Keeping Up With The Kardashians Recap 5/24/15: Season 10 Episode 12 “Moons Over Montana”

Keeping Up With The Kardashians Recap 5/24/15: Season 10 Episode 12 "Moons Over Montana"

Keeping Up With The Kardashians continues tonight an all new Sunday, May 24 season 10 episode 12, called “Moons Over Montana” On tonight’s episode, Kim Kardashian tries to keep traditions alive by planning a family ski trip to Montana.

On the last episode, the conclusion of the two part episode, the family gave their opinions on Bruce’s life changing decision to become a woman. Did you watch last week’s episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per say the E! synopsis “Kim tries to keep traditions alive by planning a family ski trip to Montana, but there’s no mistaking that this year’s vacation has a different vibe. On the slopes, Khloé risks life and limb to bond with Kylie.”

Tonight is going to be another crazy episode that you won’t want to miss, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of E!’s “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” tonight at 9PM EST! Meanwhile, while you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about this season of KUWTK?

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#KUWTK starts with Kendall complaining that her boobs are getting bigger and are hurting. She and Khloe head upstairs to talk to their mom about boobs. Kendall says her boobs seems low and Kris says it’s more room for diamonds. Then they talk about Kylie starting to take singing lessons. Khloe says her voice is amazing too. Then Kendall jokes that she’s an incredible singer. Kris suggests they form a girl band and they sing together badly.

Khloe, Kourtney, Kendall and Kylie meet to eat. Kylie says she kept having a bad dream about Kourtney. Kourtney suggests they all need to go to therapy with all of the big family issues including their parents’ divorce and Bruce’s transition. Kendall says it’s not a bad idea but Kylie isn’t sure. Khloe asks if Kylie would go and she says no. Kendall thinks that Kylie bottles things up but says her work and travel helps her cope.

At Khloe’s, she shows Kim that Kris dropped off binoculars. There’s a note on them saying they used them at an Elton John concert. They wonder how bad their seats were and talk about Kris cleaning out their stuff from the divorce. Kim wants to go skiing. She says she found a place in Big Sky, Montana and says it could be a kids trip. She wants them to do a family trip to make sure they all stay close, even though Kris and Bruce won’t be along.

Khloe says that’s sad and would be their first trip since the divorce. Khloe says Greece would have been their last trip together as a family. Khloe says they’ll have to make some new traditions so they don’t lose touch. Kim says they can make it a calm trip all about the kids. Over at Kourtney and Scott’s. He comes in and tells Kourtney it’s raining outside. He asks her about the ski trip and she says she’d like to go but it will be a lot of work.

He says he’s a new man and would like to go and take a hike. Scott says he’s been working on some of his issues which has been scary but helpful so he can better himself and move forward. Scott says he’s all in but Kourtney says it gives her anxiety about taking their first trip with the baby. He asks if she has ski clothes that fit and she tells him she’s not pregnant and they don’t make maternity ski clothes because it’s too dangerous when you’re pregnant to go ski.

All of the kids except Rob and Kendall head to Montana on a private plane. Khloe is excited and wonders if she’ll remember how to ski. Scott cuddles Reign on the plane and says he’s excited to take a trip with the new baby. He says he’s usually not that excited. Kim gets on the plane with North and says Kylie is meeting them. Khloe asks if Jonathon and Malika are staying with them. Kim says she put Jonathon up at a hotel and says maybe Malika can sleep on the couch.

Khloe and Kim bicker about their besties. Kim says she worked hard to find a house for all of them and Kim says it’s just not big enough for the besties too. In Montana, everyone piles into SUVs to head to the house. Malika, Kim, Khloe and North share a car. They call Bruce and tell him they arrived. They tell him they’re there on a kid ski trip. She says they just wanted to check on her. He says he loves them and hopes they have fun.

Khloe asks Kim again about housing for Malika and Jonathon. She doesn’t want Malika on a couch while Jonathon has a penthouse. They show up to a huge, beautiful house. Kim says she gives herself props for finding such a great place last minute. There are great views too. Kylie and Jonathon show up. Kylie wants to know where her room is and says she’s freaking the f-k out. She says her sisters keep pushing her to talk but she doesn’t want to talk right now.

Kylie says they each cope with things different ways. She goes to her room to text and the others wonder if that’s all from her for the day. Bruce is with Leigh Weintraub taking a walk on the beach. She’s the founder of Mind in Motion. He says he’s worried about Kylie who is struggling to deal with this and says she has shut him out and doesn’t want to talk about it. He says it has him worried. Leigh says it’s easy to avoid talking about uncomfortable things.

Bruce says his kids are everything and he doesn’t want a space between him and he can’t get her to go to dinner or come see him. He says he doesn’t want her to emotionally go away. Leigh says this is normal but she’ll come around. Leigh says it’s less about him and more about Kylie’s process. Back in Montana, everyone is out for ski rides. Kourtney rides with Mason then Kim goes with North. Scott says the air is so crisp and he has a new-found respect for the outdoors.

He’s all excited and is appreciating life. He says he and Kourtney have had ups and downs but he appreciates her sticking with him. He then takes a ride with Penelope on the sled. Kourtney laughs at his antics. Scott wants to play Pictionary and most of the girls are in. Kim suggests spin the bottle and Scott reminds her they’re all family. Malika says she’s going to the hotel and Kim says the hotel is sold out except for the penthouse.

Kourtney says Jonathon can share with Malika. Scott suggests a Pictionary play off for the penthouse. Then they decide to play charades. Malika says it’s on. Kim has Jonathon come look at some photos with her. He tells her everyone keeps asking him about Bruce and asks if there’s something he needs to know. She doesn’t want to keep him out of the loop but isn’t sure what to say to him. Kim tells him it’s all true and says it’s something Bruce has felt for a long time.

