Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Recap 7/27/15: Season 4 Episode 14 “Countdown”


Tonight on VH1 their series Love & Hip Hop Atlanta continues with an all new Monday July 27, season 4 episode 14 called “Countdown” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Margeaux faces off with Joseline and Stevie; Kirk and Tony attempt to negotiate a truce between Rasheeda and Kalenna.

On the last episode, Stevie attempted to get back at Nikko; Karlie and Sina hoped to even the score with Khadiyah; Rasheeda and Kalenna had issues; and Kalenna confronted a serious medical issue. Did you watch last week’s episode?  We did and we recapped it right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the VH1 synopsis, “Margeaux faces off with Joseline and Stevie; Kirk and Tony attempt to negotiate a truce between Rasheeda and Kalenna; Bambi shoots a steamy video; and Khadiyah squares off with Yung Joc.”

It sounds like the 4th season of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta will be packed full of can’t miss drama. Don’t forget to check CDL for our live recap of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta tonight at 8PM!


KD meets with Joc and tells him about the party and her explosive fight with Sina and Karlie. Joc is shocked that Sina and Karlie did anything together considering they don’t know each other. In recounting the fight, KD tells him that Tammy accused her of having a “fake pregnancy.” She looks at him suspiciously.

Joc gets mad at her for coming at him. “Fuck you,” he says.

KD is shocked when she hears him speaking to her like this and a full-blown fight erupts.

When he criticizes her, KD asks him if they’re not going to bring up him repeatedly cheating. Joc says that she just needs to be done already because he’s sick of hearing the same ‘this is the last time’ talk from her and that she starts drama.

KD says that he knows he upgraded when he got her, and that she’s been able to keep him all this time without having to get knocked up to do it.

Joc tells the other men about Karlie and Sina teaming up to attack KD. Joc criticizes her for going to the party without talking to him first.

Tony tells everyone that he told Kalenna to get new management. He says she thinks she is ready to come out, but she has about “25 pounds to drop.” (What that has to do with singing, nobody knows.)
They then discuss Rasheeda and Kalenna’s fight.

Rasheeda meets up with Tammy at the club to tell her about Kalenna getting mad at her for talking shit about her. She sees Bambi there”looking real single,” she says in confessional. Tammy says that she was the one who said that.

Tammy and Rasheeda watch Bambi’s music video premiere with a producer, and the two of them notice how lusty the video is, with the two of them kissing and hugging up on each other.

The two women are scandalized by Scrappy’s absence at the event.

When they ask Bambi about it, she says she didn’t tell Scrappy she was doing this video and she didn’t need to tell him. She says that he could have done something for her in the years he’s been managing her career.

Stevie J has worked on the track Mimi requested for Tiffany Foxx, and he brings it to the studio.
When he and Tiffany in the studio, he apologizes for drinking and acting a fool when they last met to work together.

Tiffany asks if there are going to be any issues with Joseline. Mimi says that Joseline is the one with the issue, not her.

Stevie J says they’ve been working on a ’90s track for her. He plays it for her and she loves it.
Stevie says that since she likes the track, she should put some vocals on it. She raps on the track.

Scrappy asks Rasheeda and Kirk to come to the studio and hear his new track. Rasheeda says in confessional that she wonders if he knows about Bambi’s new video. Kirk tells Scrappy about the salacious music video.

Kirk asks him if he knew about the video, and Scrappy says he didn’t. He says he feels lost right now because he’s been doing all the right things when Bambi bursts into the room looking good as hell.

As usual, after starting shit Rasheeda now wants to leave. She and Kirk excuse themselves immediately and storm out of the room.

Queen Bambi sits down and Scrappy confronts her about the video. Bambi immediately exposes Rasheeda as his informant, but he denies it.

She says the music video wasn’t hers, she was just in it. She said she booked a job and she did it, and she did it well. He tells her he did too much, and she says he does too much in real life.

She asks him what she’s supposed to do, asking him if she should just sit around and wait for him. Scrappy says that she needs to be on his side. She tells him he doesn’t fight for her, and that he has been in the studio and could have done work for her. She says she’s going to do what she wants to do until he can get his shit together. He tells her that if she goes, that’s it. “Goodbye,” she says. She storms out, telling him to call her when he can get a bigger ring.

Margeaux meets with Stevie J to get money for the photos he tricked her into taking for his magazine.

She says in confessional that she didn’t know the photo shoot was with Stevie. She says she’s serious and that he’s going to have to give her $10,000 or she wants her photos back because she didn’t sign a release.

Stevie J says in confessional that the photos are hot and he wants to convince her not to let them go to waste.
When Margeaux comes in angry, Stevie intially says he doesn’t want there to be animosity between them.

He says he wasn’t being sneaky and he wanted to work with her for her beauty. Margeaux says that obviously he works with stupid girls because of the way he handles things.

He says he doesn’t want to have a beef with her but her association with Nikko is like a weight on her. She says he needs to go to therapy with her wife, because she seems very mad and volatile. He says now that he’s talked to her, he doesn’t want to work with her. He says he’ll give her 10… seconds to leave because he isn’t giving her anything.

While storming out, Margeaux calls him a clown, saying she also saw him in the circus.

Joc goes to Karlie’s store to ask her about she and Sina attacking KD.

Karlie says that Sina came to her and told her her story, which made her feel bad and she wanted to help.She asks Joc if he wants to take some stuff for Sina because she loves the store.

Joc says he’s going to keep Sina away from her. Karlie says they’re friends now, and Joc says he does not want that. Joc says she and KD are not even together right now so they don’t have to be so mad. Karlie says she’s sorry it didn’t work out with Miss Piggy.

Rasheeda and Kirk go out on a romantic dinner together.

He tells her that he has a surprise for her, and Kalenna and Tony walk in and sit down at the table.
Tony says this is a double date that they thought was well-needed.

Kalenna says they each said what they said and she isn’t ready to make up.

She says in confessional that this was supposed to be a dinner to work on their relationship yet he brings her here to try to fix her friendship with Rasheeda. She says her husband has his priorities messed up.

Kalenna asks Tony why he’s trying to fix the issues between her and Rasheeda. Tony says he loves her to death but he thinks post partum is affecting her. Kalenna gets upset that he is using the post partum depression he thought of to throw her under the bus in front of others.

The two males proceed to lecture the woman on post partum depression.

During a lull in the conversation, Tony says he was thinking it was a good idea to have Rasheeda and Kirk there when they christen the baby.

The men get up and leave.

Kalenna tells Rasheeda that Tony is crazy to think the two of them are going to be godparents of her baby.
Kalenna asks Rasheeda who buys her shit, saying people buy her lipstick, but not her music.