I Am Cait Premiere Recap and Spoilers: Season 1 Episode 1 ‘Meeting Cait’

I Am Cait Premiere Recap and Spoilers: Season 1 Episode 1 'Meeting Cait'

I Am Cait airs tonight an all new Sunday, July 26 season 1 premiere, called “Meeting Cait.” We’ve got your recap and spoilers down below! On tonight’s episode, In the series premiere, in the series premiere, Caitlyn Jenner proudly announces her true self to the world via a Vanity Fair magazine cover story.

For those of you who don’t know, Caitlyn Jenner seeks out her ‘new normal’ in this documentary series, which follows the star living her life as a transgender woman and explores what Cait’s transition means for those closest to her.

On tonight’s episode as per the E! synopsis “in the series premiere, Caitlyn Jenner proudly announces her true self to the world via a Vanity Fair magazine cover story, but at the same time struggles with meeting some of her family for the first time. Meanwhile, she becomes inspired to learn more about transgender youth in crisis.”

Tonight is going to be a crazy new series that you won’t want to miss, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of E!’s “I Am Cait” tonight at 9PM EST! Meanwhile, while you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about I Am Cait.

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#IamCait begins at 4:30 am with Cait saying she can’t sleep. She says she looks like crap and says she feels bad that young people are going through such a hard time. She says people shouldn’t die over this. She says she has a lot of responsibility to the community to do and say the right things. She says her mind is spinning and she hopes she gets it right. Caitlyn is next celebrating her vanity Fair cover.

She watches the news with her glam squad about the VF cover and the Diane Sawyer interview. Cait says she’s never been more excited about life than right now living her true identity and making a difference. The news reads a tweet from Khloe about being proud of beautiful Caitlyn. Then Rob Kardashian calls and says it looks amazing. Kim then calls and asks about her being on Twitter.

Kim says the head of Twitter said that Cait will break Obama’s twitter record. Cait asks what’s the total and Kim says she already has 750k of followers after two hours. Cait thanks Kim for her support and Kim says Cait cannot disappoint. Cait says she appreciates the support but says it’s not for everyone. Cait says so many people have struggled with friends, family, ridicule or not having financial resources to transition. She says the trans community has a higher murder and suicide rate than the general public.

Cait says she feels a tremendous responsibility since she has a voice and so many trans people don’t. She says she’s an expert only on her story. She says there is so much to learn and so many people to meet. Cait says she’s lived a great life and has a privileged status. She says she’s in a position to help the community and wants to spotlight organizations that are doing good things. Cait says she also has to figure out her own journey.

She says not all of her family has met Caitlyn. She says she wants to make friends in the community and figure out how she’s going to live the rest of her life. We see a flashback to Bruce Jenner winning the Olympics. Then we see Cait now in her dress and makeup looking glam. Cait says her mother is coming today as she has her hair and makeup done. She says she told her mom last in her family. Cait says you have to surround yourself with postiive people. Rhonda picks out outfits for Cait.

Cait says Rhonda has been a friend for years and with Kourtney and others she has a great support group. Rhonda tells Cait that her mom landed and Cait says she can’t be too la femme today. Cait says it’s her mother and she hasn’t seen her like this but warned her she was meeting Cait. Lisa, Pam and Esther, Cait’s sisters and mom are in the car on the way. Cait is in slacks and a blouse. Lisa says her brother was always an amazing athlete and now they all have to change along with Cait.

Esther says she hates the tabloids and all the things they come out with. They ask her reaction when she found out. Pam says Bruce told her 30 years ago then it never came up again so she thought it was a passing phase. Pam says Bruce has wanted to live an authentic life. Cait has a birthday card for her mom and wonders how to sign it. Her friends say to sign it Caitlyn. Pam says she discouraged her brother from going public with all this and didn’t know how it would work.

