Homeland Recap 11/8/15: Season 5 Episode 6 “Parabiosis”


Tonight on Showtime their Emmy Award winning drama series, Homeland airs with an all new Sunday November 8, season 5 episode 6 called, “Parabiosis,” and we have your weekly recap below for you. Tonight, Saul (Mandy Patinkin) orders a sweep at the station.

On the last episode, the hacktivists rose up; Quinn covered for Carrie; Dar and Allison assessed the damage. Did you watch last episode? If you missed it, we have your full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per Showtime’s synopsis, “Saul orders a sweep at the station; Carrie looks to Düring for support.”

Tonight’s episode is going to be another action packed one, which you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Showtimes’ Homeland Season 5 Episode 6– tonight at 9PM EST.

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#Homeland starts at a prison. Prisoner names are called and they are given their little Muslim hats. They are all released. It’s the allegations of illegal spying by the US and Germany that set them free. Laura asks Zayd if he plans to return to Syria. He refuses to answer her and tells her to get out of his way. A guy with Laura says she must be glad she got him out. A man picks up Zayd who says they have much to do.

Carrie gets out of the cab and Saul follows her. She says he tried to take her out and he calls BS. She says someone put her name in his killbox. She says there was a shoot out at his dead drop and he must have seen it on the news then says Quinn was hit. Saul doesn’t have answers. She says the Russians did it. She says the bomb in Syria was also meant for her. He asks why the Russians give a shit about her. She says there is something in the hacked documents they don’t want her to see.

She says he needs to get the documents for her then says Quinn made it look like she’s dead so she bought time. Saul says he can’t hand them over. He says that causes problems. She says his own agency is following him but he doesn’t believe her. He says she built a wall between them and says they should stay on their own sides. She says she risked her life to come to him and he says ask your hacker friends for the documents. He gets a taxi and goes.

Zayd gets a hero’s welcome in his neighborhood. He goes upstairs and gets warm greetings all along the way. Quinn is in that apartment building being cared for by a Muslim doctor. Saul takes the cab to his hotel then notices his CIA tail just as Carrie told him. He waits for the elevator and looks around. He starts noticing things finally. Allison finds Saul outside her building and asks him what’s going on. He says he’s being followed then asks if she’s being followed too.

He says she doesn’t seem surprised then he asks if she ordered it. She says Dar did. He says their plans for Syria blew up with the plane and she says something in the wreckage implicated Israel then says she should have told him. He agrees she should have. He says he wants the station checked for bugs and says if it’s not bugged they have an even bigger problem. The man who found Quinn argues with another man – Zayd – about Quinn. Zayd comes in then asks if he’s a spy.

Zayd shakes him and the man says he’s under a sedative and says he can’t talk. He says the man was so weak, he transfused him with his own blood. He says Allah commands them to be kind to guests and Zayd says he shouldn’t have made him a guest. Carrie comes back and sees that Jonas is there alone and Quinn is gone. He says he looked everywhere for him and he’s been gone 20 hours. He says he thinks Quinn went out to die.

Jonas rants at Carrie and says this is no way to live. He says she needs to go to the authorities but she says she doesn’t know who to trust. He says trust me then says he’s going home and asks her to come with him. She asks for time to think it through. She says she just saw Saul and he refused to help her get the documents. Jonas tells her to shut up about the documents then says a man walked out that door bleeding to save her. He says he’s leaving – he’s done and then he goes.

The sweep for bugs starts at the CIA station. They go room by room clearing it. Saul oversees it and Allison says it’s not a good time for this. He says they have no choice. Dar shows up and writes a note – talk now – and they step into a private room. Dar asks what authority this is under and Saul asks why Dar didn’t set up a sweep then asks why he’s being tailed and is anyone else being tailed. Saul says he knows what this is about and says he leaked three names 30 years ago to Mossad.

He says Dar is hanging onto it like it’s yesterday. Dar says he went to Etai and Saul says to make sure he’s not involved. Dar says Etai was there and Saul says it was the Russians. Allison lurks nearby listening. Dar says Saul is screwing his co-worker and he’s sick of his bad judgment. They each tell each other to f–k off. Dar says he’s bringing in a polygraph expert. Dar says come clean right now or else. Saul says he told him who it was and Dar asks where he got that from.

Saul says nothing and Dar says he’ll face the machine tomorrow and storms out. Quinn wakes and looks around. He sits up in pain and stands. He walks with his pee bottle down the hall looking for a place to dump it. He finds the bathroom and dumps it out then flushes. He goes to the sink and looks at his wound and sees it’s still draining but looks better. He hears a man saying – they humiliated all of us and talking about how they will kill thousands of them for each of them – here in Germany.

The rescuer tells him he needs to lie down and Quinn says he should tell his friends to plug the event or they’ll be heard. Zayd hears them talking also through the vent and comes to stare at him up the stairwell. Saul goes to his hotel room and the key doesn’t work twice then does on the third try. He goes inside and looks around cautiously. He shuts the drapes and starts looking for bugs. He hears a noise and goes to see there’s a door ajar. It’s a maid. He searches her cart while she stares shocked.

He stops and says sorry. He hands her back the towels she dropped and goes back into his room. At the During Foundation, Otto pulls into the parking deck as he gets a text from unknown says – I’m behind you. He gets out of his car and sees Carrie in her dark wig in a far corner. He walks over to her and she says she’s staying out of security cameras. She says the people after her think she’s dead so she has to disappear. She hears a car and looks around cautiously.

