iZombie Recap – Blaine’s Back and Just as Bad: Season 2 Episode 5 “Love & Basketball”

iZombie Recap - Blaine's Back and Just as Bad: Season 2 Episode 5 "Love & Basketball"

Tonight on the CW iZombie airs with an all new Tuesday November 3, season 2 episode 5 called “Love & Basketball” and we have your weekly recap and spoilers below. On tonight’s episode, Babineaux (Malcolm Goodwin) and Ravi (Rahul Kohli) investigate the mysterious death of a pee wee basketball coach.

On the last episode, Liv ate the brains of a country singing waitress to investigate a case; Babineaux met a female FBI agent who was working out of his office; Blaine tried to entice a former business associate to come back to the dark side; Major continued his downward spiral; Peyton messed up Ravi’s game. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CW synopsis, “Babineaux and Ravi investigate the mysterious death of a pee wee basketball coach. Liv, consumed with overzealous coach brains, gives Major a much-needed pep talk. Meanwhile, Babineaux receives a surprise visit from Suzuki’s widow.”

Tune in tonight to catch the season 2 episode 5 of iZombie on CW – we’ll be right here recapping it for you live! While you wait for the recap, check out a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

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#iZombie begins with Major and Liv kissing in her apartment. She says they should stop because she could be contagious. She is worried about saliva transfer and asks if he has open sores in his mouth. She says no more kissing until they know if she infected in him. He asks if they will have sex Pretty Woman Style with no kissing on the mouth. She tells him to get the blood back to his brain until they know if it’s safe. Elsewhere, a security guard at a building watching a basketball game is shot by an intruder.

Major wakes to Liv checking his blood pressure to see if he’s got zombie symptoms. She hands him coffee and he makes a face and says she still can’t make coffee. He says he didn’t turn and she says they dodged a bullet. She says they’re stupid and there’s no future as a couple unless she’s cured. She says if she accidentally scratches him, he’d be zombie. She says they just need to be best friends. She gets a text from Ravi and says she has to go to work. She says – friends – then goes.

At the office building, Clive tells them the victim is Mike Hayden and the last page was torn out of the visitor log and the security cameras are turned off. Ravi and Liv talk about how great it would be if the killer wore a t-shirt with his name and address on it and was on the security footage. Clive is annoyed. Gabriel comes to see Blaine who is with a funeral client. Blaine tells him to use the back entrance. Gabriel says he’ll cut the utopium if Blaine gets him the cure.

Liv wonders what hell night watchman brain will be. Clive shows up as she’s cracking the cranium and Clive says they have three mystery guests and hoped she can help – problem is she hasn’t eaten the guy yet. She looks at the photos. She mocks doing a psychic thing and says she skipped breakfast. Clive says to let her know. She cracks the skull and makes an omelet after he leaves. Gilda watches a zombie that the doctor was working with and she says to get her the blood of a functional zombie.

The scientist wants Liv’s blood. Gilda says she can get some blood from their zombie exterminator. Clive gets a call from Mrs Suzuki. Liv shows up to look at the photos again. Clive says he called Suzuki’s widow to ask if her husband might have been suicidal when he shot up Meat Cute. Liv sees Clive’s Knicks mug and she starts talking basketball. He’s stunned. Some kids come in asking about Mike Hayden’s murder and tell Clive they think they know who killed their basketball coach.

Clive asks them about Hayden and they tell him they think RJ’s dad killed Mike after RJ quit the team and his father tried to choke out Mike. The kids tell Clive they hope the guy gets the death penalty. They show up to see TJ who is RJ’s dad. They ask why he choked Mike and he asks if it was the fairy from child protective services. Liv gets a flash of TJ choking the coach. Then she sees TJ chewing out his son and slapping him. He tells them he was at the library last night and Liv mocks him.

Clive says the Library is a tavern. Clive wants to confirm his alibi. Liv says Coach Mike reported TJ to protective services and she says TJ hits his kid. They watch TJ working the bag in his garage in frustration. Major is with a client and Gilds asks why he hasn’t answered her texts. She asks how many zombie removals can she put him down for this week and he asks how many people does she plan to murder this week. She says not people, zombies and tells him to do two.

He says he won’t do any more until he gets a better tranquilizer since the last guy woke up in his trunk. She says she’ll see what she can do and tells him to stop by later. He shows up and the scientist is there. Gilda introduces him to Dr Erving. The scientist asks how the zombie tranq filed. Major says he begged him not to kill him because he cares for his aging parents then asked him to take care of his dog. The scientists says she’s surprised he’s so lucid.

Major is ready to snort some utopium when Liv shows up and gives him a motivating coach speech. She tells him he was a walk on at U dub then worked up to being a starter. She does the whole big talk to tell him he can do this and can get back up. She says he’s Major Mother-flipping Lilywhite and doesn’t quit. He says she’s weird and she says the room stinks and he needs to shower and makes him say there are no drugs there. She tells him to take a shower then come watch Hoosiers.

Clive honks at TJ’s house and he comes out angry. He says his alibi checked out. Clive says he talked to RJ’s homeroom teacher and gave her his card. He says if the kid shows up with his hair parted wrong, he’ll come. TJ gets forceful and puts his hands on Clive who beats him down and warns him to never put his hands on his son again. Clive ices his hand when his boss calls him in. He asks another cop what Funders Keepers is and he doesn’t know.

Lt Devore asks why he called Suzuki’s wife. He says some things don’t add up. Agent Dale is there and acts goofy outside the window distracting him. Clive says they never found Blaine. Clive fights hard not to laugh at Dale’s antics and covers it by choking. Major and Liv go to the gym and he talks about her friendship offer and them watching the basketball movie and now this. She says he’s busy tomorrow. She says these disadvantaged kids just lost their coach.