Cait is worried about telling her mom everything that’s going on and revealing all these secrets. Cait hugs her sisters and mom. She’s so much taller than them in heels. Pam says he’s gorgeous. Pam says she was apprehensive and was hoping Cait would have the same personality as Bruce and is happy she does. Pam says she thought Cait would more like her. Esther says she never knew or guessed there were problems and says Bruce hid it well.

Esther says it’s overwhelming but says she was preparing herself. She says she knew Bruce would be dressed as a woman and says he’s very good looking as a woman but is still Bruce. Lisa hugs her mom. Esther cries and says she loves Bruce so much and always will. Esther says it’s a lot of getting used to but says she will. They sit down to lunch and Pam says she was asking how she chose the name Caitlyn. Cait says Robin said she always liked the name Caitlyn.

She says talking to other trans people, they told her a good way to get your name is to ask your mother what other names they picked out before they knew what sex they were. Kylie then calls on Face Time and Cait says Kylie has never seen her as a woman before. Kylie is at the dentist and is a little loopy. Cait says she didn’t know what to do since Kylie hasn’t seen her yet. Cait says she doesn’t want to scare her but Kylie says she looks pretty and Cait says she loves her.

Cait says she has Susan Landon coming who is an expert to answer their questions. Susan shows up and Cait says she works with families. Cait says let’s all go sit and they can go throw answers and questions. Susan says acceptance is critical and Esther says she has beautiful children. Cait says the big question is has Susan see anyone cured of being trans. Susan says no and Cait says you’re born that way. Esther talks about Bruce being little and pulling boy clothes off himself.

Esther asks if that could have been part of his trans journey and him not wanting those clothes. Susan says it really could have. Susan says at that age, Bruce couldn’t have chosen the option of female clothes and noticed the reactions of others and says the child would try to fit in. Susan says Bruce tried harder than anyone to fit in. Esther says the child wouldn’t know that. Susan says from about 5 they start trying to figure it out. Esther asks about the bible verse about not dressing as the other sex.

Cait talks about the relief of being honest with family and says she’s happy with how this has begun. She plays tennis with Pam and talks about how women are easier than men. They have nice game until Cait slams a shot past her. Cait jokes that now she knows why girls need a sports bra and says her hair is in her eyes then says Bruce was a better tennis player than Cait was. Kylie shows up and gets hugs all around then she asks for her dad.

Kylie says she wants to meet her but says it might be uncomfortable. Cait hugs her and says she snuck in. Kylie hugs her grandma who is having make up done. Esther says she has a present for Kylie. She gives Kylie a photo of her at 17 and Kylie says they look alike. Cait says Esther was married then and Kylie says likes her and Cait says that better not happen. Cait says her major concern all along has been Kendall and Kylie. Spencer, Rhonda’s daughter asks how Kendall is doing and they tell her fine.

Cait talks to Kylie about hair styles and she wants to put extensions in Kylie. Kylie coaches her on her hair and hair color and pins in some green extensions. Cait asks Kylie isn’t this more fun than talking sports or watching golf. Kylie snaps some pics of Cait with her new hair extensions in. Cait says it will be her first post. They talk about what to caption the pic on social media. Cait says this has been like taking 1,000 pounds off of her and says most people like Cait better.

Cait talks about how she needs to get rid off a bunch of pants she doesn’t want then shows Pam a striped shirt and asks what was Bruce thinking. They’re packing up stuff for charity. Cait asks Pam how Esther is doing and she says she thinks it’s okay. Cait says it’s all been very positive but she’s waiting for mom to go OMG, what’s happening. She says you never know what they will think once they get away from her and what they’re thinking.

Cait talks about how Khloe and Kourtney haven’t come to meet Caitlyn nor has Rob. She sees them not coming by means they don’t really approve. Pam and Lisa leave and Cait sits down to chat with Esther. Esther says as she looks at her, she looks so much like someone in the family and she was trying to figure it out. Cait says she looks like herself. Esther says it’s difficult to think of her as “she” and to say Caitlyn. She says she wants to say Bruce and starts crying and says it’s not easy.

