Khloe Kardashian Calls Out “Scum” Paparazzi in Twitter Rant: Same Paps Who ‘KUWTK’ Family Call for Publicity Daily?

Khloe Kardashian Calls Out "Scum" Paparazzi in Twitter Rant: Same Paps Who 'KUWTK' Family Call for Publicity Daily?

Khloe Kardashian seems to have forgotten her roots as she took to social media to scold the evil “scum” paparazzi who dared try to take a picture of the “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” star. Apparently Khloe was offended by the paps interest in the reality star enough to warrant a Sunday rant on Twitter.

According to Khloe, she was cut off and tailed by some over eager photographers when the “KUWTK” star was trying to get to a doctor’s appointment. Khloe tweeted in disgust about the incident, saying, “What scum paps are!!!

I am on my way to an infectious disease doctor and they cut me off while driving, run red lights, tailing me.” Kardashian went on to tweet again, “for pictures. they make it even more difficult for me to drive when I’m already as weak as it is. How f****** disgusting.”

It’s ironic that a Kardashian would ever chastise the paparazzi for daring to take their picture, especially considering that is what keeps the reality family famous. Even worse that it was Khloe, who should be enjoying every second of her extra little fame boost lately. Normally lately the fight for most popular Kardashian is a toss up between Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian.

With Lamar Odom’s near fatal drug overdose and the drama return to the former NBA player’s side, Khloe started getting more interesting to the paps. Especially after the 31-year old reality star made it clear that she would not be breaking up with another NBA star, James Harden.

So when Khloe Kardashian fell ill with a staph infection and had to cancel a series of book tour dates, the “KUWTK” star’s name hit the headlines again and the paparazzi photographers were all fighting to get the best shots of Khloe.

Now no one is arguing that some paparazzi can get pretty aggressive and really can be rather unsafe. It’s just interesting that a reality star who is pretty much famous because of the people who chase her around to take pictures is complaining about the way that she remains famous.

There have been many times when reality stars such as the Kardashians will alert the paparazzi as to where they will be and when. They do it on purpose to make sure there are pictures of them, which in turn encourages headlines and increases their star power.

Once the dust settles around Lamar Odom and his shocking Nevada brothel overdose, Khloe Kardashian’s stock will plummet as Kylie and Kim take over the spotlight again. That’s when Khloe will wish those same “scum” paparazzi would dare try to chase her down for a picture again.

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