The kids stare at Major expectantly and Liv is backseat coaching from the sidelines. Major runs to break up a scuffle and asks if Coach Hayden would want that. He tells Charlie to keep his elbows down and Jordy to stop head butting the elbows. Ravi works on an autopsy when a guy shows up and it’s Scott Eberhard’s twin. He drops off some tainted utopium and says it’s from Blaine who wants the cure muy pronto. Gilda finds Liv cooking and they talk guys.

Liv says she was making out with her ex fiancée a couple of days ago. Gilda bumps her hand causing Liv to cut herself. She wipes up the drop of blood off the cutting board when Liv goes to get a Band Aid and tucks it into her bra out of sight so she can give it to the scientist later.

Liv is excited that Ravi has more tainted utopium and can make more cure so she can be with Blaine. Clive comes in and asks Liv about Funders Keepers – turns out Coach Mike was using crowd funding to raise money to take the kids to playoffs. Liv goes to see Major coach the kids just as another fight breaks out. He asks if Liv will take over practice while he talks to Charlie. Liv calls them in and tells them to pick it up and move the ball or she’s going to run them like dogs. They giggle but then she does it.

Major comes back with Charlie who looks like he’s calmed down. Major says the kid is having trouble at home. Liv says she heard that his dad ran off with the babysitter and went to Tucson. Major watches a guy drinking coffee and reading the paper. He asks if he can have the sports section. Major’s arm hairs tingle – it’s the zombie he was looking for. Then he sees a kid come in and the guy picks the boy up and hugs him. Major sighs dejectedly.

Clive is looking for the source of the big donation to the crowd funding site that he thinks is linked to Mike’s killing when Dale approaches him. She asks him why he got pulled off the Meat Cute case. He says there was a story they liked that was neat and made one of the cops looked like a hero. He says his version was messier and the powers that be didn’t like his story. She asks if he remembers Alan York, the astronaut who disappeared. She says they found a strand of his hair in a drain at Meat Cute.

Clive is stunned. Liv and Ravi are working with new rats and she asks if she can help name them this time since she doesn’t like the Star Wars names. Ravi says no and calls one Boba Ratt. Clive comes in and says the $4k donation was made with untraceable BitCoin. He gets a call and says one of the three people she couldn’t identify was found dead in Tacoma. They head out for a field trip. Dr Metzger gets snippy with them. He says the body is Telly Levins and he was found in a high rise construction area.

Ravi mocks if they have high rises in the shire and asks if the citizens suspect witchcraft. Metzger shows them something found on the body and he says he thinks the guy fell accidentally. Ravi says this was blunt force trauma. Metzger says it’s not that complicated. Clive says the guy has a record as a low-level mob collector and Ravi says the hammer is likely a collection tool. Clive says there’s a shady business on the 14th floor. They go talk to the law firm to talk to Mr Thrunk.

Thrunk says Mike was always talking to everyone about his fundraising for the kids. Clive asks if he recognizes Levins and he doesn’t then Clive asks if everyone has their own copier code. They then go talk to Harry Cole, another lawyer, and ask if he was working late the night Mike died. Clive asks if he knows Telly and shows a pic of the dead man. The guy tosses a paper in his trash can which is a basketball goal. She gets a flash of him upset over a college game.

Clive notices a baseball bat autographed by Pete Rose and sniffs it – it smells of bleach. They ask if Telly threatened him with a hammer and he hit him with the bat. Clive checks the mini blinds and spots blood there. The guy freaks and Liv fist pumps. Ravi has Max Rager and boat party utopium and is ready to infect the rats. Blaine shows up singing then asks about the cure. He’s singing a song by The Cure too. Ravi says the cure needs work. Gabriel is with him and shoots himself with the syringe.

Ravi tries to stop him but he injects. Ravi says – that was unwise. The guy collapses to the floor after turning gray and mottled and breaking out in sores. Blaine tells Ravi it needs work then says time of death is 9:47 pm. Ravi says that’s not the cure, it was the zombie formula. He says Ravi did discover the anti-cure and says that’s a hell of an accomplishment. Ravi says it would be bad in the wrong hands. He and Blaine wrestle for the vial of zombie killing formula. They fight all over the morgue for it.

They climb over bodies knocking things over. Ravi finally destroys the formula with a bottle of another chemical. Blaine says that was his cardio for the day and leaves panting. Clive has Harry in interrogation and they figure out that he bribed Mike with the donation so he would turn off security and pull out the visitor’s log page. He says he did attack Telly but did not kill Mike. He says there’s a guy at their firm who’s a fixer who told him to wipe down the bat with bleach.

He says the donation and the security cameras was that guy’s idea and says that guy shot Mike. Harry says he’ll give the name if they cut him a deal. Clive says he doesn’t need a name – he knows who it is. Major comes to see Gilda and says he checked off eight potentials this week and none were zombies then says they shouldn’t hook up anymore. Gilda says the list is generated with statistical probabilities. She says the odds of these all being negative is low. He says – never tell me the odds – another Star Wars quote.

Major flushes the last of the utopium and gets cleaned up. He comes downstairs and finds Liv petting Minor the dog. She touches his face and says that’s the Major she remembered. She says they should go get pizza and he says he doesn’t want to pretend he’s okay being her friend and says he wants them to be together again. He says he knows the risks and reasons it can’t work but says he’s better with her in his life and asks if they can give it another shot.

Clive calls Liv and leaves a message saying they booked Thrunk into custody for Mike’s murder. Mrs Suzuki shows up and tells Clive she thought about it and her husband could have been suicidal. She says her hubby had a beer fridge and says she found this and leaves him with a Tupperware container. Clive opens it and sees a chunk of brain. He’s speechless. The wife leaves.