House of Lies Recap 1/18/15: Season 4 Episode 2 “I’m a Motherf**king Scorpion, That’s Why”

House of Lies Recap 1/18/15: Season 4 Episode 2 "I'm a Motherf**king Scorpion, That's Why"

On Showtime House of Lies returns with a another great episode Sunday January 18, season 4 episode 2 called “I’m a Motherf**king Scorpion, That’s Why” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Marty [Don Cheadle] proves his business savvy. Jeannie [Kristen Bell]reveals a difficult truth.

On the last episode, season 4 began with Marty eager to grow Kaan and Associates, and telling a pregnant Jeannie exactly what her future was with the company. Meanwhile, the Pod left one client in pursuit of a much bigger payday. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the Showtime synopsis, “Marty proves his business savvy when he meets an electric car mogul; Jeannie orchestrates a chance encounter with a new client that goes terribly awry; Marty accuses Jeannie of being a dishonest person, which prompts her to reveal a difficult truth.”

Tune in to Showtime at 10PM EST for this great episode and we’ll be live recapping it for you right here as well. The cast of HOUSE OF LIES is fantastic. While you wait for the recap, check out a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

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Doug isn’t sure he wants to do this and asks Sarah if she wants to think about this while she’s at her sister’s. She tells him to not be a pussy and just ask Jeannie. He nervously asks if she remembers how Sarah lost her job and blames Obamacare (even though she worked at a vet clinic). He says they’ve had fertility problems and says there’s an echo in her uterus. Sarah blames his sperm. Doug asks if there’s any chance she might want to hand over her baby.

Sarah says raising a baby alone is sad and says a baby needs stability. Jeannie says she and Doug don’t seem to stable. Marty and Clyde are loving this terribly awkward moment and pull out devices to record it. Sarah tells her to think about it. Jeannie says she’s crazy and Sarah tells her she’s being selfish. Marty says it’s not like the baby is a baby. Sarah says she’ll be a terrible baby and this is like preemptive child protective services.

Clyde is taping and laughing. Jeannie makes it clear that she wants the baby. Clyde keeps taping. On the plane, Jeannie tells Marty she thinks they’ll find Doug’s body one day, dead courtesy of Sarah. She asks about Roscoe but he won’t answer. She tells him she’ll leave but says there’s no harm in small talk. He tells her he meant what he said. She says she just wanted to know how Roscoe is. He says Roscoe used to have a book of fables and he wanted him to read from it.

Marty says he liked the fables and says there was one about the scorpion and the frog. He says the scorpion asked the frog to carry him across the stream. The frog says no because he’ll sting him. The scorpion says he won’t because then they’ll both die. He gives him a ride, the scorpion stings him, they’re both drowning. The frog asks why and the scorpion says, because I’m a mother f-ing scorpion. Marty says he’s paraphrasing but then says Jeannie is dishonest.

He says he may end up drowning but it won’t be because of Jeannie. Flashback to jail, Gabe is telling Marty how the daily routine works. He says he had a bad cell mate before and wants them off to the best start. Gabe asks what his work detail is and Marty says prison garden. Gabe is excited because he works in the garden and then he points to Ellis Hightower and says he works in the garden too. Gabe is all geeked out like a fan boy. He asks if Marty wants to meet him.

Marty isn’t impressed with the rich businessman. Gabe says Ellis is the preeminent genius of our time and says he’s making waves with AI and that his barber and Gap greeter will be robots. Marty asks when they’ll all rise up and kill them. Ellis walks by and Gabe tries to catch his eye but is rebuffed. Marty tells him that’s embarrassing. At night, Gabe calls out to Marty asking if he’s awake. He tells Marty that it was wrong of him to perform unnecessary root canals was wrong.

He also says touching hot patients while they’re under anesthesia was also wrong and says he takes responsibility but getting kicked to prison was a shock. He tells him he wants to get to know Ellis but it’s like he’s invisible. Marty says maybe they’ll get acquainted before the prison homecoming dance. Marty has enough and tells him to shut the f- up about a washed up a-hole like Ellis Hightower. Gabe laughs and says Ellis will change the world.

Marty says he won’t change anything sitting on the sidelines at his own company. Gabe pops up in Marty’s face and asks what he’s talking about. Marty tells him how Ellis’ board is trying to run him out of the company. Gabe says Ellis must be freaking out and says that must be why he’s so distant. Marty says sure. He tells Gabe to go to sleep. Still back in the day, Jeannie is trying to get the company a float from Andrew while Marty is still in jail.

She says they’re trimming staff and are doing better. Doug and Clyde knock on the window and tell her they have to get on the plane to meet with a client. She goes back in and Andrew was impressed with what he heard. He says he is questioning whether the orgasms are real and says he’s going to call Star Trust and ask if they’ve heard of the company. He dials and she asks him to hang up. She tells him she’s exhausted every lead and says the firm is close to flatlining.

