Kate Middleton Not Pregnant Say ‘Birth Truthers’ – What Beyonce and Duchess Have in Common – See The Ridiculous Claims

Kate Middleton Not Pregnant Say ‘Birth Truthers’ – What Beyonce and Duchess Have in Common - See The Ridiculous Claims

The world is waiting for the news that Kate Middleton is in labor and giving birth to Prince William’s second baby. Any day now, The Duchess of Cambridge will deliver her baby girl or second baby boy, but some ‘Birth Truthers’ say Princess Kate is not actually pregnant and never has been.

Some blogs, social media and random sites claim that Kate Middleton has never actually been pregnant and faked giving birth to George. The ‘Birth Truthers’ believe a surrogate was used to carry and deliver Prince George, and now, Kate and William’s second baby. Basically, these people believe Kate Middleton is pulling a Beyonce.

The first reaction to this claim is – Why would Princess Kate and Prince William use a surrogate? These truthers have many theories which include: Prince William is actually sterile. Kate Middleton is infertile. The Queen wanted to the baby to have pure royal blood, so Kate’s eggs were not used.

Some theories are even wackier and claim the palace forced the surrogate to have a C-section so the Prince would be born on July 22 because it was a “full moon” and the “sun was entering the phase of Leo” as well the numerology being a nod to Masonry.

The Truthers also claim that Kate’s severe morning sickness was also part of both plans, so her lack in weight gain would have an excuse. They add that Kate wasn’t be “allowed” to be seen in public very often in fear that the fake pregnancy secret would be blown.

As CDL readers know, we cover Kate Middleton in depth and, aside from the time she was ill, Kate was in the public eye often. The Duchess often worked and made appearances to the point of exhaustion. So, their claim she was hidden away to avoid discovery of her fake pregnancy is completely false.

The completely bonkers theories also claim Kate Middleton’ post-birth belly was too big, while others claim she had “forgotten” to take it off. Facepalm. If the royal family went to the trouble of intricately staging a pregnancy, including a nurse accidently spilling details to a radio station who pranked St. Mary’s hospital and subsequently killed herself after the stress and mental condition became too much, do they you think they’d forget a detail like removing the prosthetic baby belly? Please.

Truthers further claim Kate Middleton returned to her post-baby body far too quickly after giving birth to George. Apparently, the team of personal trainers and option to have a tummy tuck seems less plausible that staging an entire pregnancy.

Something that might blow Kate Middleton ‘Birth Truthers’ theories out of the water is GLOBE’s ultrasound photos. The magazine ran the 3D images from Princess Kate’s ultrasound in the April 6th paper edition. Hard to fake an ultrasound, and if a surrogate was used to do the ultrasound, the magazine surely would have been all over the story!

What do you think of these fake pregnancy allegations? Are they completely crazy or do you think it’s possible for Kate Middleton to have used a surrogate?