Hawaii Five-0 Recap 1/16/15: Season 5 Episode 11 “Poina’ole (Not Forgotten)”

Hawaii Five-0 Recap 1/16/15: Season 5 Episode 11 "Poina'ole (Not Forgotten)"

Tonight on CBS Hawaii Five-0 continues with an all new Friday January 16, season 5 episode 11 called, “Poina’ole (Not Forgotten)” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, a neurosurgeon is assassinated just before performing a surgery.

On the last episode, Five-0 enlisted the help of an old-school private detective to solve the murder of a young woman who was secretly working as an escort. William Forsythe guest stars as the old-school private detective. Doug Savant and Eric Roberts also guest star. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “a neurosurgeon is assassinated just before performing a surgery. The investigation uncovers the truth behind the disappearance of four reform school boys over 40 years ago. Meanwhile, McGarrett’s beloved Mercury Marquis is stolen by an unlikely culprit.”

This is definitely one series that you don’t want to miss. Don’t forget to stay tuned to Celeb Dirty Laundry where we will be live blogging every episode of Hawaii Five-0 new season. While you wait for the recap, check out a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below

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On #H50, Lou’s daughter Samantha screams. He runs to her room. She thanks about being caged and her kidnapper. He comforts her and tells her it will be all right. Next morning, he sits with Chin and tells him about the nightmare. He says he thought she was getting better but she’s still struggling. He says her kidnapping, caging and watching Ian die is playing like a loop in her head. Chin says they both know what it’s like to now want to close your eyes but says the only cure is time.

Lou says he feels helpless and wants to take this burden from his little girl. He says she shouldn’t have to carry this. Chin says he’s doing all he can for her and says Samantha needs her loving father and that’s what she’s getting. Lou seems somewhat comforted. A dad grabs up his two sons and hauls them off to take them to school. His wife thanks him for helping out and says she’ll make it up to him tonight. He hands her a banana and tells her he knows she has a long ay of surgery.

A boy is walked to the bus stop by his Poppy and he says they can go out for pizza. He gets on the bus and his Poppy tells him to be a good boy. He tells his Poppy, you too. The bus drives away. The surgeon calls in ahead and tells them how to prep her patient. She says she’ll be up in a minute. But Poppy is there in the parking deck. He blocks her car. Then he pulls out a silenced pistol and kills her. He walks off cool as a cucumber.

Steve takes a jog with his niece Grace and coaches her on their run. She’s doing well and he tells her that’s was just over a six minute mile. He tells her she’s got the physical fitness medal in the bag. She thanks him for helping her. A car squeals up and she says it looks like his car. Sure enough, it is his car. He tells her not to move or talk to anyone. She says she won’t and he takes off running to see who has his car. He cuts through yards and alleys. His phone is ringing.

He comes out just in time to see it peal away. He says he’s on his way to the crime scene and also tells them to call in his car stolen. He meets Danny at the crime scene who chews him out for leaving Grace alone on a street. He says he didn’t leave her in a bad neighborhood. Danny won’t hear it and Steve says he left her for less than five minutes. He says he’s over-reacting and tells him the car is a classic but Danny says it’s a class piece of junk.

Chin tells them Dr. Christine DuPont is their victim. Lou says the shooter knew the security system since he got in and out without being seen. There were no shell casing and it was a copper jacketed bullet. Kono comes in and says Dr DuPont was brought in to operate on Paul DeLano. They brought him from a local prison with an aneurysm and she was his best chance for survival. He was mobbed up and it looks like someone didn’t want him to make it.

Chin and Steve head into the hospital and Chin says DeLano was still running his crew from the inside. They wonder if it was a rival crew or one of his own crew looking for a promotion. They wonder who knew Dr DuPont was called in. They think it could be prison or hospital staff. They put a detail on DuPont’s family just in case. They head to see DeLano who recognizes Chin. He asks how is what’s left of Chin’s family.

DeLano introduces Steve and Chin to the doctor that comes in. He says his brother murdered Chin’s wife two years ago and he’s still mad about it. Steve says they need to talk to him but the doctor says he needs an operation now. They don’t care and the doctor says if they delay and he dies, it’s murder. Steve tells the guy to leave. They tell him his surgeon was assassinated in the parking lot and now DeLano is interested. He asks if they’re serious and they ask why else would be there.

