Hawaii Five-0 Recap – Dead Hula Girl: Season 5 Episode 10 “Wawahi Moe’uhane”

Hawaii Five-0 Recap - Dead Hula Girl: Season 5 Episode 10 "Wawahi Moe'uhane"

Tonight on CBS Hawaii Five-0 continues with an all new Friday January 2, season 5 episode 10 called, “Wawahi Moe’uhane (Broken Dreams)” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, an old-school private detective helps Five-0 investigate the murder of a young woman who was secretly working as an escort.

On the last episode, it was Christmas in Hawaii and Five-0 traveled to the Big Island, where Max was forced to work with a rival medical examiner after a cowboy was poisoned. Meanwhile, McGarrett pressuresd Danny into stealing a Christmas tree. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “Five-0 enlists the help of an old-school private detective to solve the murder of a young woman who was secretly working as an escort. William Forsythe guest stars as the old-school private detective. Doug Savant and Eric Roberts also guest star.”

This is definitely one series that you don’t want to miss. Don’t forget to stay tuned to Celeb Dirty Laundry where we will be live blogging every episode of Hawaii Five-0 new season. While you wait for the recap, check out a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

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A woman’s body floats in the water. We hear that the girl was chasing the American dream and died trying to find it. We see she’s in a tank of some sort and then gets pulled up out of the water and rolled up in a blanket on a boar. Her body is taken and put in the trunk of a car – what we’re actually seeing is her death in reverse starting with the gunshot that struck her in the head. She pleads with the shooter not to hurt her and she promises she won’t tell anyone.

Jerry is at Chin’s working with Ani, his IT consultant (a kid) who’s helping Jerry prep for a job interview. Jerry says he knows nothing about programming and Chin says he may not be the right man for the job. Jerry asks Chin for $20 to pay the kid. The kid wishes Jerry luck and he leaves. Jerry says if he gets a call about him to say he was a great programmer for Chin’s company.

Steve is sparring with Ellie and she pressures him to take her friend Jess out on a date. She keeps nagging but he says he’s taking his time with dating right now. He gets a call and heads to the ME’s. Danny tells Steve that he can’t let Ellie set him up. He tells him about a horrible experience of his own when he let someone set him up.

They find Mindy crying in the hall. Max says she’s been upset since they worked on Brooke – the victim. He says Brooke was found in a marine pod out on the ocean. Mindy comes in and says she was in the water about six hours and died around midnight. She says it was the gunshot that killed her and the gun was up close to the head. Steve gets a call saying they found Brooke’s car and it’s going to CSU to be processed.

They head over to the impound lot and then find someone poking around at her car. They pull a gun on him – the guy was pulling a GPS tracker off Brooke’s car and they find a gun on the guy too. He says he can explain both of those and Steve says he’s all ears. Over at the cop shop, the guy is in a chair and his internal monologue is very 1930s cop movie. Steve comes in and uncuffs the guy.

Danny is with him. He says they ran his prints and know his name is Harry Brown and that he was 30 years with the Hawaii PD. Harry says he played poker with Steve’s dad. He’s a PI too and Steve asks why he was illegally tracking Brooke. He says he was keeping an eye on her as a favor for her dad. He says she left home a few months ago to follow her dreams. He says lately she stopped calling home and was acting strange.

Harry says he woke up and saw the GPS was at the impound and decided to get the tracker to find her killer himself. Harry says Brooke stopped calling home because she took a job as a hula dancer but was really an escort. Steve asks why he didn’t pull Brooke out and Harry says he tried but she refused and told him she could take care of herself. He says now he has to call his friend and tell him that his baby girl was murdered on his watch.

We see Brooke on an ad for the hula company. Lou says the dancers at the hula company work private events and you can call the manager to set up a “private” session. Cho says she went to Pier 54 late – or her car did. But she was already dead so now they’re checking surveillance. Lou asks why dump her in the marine pod and Kono says putting her there meant she’d be found and that’s what the killer wanted. They head to the hula company and talk to her Ms Thompson who works with Brooke.

