Julia Roberts Divorce: Danny Moder Skips Mother-In-Law’s Funeral – Final Straw For Julia, Marriage Over!

Julia Roberts Divorce: Danny Moder Skips Mother-In-Law's Funeral - Final Straw For Julia, Marriage Over!

Julia Roberts’ marriage to Danny Moder has reached its breaking point – and rumors of the couple’s impending divorce are starting to become a reality. The actress’s mother, Betty Lou Bredemus, lost her battle to cancer in February 2015 and passed away. Julie Roberts attended her mother’s funeral in her hometown in Georgia – and her husband Danny Moder was nowhere in sight. He actually skipped his mother-in-law’s funeral!

Julia and Danny’s marriage has been hanging by a thread for months, and it looks like this could be the final straw. According to a report in the June 22 edition of National Enquirer, Danny Moder refused to attend the funeral because he and Julia’s mother Betty Lou never really saw eye to eye. An insider dished to the magazine, “Betty never felt that Danny – who was a cameraman at the time and still is – was good enough for her daughter Julia. Neither did she like the fact that he dumped his first wife so that he could take up with her.” National Enquirer’s source goes on to say that Betty wished Julia had married her ex Ben Bratt or stayed with her first husband Lyle Lovett instead, and Danny knew that.

Regardless of Danny’s relationship with Betty, the bottom line is Julia Roberts needed her husband’s support at her mother’s funeral – and he wasn’t there! A witness at Betty’s funeral dished to the National Enquirer that Julia tried to remain strong for her children, who did make the trip with her, but it was obvious she could have used a shoulder to cry on.

So does Danny Moder’s funeral ditching mean that the couple is going to finally file for divorce? Apparently, Danny is fighting tooth and nail to keep their marriage intact now that he knows he royally screwed up, and sources say that he attended a U2 concert with his wife a few days later. National Enquirer explains, “he’s trying to worm his way back into her good graces.”

Can you believe that Danny Moder actually skipped Julia’s mom’s funeral? Do you think that Julia will be able to forgive him, or could this be the final straw and lead to a messy divorce? Let us know what you think in the comments below!


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3 responses to “Julia Roberts Divorce: Danny Moder Skips Mother-In-Law’s Funeral – Final Straw For Julia, Marriage Over!”

  1. Emma 1824 says:

    No pity for Julia. She tore up a family in order to get Moder away from his wife.

  2. JacyJul says:

    Okay, so many of us have recently lost our Moms and we can feel that loss, but if Julia’s Mom felt that Danny “wasn’t good enough” because HE cheated on his last wife with HER DAUGHTER…wouldn’t her daughter (Roberts) be part to blame?

    Furthermore, Roberts was living with Benn Bratt at the time (who was not only gorgeous and supportive if Julia, he’s also a good actor in his own right).

    NOW, add the fact that Julia used her ‘celeb status’ to SHAME Danny’s wife in public (because Vera wasn’t moving fast enough in the divorce for Julia) by wearing a T-Shirt for the Pappz to photograph that said, “So LOW Vera,” how is she such a great person?

    IMO that’s far worse than Jolie going after Pitt on the set of M & M Smith because she knew he wanted kids and she needed a baby daddy with her to adopt more (B.B. Thornton took OFF when she tried to press him into her new project because he already had a family). ANYWAY, at least Aniston was a successful and attractive actress who could speak up for herself – unlike Vera, Danny’s wife at the time who was a full time student and worked part time. Friends and family who knew her said she was a sweet young woman and that apparently Danny had the roving eye from day one.

    SOoooooo, guess karma is just now getting back with Roberts – and we’re supposed to feel sorry for her? SERIOUSLY?