Humans Recap and Spoilers – A Little too Human: Season 1 Episode 4

Humans Recap and Spoilers - A Little too Human: Season 1 Episode 4

Humans airs on AMC tonight with an all new Sunday July 19, season 1 episode 4 called “Episode 4” and below is your weekly recap and spoilers. Tonight, Joe [Tom Goodman-Hill] gets too close to Anita, [Gemma Chan] and Karen [Ruth Bradley] is not what she seems.

On the last episode, Anita saved Toby’s life; George tried to break free; and Pete was angry at the brothel-murder cover-up. Did you watch last week’s episode? We did and we recapped it right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the AMC synopsis, “Joe gets too close to Anita, and Karen is not what she seems. Meanwhile, Leo gets one step closer to finding Mia, and Niska gets revenge.”

You aren’t going to want to miss any of the unfolding action tonight. We’ll be recapping the season 1 episode 4 live right here for you at 9pm. In the meantime, hit up the comments and tell us your thoughts on the show.

Tonight’s episode begins now – spoilers follow – Refresh Page often to get the most current updates!

#Humans begins with Edwin showing a photo of Anita to Kapeck and telling him he’s searching for a group of synths. Kapeck says Russian junkers brought her to him and he put in some software and took a fee. Edwin asks where the Russians are then says another guy asked about her and says the guy had a dollie with him and his dollie hit one of his men hard then asks how it’s possible. Edwin asks if the guy was human and Kapeck says he bled blood.

Edwin makes a call and says it’s four synths and a human who must be protecting them. He says the man must be the focus and says to test for human DNA. Simon is pouring coffee for Jill when Pete comes in annoyed. He calls Karen and says he’s going out of his mind. She tells him she solved the case and he says funny. He asks her to send him the case files so he can look them over and she says she doesn’t want to be suspended too.

Jill asks him to get off the phone and he won’t so she asks him to leave. Anita does laundry when Mattie asks to talk to her. She asks about her systems and Laura eavesdrops. Mattie asks if she remembers asking for help last night. Mattie says it’s weird and she wants to make sure she’s okay on a mechanical level. Anita thanks her for the concern and says she’s running at full capacity. When she comes out she says hello to Laura revealing her.

Laura asks Mattie what happened with Anita. Mattie says she tried to hack Anita and says the synth sounded scared. Laura says they can’t get scared and Mattie says it does seem pointless. Joe goes to work and sits there bored. Anita chats up her work friend Camille and says she has a client who wants to sue because her synth was kicked out of the theater and says the woman thinks her dollie has feelings and likes the theater. Camille says she didn’t take the case because the woman is nuts.

Pete comes home and Jill calls him into the room. She sits with Simon and says they need to talk. Jill tells him that he doesn’t make him happy and their relationship isn’t healthy. She says she wants a break from him and he says he was suspended so he has to be at home. Jill says there are places he can go. She says sorry and he gets angry then blames it on the synth. He says since they got “it” this has been coming. He says he’s a man and human but no one is perfect.

He comes at Simon and pins the synth against the wall. He tells it to look at him and Jill says if he hurts him they’ll lose the deposit. He lets Simon go and stomps out. Leo tries to find an unlocked car so they can go find Mia aka Anita. Max finds one unlocked just as Leo was about to bust a window. They don’t have precise coordinates on her but Leo says he has a plan to flush out the location. Toby and Mattie are leaving when Anita comes over and straightens his collar.

She tells him to have fun at the party. He flushes and Mattie rolls her eyes. Joe tells Laura that the kids are all gone and asks her for a shag but she says she’s going out for a work thing at the last minute. He asks who else is going and she says no one he knows then says sorry. He pours a glass of wine. Anita keeps on with the laundry. Laura stops and asks her if she ever gets scared. Anita says she thinks everyone does. Laura leaves.

At the party, all the teens are drinking up and Mattie tells Toby not to drink too much or do drugs in front of her or have sex with one of her friends. Caroline approaches Toby and offers him a drink. Mattie says he does want one and he agrees. A guy eyes Mattie but she walks away and blows him off. Joe asks Anita to check Laura’s calendar. She says she can’t get into personal information then asks her to track the car. She hesitates but he says it’s his car.

She tells him where the car is. Caroline asks Toby to go off somewhere alone and he acts odd. She kisses him and he says he does but he can’t. He says there’s someone else he likes. Caroline tells him it’s his loss and walks away. Joe asks again about the car and she tells him what street it’s on now and it’s Edmunds Street. He asks what house number she’s at and Anita says she doesn’t have it. He asks her to check Laura’s work and Edmunds Street.