Steve asks who would want to take him out. Chin asks who has more to gain from his death besides the two of them. DeLano says he hasn’t been running anything. He says he’s broke and his organization is gone. He says he has no juice and running his mouth is protecting him in the joint. He says he doesn’t know who would have killed the lady cop. He tells Chin he’s like to see him again on the outside sometime. Chin tells him he knows where to find him and DeLano says if he doesn’t make it, he’ll say hello to his wife. Chin glares.
[15-01-16 11:13:48 PM] Rachel Rowan: Lou goes to see the husband about his wife’s death. He asks if she’s been acting strangely. He says she worked late a couple of night last week to check on something personal for a patient. He says they barely see each other since they have two kids and they both work full time. He says they were taking the boys to the beach this weekend. He asks what to tell his sons. Lou has no answers. Max is playing piano when Kono and Danny come in.

He asks if they recognize the theme. It’s from an old Hitchcock thriller. Danny asks if they’re there for movie trivia. He says he’s setting the mood. He tells them about a guy who was brought in for brain cancer from a local jail. Danny asks what this has to do with the doctor. She was Tanni’s surgeon. Kono says she’s a brain surgeon so it makes sense. Max says cancer didn’t kill Tanni, it was murder. He shows them proof that he was smothered by a pillow.

Danny says someone snuck into ICU and killed a patient. That means their murders are likely connected. Kono asks why kill a guy who was going to die in a week anyway. Steve’s car has been stripped and is on an old beach. It’s up on blocks. Steve shows up. The beat cops try to comfort him and they tell him only replaceable parts are missing. They tell him that maybe something at the nearby homeless encampment saw something.

They show him that whoever was stripping the car left their tools and may come back for more. Steve tells them to leave the car and watch it. He opens the trunk and says it’s a vintage auto survival kit. He mixes a few chemicals together and sprays it on the windshield then pours another chemical on it. He raises prints and tells them to run them. They do it. Chin says Tanni spent 40 of his 55 years in prison. He was mainly a burglar but got his life sentence for killing someone during a robbery.

In jail, he was a model prisoner who kept to himself and didn’t really get any visitors. Kono says Dr DuPont was doing searches on people. One was Walter Russell that was warden at a reform school where Tanni was housed as a kid. She says the school was forced to shut down because of abuse allegations and Russell was fired but nothing stuck. Kono says the doc called Russell a couple of days before she died. They agree to dig into Russell.

Danny asks Steve about his car and he says it’s bad. Danny asks scale of 1 to 10 but Steve says he’s trivializing his stress. Danny says they can talk about child endangerment instead. Steve says he should have been running with his own daughter. Danny says he doesn’t like to run. They pull up at Walter’s house. Lou is with them. The place is pretty trashy. Steve spots a trip line and stops Danny.

He reveals a booby trap in the yard. They warn Lou and he’s almost hit with a spiky thing in the face. Walter pulls a gun on him and says to drop the gun. He does. Lou says he’s a cop and has a couple of questions for him. He asks if this is about the lady doctor and says this is none of her business. He rants and says they ruined his life and that she loved to hurt him. He asks Lou how many people are with him and he says enough to drag him out of here in a body bag.

Walter puts his arm around Lou’s neck to hold him hostage but he gets loose and gets his gun. Walter takes off through his yard at a run. Danny goes to give but Steve stops him. Walter runs into one of his dangerous traps and goes down. Steve tells Danny – you’re welcome, again.

They pull Walter off the trap – he’s dead – then go search his house. They find a bipolar meds that he clearly hadn’t been taking. Steve says these murders were too well planned to be planned by Walter. Danny says a neighbor saw him in his yard when DuPont died. Kono calls and says she recovered some patient notes from the doctor’s phone. She plays them a recording with Tanni. He tells her he’s a bad person who has done horrible things.

He told her about four boys that looked out for him at the reform school. He says the stole because they had nothing and no family. She asks why he’s telling her and why he wants her to record it. He says it’s proof. He says he never had anyone he could trust. The doc says he can trust her. He says the boys were murdered. They were the four names she was researching and all were locked up with him at the reform school.

