John Travolta, Kelly Preston Divorce: Gay Affairs Causing Too Much Stress For Kelly – Needs Out Now!

John Travolta, Kelly Preston Divorce: Gay Affairs Causing Too Much Stress For Kelly - Needs Out Now!

The gay rumors surrounding John Travolta are causing too much stress for Kelly Preston, so much so that she might be ready to sign some divorce papers. Are there still people who don’t know that John Travolta is as gay as the sun is bright? Oh I’m sorry, that John Travolta is ‘allegedly’ gay. It’s never been proven, because apparently, groping male masseurs in massage parlors isn’t proof enough – nor is the fact that John Travolta has had numerous sexual assault cases filed against him.

According to a new report from the National Enquirer, John’s legal battle with his ‘alleged’ former gay lover Doug Gotterba has reached fever pitch, with both parties trying their best to work out whether Doug was operating under a confidentiality agreement. For those who don’t know, Doug Gotterba was the gay pilot who claimed that he and John Travolta had a six-year long affair that nobody knew about, but he only recently came forward with the allegations.

Now, a lot of you might be wondering why this is a big deal – I mean, everybody already knows that John Travolta is gay, right? Unfortunately, you’d be wrong. And right now, John Travolta and Kelly Preston are having a horrible time shutting people up. Another ‘secret’ witness, a limo driver by the name of Nassim Tahzib, has come forward to reveal all the dirty secrets that John keeps hiding.

Nassim told the Enquirer, “He had an insatiable desire for gay sex, even though he was terrified of being branded a queen and lived in fear of his macho image being shattered. Outrageous, swishy gays didn’t turn him on. He preferred to seduce married men, weightlifters, sports club trainers and others who had not been introduced to the gay scene.”

Yes, we know this, especially as we’ve seen John hit on numerous men in gyms and massage parlors – not really two places that would scream ‘gay scene’.

John’s lawyer, Martin Singer, has already state that Nassim Tahzib is not a reliable witness, but one way or another, the dams are about to burst. Even if we know about John’s, um, proclivities, most of the American public still remains clueless. How long will that last if witnesses keep coming forward to talk about John Travolta’s ‘insatiable desire for gay sex’? What do you make of the ongoing ‘John Travolta gay’ rumors?

And at the end of the day, will Kelly Preston divorce John Travolta if the truth does come out in all of its sordid detail? Or will divorce remain off the table, thanks to Scientology’s influence?

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