She says she saw her at an event last night and Danny asks if Brooke took any work home with her. Ms Thompson denies any improprieties and says she will introduce the girls to clients but it’s matchmaking, not prostitution. She says no money changes hands. Ms Thompson admits she charges more for their hula services but says they provide better services. They threaten to haul her in if they don’t tell them who Brooke left with. She says it was a guy named David Waring.

At Brooke’s apartment, there’s a puddle of blood and they see she was packing to leave. A girl tries to get in and says it’s her apartment. It’s Annie, Brooke’s roommate. She’s stunned and says she left the party before Brooke and stayed out all night. She says Brooke tried to call her. Cho asks her about David Waring. Kono tells them they know about the company they work for. Annie says they don’t have to do anything they don’t want to.

She says rich guys buy them gifts and take them places. She says it’s not just about sex, some of the older wealthy men just want company. Annie says Brooke didn’t sleep with clients and only did it to keep the company happy. Annie tells them that David isn’t aggressive, but Cory, a former BF of Brooke’s is aggressive. She says he showed up from Lanai and kept calling and texting her and then showed up really angry.

She says he kept telling Brooke she had to leave with him. Annie says she doesn’t think Cory was going to take no for an answer. Chin says Waring may not the guy and tells him about the ex BF. They spot a guy matching Cory’s description leaving Waring’s house. They pull a gun on him and he holds his hands up and they’ve got blood on them. Steve leaves him with Danny and heads into Waring’s place. He calls out to him and find the guy face down on the floor. He’s dead too.

Cory is taken away in cuffs and Mindy zips Waring into a body bag. Cory says he would never hurt Brooke and Harry says he didn’t want anyone else to have her. Cory asks who he is and Steve tells him to tell them what happened. Cory says he was following Brooke and saw her leave with a guy. He says he was mad and thought he’d lost her for good. He says he left, went to a bar in Chinatown and drank until the place closed then sat in his car.

Harry asks why he had Waring’s blood on his hands. He says he went to Waring’s house to tell him to stay away from Brooke. He says he didn’t answer so he went inside and found him already dead. Chin comes in and pulls Steve out to chat. Harry tells Cory that he believes him. He says Cory isn’t a murderer, just a kid with a broken heart.

Chin says they found Cory’s phone and it had a voice mail from Brooke asking him to call her and saying she needed him. The call was at 10:05. Steve says if they can place Cory at the bar he said, then he’s not the killer. Mindy says Waring was killed between 9 and 10 pm. Danny says that was two hours before Brooke was killed. They wonder if Brooke was collateral damage and Waring the target.

Danny tells her it’s nice work then asks about her being upset earlier. Danny says working with Max could make anyone cry. He asks who Brooke reminded her of and she asks how he knew that. He says he’s been a cop for too long. She says Susan Landon – a friend from college that she clicked with. She says they were really close and says a few days before graduation they were out partying and Susan never came home and her body was found near campus.

Mindy says they never found the killer and she says most days it doesn’t bother her, but today it did. Danny says when someone dies, that’s when they go to work. She asks how he handles it and he says time with his daughter helps. He says some people like surfing but he doesn’t get that. He tells her she needs some sort of escape. She thanks him.

Lou says they checked out Waring and he has no record but wasn’t well liked. He says he had been sued over real estate deals and had a bunch of broken engagements. Erica Young was the latest GF. Chin confirms Cory’s alibi. He also checked Brooke’s cell records and she called a taxi to pick her up from Waring’s at 10:15. That places her there when he was killed and may have witnessed it. They place her voice mail to Cory and hear a noise in the background.

Chin isolates the sound and Lou says it sounds like dripping water. They go back to Waring’s and find a drippy faucet in the bathroom where she was likely hiding when the murder happened. We see a flashback to her witnessing the murder. Steve says she was killed to cover it up. They go back to see Mindy who’s doing some blood spatter analysis. She’s hitting a dummy with a blunt object.