The store was they escaped from the school, stole a car, burgled some homes but were never found. Tanni says he saw the boys being dragged across the yard by a guard named Huhu (means angry). He says he heard Huhu arguing with Walter about the boys being dead and that they will say they escaped. Kono shows them a photo of Alex Mackey (it’s Poppy and also Huhu) – he was the guard whose car they supposedly stole and who was the last to see the boys alive and maybe dead too.

He worked at the same place Dr DuPont worked at. They wonder if the boys’ bodies are still on the grounds. They bring cadaver dogs to work the site of the old reform school. They have ground radar too. They go to talk to Mackey and he’s picking up his grandson from the bus. Danny drags him away and they tell him there’s two kids without a mom because of him. Danny and Steve ask if he only kills defenseless women and kids. Steve says they know what he did and it’s over.

Mackey says they have nothing, no witnesses and no proof. He says they have nothing and tells them to search his house, car, everything. Danny says the woman he murdered has kids the same age as his grandson. Walter says if she minded her business, she’s be alive now. Steve gets a call and says it’s great. He asks them to call back when they confirm. Steve says to hang onto that attitude now because the next call is going to wipe that smirk off his face.

Out at the old reform school, they’ve unearthed the four boys’ bodies. Max is in the grave and pulls a plastic bag off one set of skeletal remains. He uncovers all four and they’ve still got shackles on them. Lukela tells Steve the thief came back to the car this morning and they caught him. Steve talks to the young guy and asks his name. He says Nahele. Steve says he has to call his parents. The boy says his mom is dad and dad is in prison. Steve asks when the last time was he ate.

The kids says he doesn’t know. Steve asks Lukela to get him some food and some clothes. The kid tells him he’s sorry and says he never stole anything before but he was so hungry. Steve asks how long he’s been on the street and he says a few months. He says they tried to put him in a home after his mom died but he couldn’t stay there. Kono calls Steve out and he leaves the kid there. He tells the cop to get him fed and cleaned up and keep him in his office.

Max says he determined the boys suffered from dehydration and starvation. Chin says when they died it was an extremely hot summer and the basement they used for solitary had no windows or ventilation. Max says it was like leaving them in a car with rolled up windows in the dead of summer. Max says it’s homicide. Danny and Steve go back to see Walter. They tell him they found the dead boys and enough evidence to put him away.

Danny calls him Huhu and says he didn’t even have the decency to take the shackles off the kids before they buried them. Walter says no one cared about those useless kids and Steve says Tanni remembered. Walter says the world is a better place without those kids. Danny says he doesn’t know about that but knows that Walter is going to die a useless loser in prison. They walk out. Steve goes back to talk to the kid Nahele.

He shows him it’s a criminal complaint to charge him with the theft of his car. The kid says when he gets out of jail, he’ll pay him back. Steve says he hasn’t signed it yet and puts the form in his drawer. He tells him he’s going to make him the deal of a lifetime. He says they’re going to go get back all the car parts and then he’s going to help Steve put the car back together. He tells him if he keeps his nose clean, he’ll leave the form in the drawer.

He tells the kid he has eyes and ears all over this island and if he hears one thing, he won’t be the nice guy he’s being now. Nahele promises he won’t let him down. Steve says all right. Grace shows off her physical fitness medal and Max says he got one too. Steve comes over and says DeLano recovered. Chin says there’s still time for stomach cancer. Grace shows her medal to Steve who takes credit. Danny says he helped with all except the running.

They ask how Nahele is – he’s working for Kamekona and brings them a tray of food. Samantha and Lou pull up and he tells her he loves her. He tells her he would have done anything to prevent what happened to her but he can’t change that. He says the only thing that can change now is her. He says her body healed but her mind still needs to. He says she may have some more bad nights, but it will get easier. He promises her they’ll get through it as a family.

Lou tells her he’ll always be there for her and she gives him a big hug. He asks if she’s hungry and she says she’s starving. Lou asks them if they saved any food for them. Samantha congratulates Grace on her medal. Steve thanks Kamekona for hiring Nahele and he says he’s a good kid but he may need to rethink free employee lunch since he’s eating him to death. Danny calls Steve a half baked cookie whose soft on the inside for what he did with the kid. He tells Steve he knows he likes fixing broken things. Steve says – yes, I do.