Jonathon asks if Bruce is happier and she says he is. She says she’s relieved for Bruce but is moving fast because he’s waited so long. He asks about Kendall and Kylie and Kim says it’s really hard on them. She says she thinks them being close has saved everything. She says if it was just the two young ones, it would be really harder. She’s glad she can tell Jonathon so she can talk to him about it. She says she wanted Kylie to be away from all the parent drama. Jonathon hugs her.

Later, they play charades. They team up to play for the room key. Each team gets one right. Kylie refuses to play and just stays up in her room. Kourtney goes next. Malika is next. She couldn’t do Spiderman. Jonathon won the room. Khloe says Malika has to suck it up and Jonathon asks Malika to get his bags for him. He wishes Malika good luck and heads off to his swank penthouse. Next day, Scott is ready to go skiing.

Kourtney says Scott has always been a Debbie Downer on most vacations – we see him leaving early from dinners and whining and leaving early. She says it’s great he’s been working on himself and she can see a difference in his attitude and hopes it sticks. Khloe goes looking for Kylie who wants to go to a tram that goes to the top of the mountain and says she’ll meet them later. Khloe agrees to go with her even though it’s scary to her.

They head way up high on a tram to the highest peak on the mountain. Khloe says she would ordinarily send her with Bruce to do things like this.

Khloe is scared after they take five trams to go up so high on the mountain. Khloe says it’s dangerous up there. Kylie is on a snowboard and Khloe says – this bitch is crazy. A guide says it’s too dangerous up there today and says they shouldn’t go all the way up today. Khloe is relieved. Kylie is bummed because she loves adrenaline. They head to a lower course to ski. Kim says she hasn’t gone skiing in years and Scott goes tumbling while they laugh.

Later, Khloe, Malika and Jonathon go shopping and Khloe complains that ski clothes aren’t made for booties. Malika calls Jonathon out for saying Kim is more famous than Khloe. Malika and Jonathon argue bitterly and he gets snarky then leaves. Kylie tells Khloe her ass seems to get bigger every day but says it’s a good thing. Kylie says she wants to go heli-skiing where they fly you up and drop you out at the top. She wants Khloe to go with her.

Khloe says she’s not as good as skiing as she used to be. Kylie says she can try a practice run. Khloe says if Bruce was there, he would do all of this with Kylie. Khloe is terrified but says she’ll do it with her. Back in LA, Kris is at a storage facility and says she’s tired of storing everyone’s stuff. She says Bruce is starting a new chapter and so is everyone else. She says it’s difficult to sort through all this stuff and relive the past. She says there’s a lot of memories there. She sorts through the kids stuff.

Kris finds stuff she thinks would be great Valentine’s presents for the kids including photos of their dad Robert. Mason and Penelope get beginner lessons. Scott says it’s hard to travel as their family gets larger so it’s nice that they’re all there together. Back in LA, Kris has a stack of Bruce stuff that needs to go to him. She has all this Olympics stuff and memorabilia. She says this brings up a lot of emotions and just wants to be there for her kids.

She finds a box that she was sent of medical grade vibrators and says she hit the vibrator jackpot. Khloe and Kylie go to do the heli-skiing. Khloe says she’s scared of heights and is nervous. Khloe is shocked that it’s a tiny helicopter and is further scared when they equip them with avalanche gear in case of emergency. She’s freaking out. Kylie is texting all the way up. Khloe’s anxiety gets worse as they hit 10,000 feet. The helicopter lands and they hop out.

The guide goes with them. Kylie takes off eagerly on her snowboard while Khloe is struggling on skis and gets stick and can’t get up. The guide has to come pull Khloe up. Kylie says it’s funny to watch Khloe struggle. Kylie just zooms along but Khloe says she’s proud of herself for pushing herself to do something new. Khloe tells Kylie she never would have done this without her. Back at the house, Khloe has a cool Polaroid instant camera.

Khloe tells Kylie she thought the helicopter was crazy but sees why Kylie is an adrenaline junkie. She says she thinks Kylie is doing this to keep her minds off stuff and is doing it to be a Jenner. Khloe says this is stuff Kylie should be doing with Bruce to bond with him. Khloe says Bruce loves that stuff and would have pushed her to do the tram and stuff. Khloe says Bruce thinks the other girls are pussies and Kylie says they are.

Khloe plays pool later with Kim, Malika and Jonathon. Khloe says Jonathon needs to apologize to Malika. He says he got the room because Kim is more famous. Malika says that’s not what he said. Kim says she invited Jonathon on the trip and took care of him. Khloe says Kim didn’t tell her that there weren’t enough bedrooms. Kim tells Khloe and Malika they’re jealous. Khloe tells Kim she needs to get over herself and her little people and calls Kim a f-ing bitch.

Kylie calls her dad and tells him she misses him. He says he misses her then says he’s mocing into the new house. He says there’s great trail riding and says if they want to buy horses, he can board them. She tells him about going heli-skiing. He says there’s nothing better than good powder. Kylie says she wants to make sure she keeps in close touch with her dad despite the changes. They make plans to do some adrenaline stuff when she gets back.

Scott talks about how beautiful it is and Khloe says Michael Keaton and Justin Timberlake live there. Khloe and Scott get into a crazy argument. Malika says to watch out where he’s driving. There’s a car in front of them slamming on their brakes when he’s got a semi riding his ass. Scott snaps and pulls up beside them cursing and outrages. Kourtney says he’s driving like crazy and asks him to stop it.