Hawaii Five-0 Premiere Recap – Honeymoon from Hell: Season 6 Episode 1 “Mai ho`oni i ka wai lana mâlie”

Hawaii Five-0 Premiere Recap - Honeymoon from Hell: Season 6 Episode 1 "Mai ho`oni i ka wai lana mâlie"

Tonight on CBS Hawaii Five-0 continues with an all new Friday September 25, season 6 premiere episode called, “Mai ho`oni i ka wai lana mâlie.” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, season 6 begins with Five-0 investigating a centuries-old Oahu palace raid involving pirates, buried treasure and a killer who is using a stolen painting as a map.

On the last episode, starting with “Luapo’i (Prey)”, while Five-0 investigated the murder of a bounty hunter after he apprehended a fugitive hiding out in Hawaii, Rachel (guest star Claire van der Boom) reveals a long-held secret to Danny (Scott Caan) that has serious ramifications. Also, as Kono’s (Grace Park) wedding nears, Chin (Daniel Dae Kim) voiced his concerns to McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin) that Adam (guest star Ian Anthony Dale) was still working with the Yakuza. On the eve of Kono’s wedding to Adam, Five-0 learned that a stolen nuclear bomb was somewhere on the island and about to be detonated. Also, McGarrett was stunned when Catharine returned to Hawaii, while Chin confronted Adam about his lingering connections to the Yakuza. Did you watch last episode? If you missed it we have you covered, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “season 6 begins with Five-0 investigating a centuries-old Oahu palace raid involving pirates, buried treasure and a killer who is using a stolen painting as a map. Meanwhile, Kono and Adam are threatened and tortured by Gabriel; and Danny shows concern for Steve regarding Catherine’s return to the island.”

This is definitely one series that you don’t want to miss. Don’t forget to stay tuned to Celeb Dirty Laundry where we will be live blogging every episode of Hawaii Five-0 new season. While you wait for the recap, check out a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

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#H50 starts in Honolulu in 1884 with pirates invading the island. They make land and the captain tells them to leave nothing behind – take it all. They attack a mansion, lock up soldiers, rob and wreak havoc. They demand to be taken to the palace so they can rob the commonwealth. They take art, candle sticks and a dagger from the man in charge. The pirate sniffs a lady rudely then takes her diamonds. The pirate then asks for the keys to the treasury and they find bars of gold – $3 million worth of booty.

One of the surviving pirates gave an interview talking about how they were the last of the Corsairs and says Oahu was their greatest pillage. We see this on a video and a man is dead in the room bleeding from the head. Someone takes the video tape from the player that showed the interview. Kono’s cousin (guest star Tia Carrere) is singing at Kono’s wedding. She and Adam made it down the aisle after all. Chin tells Danny that Gabriel pulled a gun on him in the parking lot outside.

Chin tells him that he offered him a 50% cut of his drug empire. Steve says Gabriel is sending a message he’s not scared of them. They decide to talk about his later after the wedding and Lou agrees. Catherine and Steve dances and he kisses her. Everyone is there and Max cuts a mean rug. Kono is worried when she sees Chin sitting and brooding and asks him to dance. He tries to play happy and goes to boogey with her. Danny dances with Grace. It’s a festive event.

Later, Steve wakes to a call – he and Catherine fell in bed drunk and he wants to talk but has to go to work. She promises to be there when he gets back. He meets the gang at the crime scene – his name is Carson and had a GF named Isabel. The guy was a fiction writer and they notice he has a box of VCR tapes and one is missing – an interview with Byron Washburn from 1975 according to the label. They wonder if the killer took the tape. The TV is blood splattered.

They wonder if the airport novelist was writing a story the killer didn’t want told. Adam serves Kon0 a romantic breakfast he cooked for her. She says if he cooks like that she’ll get fat and he says he’d like her fat with a baby. She says that sounds nice. They joke about who will take whose last name then the doorbell rings several times. A box is delivered – it’s Gabriel who shoots a taser into Adam’s neck then does the same to Kon0. He goes into their house and shuts the door. They are both out like a light.

At the PD, the gang is there including Jerry. Lou says Byron Washburn got a hit. Jerry says the tape are beta not VCR. Chin says with Kon0 out on her honeymoon, he asked Jerry to pitch in. Dr Nathan Exley was writing a book back in the 70s about pirates in Hawaii and Washburn was the last surviving crew member. Chin says he heard about them and their midnight raid on Oahu and they stole the wealth of the treasury. He says they were well-known plunderers.

Exley taped interviews with the 104 year old Washburn and Lou says the treasure was never recovered and there may be info on the tapes. Exley is dead as far as they know – he vanished 40 years ago and his research ended up in storage and his family kept paying the storage then the container was auctioned off. The victim Keane bought the container a few weeks ago and now he’s dead. Danny and Steve are in the car talking about the party.

Danny asks if Steve has the talk with Catherine about her plans. Steve says they didn’t get around to it. Danny asks if he’s scared. Steve insists he’s not. Steve says Danny is not an expert and then says he’s going to propose to Catherine. Danny says he’s proud of him and he’s picking the tuxes. Kono wakes to Gabriel beating Adam. She tells him to let Adam go and says he’s done nothing to Gabriel. She asks what Adam has done to him and Gabriel says she’s late to the party.

Adam says Gabriel wants him to give him all his assets. Kono says the crime syndicate will kill him if he does. Gabriel says he’ll kill him if he doesn’t. They go see Keane’s girlfriend who’s an archaeologist. They ask her about the Exley storage container. She says Keane was writing about Exley’s life’s work and says he was like a real-life Indiana Jones. She says she thought that Exley died in the field, maybe at the hands of a competitor.