He tells her no way but he’s happy to have sex with her. She says she’ll tell his wife and then confirms that she was faking. Back at the prison, Marty is working in the garden. Gabe runs over to help Ellis move some stuff and tells Ellis what Valerio is doing is an outrage. Ellis asks what he’s talking about and Gabe says he probably doesn’t know about the coup. Ellis freaks out then asks who Gabe is looking at. It’s Marty. Ellis asks if he’s talking shit.

Ellis tells him he’s still calling the shot from in there. He says Dante isn’t stupid and it’s absurd that he’d try and push him out. Marty says okay. Ellis demands that he tell him what he means. Marty says Dante is in Ellis’s shadow and asks why he’d want to put in someone unthreatening as CEO so his name would be heard. Ellis takes that in. Jeannie and Clyde sit in the car while Doug walks to the car balancing coffee and a Face Time call with Sarah.

Doug says he did some recon and there’s no sign of the target. Clyde says it’s not a spy project. Doug tells Clyde to try the binoculars. Jeannie asks how it’s going with Sarah. He says it’s been a blessing her losing her job because she’s been more attentive and relaxed. Clyde gets snarky with Jeannie and says she brought down the company and put her partner in jail. She tells him to leave the company and he says he can’t get another job and she knows that.

Clyde says at least before she ruined Marty, he got to f- her. She asks what’s a fair trade. She says she’ll give him a big juice blow job if he’ll shut up and stop being such a whiny little bitch. Doug is interested in the blow job offer. They see their target and shut up and get out of the car. Ellis finds Marty in his cell and says he’s heard about his reputation. He also tells him that he was right about Dante. Marty tells him to get out of his cell.

Ellis asks if that’s his big move to get him to hire him. Ellis asks him to fight his way out of the pt of vipers. Marty asks if he’s not used to hearing no and Ellis says only from people who want more money. Marty says his time in prison is him trying to make sense of his future, not Ellis’s. He tells him to hit him up in a couple of months and see how he feels. Gabe comes in and Ellis asks him to leave them alone. Marty says he doesn’t have to go but Gabe does.

Ellis says he won’t beg and Marty says that’s good. Jeannie and the guys run into Andrew with the Celetech CEO Dante Valerio. He says he’s been with Demarc for years and isn’t dropping them to go with Marty. She says Marty isn’t with them anymore and Jeannie says for a billionaire, he’s a dumb shit. She tells Valerio that she and Marty were a thing and then she f-d it up. Andrew says she’s embarrassing herself. She says Marty taught her a lot but says she’d gone as far as she could go with him.

She says – and that’s someone she loved – she says to get ahead you have to cut ties. He asks if she’s saying she should dump Demarc. She says Valerio hired a CFO who cheated his way through business school. Andrew says that was never proved. She asks if he’s happy being Ellis’s slobbering lap dog. Jeannie says he’s not a dumb shit for not cutting ties with Demarc, she says he’s a dumb shit for not cutting ties with anyone. She lets Valerio shut the door and the car peals out.

Ellis blabs and blabs to Marty who tries to ignore him. Ellis mocks him about his meaning of life search. He tells Marty he can be a foot soldier in the revolution of our times. Marty says he gives up and says – okay. Ellis is pleased. Back on the plane now, Doug tells Clyde it would be easier if Sarah was dead. He says he doesn’t wish she’s dead, but it would be easier. Clyde says he’d get all that widower pussy. He tells him in the Jewish faith, it’s considered a mitzvah to blow a widower.

For a minute, Doug believes him. They argue and then Doug climbs over him to go to the bathroom. Doug sees Will and pulls him back to talk to them. He asks where he is after K&A. Will says he’s at Demarc and so is Monica who hired him. He says coming from K&A it wasn’t easy getting new work. Monica is there and says no talking to the enemy. Then she laughs and says they’re too insignificant to be considered the enemy. She calls Jeannie fat and says hi to Marty.

She says she knows they’re heading to meet with Valerio and says they’re not going to take their one puny client. She says she heard he petitioned his lawyer to get him to the same prison where Ellis was even though he could have done easier time elsewhere. Then Monica tells Jeannie she heard Valerio put a load in her face in the Cenetech parking lot then says she’s the one who started that one. She says the fact that people believed it should be a warning sign.

William says he didn’t believe it and Monica says to shut up. She then tells Jeannie she’s excited to meet Edwin, the father of her baby. She asks again where he works and Jannie says Skadden Arps. Monica says she does a lot of business there and will look him up. Jeannie says she’ll warn him. Monica puts in one final job about them being in coach and stomps off. Marty asks why Monica is hitting hard on the Edwin thing and she says – that’s Monica.

Jeannie looks ruffled and worried as Marty goes back to reading. She tells Marty he was right and she’s not an honest person. She says when things get complicated, even though she knows it will make it worse, she chooses the lie. She says she has something to tell him and he needs to believe her – or not – she says she never intended to leave him. She says she just panicked and she said Edwin. She says there wasn’t a right time to correct it.

She tells Marty the baby is his. Doug comes back and says Monica is headed to an unrelated appointment, not Cenetech. Marty stares at Jeannie then gets a thousand yard stare. He’s in utter shock. Clyde and Doug are oblivious to the drama going on in the row behind them.