Hawaii Five-0 Recap – “Na Kama Hele”: Season 6 Episode 7

Hawaii Five-0 Recap - "Na Kama Hele": Season 6 Episode 7

Tonight on CBS Hawaii Five-0 continues with an all new Friday November 6, season 6 episode 7 called, “Na Kama Hele.” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, McGarrett’s (Alex O’Loughlin) first date with Lynn on a deserted island turns deadly when a mob boss hiding there hunts them down to protect his secret location.

On the last episode, Five-0 hunted for a serial killer who was inspired by Frankenstein. Meanwhile, Jerry calls Five-0 for helped when an armed gang raids a blood bank; and Danny tried to track down Grace when she lied to him and sneaks out to a Halloween party.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “McGarrett’s first date with Lynn on a deserted island turns deadly when a mob boss hiding there hunts them down to protect his secret location. Meanwhile, a gambler threatens to kill a high school football star’s dad unless the teen throws a big game.”

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Recap Here!

#H50 begins 36 miles from Oahua. A man is in the jungle with a rifle. He appears to be stalking something or someone. He creeps around and a man and woman come at him. It’s Steve and Lynn. The man asks what they’re doing there and Steve says stand down and I’ll tell you. Instead, the guy attacks. Six hours earlier, at Steve’s house, Lou chats with Steve about his date with Lynn. He says it’s just a get to know you thing.

Lou asks if he has an exit strategy and says a deserted island is a bad place for a first date. Lynn pulls up in her jeep as Lou suggests going for coffee. She’s hot and Lou says forget what he said and says take her to the island and have a good time. They head out onto the boat and speed for the island. She says it’s an ambitious first date and he says go big or go home. He says he always wanted to snorkel out here with his dad.

She says Ellie told him about his dad and he must have been a good man. She asks to drive the boat and says her dad was a fisherman. She pushes him out of the way and he stands close as they flirt and she picks up speed. She says she told her dad he went too slow and she tells Steve to trust her but he says he doesn’t even know her. They head for the island at top speed. She says she hasn’t been there since she was 15 when her grandfather brought her and her brother.

They get on their gear and she shoves him into the water. He knocks the boat and she falls in too. They snorkel around and check out the fish, sting rays and a couple of dolphin. They surface and Steve says that was amazing. She says they should explore the island and says she has something to show him. They talk about her past and she tells him about college and says she works at human services helping troubled teens.

She says she doesn’t like to give up on anyone. They head into a clearing and she shows him the view of the mountain and a waterfall. She snaps a pic of him then says they need to take another one. She snaps another and then he takes one of her. He cuts off her head and she does a selfie. He looks at it and she says she can erase it if he doesn’t like it but he says it’s perfect. They head back and she says she knows a shortcut. They jog off into the jungle.

At a high school game, it’s a playoff to get a spot in the state championship. The commentator says it’s all on star QB Jesse Frontera. He gets sacked. Lou and Kono are at the game with Chin. He tells them about Steve’s hot date. Kono tells them they’re idiots. The QB makes an incomplete pass that makes no sense. Lou says the kid has been off the whole damned game. Then Frontera fumbles and the other team gets it. Lou says the kid is giving the game away. Chin says something is off.

Frontera leaves the field upset. Two men in black leave the stands and Lou notices them. Chin says this is not right. On the island, Lynn admits she got them lost. Steve says they should just turn around then Steve spots something. They go over and see a plane under a tarp with branches blocking it. Steve says it didn’t crash since it looks pristine. Someone starts firing an automatic weapon at them. They run. The guy stalks them. She’s terrified. Steve has no signal then checks hers – it’s the same.

Steve says it will be okay. He pulls his knife and puts his hand over her mouth when she whimpers. The guy passes by. Steve says she need to breathe and calm down. He says he won’t let anything happen to her. He says they need to get the hell off the island since that guy has a gun. They head out at a run. They make the beach but then see the guy set their boat on fire. Now what? Back at the game, Lou, Chin and Kono lurk outside the locker room and they see the toughs leave. Kono follows them.

Lou and Chin go check on the kid who tells Chin this is not a good time. He says he can’t talk to him and Chin asks who the two men are. Chin flashes his badge and says tell them. Lou says this will affect the rest of his life. He says if he talks, they’ll kill him. Chin asks who. Frontera sits and says he got a call this morning who said he had his dad. He says they took him. He says he doesn’t know who the guy is but he told him he’d kill his dad unless his team lost.

Lou asks if he’s sure that they have his dad. He says his dad was dealing a big game last night then never came home. He says they told him to get back in the game. Chin says he’ll get him back in and tells him to win and they’ll find his dad. On the island, the guy radios a woman who says there’s no sign of them. Steve and Lynn lurk nearby. Steve says they have to go back to the plane to see if there’s a radio or weapons. He says they won’t expect that. She says they have to go up the falls.