Cait agrees that it’s not. Cait asks if she feels like she’s losing a son. Esther says she thinks Cait felt uncomfortable with her and wanted to get away. Cait admits she was isolating herself when she was Bruce because she didn’t feel like she fit in anywhere. She says Cait fits in a lot better than Bruce ever did because Bruce was lying about things. Esther says Bruce is still in there and says the soul is the same one. Esther says she loves Bruce and that will never change.

She says it will take some getting used to but wants to do what he wants. Cait says she’s optimistic about the future and will drag her mom along. Cait says she wants to create understanding so other people don’t go through what she has. They watch a news story about a trans teen that took his life. They watch an interview with his mom and Cait says that’s the problem they have – it happens all the time. She says suicide seems a permanent solutions for a temporary problem and kids are at risk.

Cait admits she contemplated suicide by gun before to end her suffering. She says that struggle is real and she’s been there. Kim and Kanye show up then and Cait introduces Kanye to Pam and his mom. Cait says she’s never been close to Kanye until now but loves how Kanye has helped Kim come to grips with this. Kanye says this is one of the strongest things that has occurred with the world’s perception. Kanye says Cait has a supermodel daughter and all this fame and says f-k it.

Then Pam asks about the baby and Kim says they wanted this for a long time. Pam asks Kanye why his shoes aren’t tied and he says they are sock shoes. She says she wants to be cool like him. Kim wants to see Cait’s new designer duds. She talks about Tom Ford and the other designers who have sent clothes. Kim is thrilled then points out some things that need to go. Cait shows a Tom Ford dress and Kim says Kris has it in brown. Cait says it would be funny to do – who wore it best.

Kim says she will set it up to take her mom out to dinner in the other dress and Cait can stop by. Cait jokes she has to wear it before Kris does. Kanye and Kim leave then the sisters get ready to leave with Esther. Cait’s mom says she was so proud when Bruce was on the podium getting his gold medal and she thought she could never be more proud of him. Then she tears up and says she’s more proud of him now for the courage she’s showing and says she loves Cait with all her heart.

Cait says it’s important for her to learn about others and talks about three suicides of trans teens in San Diego. One kid was just 14. Cait says she reached out to her mom to try and make a difference. Cait is heading to San Diego and they go out to try and avoid the press. She wants to go with no paparazzi tailing her. They change cars and Cait says the price tag is up to $250k and she doesn’t want to take that attention with her to San Diego.

Cait swaps into a third car to escape the press. She talks about wanting to learn and educate herself and wants to just be a friend to the family. She knocks on the door and Catherine lets her in. She meets Chloe and Carl too. She thanks them for inviting them. They look at photos of Kyler and Catherine says she was so proud of Kyler. She says she knew nothing when the trans started with Kyler. She says she told Kyler she was okay with it from the start.

Katherine says even with the full support of your family, it’s still hard. Catherine says Kyler wasn’t really bullied, it was just with adults not understanding. Katherine says she had a legal change and his new birth certificate arrived right after he took his life. Katherine says no suicide is simple and says it’s a complex set of things that are challenging them. Cait says we need more tolerance and empathy towards others and says young people can’t see the future and become desperate.

Cait says we have to do something about that. Cait tells Katherine that Kyler just needed to turn the corner. Katherine asks Cait to come to a balloon release in Kyler’s honor then says someone wrote a song for Kyler but she hopes it will help other kids going through the same thing. Cait says young people need to realize there is so much help out there – someone in your life will listen to what’s happening in your head. Cait -meets some of Kyler’s friends at the balloon release.

Caitlyn says to seek help and just get through that day. She hugs all of Kyler’s friends as they watch the balloons fly. Then the last screen of the show says to call the Trevor Hotline if you’re feeling suicidal. The number is 866-488-7386.