Kim Kardashian Divorce: Kanye West Humiliates Kim With Fashion Disaster On Dinner Date (PHOTOS)

Kim Kardashian Divorce: Kanye West Humiliates Kim With Fashion Disaster On Dinner Date (PHOTOS)

Tensions are high for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West as Kanye forces fashion advice on Kim: the body language in the photos tells it all—divorce is on the horizon!

The tension between Kim Kardashian and hubby Kanye West was quite noticeable by looking at the body language between the two after arguing about Kanye’s constant forced advice for Kim, and it is pushing her even closer to the point of divorce. Kanye seems to think he knows what’s best when it comes to what his wife should wear. She often likes his advice, even tweeting about the two going through her wardrobe together the other night as she searched for exciting outfits, but she often feels stifled because he always criticizes her choices or outfits she puts together on her own. Kanye always tells her that he’s studied fashion, so he knows best. Big words coming from a man who mainly dons leather pants with a sweatshirt and women’s boots.

Kim Kardashian was incensed however, when he kept pushing for her to wear a leather mini the other day in the frigid New York weather. Her legs were freezing and she looked silly for wearing the small skirt with strappy heals in the middle of winter, but she took his advice after about five outfit changes. For Kim, every outing is a carefully planned event and sometimes she struggles over what to wear. She has even gotten to the point of tears after arguments with Kanye West over what she wears. He constantly wants to coordinate their wardrobe. She agrees to some extent that it can be visually appealing, but finds it weird that her man wants to dress alike every time they go out. One of the main reasons Kim wants a divorce is because there is no chemistry between the two anymore, and she can’t stand his feminine ways. She gets even more upset when she is ready to leave after choosing her attire, only to have her choice bashed by Kanye. It is a definite source of contention between the two of them.

Later, during their New York trip, the couple attended John Legend’s birthday party. Kanye West insisted on picking Kim Kardahsian’s outfits before they left to New York. She hadn’t thought about how cold it would be and ended up, again, being mocked for wearing a sheer leg-flaunting, cleavage-baring dress in the middle of winter in New York. And if you thought the weather was cold in New York, check out the body language between Kim Kardashian and Kanye West both outside and inside the party. The two never hold hands, never have their arms around one another, and never do they look remotely interested in one another. Kim chose to hold her clutch and, what looks like, two cell phones in her left hand…to ensure it was not free to hold hubby Kanye’s hand. Her other free hand could have easily held the items, allowing her to free up the hand closest to Kanye so they’d be able to show some affection for one another. Kim was all about the PDA when she was with Reggie Bush, so it sure seems odd that she wouldn’t show the same affection for her current husband.

Kanye may think his fashion advice is helpful, but his controlling ways are wearing on Kim and pushing her one step closer to filing for divorce.

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  1. Esella Talton says:

    Y’all r so messy. I’m sick of the media.

  2. vinniboxer . says:

    It must suck having to write all of these articles about Kanye and Kim. You write the same stuff every other day, but what if they didn’t make it? They both would still be rich and you’d still be you. Maybe you should try writing something more inspired.

  3. Pia Scott says:

    Why are they still together when he’s stalking me?

  4. Pia Scott says:

    Why would she wear that? I think Lange wants her to look dumb

  5. gerrg says:

    Kim has better taste on her own fashion wise. I wish she would go back to her own styles.

  6. Deni says:

    Sounds like to me he is a control freak . I know he is your husband and all but its nice to suggest an outfit to maybe wear but to out right tell you is wrong .You have to wear something that suits the event and the conditions of the weather. My suggestion to Kanye is to let you be yourself not something he might want you to be. Always dress tasteful and glamorous and have Graceious smile no matter what. Let positive attitude out weigh the negative always and say to yourself yesterday was a good day, today is gong to great day and tomorrow is going to be even greater.

    And something to always remember we all have faults the the important thing is that we learn to love each other in spite of those faults because we all have them

  7. Lex says:

    Damn it, another 5 mins wasted…when will I learn! ?

  8. eivdi says:

    ‘they both would still be rich…so what!