She says she hates to ask him for help then says she has nowhere else to go. He asks what she needs and she says a plane. He asks to where and she says it’s best he doesn’t know. She says tell the pilot 12 hours of fuel plus reserves. He says he’s happy to help but isn’t sure this will help her. He says he’ll do it if she’s sure it’s what she wants. Carrie says she went to Saul and says he was always there for her but this time he wasn’t and it shocked her.

Carrie says he hates her then says her friend Quinn was hurt and she didn’t take care of him like she should have. He asks what’s the problem and she says she is and she brings down those around her. She says she has an opportunity to go away and take the problems with her. He says she has him and Jonas but she says she doesn’t have Jonas then says she’d like to leave today. Saul goes to the lie detector room and the guy asks if Saul is ready. He says just a minute.

Saul walks down and asks for Ruben, the guy working on the network breach. They tell him where to find him. Saul goes down there and asks how he’s doing. He asks if there’s anything about the Russians in there. They close the files when he comes in. Saul asks if they have a print out and they tell him he’s not on the list to see them. He says the list was revised this morning and tells Saul to talk to Dar Adal. Saul goes to his computer and tries to log in but gets a non-authorization warning.

He tries again then curses. He sees the people walk by who are checking for bugs. He tells the guy he needs him to check something and tells him to bring his stuff. He goes and gets them to start on another room which distracts a guy and he hops onto that guy’s computer and copies the hacked files onto a flash drive then creeps out through another door. Quinn looks much better. He tells Quinn it’s safer for him to stay in this room instead of walking around.

Quinn says Hussein has done enough. He says he was a doctor back home but can’t practice here because they won’t honor his license. He says his wife was a doctor too and died in a clinic bombing back home. He says he manage this building now. Two men come and tell Quinn to come with him. Quinn tells Hussein it’s okay. He says Zayd was screaming crazy things and says they can’t be happy that he’s back. Quinn walks over to them slowly and goes to see Zayd.

Hussein goes along. He says he’s not a spy and says they were talking too loud. Zayd chases him out then tells the other this guy heard their plans. Quinn says he heard a few words and it doesn’t make sense. He tells Zayd he knows he just got out of jail and says he’s under surveillance and will be caught and locked up for life. Then he says maybe Zayd wants to go back to jail so he doesn’t have to go backt o Syria and fight the real jihad.

Quinn says he’s spent enough time in Syria to know how bad it is. He says kill me or don’t then says just make sure whatever you do that the police aren’t watching. He walks to Hussein and they walk away. The tech tells Allison that Saul took the hacked documents just a few minutes ago. Dar comes in and tells Allison that Saul skipped the poly and Allison says he took the docs. Turns out he slipped the people who were following him. Allison calls Saul and says she knows he took the documents.

She tells him to come back in and says she can square things with Dar. They get Saul’s location tracing the call. She asks what is in the documents and he asks if Dar is with her. She says yes. Saul says it’s what he already told him – Russians. Saul is at a restaurant and follows Otto in and sits. He says he wants to talk to him about Carrie. He tells the guy Carrie came to him for help and says he didn’t trust her because of him. He says he has something for him to give Carrie.

He says this is for Carrie alone, not for his people to post or tweet. He says he doesn’t have long. Two CIA men came in. Otto says they have no authority here and says this is a private club. They ask if they can search Otto who tells the others in the restaurant that these men are CIA and want to search his guest and him. He says he will consent if they apologize to everyone in the room when they don’t find what they’re looking for. They are both searched by the CIA men.

Nothing turns up, of course. They grab Saul and Otto tells them they have to apologize. They make a curt apology and haul Saul outside. He goes with them peacefully. Carrie looks at photos on her phone of Frannie and Jonas. Carrie is told her car is here. She deletes all the messages including the photos. Quinn gets ready to leave and Hussein has medicine for him to take but then says he’s not well enough to go and says he should stay one more night. Quinn thanks him for taking care of him.

He asks if Quinn has somewhere to go and someone to look after him. He says he does. One of the men tells Quinn he knows he’s not a spy but Zayd wants to execute him. He says only one man supports him. He asks why Quinn was in Syria then asks why. Quinn implies he’s a mercenary and the man asks if he really thinks the police are watching him. He tells Quinn that Zayd is no Emir like he implied. Otto apologizes to the club as he leave for the disturbance.

He finds something in his coat when he gets it from the coat check girl. Carrie asks the driver to make a quick detour. She gets out at her old apartment and stars through the window at Jonas who is in the kitchen. She looks for a moment then walks way. Hussein wishes Quinn luck. Zayd lurks in the street nearby with some men. He limps towards the hulking Zayd and his men. He says he’s sorry if he caused them trouble and says he’s leaving and has no quarrel with him. He says let me pass.

Zayd says he will cut his prick and shove it down his throat. He has a knife and come at Quinn. He punches Quinn where he’s injured and Quinn gets his knife and cuts his throat so fast no one saw it. Quinn staggers to a chair and sits. The guy who spoke to him earlier tells the others to remove the body of their martyred brother then he goes to Quinn and tells him he must stay another night and says he’ll be safe now. Hussein checks his wounds.

Carrie is driven to the airport. She gets out and Otto is waiting by the plane. She goes over to him and he hands her the drive and says it’s from Saul. He says Saul said she’d know what to do with it. He walks away.