Anita says no one at the firm lives there and he asks if someone named Tom lives there. She says three Toms live on that street. He says he’s going over there and Anita touches his hand and says no to go. He tells her she can’t feel and has no idea what this feels like. She tells him that Laura made a call earlier to confirm someone’s lawsuit. We see Laura at the woman’s house. She says an usher told her she had to take Howard out because no synths are allowed.

The woman says Howard knows what he’s watching and isn’t an ordinary synth. Laura asks him what he feels. He says all plays are different and it depends on what they want you to feel. He tells her about Death of a Salesman they were watching. She says not to tell her the plot but how it made him feel. Anita is putting things away and spots her instruction manual. Joe says he wishes that sometimes he or his family would come with instructions.

He takes it from her and spots a red 18+ envelope inside. He says he wonders what it would be like not to feel. He says the disc unlocks her and makes her passionate. She says it’s a simulation of passion and he says it’s a good one then asks if she wants to try it but they won’t do anything. Laura tells Alex that Howard has no emotions and is a machine. Alex says she has a connection with him and says these creatures become part of our lives and families.

She says they are as close to human as they can be. She says forming a relationship with them is not perverse. She says we have made them more than gadgets. Joe opens the red envelope and reads off the adult upgrade code words. Anita says there must be physical contact. He touches her hands and reads the code words again. He asks if it’s kicking in and asks if she can feel something. She says yes. He asks what happens now. She says anything he wants.

Joe steps closer and pauses then kisses her. She kisses back. Laura asks Alex can’t she take her daughter to the play next time. Alex says relationships with your kids can be even more complicated. Laura asks Howard if he ever feels fear in any of the plays. He says he’s not built to feel fear. Joe climaxes on top of Anita. He asks how he turns her off now. She says to command it. He touches her hand and tells her to turn it off. She sits up and he says to delete it from her records.

He says she has no permission to mention it to anyone. He asks if she needs to clean up and she says yes and asks to use the bathroom. He says yes. She picks up her pants and goes. Joe looks sexually sated but slightly ashamed. A synth serves snacks at the party and tells the host that she has to turn the volume of the music down at 10. His buddy asks if he got the adult chip. They want to see the synths tits and then they shut her down.

They want to take her up to have a go at her and Mattie tells him he’s nasty for wanting to have sex with an unconscious woman. He says it’s not a real woman and she says the only thing he’ll abuse tonight is his fist. She slaps him hard and shuts down the gang rape of the synth they were plotting. Laura comes home and tells Joe she’s sorry they argued and says she wants to take Anita in for a diagnostic check. He asks why.

Laura says there’s something wrong with her or the synth and she wants to know which. Karen finds Pete sleeping on the office sofa. She asks why and he says she can figure it out. He says Jill chucked him out and it’s over. She says maybe Jill needs time alone. He says she has Simon the synth. He says he’s an analog man in a digital world and is redundant. She says it’s shit at work without him. He says he has a plan. She offers him to sleep on her couch a couple of nights until he gets it together.

She leaves and looks a little elated. Next day, Mattie logs onto headcrack and has a message that they want to help with her synth and asks for a meet up. She agrees. Leo and Max are at a diner waiting on her but they were expecting a guy. Mattie says you never know who you’ll meet online making it clear she tricked him with her description. She says she had to make sure they weren’t psychos. Leo asks if Mia is with her and she asks who Mia is.

Leo comes to sit with Mia and says he thinks her synth is his synth. She says they bought theirs new two weeks ago. She asks what this is and he holds up the photo and says to tell her where she is. He says she’s important to him. Mattie says she’ll help but she needs to go to the bathroom first. He says to leave her bag and she can go. She hands it to Max and goes. Max tells Leo he’s not being nice to her. He says what if Mia was completely wiped.

Max shows him something and then a woman asks them why they have her bag. Mattie handed someone else’s bag to them and took off out the back. Joe and Laura take Anita in to have her checked out. He asks what sort of info she’ll be looking at and the woman says viruses, mods or apps. The woman says there’s something funny and asks when they bought her. Laura says they bought her new two weeks ago but they’re told she’s 14 years old.