She says the body is a David Waring experiment. She says he was struck with a round object and knows the killer’s height. She says the killer was about six feet and she demonstrates the blow they would have used. They head to talk to Erica who is playing aggressive tennis. They wonder if she whacked Waring with her racket. Erica comes over to talk to them and acts shocked.

They ask who would want to kill Waring and she says no one. They show her Brooke’s photo and she asks who she is. They tell her that she was also killed and their murders are likely linked. Danny says they think she was an escort and David was one of her clients. Erica says she knew he’d been with escorts in the past but thought he has stopped all that.

Her dad is there and offers an alibi but Erica says she was home all night alone. She says they had plans but he never showed up. She says he wasn’t perfect but she loved him and had nothing to do with his death. Harry heads to talk to a guy (guest star Eric Roberts!) who’s hosing off his boat. He says he’s seen his boat at Pier 54. He says he was at the harbor last night and saw him launching it at 2 am.

The guy says he’s mistaken then tries to run. Harry pursues and tackles him. They face off and Harry kicks his butt then cuffs him. His name is Richard Sheridan and he’s a self-employed stock trader. Harry tells Danny and Steve how he chased the guy down by matching treads to his truck. Chin says they found a blanket with Brooke’s blood on it on the boat. They tell Richard he’s going away for her murder.

He says someone must have jacked his boat and says he was home all night. He says he was home with his wife all night. Harry says he’s lying and asks for five minutes alone with him. Richard says to get his lawyer. Kono says he had some recent money problems but no priors. Steve says maybe Richard was a client of the hula company too. Lou says they need Ms Thompson’s client list.

He goes to see Ellie and she says he’s going to have a hard time getting it since there are powerful people on the list. Ellie says she needs corroboration from Annie the roommate to get the warrant. Chin says they found a hair follicle on the blanket Brooke was wrapped in. He says it’s from someone else that was likely on the boat with Richard and Steve says that’s the killer that Richard is protecting.

Harry and Steve head to a skyscraper to pick up Mr Young – Erica’s dad. Steve says it was a good act at the tennis club earlier. Harry accuses him of killing Waring and Brooke. They tell him they know he’s a client of the hula club. Steve says he wouldn’t want his daughter marrying Waring after he found out he was a client at the hula club.

We see a flashback to Young telling Waring to break up with his daughter or else. Waring threatens to tell Erica and her mom about him cheating. We see him kill Waring. Young says they can’t prove it but Steve says they have his DNA and Richard decided to give him up rather than face any legal troubles himself. Harry tells him to tell them how he knew about Brooke being there.

The guy hesitates and Harry punches him in the face. Steve tells him he should give him the name. Steve goes to pick up Ms Thompson. He’s got Ellie and Danny with him. Steve says he knows that Brooke called her about the murder and they know she called Young instead because she’d rather Brooke die than lose clients. Ms Thompson says Brooke didn’t have the heart for this kind of work and was never going to last.

Ellie thanks Steve for bringing her along for the arrest. Brooke’s dad comes to the ME’s office – Harry is with him. He looks at his daughter’s body and is heartbroken. He breaks down crying and Harry comforts him. He kisses her on the head. Mindy watches sadly. Later, Mindy is at the beach waxing a surf board. She heads out onto the water smiling. She sits on her board and enjoys the waves and the sun.

Chin sees Jerry spinning a sign for Kamekona’s food truck. He says he’s in advertising now and Chin says he has a knack for it. He asks about the job interview and Jerry says the upshot is that Kamekona is paying him off the books and is giving him a 20% discount. Chin says he just confessed to tax evasion. Jerry says he confessed to a cop to tax evasion and Jerry says he can just live with him forever. Chin drops it immediately.

Harry comes to see Steve and he asks how Brooke’s dad is. Harry says he’s a mess and that they’re taking Brooke’s body home now to put her to rest. Steve tells him he can’t blame himself but Harry says guys like them are born to protect and serve. Steve thanks him for all the help on the case and credits him with the solve. Harry says all the modern tech isn’t him but Steve says all that can’t replace his cop instincts. Harry tells Steve he’s a good cop and reminds him of himself when he was younger.