerry says he thought he would be upstairs and Chin says space is tight up there. Danny and Steve are out on the boat and Steve mentions Catherine. He says she was talking to someone in Afghanistan and thinks she might be ready to leave again. Danny says if Catherine is going to leave, she should warn him but Steve says he can’t propose if she’s going to lose. Danny says he doesn’t know what the call was about and tells him not to throw it all away.

Danny says to figure it out and put a ring on it. Steve says Nahele is getting him the ring today. They find the dive spot and Steve changes to go look around. Steve puts on the snorkel and jumps in. He finds dive bag and then the gun nearby. Chin updates Kono on the search for Gabriel and says they’ll get the money back so she and Adam can move on. Danny shows up and asks Kono to come to the crime lab with him so he doesn’t punch his nephew.

Eric says there’s a lot of coral algae on the objects. He tells them the rate it grows and says the gun and keys have less build up and have been under there for about six weeks. That matches the death time of the John Doe. Kono says the gun could have discharged accidentally. Danny says they don’t know who killed the John Doe and Eric says the serial number on the revolver is scratched off but he might be able to lift it. He calls Kono sugar lips and Danny threatens to smack him.

Steve thanks Nahele for picking up the ring and he says it’s expensive for an allotrope of carbon. Nahele says he could buy a truck for that price. He heads out as Lou comes in and asks what Steve is hiding. He asks to see the ring and he says Catherine will love it but will have to wait to get it then says Eric got the serial number. He says Eddie Brooks owned the gun. It’s Jason Mewes! OMG It’s Jay from Jay and Silent Bob aka Kevin Smith’s BFF!! Eddie says he’s a gun collector but they tell him they know he sells guns illegally rather than collecting them. Lou says he better tell them everything. He says people pay cash and he doesn’t keep a log. He says the gun killed two people and Lou threatens him.

They show him a pic of the John Doe and Eddie says that’s who he sold the gun to and says his name is Miko Mosely. They go to Miko’s place and find expensive art in his crappy apartment. Lou spots a receipt of interest then Steve finds stacks of cash and a printer that’s converting ones to hundreds. They wonder who he was trying to impress with the fake money and art. Danny meets Catherine and greets her with a hug. He says he wants to talk to her then makes small talk.

Catherine says to bring it and Danny says Steve has been happy since she’s been back. Danny tells her not to leave again. She asks where that came from and asks if Steve knows he’s there talking to her. He doesn’t. Danny says when she left, it hurt Steve pretty bad. Catherine says she didn’t mean to hurt him and says she had to stay behind in Afghanistan. He says Steve deserves to be happy and she agrees. He asks if she’s going to stick around this time. She says that’s what she wants. He hugs her again.

Kono tells Adam that Chin has everyone looking for Gabriel. Eric is there so she ends the call. He says he won’t get married til he’s 50, Clooney style. He says he checked the keys and found one for a boat and one for a padlock plus another for a house. Kono says to focus on the boat key and he says there was a GoPro in the bag too and recovered some footage. He shows her footage of a surfer. She says it’s Eli Hoku and she used to surf with him. She says he drowned last year.

She says it may be from the day he died and tells Eric good job. Danny says Miko was in debt but had no Criminal record. Kanae is a guy who rented Miko a house for cash and they show Kanae has been gone and just got back to the state. They wonder if he killed Miko for paying in counterfeit cash. They split up to look for Kanae.

Steve and Danny don’t find him. Lou says there’s no one there either but they find security cameras at the rental property. Danny says to forget the APB. Kanae is dead in his pool. Max says he has broken kneecaps and looks like he was beaten to death three days ago. Eric says he found something on Kanae’s laptop. He says he was recording his renters’ activities but someone deleted footage from six weeks ago – the day Miko died. Steve asks if he can get back the deleted footage.

Danny tells Eric he’s an HR nightmare with his constant inappropriate comments. He tells him to straighten up. Kamekona comes to deliver shrimp pot pie to Jerry and asks what the crap is this dungeon they stuck him in. Jerry says 50 values his input and Kamekona says he can’t believe he gave up his job with him for this. Jerry says it’s hit bat cave. Eric comes in and says he’s been digging into the deleted footage. Chin tells Jerry to work with Eric on the deleted footage.

Jerry tells Eric he’s a special consultant and flashes a card he had made. Steve meets Kono who says she found the boat and the owner is Aaron James who has an arrest for drug trafficking. She tries the key but it doesn’t fit. He says the boat is 13 years old then says it’s a new ignition. He unscrews it and pops off the new casing and they spot blood. Kono says the killer lost his keys and had to hotwire the engine. Aaron shows up and sees them then takes off running. They give chase but he hopes onto another boat.

Kono takes off after him. Steve runs down the dock and jumps on the boat. He grapples with the guy and they almost crash into the marina where there’s civilians. Steve hauls him in. Aaron says he knows he dumped Miko’s body and Aaron demands his lawyer. Jerry shows up and says he can tell him what happened. They show video of Aaron meeting with Miko who shows him a briefcase of cash. Aaron shows a bag of coke. Miko asks if they’re good and Aaron shoots Miko in the head for the fake cash.

Steve says Kenae saw the footage and decided to blackmail Aaron over the killing. They were going to meet to get a payoff but Aaron killed him. Jerry says there’s a cliffhanger. Then we see a call between Aaron and whoever he’s working for. Chin pulls cell records and Lou comes in and says Duke called and Aaron was broken out. Chin says a burner called Aaron and they call it. The voice says – who is this. Steve says run it through voice recognition – it’s Gabriel Waincroft.

Chin looks like he already knew that. Kono plays the video for Eli Hoku’s widow. She shows it to their son and says – this was your daddy. The boy touches the screen and Eli’s widow thanks Kono. Steve finds Catherine sitting on the porch when he gets home. Her bags are with her. She says she’s sorry. Steve says she just got there. She says she loves him but has to go away for a while. He asks for how long and she says she doesn’t know. She says it’s hard and starts to cry.

She says she needs more than what a relationship can offer her. He asks what she wants and she says to feel needed but not like he means. She says when his phone rings someone needs him and he can help them. He asks her to come back to 5-0 but she says that’s his thing, not hers. She says she needs something of her own. He sits beside her and asks if she’s going to Afghanistan. She says Nepal to run help drops for the Red Cross for victims of the earthquake. She says she can make a difference there.

He says to just tell him if she wants out and says if she leaves today, he’s done waiting for her. She says she called for a ride and wants to say goodbye here instead of him taking her to the airport. She hugs him and says she’ll always love him. He watches her drive away and looks at the engagement ring again. He thinks about all their times together. She cries as she drives away from him. She makes a call on a secure line and says she’s on her way and her cover wasn’t questioned by Steve. The man asks if she’s sure she can do this and she says she can.