Leo and Max wonder what’s up and Leo tells Max to look up people who worked on the synth project and Max mentions Dr George Millican who’s retired now. Leo says to find out where he lives so they can ask him some questions. Pete goes to see the reporter and he says he wants to tell him he’s missing the bigger picture and says the brothel murder is huge. He offers him an exclusive. Pete tells Karen that the reporter dropped the charges.

They are at her place having a glass of wine. She asks if he talked to Jill and says she’ll come round but Joe says it’s done and he knows it. They eat dinner and she pours more wine. Joe says maybe it’s not an isolated incident and Karen says if more synths can kill, they’re all screwed. Niska walks down the street and sees a sign for WAP – We Are People. A guy sees her looking and says they’ll win it and she asks what and he says – the war.

He shows her a flier and says it’s happening tonight. She pockets it and walks off into a synth charging place. Leo knocks on George’s door and asks to talk. He closes the door and Leo knocks some more. He asks if he knew David Elster. George says Leo is too young to have known him. Leo asks if they can come in. George tells Vera these young men are from the church and asks her to fix a pot of tea. Max and Leo come inside as Vera glares.

Leo shows him the code and asks George if he’s seen it before. He says David loved to leave little messages inside his work. He says a German synth had a secret recipe for soup in his root code. George says collectors look for this stuff. He says there’s a separate executable program you just have to lift out. George says this one is for a synth’s mind to experience. He says he can just plug Max in and run the program. Leo thanks him and says they’ll be going.

George asks to see what it is. Leo asks why he left the project. George says David was taking his research in a direction he didn’t like and Leo asks if he means the sentient synths. Leo says that’s true AI. George asks who he is and where he found this. He threatens to call the cops if Leo doesn’t tell him. Leo caves and says he’s David’s son Leo. George says Leo died and Leo says yeah. George tries to touch him but Leo flinches away. Max looks at George then gives a little smile before he goes. George is stunned.

Niska goes to an underground fight club where people are beating synths with weapons. She is told it’s 20 quid to watch, 40 if she wants a turn. The injured synth is dragged away and laid on a pile of others that have been horribly damaged. She hands over money. The man tells her to come on. A female synth is now being beaten by a sledge hammer and the crowd cheers it on. The guy asks Niska which she wants and she chooses a large male synth. He tells her to choose a weapon and she grabs a metal bat.

Niska enters the circle with the synth and the crowd shoves her in and encourages her to beat the synth. She puts the bat up against the synth’s chest and then circles it. She asks if hes ready and he says he doesn’t understand the question. Someone is videoing. She hits a human who is yelling and the host says it’s humans versus synths. Niska says she knows and begins attacking every nearby human. They scream and run as the guy calls the cops.

Edwin is sent an alert and Fiona comes in and says they got a call about a smash club and it could be their girl. They head out just as Edwin gets the message that the synth’s DNA is a close match to David Elster’s. Niska has emptied the smash club and goes to leave. She tells the other synths they can go. They all stand there. She says it again. They don’t move. She grabs a nail gun and goes to the injured synths. She tells them she’s sorry and puts a nail in each of their heads to finish them.

The cops come and she hears them and runs. Edwin tells the cops not to break her. Leo plugs himself into the laptop and says Dad left a message in Mia for them to find. He closes his eyes as the code streams into him. OMG – Leo is some sort of hybrid. He gets a vision of touching a tree and Max asks what he saw. Leo says life. Niska hides from Edwin and the cops with her nail gun in hand. Just then her phone rings and she has to go running.

She hits the stairs but hears people. She bars the door and takes the call from Leo. She says she’s in a tight spot and he says their father hid a program in their heads. She asks if it’s true and he says they need all of them to run the program. He asks her to get out of what she’s in and to call him back. She grabs the main cop and puts a nail gun to his head. She tells the others to disarm and not follow or he’ll die. They get a bit away and she nail guns his hand to the wall and says – remember this. He screams.

Edwin looks at some of the suffering synths she didn’t get to and Edwin kneels and turns them off. Laura tells Joe that Anita is hiding something and he says she’s right and needs to go. Laura says she’s going to keep her and figure it out. She speaks to Anita and asks who she was before she came to them. Anita says she doesn’t understand the question. Laura says she thinks she does. Karen makes up the sofa for Joe and he thanks her. They finish their wine and she tells him good night.

She goes to her room and locks the door then she sits and opens her mouth wide. She puts her hands inside and pulls out a blue bag of fluid out of her throat. She puts it into the trash pail. What the heck? She’s something else too? Is she some sort of synth embedded in the police department?