They ask her about the video tapes and Washburn. She says Keane was excited about it and left her a message after he watched it. She plays it for Steve and Danny and Keane says they’re going to be reach even if the book doesn’t sell. They are more convinced this is about 130 year old treasure and the clue is on a Betamax tape. There’s a reported gas leak at a museum and the public is escorted out. A man creeps in wearing a utility uniform and steals a painting. A guard approaches him gun out.

The robber gets a hostage – a woman passing by – and puts a gun to her head telling the guard to back off. Steve and Danny show up to the scene and hear there’s a hostage crisis. Lou is there too and says a guy in a gas company uniform tried to steal a painting that belonged to the king from the pirate tale. Chin tells them the pirate story mentioned a painting of a particular value and the painting showed back up 40 years ago. Lou says they’ve got a treasure-hunting killer and says the crimes are connected.

Steve heads inside with Danny to take down the gas man. They don’t see him and they wonder why he took a hostage with him. Gabriel has Kono tied up and her mouth taped and Gabriel eats her breakfast then shatters the plate and gulps down a beer. He tells Adam to transfer the assets and Adam says he can’t do it. Kono shakes her head now. Gabriel says to give the account codes and his buddy Damon will do the rest. Adam says no and Gabriel starts beating him again. The doorbell rings.

Gabriel says it’s for him and goes to the door. There’s someone there wearing a creepy white mask and carrying a small tool box. Lou pulled the security footage and got a facial hit from the “hostage” Cindy Patterson who is a co-conspirator as far as they can tell. Jerry shows up and says he blew the case wide open. He says the stolen painting is a treasure map and shows them a pic of it before it was stolen and then how it looks when it was recovered. There’s a tear that occurred in the hands of the pirates.

He thinks the tear tells where the treasure is. He says the thinks they had to hide the treasure on the island for some reason but then didn’t have time to make a map. Jerry calls it a total pirate move. He says he pinpointed the location near some waterfalls and says the bad guys are likely headed there. Lou and the others think it’s ridiculous. Lou asks why not just take a pic of the painting. Jerry says these perps are pirates, not thieves and pillaging is their mantra.

He asks if he’s steered them wrong before and says yo ho ho, thar be treasure in that spot. The gang heads out and machetes their way through the jungle. Lou says he’s going to be too tired to wrestle the perps. Chin says he needs bug spray. Danny says Steve has something to share and tells him to share then blurts out he’s getting married. Steve glares then says he was going to propose then big mouth blew the news. Steve says he needs to get a ring and find a location.

Chin sees something and calls them over. He spotted the place Jerry indicated. Danny says he’ll guard the entrance since he’s claustrophobic. The other three head inside and find Exley’s skeleton. That’s one case solved. They call in Max and the CSU techs to deal with the corpse. Max says there’s no sign of foul play and thinks the professor had a slip and fall and suffered a head injury – it’s accidental death. Lou says there’s no sign of buried treasure and says nothing has been excavated.

Steve says Exley’s journal says the treasure is still on the island so that means the killers are too. Jerry lurks in Steve’s office and tells Steve that Cindy Patterson is a descendant of a pirate. She’s a descendant of Washburn’s – his great-granddaughter. They think that Cindy was contacted about Washburn and that started her crime spree. Lou tells Chin and Steve to come see. He says Cindy traveled with their thief Simon Moore according to travel records and the guy rented a 40 foot sailboat.

Gabriel has his torturer pull one of Kona’s teeth. Then they pull another. Adam says to stop and says he’ll give what he wants if they leave her alone. The torturer stops his grisly works and Kono says not to do it. Adam says the codes are useless because he made specific instructions that the transfer could only be made in person. Gabriel threatens them both if he’s lying. The crew heads to the rented boat and hop on board. Neither Cindy nor Simon are on board.

They find the painting and wonder if there was something inside it, behind the cover because it’s been ripped open. Kono stares at the torture implements while the torturer is outside. She sees a scalpel and goes for it. He sees her moving and comes back in and she stabs him in the neck because she was able to loosen her wrist bonds before he got there. She hops in one of Adam’s fast cars and takes off. Adam is at the bank and he’s told the transfer is complete. Gabriel is with him. Kono gets to the bank.

She runs inside and sees Gabriel there. Adam is shot by Gabriel’s men and it looks bad. Kono makes her way to Adam and Gabriel is gone. She begs someone to call an ambulance. He’s been gut shot. Back at HQ, Jerry checks out the frame and shows them notches in the frame. He draws a line on it and then shows x marks the spot. They head there – it’s an old house. They have SWAT and chopper back up. They see a family tied up and head inside.

The woman nods her head to indicate where the perps are. Simon comes out and says they’re almost done. The cops hid from him. He goes to the fridge for water and Steve beats him down brutally. Cindy has dug up the treasure box. She stands and doesn’t see Simon. She grabs her gun and goes to check. She fires an automatic weapon into the floor above her sending the cops and the gamily scurrying for cover. Steve throws a smoke grenade down the stairs.

He heads down with a rifle and Cindy comes at him with a power tool and won’t let up. He’s forced to shoot her to stop her aggressive attack. They look into the hole and see the box. They pull it out and crack the lock. Inside is nothing but a couple of candle sticks and some broken china. Chin says maybe this is a decoy and the treasure is elsewhere. Jerry pulls up and asks if they found silverware and a couple of candle sticks.

Jerry says Washburn lied about his age and was never a pirate. He buried the chest as a hoax. Chin gets a call from Kono and asks why she’s calling on her honeymoon. They head to the ICU and find her still bloody. She says Adam is still in surgery and says even if he pulls through, Gabriel stole the money meant to buy Adam out of the Yakuza. She says without it, they are both dead.