Back at the game, Lou sits between the two toughs. He eats their popcorn then makes odd small talk. They tell him to walk away but Lou says he knows they have guns then points out Kono with her badge out and he says she’s a great shot. He tells them he’s taking their guns and they’re going to walk out nice and easy and talk. The thugs have no choice. Steve and Lynn work their way up the falls. She says this will save time. She walks across first.

Steve follows cautiously. He makes it but then the guy shoots at them – he’s nearby. Steve gets a drop and knocks him down. He has his knife out and Steve tells him to stand down. They grapple and Steve throws him off the falls. Lynn fell and cracked her head but is okay. She’s bleeding a little. Steve says the cross tat on the guy’s neck was likely from jail time. He tears his shirt and bandages her head. They wonder if he’s dead but know he still has a partner even if he’s dead.

They make it to the plane and go inside. Steve tells her to keep a lookout. They spot cuffs and shackles and realize it was a prison transport. Steve thinks the guy they threw over was the prisoner. Steve says the cuffs were unlocked so someone let him go likely. He says the plane came from Manila four years ago and was headed for California. Steve says a fugitive mob boss named Logan was picked up in Manila. He says the story was the plane went down. Steve says the pilot and crew must have been in on it.

Steve checks the storage bay and finds a flare gun and flashlight. Lynn finds an emergency beacon. He clicks it on but then it shorts out. The batteries are corroded. He says Logan had radios and says if they get to their power source, they can send the signal. Kono and Chin bring the two thugs to the station and ask where Jesse’s dad is. Kono rattles off his record and says with the kidnapping and gun he’s looking at 10 years. Chin says he could walk instead of doing time. He continues to play dumb.

Then the guy laughs. Lou says the guys are pros and have encrypted phones. Chin and Lou go work on the other guy. Steve and Lynn walk but then he stops to treat her head wound since it’s bleeding more. He gets a coconut and cleans it then rebandages her head. They hear an engine sound and spot a woman in a raft. Logan jogs out to meet her – he’s still alive. Steve says they need to steal their boat to get away. The other thug tells Lou that he’s not talking.

Lou calls him a scumbag. Chin says he’s looking at 25 to life for kidnapping then life if the guy dies. They tell him last chance. Chin punches the guy in the face and Armando says they can’t do it since he’s a cop. Chin says they can’t kidnap a guy and force his kid to throw the game. He hits him again and the guy says he broke his jaw. Lou tells him to stop then the guy flinches. Lou says tell him who he’s working for. Lou says he’s going to keep hitting you then Lou says he’s got $300 he’ll bet that he’s going to talk.

Armando gives up the name. Lou says the kid is back in the game but the team is still down. They got the DEA info on Oliver Zelenko, the kidnapper. The guy was running heroin but his operation was shut down and he placed a big bet to recover. Kono is at the game with a bunch of uniforms. He says they’re halfway there. He says protect the kid and take down anyone who gives the kid a wrong look. Logan and his lady partner unload some guns and tells Vicki they’re compromised and need to move on.

Steve shoots a flare into their weapons tent. The two run after him and Lynn runs up and grabs the raft. She drags it off while they chase Steve. He leaves a deliberate path so they can follow. Logan tells Vicki t stay on him when he realizes Steve is alone. He goes back and sees the drag marks for the raft. She’s struggling with it. She’s almost to the water. He’s there and cocks the rifle. He says it almost worked. He drags her by her hair and tells Steve to show himself or he’ll kill her.

Steve radios and says let her go. Logan says he is in no position to give orders. He’s got Vicki and Logan says he knows he won’t leave his GF behind. Steve says he just met her and says – what do I care? Logan marches Lynn to the beach where Steve tied Vicki up as bait then he gets the drop on Logan. She gets his gun and Steve says shoot him if he moves. Logan offers Steve money. He says no way. He says everyone has a price and Steve doesn’t bite.

At the game, Jesse has made a huge comeback for his team. He lands a touchdown and Kono watches sweating. The extra point ties it up. Kono calls Chin and Lou and they ask if there’s a timeout. She says there is not. Chin floors it. Lou says next time they take the SUV. Zelenko tells Jesse’s dad that his son must want to be an orphan. The last play of the game starts. Jesse makes a pass that lands for a touchdown and wins the game.

Zelenko gets his gun and tells his men to put Jesse’s dad on his knees. They lean him over and then Lou and Chin bust in shooting. They help Kai up and he’s unharmed for the most part. They call Kono and she gives Jesse a sign that his dad is safe. He’s thrilled as his team boosts him up on his shoulders. Steve and Lynn pull up at the marina with Vicki and Logan and US Marshals are there to arrest him for a whole litany of charges. They haul him off. Lynn tells Steve that it went well for a first date. He agrees.

He says they’re both still alive and it’s a good start. She says he was convincing then asks if he was really going to leave her behind. She asks what if it didn’t work. He says he’ll tell her next Saturday then says they can go for coffee since it’s safer. They walk off hand in hand.